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Image 7 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

U w tr: .JEFFERSON REPORTER, m WW ;1y pun on fc -- TP 4 a Seals, During Tlmmy's Easter-Se- al BY MARY ANNE WOOD poster reign, he represents Tlmmy Murphy thinks lfa ben 4,000 crippled children who bengood year. At age ten, Tlmmy it." His I Been A Good Year not only became Kentucky's Easter Seal poster boy, but he also began attending school for the first time. There are lots of fringe benefits to being Easter Seal poster boy, and Tlmmy Murphy, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murphy, 7512 Glaser Road, will be the first to tell you with words and his Infectious smile that he "likes "A Lucky Dog" classmates at Slaughter Elementary School called Mm "a lucky dog" whenTimmy told them his old secret of being the poster boy. "He had known since November and had kept his secret well," says his mother, Mrs. Kenneth Murphy. "They were really happy it was me," Tlmmy added. "I feel like the luckiest boy in the world" was Tlmmy's overwhelming reaction to his day in Frankfort with the Governor and other state leaders. Timmy presented Governor Nunn with the first sheet of the 1968 Easter Karen Meyers To Marry Mr. and Mrs. Elmer William Meyers, of 1017 Chesley Drive, announce the engagement of their daughter, Karen Sue, to Daniel Wilson Frazier, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Frazier, formerly of Louisville and now of Amsterdam, Holland. The wedding will be held on June 1 at the First Lutheran Church. Reverend Walter Stitt, " the pastor; will officiate. -- . i f i. Easter-Se- al donations. If you asked Tlmmy why he he thinks he was selected, couldn't tell you. But if you ever met him, you wouldn't have to ask. Smiles simultaneously appear with a flood of words. Tlmmy likes to talk. But he gets "A's" in conduct, because, as he puts it, "When Miss Kelly (his teacher) says get to work, I get to work." efit from and the attorney general, talked with one registered lobbyist, saw several members of the Louisville Outlaws lobbying against motorcycle helmets. Mrs. Murphy said Tlmmy wanted to know: "Mom, are they really hippies 7" Before this year, Timmy had been taught by a teacher who visited his home two hours a week. This fall Timmy entered his first classroom, and it's readily evident he's in love with school. This is the first year that crippled children have been taught in the classroom In the Jefferson County System. Nine students are in Tlmmy's class. Mrs. Murphy says she can tell "a big difference in Timmy." He's now getting competition -something he didn't have at home." Every morning a mini bus, a small school bus, picks Tlmmy up at his home and takes him to Slaughter Elementary. Every morning Miss Patricia Kelly helps lift him out of his wheelchair and off the bus. He reaped pleasure when telling this reporter that he "lets some of the kids ride" his wheelchair when they When interviewing Tlmmy, he referred to his teacher often. Through an accident, he was able to show his appreciation. At this w Deborah Tess Conn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Conn of 3302 Breaux Drive, Louisville, has been named to the dean's list at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts. Debbie is a freshman at Jackson College at Tufts. She graduated from Seneca High School in 1967 where she was features editor of school newspaper, member of speech tournaments, quill and scroll, National Merit finalist, superiors in state tourney and drama duet acting. ( year's kick-o- ff luncheon for the Easter Seal Drive, Tlmmy drew his teacher's number. She won a red umbrella. There were close to 200 people there. Outside school and his Easter Seal activities, Timmy is a busy fellow. He may soon qualify as a Louisville zoo keeper. The Murphy family has a menagerie: two cats, one Poodle, an aquarium of fish and three guinea pigs. Vickl, 14 and Jeffrey, 5, share the animal responsibility. He renamed one of his guinea pigs "Louie B," in honor of the Governor after his visit with him. Every Saturday morning Timmy participates in the Crippled Children's Society. He is president of his group this year, and indicates he has enjoyed calling meetings to discuss various projects with his group. Timmy also takes part In Camp Kysoc every St. Regis Park welcomed the following new residents recently: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuhns and children, Susanne 13, Sherry 16, Jack 13 and Timothy 6, moved to 4309 St. Regis Lane from Ridge-vie-w Avenue. summer. JQ-l- He says he wants to be a scien- presently considers himself a weatherman. His mother attests to his accuracy. Perhaps he'll find his future career to be a scientific weatherman. Ford, WAVE'S news director. can condensed tomato