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Image 9 of Bourbon News, December 14, 1906

Part of Bourbon News

K3S fl k T For the Little Boy I Get the little boy a nice little overcoat for a Christmas gift at TWIN BROS 143t Expected Here Today p The Pure Food Commission are ex ¬ inspect < in Bourbon today to January the 1st c After distilleries everybody can tell by the label on what they are getting bottle or for their money Sterling silver Court House souvenir 4 each Cant be duplicated Hinton The elsewhere at the price Jeweler Always Reliable spoons 1 The Best is the Cheapest Taylor can guaranteethat Baird they have the best line of fruits nuts candies etc ever brought to Paris They have it Why not buy the best 143t Phone 400 Ewalt Hale Miss Tinnie Ewalt of this city daughter of Mr Samuel Ewalt left this city last Saturday for El Paso She was met at Chicago by Tex Mr Lon Haley of Tucson Arizona who accompanied the young lady to El Paso where they were united in mar ¬ riage The bride is a handsome and popular young lady Mr Haley was of thi city and a host of friends here congratuate him on win ¬ ning this excellent young woman for a He is now a passenger conduc wife tor on the Southern Pacific They will be at home at Tucson Arizona after January 1st Suspenders for men and boys are nec ¬ Co are showing a essary Price nice line at from 25 cents to 150 It A fine line of toilet sets and novel ¬ ties in silver at Hintons The Jeweler Always reliable It Annual appropriations of 8500 be cut for reliigous Epurposes Churches chapels convents etc oe longing to religious congregations will be confiscated Some of these edifices will beheld by syndicates of laymen and individuals Where public worship as ¬ sociations are formed during the year churches and ather buildings will be turnd over to them and at the end of the year the State may assume charge ¬ Officials must be notified of the intention to hold services and as the custodians of the churches they are to rent them The Vatican has ordered noncom- ¬ pliance with the law bcause it is im- ¬ possible for the Pope to place religious services on a plane with public meetings Dont If you should happen to loose your happy home during the holidays dont forget that Craven serves the best hot and cold lunches He can fix you up in It the eating line Our line is the best made ¬ Severely Tim Campbell foreman at Baldwin Bros slaughter house attempted to light his pipe yesterday afternoon while his hands were saturated with turpentine consequently his hands were ignited instead of the pipe He received severe burns Everybody buys from Winters so the song goes I City Council Meeting At the City Council meeting last night 0 ¬ James saloon license was ferred to J F Wetherall a Officers of the African Baptist Church were granted permit to 1000 addition to theiruhurch Several i other small building permits were H ii granted Application for permit to build 700 addition to Walter L Martins stable t was referred to I ion Eighth street Building Committee James Doty was elected Electrical Inspector for the city in place of Mr Holdman resigned Usual number of accounts were al ¬ lowed and the body adjourned until i next regular meeting night Men are Particular I l I If the ladies are in doubt about what to give their men friends for Christmas all they have to do is to go to J W Davis Cos and the problem is Anything they have in their solved store make a suitable present to any man and the men want the best and that is the place to get what they want A beautiful box given given to each purchaser of gifts Self Filling Fountain Pens at Hin Always reliable tons The Jeweler 400 Acres Finest Bourbon County Land For Sale Y As agent for the heirs of the late Hon Geo C Lockhart I have for sale a tract of about 400 acres of land on the Maysville and Lexington Turnpike 4 miles from Parisand 14 from Lexington on tne Blue Grass Traction This is a part of the Edwin G Line Mr Jas McClure Bedford land Cashier of the First National Bank of Paris Ky will show this land to any person desiring to buy Will be sold in tracts to suit the purchasers For price etc write John Duley Maysville Ky Go Hungry Thats all thats Winters the Jeweler Iron Beds at Cost McPheeters is selling swell iron beds at cost and below in order to close out If you want a nice his large stock It bed cheap this is your chance Overcoats Getyour new overcoat Jr r t aJtr + + + 1 8+ What S farla5r am able to consider It avery religious play An having heard and read the history of P f Every man woman and child the participants in the original play at OberAmmergau I feel sure that fa in Bourbon County who eats hells Home many a person has been helped spirit ¬ 0 CandY knows ually by the actors and the play