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Image 6 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

IN 4-J- 1 J REPORTER, Thursday, April 11, 1368 j , 0. dm IS Just Phone 233-791- iJ'iiiiiriiiii tiii ' I ilil 11 MARRIAGE MIIDEE! V it ill .. nHH s Dear Amy: discuss it with their friends Under normal conditions I points up their own immaturity. 0 wouldn't have written you, but I can't stand to see 'nice' girls go Dear Amy: We are two young teenage boys; 'sour.' Perhaps I am still in rime to one 13 and the other 15. We are save the "Social Rejects" from also very good friends. We have going bad. I am a boy, 18 years a big problem that we would like old, and would consider it a you to solve. We both love the privilege to meet those two girls same girll Please tell us what to Ruth who call themselves "Social Redo so as not to break our friendship. jects." Dear Ruth: At statistics, I'm no expert, Puzzled Teenagers No. Why should he I Dear Teenagers: but I am sure that there are many boys who go through the It's easier to get over the The following letters reweek searching through all the girl than to break up a iterate my advice to the two friendship. Find two girls girls who wrote me and trash to find a girl with the qualiyou can like separately and fications of these two. signed themselves "Social Admirer stick together. Rejects." Well, "Social Dear Amy: Rejects," the line is formI read your column this week Address all letters to: ing on the right. Send me AMY ADAMS about the 18 year old girls who your names and addresses don't drink, smoke, take drugs, and I'll put you in touch co This Newspaper with these boys you didn't or believe in premarital sex. For a personal reply enclose a Well, I agree with these girls stamped, believe existed. and if at all possible would like Dear Amy: have been going with a 56 year old man for 16 years. He says that he loves me. When I ask if he will ever marry me, he says he is "thinking" about it. 1 love him and want to get married. I would like to know if he will ever marry me at all? 3 1 i BY AMY ADAMS I LETT'S TRUEt 1 Ucmtiy Salon PHONE Qjyuj U HE'S iiiiti m 4545044 x v " " x, t ' v LESS! n ed to have Shaped for '68 & Mrs. Douglas Merrill Is New President SHAMPOO, CUT NEW YEAR STYLE Merrill Mrs. Douglas $5.25 is the president of the Glenbrook new Woman's Club. Mrs. Jordan E. Home, Jr. is first vice-preside- nt. Use Your Master Charge is Mrs. William Trish and Mrs. Frank Coffey is recording secretary. Mrs. Gene Cassady Is treasurer. Second Appointment Not Always Necessary UMBRELLAS li Vi vice-presid- ent REPAIRED ft RECOVERED li home L Dear Amy: Yesterday when I came down to breakfast, the whole family was laughing at me. I was puzzled until I saw in my father's hand my diary with the lock broken. SPRING SPECIAL ON LAWN UMBRELLAS (Market at ci.y) PHONE 583-802- 1 When my Health's Sake -- Roller Skate For Wed- - Fri Sun, RESERVE CHURCH PARTIES OPEN OUR SPECIALTY 7:0010:00 p.m. - 7:30-10:- - 30 543-695- 543-798- 2:00-- 5:00 p.m. Special Beginners' Seitlon hen the phono number BRAD'S RoLLERg JUST 6 MILES SOUTH OF SHE PHERDSVILLE ON HWY. 61 9X03881? excessive gas use 2. slow moving when cold 3. rough shifting 4. strange humming noises 1. TRANSMISSIONS EXCHANGED ENGINES EXCHANGED 2 DAY SERVICE 5. slipping transmission 6. slow pick-u7. oil spots p eeexr ft Ixchang all Models Day Sorvico Froo Towina . fitn. LSlSlTL- -. Toi'nsy Division; Longf ellow-Gilmo- Among Students Admitted fZUII Include COMPARE OUR QUALITY! CUT Styled Paul D. Sprouse Advances Pay Grade FOR YOU Thit I Bslow Wholesale No Dolor Plots Limit 2 HAIR STYLIST ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES! 636-344- HOLIDAY II0US (Across from 1 to a Cuitomor St BIST. Inc. Joseph' Hospital Parking Lot) - 273 V-- 8 Standard TransmisDeluxe 4 door Sedan sion, Radio, Deluxe Wheel Covers, Black Sidewall Tires. This Car Is Listed at $2732.85 '60 2231 SO. PRESTON SPECIAL PRICE DQD01 P0LAHA 2 Door Hardtop, " V-automatic, ra--y dio, heater, power steering, tinted windshield, undercoating, white side-wa- ll tires. WHITE HAT SPECIAL This Car Is Listed At $3607.25 OPEN 9- -5 MON.