soup (undiluted) Reporter Home Economist Cut slashes in the fat edge of Here's a menu that will allow you time for that Easter parade, the ham 2 Inches apart and insert an egg hunt with the children, or cloves. Cover ham slice with a race with the bunny. Most of brown sugar. Lay bay leaves and "shes can be partially, or. sliced onion on top and pour soup hours at twuuiy prepared ahead of time. over it. Bake for 12 3S0 degrees. Serves 6. Baked Ham Tomato Instead of potatoes, the starchy Cheese Grits vegetable in this menu is grits, a Buttered Asparagus favorite of many Southerners. Beet Relish Salad Instant grits cut down cooking Sherbet time in this recipe. Also, this Pecan Meringue Cookies Ham is the traditional Easter dish can be made early in the meat with many families. In this morning and baked before servrecipe, tomato soup replaces the ing later in the day. If members of your family are garlic lovers, more common fruit glaze. use garlic cheese. Otherwise, any Tomato Baked Ham sharp cheese may be substituted. 1 thick, center cut ham slice Cheese Grits (2 pounds) 4 cups boiling water 10 or 12 whole cloves or 14 1 teaspoon salt teaspoon ground cloves 1 cup instant grits cup brown sugar 12 1 stick butter or margarine 2 bay leaves ce 1 1 onion roll cheese (gar- He or sharp) 2 eggs milk (about 1 cup) Ronald E. Foreman Bring salted water to a rolling Promoted In Army boil and slowly stir in grits. Cook 3 minutes, stirring conRonald F. Foreman, 20, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas B. stantly. Remove from heat and Foreman, and wife, Doris, live at stir in margarine and cheese. 9901 Watterson Trail, was promeasure and Put eggs in a moted to Army private pay grade beat well. E-upon completion of basic Add enough milk to make egg 2 combat training at Fort Knox, and milk equal 2 cups. Add to February 9. grits mixture. BY MARY REISINGER "An They Really Hlppiet?" Timmy says that the people he meets and "the places I get to go" are the "most fun parts" of telrj! the poster boy. In Frankfort sleep, fever, loss of appetite, have all been blamed on teething. Many diseases have progressed too far because the teeth Just happened to be erupting when the infant became ill. Your doctor should be notified with the same objective that you would use if the child had a complete set of teeth. The treatment of this elusive condition of teething has also been the province of grandparents since the beginning of time. They have prescribed everything from sassafras tea to rubbing the gums with Paregoric. Probably the safest and most common remedy was the teething ring. This gadget started out being a piece of leather and now is clear plastic that can be chilled for extra comfort. Today we also have many ointments to rub on the gums. Also, there are sedatives to be given by mouth. The most important thing to remember about teething Is not to let this ordinary problem be the reason for overlooking some much more central problem. Fever over 101 degrees rectally is not due to teething. Neither is vomiting and diarrhea for more than 24 hours. Patricia Anderson To Wed Richard L. Park On April 13 Miss Patricia L. Anderson, Jeffrey E. Anderson, Claude Waldaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ton Seymour Jr., both of LouisC. Anderson of 870 Larkspur ville, James Allison, of LexingAvenue, will be married on April ton, Robert Park and David C. 13 to Richard Lee Park, son of Park, both of Tampa, Florida, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Park, will be ushers. of Blacksburg, Virginia. Miss Anderson received her The wedding will take place at bachelor's degree from Western the Fourth Avenue Methodist Kentucky University and her Church at 4 p.m., with Reverend Master's from George Peabody Donald Herren, of Lexington, of- College in Nashville. She is a ficiating. Dr. Fred Pflsterer, of teacher at Rangeland Road EleLouisville, will also officiate. mentary where she works with Mrs. Charles Murphy, of New children who have hearing diffiAlbany, will be matron of honor. culties. Bridesmaids include Miss Sharon Park received his bachelor's Reed, of Atlanta, Miss Mary Dennis, Miss Mary Bratton, both of degree from the University of Nashville, Tennessee, Mrs. Kentucky and did graduate work Claude Walton Seymour, Jr., and in cinematography at the UniverMiss Margaret Roberts, both of sity of California at Los Angeles. Ha is a motion picture director-photograpLouisville. for Vogue Film Reverend Thomas Fornash, of best man. Productions at Jeffersontown. Lexington, will be her 1 'ln Jack is assistant to the supervisor of Motive Power, at L&N. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Perkins, with Sharon 13, Connie 11 and Becky 10, moved to 4409 Lincoln Road from Gkolona. Claude is manager of Super X at 31st and Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Green-bauwith daughter Sandra, who is 9, moved to 4410 Mt. Vernon Road. Milton is a civil engineer. He is also the Consulting Engineer for St. Regis Park sewer project. Mr. and Mrs, Mel vln Woodman with son George, 2 years old, moved to 4421 Mt. Vernon. Mel-v- in is part owner and manager m, tist, and u C EASTER SEAL POSTER BOY Timmy Murphy, 10, it wheeled by hit mother, Mr. Kenneth Murphy. The family lives at 7512 Glaser Road near Fern Creek. of Woodman and Charnettes's Bridal Shoppe and Little Miss Apparel Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scott and daughter, Elizabeth 2, came from Lexington to 4405 Mt. Vernon Road. Lee is Group Representative with Prudential Group Sales Pour into one large or 6 incasserole at 300 degrees for dividual molds. Chill until firm. 1, hours, or until a knife A simple cookie requiring only inserted in the center comes three ingredients and taking very out clean. little preparation time is this Bake in a pan of water. Yield: 6 servings .finale ,to...your..Easter dinner. Pecan Meringue Cookies Beet Relish Salad 1 egg white, beaten stiff 1 cup brown sugar Soften one envelope unflavored 1 cup pecan halves gelatin In 12 cup Juice from Preheat oven to 450 degrees. canned beets. Dissolve in 1 cup Fold brown sugar into beaten boiling water. Add 3 tablespoons vinegar, 2 egg white. Add nuts. Grease a tablespoons lemon Juice, 1 table- cookie sheet and drop with a fork spoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, about 2 or 3 nuts and what stirring until sugar is dissolved. meringue holds to them. Turn oven off and bake 15-- 20 Chill until syrupy. cups diced, minutes or until cookies are Fold in canned beets, 12 cup diced cel- lightly browned and top crust Is dry and cracked. ery and 3 tablespoons horseradMakes rWer ish. in a greased, Bake KCi-- o relwr Social & Persona Tomato Baked Ham Leaves Time To Join In The Easter Parade New Teeth Con Be Painful Experience con-dito- ns, he met tho lieutenant governor "Show And Tell" But during Show and Tell time, Tlmmy has a lot to talk about. It's not every fellow who is introduced at half time of U. of L.'s last home basketball game. Who got him tickets? None other than his good buddy Coach Camp, U. of L.s head football coach. Earlier in the basketball season, Coach Camp sent Timmy information on all the players and included all their autographs. There is little wonder why Tlmmy, when interviewed at the U. of L. - Bellarmine half time, showed his preference to U. of L, by saying, "Go U. of L." He also told his classmates about meeting Mr. YMCA on the "Morning Show." Tlmmy was are tired. amazed at Mr. YMCA's muscles perhaps more than most boys because Tlmmy is a victim' of muscle deficiency that confines him to a wheelchair. After his appearance on television, which he said, "scared me," Tlmmy was shown around the television studio by Rodney From Stork To Finish Teething may have the same significance, and be as uneventful, as growing of nails or hair. This statement takes care of the majority of babies; however, some infants have a difficult and painful experience. There is no way of predicting which infant will suffer through this very necessary growth process. Teeth normally erupt between the sixth and ninth month of life. The gums appear swollen for several months before tha actual teeth appear. Sometimes the gums are discolored and even blue, this is due to the bleeding beneath the gums as the teeth push forward. The swelling and discoloration of the gums does not always signify pain. The pain of teething is unexplainable. Some children suffer and no evidence of swelling is found. Bleeding of the gums to the outside is very unusual. If this occurs, ask your doctor to examine the infant for other such as thrush or virus diseases, which may be coincidental to the teething. Many diseases have been blamed on the act of teething. Such symptoms as diarrhea, runny nose, diaper rash, disturbed 7 ITEMS OF SPECIAL INTEREST FOR THE LADIES OF REPORTERLAND For Easter Seal Child l's Thurify, April 11, 12 .,,. 12 2-- 12 office. Dr. and Mrs. David White, and year old Stacey Lynn, who have been living in the Jamestown Apartments, moved to 4304 Lincoln Road. David is an intern at General Hospital. The week of April 15 through 20 has been declared Week" in St. Re.'Js Park. There will be a second trash col- up lection Saturday, April 20, to enable residents to dispose of housecleaning accumulation, as well as clippings from trees and shrubs. Branches should be tied in bundles not over five feet long. Leaves must be in containers, and all trash must be in front of houses for this special collection. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Klump, Jr., who were married March are living in Alexandria. ginia. Mrs. Klump, who was ty Lou Fletcher, Is the daughter of the Robert W. Fletchers, of Plkeville. Klump is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E, J, Klump, of Eastern Parkway. The many friends of young Kenny Hodge, son of Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hodge, 4306 Mt. Vernon, were glad to see him back in school last week, even though he was on crutches and in a brace. True he won't be on the team with the Little Leaguers this year, but it was nice to be back with the gang, after being laid up for nearly four months. Kenny suffered a badly broken leg this winter playing football. For weeks he was in traction at the hospital, then came home In a big body cast, which gradually got less bulky so he could use crutches. The big day came last week when he got a royal welcome from his buddies at St. Matthews Elementary School. Students at the St. Bernards school presented an art exhibit recently. The halls were decorated with works of art one week for parents and friends to view and admire. Sunday afternoon, April 6 the 6th and 7th grade girls at St, Bernards held a ballgame at the school. The proceeds will go for the Bishop Relief Fund. Tlie St. Bernard monthly PTA meeting will be held Wednesday, April 17, at 7:45 at the school. j Officeka (or. the coming yearwlll be elected. The PTA has had several money making projects and presented $1,000 for the school library recently. goldmine of historical information of value to your family for generations to cornel A COLLECTOR'S MUSTI SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFERI f 1 Kl 1 ATLAS of Jefferson and Oldham six-oun- Counties by Occrs and Lanagan up 15 CJ? u. A beautifully lithographed reproduction in black and white and three colors) - 14" x 16V. Printed on 75 rag paper, in full size Handsome hard cover, stamped in gold. Ucdo tz'h aivay cltj dil py! (e'aiLl PLUS 2 33 PAGES Detailed MAPS 0 32 maps of old precincts, including Cane Run, Shiveleys, Johnsontown (Valley), Meadow Lawn (Orell), Shardine and with inset of Spring Garden, Woods, Two Mile House Cross Roads, jeffersontown (Fern Creek), Fairmount, with inset of Harrods Seatonville, Fishervllle, Harrods Creek Creek community, Gilmans with inset of St. Matthews, Spring-dalwith inset of O'Bannon, Boston (Long Run), Floydsburg with inset of Floydsburg and Beals Station, Brownsboro Brownsboro community, Goshen, Westport, Covington and La Grange, and Ballardsville with Inset of Ballardsvllle community. 9 Double page maps of Kentucky and the U.S. and a large fold out map of Louisville. V3 maps of towns of Anchorage, Pewee Valley La Grange, and maps of Jeffersontown, Middletown and Westport Maps cover all sections of Jefferson and Oldham counties outside Louisville city limits of 1879. Maps include names of thousands of families and places family homes, farms (with acreage), roads, churches, cemeteries, ponds, schools, railroads, post offices. Of special Interest to historians, realtors, lawyers, teachers, genealogists, farmers, Sunday-driversurveyors, engineers, "noticers," salesmen. Your name is probably therel New-burg- - clean out mott weed Inevery cluding dandelion!, chickweed. At the tame time It . your lawn. Save both time and effort at it makes your lawn thicker, greener, Hurdler. Try a bag this weekend. Then sit back and wait for compliments. non-gra- d w 5,000 sq ft 6.95 10,000 sq ft Scotts Promise Marys ville, Ohio 43040, and they will send a refund promptly. Your dollars go farther Department of Public Information, Stction Capitol Annex, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 r- - PDB Pleaie tend, without obligation, information on Kentucky's 40 state and national parks, the fined in the nation. -- , - Zip .Stole- - Clly -- Code, STATE AND NATIONAL PARKS :33CARDSTOWN P.D., CUECHEL CrrM FRI. TILL 0. ALL DAY SATURDAY run by Louisville firms. Interesting and amusing! Also a chart showing post offices and distances between communities. all this and $29.95 plus tax more for just if you piece your order nowl (Price will be $34.95 phis tux after My 1) Mail to: HISTORIC REPRINTS, P.O. Box 632, Louisville, Ky. 40201 Please send me copies of your reproduction of the Name Street Addreti 452-2C:- 3 PLUS OLD ADVERTISEMENTS 1 i 'i - half-pag- e r If you aren't pleased with Turf Builder plus 2 for any reason whatever send your sales slip to Scotts, - full-pag- e 12.95 77)3 tinsst In the nation. 11, VirHet- "Atlas of Jefferson and Oldham Counties." I enclose check or money order for $ to cover cost of my order in full at Introductory price of $29.95 (plus $1.50 Sales Tax) each copy, post paid. Name Street City Zip State Harold A. Browning, Jr., Chairman and Publisher Henry R, Heybum, Secretary and Historiographer

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