Made Candy is always good I first witnessed this play at VerNow remember you cant go sailles Ky It was produced by the I wrong when you invest in my tf Rev R H Crossfield pastor of the J f Candy I will have a very tff at Owensboro Ky Christian Church GEO W SHEFFEN Ap large stock for Christmas and uf Asst Secty Y M C A JU i do hope you will come early Lexington Ky Dec 11 1906 I so you can get the best I have P that I I will state to he public six yearshave I to sell or known Mr A L Greene My fine Chocolates both in W more and understand from him that he will produce the Passion Play in I fancy Qxes and in bulk will f Paris on Monday December 17 I en- ¬ ifo tie the choicest line of confec tdorse Mr Greene as reliable honorable u i tions ever brought to Paris any undertaking and trustworthy and I guarantee everything I sell i he may present will be just as repre- ¬ W you to be just as I represent sented W H CLAY so come to iny store for your h Formerly of Bourbon County r goad things for Ohristmas Lexington Ky Dec 11 1906 7 fTo All Concerned Passion Play of Ober I have seen the Ammergau as given by Mr A Lewis Yours truly tJi Greene of this city I consider the play very impressive and there Is noth ¬ ing at all irrevelent or sacreligious in I B MITCHELt it I saw the play in OberAmmergau is not considered in 1900 and there it a play but an act of worship Yours truly thth tb J M DUFF V There will be a meeting of the Society of Equity at Centreville on Saturday at 2 oclock Hon J Camp bell Cantrill of Scott will address the Every farmer who is in ¬ Association terested in this good work is cordially invited to be present for have the finest line of thing to Eat as Cheap Anyone and Second > t Non t sl n 5 J wt4 ti 1 fj ir Bananasi 1 1 e t t t w f i iiy t r Celery Oysters ran ernesti lf + Nuts If Oranges any size arid price 20c to SOc doziff jr ts Seeded Raisins Currents Citron r pfc jL J Prunes any Size and price v 5 + Peaches Apricots N Y Cream Chef J H Macaroni Spaghetti Tomatoes T Canned Peas any price from toe to 25lp +T r Cahned Apricots Sliced and Peeled ff ++ + + tttJtt + 3 Canned Peaches Green Gage Plums Pear j- J Christmas Special Fifty dozen ladies all linen floral ini Paris Grand 1 Plum Pudding Asparagus Asp b gus Tips tial handkerchiefs 25 cent quality at 6 for 100 at W Ed Tuckers 143t E Borla d mgr 4 Fruit Cake Malaga Grapes hocking Chairs Rocking chairs of all kinds at all kinds of prices atMcPheeters Closing Friday Decemer 21 4 There is nothing like our Mince Meat Some T Vv It out atcost sale of the best housekeepers say it is sugerior Low Cost r I t t Oe At i TWIN BROS DANDY Bourbon Circuit Court On Tuesady Judge Stout appointed r S DIXIE picture 1 I i I > PICKERS cc- I uptodate < + + 3BS t + r f to home made antis p 4 i i i r it f tm I USE G COKE l c1 Jewelry > y p > rc 1 MINSTRELS I Ti t THE Big toys for little money at 143t i r Messrs Jos Hall of Paris TW Judy of Millersburg and Joe Leach of Centreville as Jury Commissioners for the ensuing year connfied in of KODAK BOX I The cases jail all persons indicted at who were the county AND Way Daylight all the i this term of Court were postponed By this action none = term till March Price 4 06 of the five murder cases will be tried A nice present for a boy or Bob Gibson the nergo charged with detaining a female was given five Daugherty BroS girl years in the penitentiary BAND Several unimportant cases wereldis A Game Supper t on trial is NC The best real Negio MmstreZ in the posed of the case now The Cumberland Fishing Club gave i v guardian vs Lavinia Cunning¬ world bar none an elaborate game supper Wednesday ham Nolan the Direction Voelck night at the St Charles Hotel About Bailey of real Negro Barnum Bargains In Sideboards eighty guests partook of the repast Minstrelsy duck the menu comprising of rabbit Call at McPheeters corner Fourth goose turkey opossum coon young and Main and see those handsome side Cottage Sold kid fish sweet potatoes cranberries boards he is selling They have been salads coffee etc reduced from 50 to 27 and must be Mrs Maud Kenney on yesterday sold at once sold to James Ellen and Mattie Henry Bourbon County Medical Society line her cottage on Walker avenue for 1900 The Bourbon County Medical Society For the only will meet with Dr W C Ussery at his of in Paris see It For This Week I The office on next Thursday evening Hintcn is offering special induce- ¬ genial doctor will entertain them with Winters this ments on all kinds of holiday a Dutch lunch For the Ladies Buy something worth having week We have a swell line of ladies fur Hinton has everything suitable for Christmas Decorations trimmed Juliets Just the thing for a We have just received a beautiful Christmas present presentsCalifornia