-SA- T. ta't cr.i:r tSa Pc!:ra l:v;-prl:- :d ycj c:n l:r;s it fzt a l:t l::3 th:n ycajfd tl:!d-t- -jt PRICE Z'zzzz. LIKE NEW USED CARS AT WHITE HAT SPECIAL PQICEE! ' -- v '63 tlOVA '67 FORD GALAXIE 600 2 door, hardtop automatic power steering. K iirwrAi f rr 00 UlLVKVLUr; V-- a i mvrrtv . Fhi ! '64 4 DOOR SEDAN, actually driven only 38,000 miles, automatic, radio, heater, factory air conditioning. A PERFECT SECOND CARD k............a IMPALA '65 PLYMOUTH., Hardtop, all power SEDAN, FURY I Automatic power steering & brakes V8. $1795 OLDS "88" '61 RAHDLER 1 r $2295 2 DOOR HARDTOP, automatic, power steering, power brakes, cream puff, low miles. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE ti V-- Automatic, Radio it $895 '67 Hardtop, ail power. factory air condition. $1095 SEDAN p EUXK LeSABRE ....ala.aa.a.sBskl POLARA Hardtop, console, bucket seats, power. $2195 I WE HAVE A FINANCE PLAN ,Qntn E7nnnim FOR EVERYONE! CHRYSLER Elsctrcnic CHRYSLER Frost Engine Tuning Minor adjust JOINTS Check Check nerd' to be repacked every 24,000 recommended. rniK-c- . '62 thru '65 models Plus parts, if needed. n 95 as . Check & points and plugs. end adjust timing. Tune-up- and clean battery cables. Adjust automatic choke and carburetor. Check electrical system. Clean and service air filter. Clean positive ventilation valve. Engine sychronized on aiectronic scope. CHRYSLER Er.d Safety Check I WHEEL BALANCE All four wheels dynamically checked, Including weights, to assure your tires art not out of round - for only . . . 7 PLUS PARTS Ask about our courtesy engine tune-u- p OO A FINANCE PLAN FOR EVERYONE trainees. 897-103- 1 n n miles. B00 LABOR - fill We suggest changing transmission fluid and adjusting the low band every 12,000 PLUS FLUID, CASKETS The promotion was awarded two months earlier than is customary under an Army policy providing incentive for outstand- WE HAVE FLUID CIIACGE 95 Engines 11.95 6 Cylinder Engines 9.95 7.95 Corvair Engines - TRANSniSStOIl Front aligned, all end headlights timed end adjusted, front wheel bearings adjusted and packed, front brake linings and wheel cylinder Inspected all for , . V-- 8 waih with minor $2295 4 MEjriJGifj' smvia DMLS UNIVERSAL DODGE 4 4 OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS PREPARED TO GIVE YOU WE'LL KEEP YOUR CAR SHARPI EXCELLENT SERVICE INSTANT His wife, Christine, lives at 3509 Prestwood Drive, Mif Pffr"""! If WHITE HAT Paul D. Sprouse, 22, son of Mrs. Mary Sprouse. 1339-1- 2 Kentucky Street, Bowling Green, was promoted to Army private pay grade E- -2 upon completion of basic combat training at Fort Knox recently. ing JJ 99 jj DODGE COOOuiT 5 AiC&uJi SPEAKS FOR ITSELF '60 Lane in "B" Division. Thomas Jefferson won the Junior High Division and Seneca was second. More than 500 boys participated in all. Now underway is a Softball season for boys in grades three through nine, held on Saturdays at Higldands YMCA Field, at Six Mile Lane in Buechel, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rcportcrlandcrs (ft (ft proof Outside Mirrors and All Safety Features! re 22-2- OUR Pir W:X;5!2i ST Voman's Club sales. BRAND NEL7 DODGE DART Just Look At These Features! Hawthorne School won the fifth and sixth grade "A" Division championship recently in the basketball tournament held at the Highlands Branch of the YMCA. Mattie B, Luhr school won in the "B" Division, Third and fourth grade champions are: Melbourne in "A" friends now, she laughingly tells them the contents of my diary saying, "She's growing