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Image 5 of 2005 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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5. • Gear-Up Grant- $68 million for Kentucky, works with students starting in the 7“‘ grade all the way through middle and high school process to prepare them for going to college • Donor Gift - gift to be forthcoming for our Chemistry Building • Campus Health Insurance — we have for the coming year a projected $430,000 decrease for the total plan costs. We cannot say that it is tied to the Wellness Center, but we will say that more employees are taking advantage of the facility. We have had a decrease in high claims costs for the past twelve months. We are implementing dental insurance this year. Murray State covers 81 percent of the insurance coverage and the employee pays 19 percent. · OVC Team Academic Performance Awards — our men’s rifle team and our women’s golf team received the awards this year. • MSU Marching Band — largest number of band members recorded in history · State Historical Marker: Homecoming — We will have a marker in the quadrangle signifying the 50"‘ Anniversary of Desegregation on Murray State University’s campus. The speaker for the unveiling is Dr. Walter Bumphus, President of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. Don Tharpe, recently appointed to the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, is coming to campus. Dennis Jackson, recently retired as director of district personnel with Paducah Public Schools, and Dr. Jerry Sue Pritchett Thornton, President of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, are Grand Marshals of the Homecoming parade. · Commonwealth Honors Academy - Warren Edminster, Randy Black, and Jane Etheridge presented brief reports on the Commonwealth Honors Academy. This year’s theme was "Fantastic Joumey—Exploring Truth, Tradition and Tolerance." There were 94 in this year’s class, which was the largest class we have had involved in the program. We have enrolled 64.5 percent of the students. • Graduation Rates - Stewardship of state resources: of the 19 universities mentioned, the University of Minnesota, University of Arizona that have graduation rates less than MSU, their education and general expenditures per l student at the University of Mirmesota who has a graduation rate less than MSU is at $44,000 per student. The University of Arizona is at $30,600; the University of Arkansas is at $27,000 E and G per student; West Virginia, $21,400; LSU $21,300. All of these institutions that are strong universities have substantial per student expenditures and Murray State University’s E & G expenditure per student is $12,900. If there’s a testament of what we are doing in an efficient manner, we are enrolling and graduating students with expenditures that are half that of many other institutions that have smaller graduation rates than we do. That really says a lot for what’s going on on campus. That means we are good stewards of these resources and we are good investments for the taxpayers of Kentucky. Our outcomes are important. The more we fund outcomes and performances the stronger this university will be ftmded by the state. (See Attachment #1) Report of the Chair Chair Sparks indicated that the most newsworthy item in the newspapers at the beginning of school is the fact that we were overcrowded and RA’s were having to share their room. It stated that one of the causes for that was that upperclassmen were wanting to stay in the donnitories which goes against all college habits. I think that tells us that our Residential Colleges, our faculty and those people working with the students are doing a good job. We’ve just got to build some more residential colleges, that’s the key. Report of the Treasurer, accepted Treasurer Tom Denton presented and reviewed the financial and investment reports for the period of July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005. Following a brief discussion, Mrs. Buchanon moved, seconded by Ms. Dial, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried.

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