Call and see them w line of Holly and Holly Wreaths for Wine GEO MWILLIAMS 143t Chistmas decorations Beautiful fancy Sherry Wine LS pergal California baskets and good things to put in Al Guaranteed lon for a few days only < them Everything nice and fresh for cut- ¬ Russell Carving Sets the best y L SALOSHINio We can lery we saw it before we bought all guaranteed Both PhonesHome 255 Ea rfenrt1 29 Phone 400 show you > FORD Corner Main and Seventh II4t TALOR BAIRD 143t Paris Ky 14 2t Big Tobacco BuyerForget the Boy Dont 1OOOOO in Turkeys < W T Overby tobacco buyer and A nice suit or one of those foxy little dealer returned from Fleming county Bro of this city Chas S Brent overcoats for the boy would It would where he purchased 75000 pounds of have slaughtered up to this date at We tobacco at from 7 to 10 cents per please him Christmas morning their several pens 60000 turkeys I has them He left yesterday morning for Cincin- ¬ which weighed over 750000 pounds and TWIN BROS 143t nati where he will remain the balance cost them near 100000 They have of the week purchasing tobacco on the quit killing for the time being r Plenty to Supply the Trade He represents John Cincinnati Reasonable Prices Co of Detroit Mich We have bought no train load of J Bagley Miss Margaret Toolen invites all her fruits nuts and candies but we have Since January 1 Mr Overby has purmore than old customers to call on her pur- ¬ enough ofthe best fruit nuts candies chased at Cincinnati She etc to supply the holiday trade and 1250000 pounds of tobacco of the 1905 j chasing flowers for the holidays We are crop in addition to his purchases from orders all kinds of cut flowers and potcan guaranteewhat we have ¬ farmers in this section which amount ted plants at reasonable prices 20tf next door to Oberdorfer ed to nearly 1000000 pounds more JAS E CRAVEN It Everything making in the Y 1t i j t y ¬ Everybody says it it comes from Winters its all right Growers to Meet at CentreTille JJcc 0 < f I at- > I Nothing Better t t t I U + + + + + tb + + JP + + jNb jt +> + s Says but t V i dec Mitchell J 9 liia 14 IXEC KENTUCKY ri TWIN BROS 143t J ++ Effect of Chrirch and State Law a The Church and State in France went into effect yesterdays Under the statute all church heretofore paid by the State will st 0 Ate a i It LiIT iT r Vf It I i ht > is CRUSHED 1 J Ic TOc LUMP 1 rci 4 = so Ajload of coal costs you 500 Much d4i HEAT goes off as GAS with the smoke r We save the GAS and charge you onl for a load of COKF and you c 1 j j of the A 11 250 Jl f > J n- i i< i i JrIr Market This Coke is the Cheapest j a 1 GET ALL OF THE HEAT 4 i 4 Per Bushel Per Bus he1 I t Hottest I GAS LIGHT COMPANY + r 6 I > I Ever Known The Greatest Christmas Sale Ever Fallowing Largest Purchase of Shoes the Made f t j iIi j y t Our alert buyers have bought the entire stock of several of the largest manufacturers of Shoes and Slippers providing us with the most magnificent and largest assorted stock of ever carried SI iDy any one store So enormous are these shipments that we are forced to sell thousands of pairs of Shoes from now untiL Christmas to reduce our stock even to its usual size We bought at a bargain and we will sell at a bargain Remember A beautifiir J9tf7 Cklefnder for > he sking J p we guarantee to save you from 25 to 50 per cent on all our purchases 1 Shoes and Christmas Slippers i I p Our Store will be Open Evenings Until Christmas irI ftpi v Ic Lie I Womens Shoes worth 100 Special Price Womens Shoes worth 300 Special Pri0a i l 11 r I Extra Special Worth 100 biro melS Shoes worth t A 250 Special Price i 24Q 199 t R J 2 39 1 AIl kitlds of Mcil 1 fi 1H 49t 1 2 E sllighOuts and Spoi ting Boots af Prices to meet all E J 0 I t > Girls Shoes Womens Bro ru Lea vcr fur trimmed House Slippers leathnr soles and counters Leathers a nd Styles + l > f Shoess in All Mens Shoes worth 00 PeCldl Price Men sShoes worth 400 Special Price Men S Shoes worth oo SpeclaI Price c Boys Shoes worth 300 < i QC v Special Price 7 Boys Shoes worth 223 Aci q Special Price Boys High Cut Shoes 2CO worth 300 Special Womens Slices n ort 175 Special Price vw 99 k i I I 1 Men s Boys Shoes Cut i i a- I ¬ Girls Shoes worth Special Price 150 99c Shoes worth 100 Special Price 69c X Childrens + Like Cut Fur Trimmed IjTullifers worth 126 Special Price ed Womens Fur worth 175 Special Price Mens and Womens Turkish Bath Slippers worth 1 Special WomenZs 79c 99c EXlya Spec Worth al49 C Meii s Black M roe o House sippers leather soles ali i + 24c counters 1 DAN COHEN < < > freeman Old Stxad33b < Freemans WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE CftRNER PEARL ANtt VINE J a I 5 T12ain SR All 1 n r 0 I KY 0 J rn x I3iM1t J I

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