up." I don't want the friendship of my boyfriend and me publicized, but I can't make them understand I want to keep some of my thoughts and doings to myself. I've had tons Drop-I- n of confidential talks with them, but it doesn't help. Even my 10 year old brother is also telling his friends what was in my diary. Can you think of any good ideas is the A Senior Citizen Drop-I- n to stop all this? My boyfriend is newest project of the Fern Creek also infuriated about all this Community Woman's Club, and nonsense, the drop-i- n opens on Thursday, K.D.R. April 4 at 10 a.m. It will he held in the Fern Creek Community Dear K.D.R.: Building, 6108 Bardstown Road. The "tons of talks" you have A luncheon will inhad with your family has not be held at noon, and all senior stilled them with the kindness citizens are invited. and the respect they should have The drop-i- n center will be 0en I for your personal possessions. on the first and third Thursday of suggest asking your clergyman to each month, 10 a.m-- 2 p.m. It will speak to them on your behalf. offer games, crafts, sewing, art, In my opinion, it is unthinkable dramatics, choir, trips, parties for your parents to break the lock and dancing. and read the contents of your For further information, call dairy. And to laugh about it or Mrs. J. D. Maultsby, 8111 Fern Dale Road, or Mrs. Ernest Kaufman, 8800 Fern Dale Road. Jim Farese, an agent for Nationwide Insurance Companies at 5102 Crafty Drive, has earned a company key club award for his 1967 leadership in commercial 1960 s This annual commercial award Eleven Reporterland students is won by only 12 of Nationwide's 111 5,300 agents. Johnwill be honored have so far been accepted for the fall semester at Morehead State 2 BIG LOCATIONS for his achievement by Nation7707 GREENWOOD ROAD - 1738 W. BROADWAY wide's top management April 4, University. A total of 578 students 584 7361 937 0231 The three-da- y seminar will have been accepted there to date. MASTER CHARGE SYSTEM Dr. John R. Duncan, director be held in Columbus, Ohio. F ri. 8 til 5, Sat. 8 'til 12 Noon HOURS Mon thru of admissions, said the number is an increase of 15.8 per cent over the number of state residents admitted by this time last year. Among those admitted are: Beverly Annette Dehrle, Lawrence David Schmidt and Warren Keith Thompson, Fern Creek High School; Raymond Lamnnt ) Z Reed and Reginald Waldo Thomp-kin- s, awe waaaaaw Seneca; Marsha Lynn HamGet yourself a lucious new wig ilton, Bonnie Gail Mobley and at a price you can afford! 4 y- Clarence Michael Riffe, Southern; Francis Jerry Carrico, FEATURING THE FINEST QUALITY Mark Stephen Johnson and Roger Todd, Thomas Jefferson. LUXURIOUS HUMAN HAIR! 100 PRICE PRICE ffflP.Tfl.IT w artC& .5 By Nationwide AND IXCHANGI SA YflCA Jim Farese Honored AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS On mother calls her w vioivaiotSS I Plans For Oldsters Call New for Information 0 or 2 Out of town, dial "1" p.m. 7:30-10:3- 0 DEAR AMY and o LADIES', MEN'S, GOLF AND LAWN 705 E. MARKET reading they are sitting at home knitting, how can a meeting result? In The Minority? MUELLER UMBRELLA SHOP r their addresses. Believe me, I'd appreciate your helpfulness because I also am forced to sit at home. Sincerely yours, John S, Dear Amy: Last week I read a letter sent to you about "Social Rejects." I am 18 years old and would really like to know where to find these "Social Rejects." If theirs is the case, I guess I'm one, too, because I don'tsmoke, drink or take drugs. It pleases me to know there are some decent girls still left in this world. But my problem lies in finding them. While I'm sitting at ATMS 7C " i VJJ 3 4133 SHELBYVILLE ROAD ON THE STRIP IN ST. MATTHEWS L3 1 ITS TRUE Vl( WHAT THEY AY V ACQUT DIXIE! Cj o J

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