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Image 5 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

as tiecdvo ftfc-ic- d JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 11. HcuQiiichcrs Dkzoss Dieting 1mm Op? To Rcso Pinouood dcibj Cos BY SARAH TURNER wn The club will hold its next meeting at the home of the president, Mrs. Robert Balthrop, 7701 Cecilia Way. China, flood in Hwang-h- o, out an estimated 900,000 lives in 1887. n We-bel- os, necessary. A rr?i ry Duncan and Kyle Blackwell Kids were screaming and graduated to Boy Scouts and crowding nearer to the tracks -respectively. Judges and scout leaders were Boys who were presented with yelling "get back - you can't see awards were David Shelton, Ranthe cars." dy Stansbury, Rod Stansbury, It was Pinewood Derby night for Mark Bazzell, David Geohagan, Cub Scout Pack 75 at the Jeffer-sontoBobby Payne, Barry Davis and Presbyterian Church. Tony Allen. Everyone was excited and hopeCub Scout Master Art Rudolph ful his car would win. announced the pack has been To make a Pinewood Derby car challenged by St. Gabriel Pack takes energy and time. It starts 346 to enter into Pinewood Derby with a block of pine, four nails competition against them on Friand four wheels. What happens day, April 19 at 7:30 p.m. The after that is left up to the eight Derby will be held at the St. Gato 11 year old Cubs andWebelos. briel School. A car may not weigh more than five ounces, but can be shaped according to individual desires. Major McDaniel Speaks According to the boys, the job To Future Homemakers was too difficult for most of Major Russell McDaniel, of them. Mom and Dad helped. Rod Stansbury, den 3, cheered the Jefferson County Police, was his car through for the top troguest speaker recently at a meetphy and was named winner of the ing of Southern High School's were Barry Derby. Runner-u- ps Future Homemakers of America. Davis, Bill Schuck and Randy ers wiped Peii Cob Ssoc? Dieting to Reduce" was the topic of a lesson given by Mrs. Ken Becker, consumer information chairman of Cedar Heights Homemakers, at a recent meeting held at her home, 8 109 Cedar Brook Drive. The homemakers were told that "it is better to eat five small meals than three large meals If you are trying to lose weight." She added that "calories should always be counted." Mrs. Ted Dowell gave a book report on the "Life of George Gershwin." Mrs. James Duncan gave a lesson on removing spots and stains from fabrics popular in everyday use. Some of her hints to home-makon spot removal were to remove grass stain with alcohol, grease with plnesol, scorch with sunlight or peroxide or both if fass!f Barker. All four boys will enter LOUISVILLE CHINA PAINTERS GUILD members exhibit tome of their handiwork which will be on display at the St Matthews Woman's Club, Sunday, April 28, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. With their painted china are, from left, Mrs. James DeNoon, Mrs. Ernest Hampton, Mrs. Elmer F ravel and Mrs. William Brunton, Jr. Major McDaniel spoke on citicompetition on zenship and he illustrated his talk April 26 and 27. ' During the regular pack meet- with photographs of policemen at ing held prior to the Derby, Jer work in Jefferson County. the Scout-a-ra- -- Beauty Contest Entrant P FOLLOW iw 1CC3- - tea liflGGGu Pageant to be held at the high BY SARAH TURNER The next two weeks will be school on April 20. full ones for 13 of Eastern JefTea Given ferson County girls between the Members of the Jeffersontown 17 and 20. Their time ages of Jaycee-ett- es gave a tea for the will be filled with girls on April 6 at the home of make-u- p how to wear and walk. Practicing talent acts will take Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tharp, 9506 Willow Wood Way. Seven up many more of their already girls attended and were briefed too-fhours. on make-u- p and clothing for the The girls arc contestants for Beauty pageant. They were told the order the Miss Jeffersontown of competition and given a copy of the production number, ' 'Hey, Look Me Over," to lee'Vn'TyT ' ing DLT y " .... A K THE EASTER PARADE to Dinner at the s E. Ghrist, 2618 Meadow Drive, attends Seneca High. A Other Contestants 3 Spend Easter With Us Bonnie Payton, 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Payton, 2123 West Market Street attends Kentucky Southern College. Barbara Buck, ago 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buck, 3619 Goldsmith Lane, attends University of Louisville. Jaycee-ett-es who sponsored the tea were Mrs. Ronald Tharp, "f!iJ.T Richard Schmidt. Mn.Aju. ' '. ,L MrSilforbGqadinger p on Thursday,'" April I8"at this Mrs. Robert Kiper, Mrs. Julian community center. Friday, April Stevens, Mrs. Emil Fougnle and In Reporterland 19 will be the final rehearsal Mrs. Vernon Abney. ALEXANDER, Minnie F. Shoe-ma- te, night, and interview with the 2918 Klondike Lane, age idges. 86, died April 3. Competitors Named BIERBAUM, Mrs. Nellie Mae Competing for the title are: (nee Taylor), 5625 Carolyn Way, Pat Taylor, 18, daughter of Mr. age 53. died April 1. B LEVINS, Colonel Francis A. and Mrs. John S. Taylor, 3026 (Lindy), 3788 Illinois Avenue, age Nadine Drive, student at Seneca; Barbara Dowe, 18, daughter of 59, died March 31. CURTIS, Judge L. R., 2112 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dowe, Lauderdale Road, age 87, died 8804 Michael Edward Drive, Fern Creek student; Ellen Imes, 17, April 3. HAPPEL, Mr. Robert, 2424 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan I MIDI r Tyler Lane, age 82, died Mar. 31. Imes, 8030 Northwestern Trail, KAISER, Mrs. La Verne G. (nee attends Transylvania College. Paul Lloyd, 18, daughter of Peterson);3816 Chatham Road, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lloyd, 17 age 66, died April 2. KERBERG, Louis W 4306 Halsdale Drive, attends GeorgeBrookhaven, age 79, died Mar. 31. town College. OSBURN, Mrs. Laura C. Sun-le- y, Janet Reinhardt, 19, daughter 2209 Wendell Ave., age 84, of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reinhardt, 12807 Seatonville Road, attends died April 2. RAYMER, Mr. Howard B., 1708 the University of Kentucky. Nightingale, age 58, died Mar. 31. i H.P. BRICCS V STIATTON More Listed RCSENBERG, Mr. Harry, 2100 tnf int with recoil starter Margaret Barnes, 18, daughter Mill vale Rd., died April 3. Finger-tithrottle control SMITH, Alice G. (Jenny) Hay-de- n, of Mr. and Mrs. C. H, Barnes, 5 position height adjust6305 Preston Hgwy., age 84, 41 Sterling Road, attends Seneca. Heavy 14 gauge ment Lou Anna Hansford, 18, daughter steel deck, fully baffled died April 3. SPEER, Mr. Stephen Drane, of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hans10518 Old Taylorsville Rd., age ford, 7001 Monty Lane, attends Kentucky Southern College. 62, died April 4. SPELLMAN, Mr. Robert L., Jane Mahoney, 20, daughter of 5509 Mary Layne Rd., age 63, Mr. and Mrs. James Mahoney, 551 Maylawn, attends Kentucky died April 1. WOODWARD, Ernest, 2330 Southern College. Mina Howard, Saratoga Drive, died April 2. 18, daughter of Mrs. Paul Howard, Vevey Road, attends Fern Creek High. Janet Hatfield, 18, daughter of The distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate before Mr. and Mrs. Av C. Hatfield, 3600 Willow Court, attends Fern 1884, when hurling was underhand, was only 45 feet. It is now Creek High. Chris Ghrist, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James 60-- 12 feet. SPECIAL EASTER BUFFET EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE ull "' .:1r' JrJO. CHILDREN UNDER 12 99c i .(Uiuik.-!,.- . ll. 'KTr ..". svntoy Horn i30 to S p.m. pK EXPRESSWAY 636-378- 1 AT ARTHUR ST. NORTH-SOUT- 2i3Q H IMS V w 12 t nn 7 IV1 cis:Orrr.s B n..-- 1 3 II. P. onnoo 57.95 REG 7 (!!)(!!) J . There's A MONFRIED LOCATION NEAR YOU! M.P. tXIGCS 1 STIATTON itglaa with recoil starter Heavy 14 gauge stetl deck Staggered wheels eliminates scalping a Aus-ten- v ptrtd and balanced blade Heavy duty steel wheals REGULAR Since 7924 ES20 PRESTON OPPOSITE SC3-831- - HWY- INDIAN TRAIL SHOPPING V7E '49.95 REG. u Ll mm imimi 5-- $i.oo far Week fJO DOWN PAYMENT Manor, 772-712- 8 J83 PC. 00 DINETTE SET $Q O 00 OfJ ANYTHING FORWARD You Day At ...1 and LUXURY IN A RIOINQ MOWER! Features in Easy-Ts- Use Rewind Starter and a RECUNGRS Wide Range if Catting Heights. Comfortable d Slit. Censtrvetlaa. HEAVY REG. 59.95 DUTY Q4S) 4113 lSTRATTOWl 7 22 REPAIR 3 Manor,935-472- mm REGULAR 19.95 1 J 1 220 3729 Lexington Rd., from CENTER Choice of Charge Accounts or Budget Terms Mm ONLY ) 3 Free Parkin9 1 BTRATTOfJ n inn Contact Lenses ' ( 3 H.P. 25 IP! HIDING WOVJEn FDD IE) $ .Its ' E31333 A 2SPEEDS Hearing Aids (OuiSm.II PLATFORM ROCUmS $149.95 oiim mums nv Prescription Eyeglasses COMMM (1769) Par WeaK in 19 LINOLEUM RUGS 16 of Them 14 In. TINES and they are Guaranteed for the life of the Tiller! POWER LIOWER m ONE CONTROL for Forward, Neutral and Reverse Automatic Safety control. ADJUSTABLE for Tilling Widths of 12 In., 20 In., 26 In. Depth to 8 Inches! ERIGOS S STRATTOrJ M.wrtrt 9x12 nivinai with NO MONEY DOWN lUl CH EBS 26 IN. TILLER powm 20 irj. POWER WOWER VJ UNDER 5 FREE ' $2X3 W,My 151-67- 67 BARDST017H 'DD. A

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