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Image 3 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 11. For Ccc.'r fJudd Optmsts iffUii flans UnV Erjg Wunfs V,. pre-sch- Completes Course William M. Heintz, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Heintz, 2719 Klondike Lane, completed an eight-we- ek pay specialist course January 19 at the Army Finance School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. He was trained in the payment of civilian and military personnel, handling of travel allowances, and accounting. Instruction was also given in business law and pay regulations. n. Wtfterson Gardeners To Despite Objections The Henry Watterson Garden Club will hold their annual Flower Show in the City Hall building of Jeffersontown' even though City councllmen object. There was disagreement about allowing the show to be held. Councilman Joe Cline said the building Is a legislative hall and should be used as such. "Club meetings and shows of this type should be held at the Community Center," said Cline, "as it was built and Is maintained by the city for that purpose." Mayor Franklin Chambers told the council Mrs. Roy Wiehe had contacted him and asked to use JT"1 joy golf iom& TREMENDOUS SUPPLY OF REWORKED, PRO-LIN- E USED CLUDS PRO-SHO- P Vildwocd Country Club 5000 Bardstown - PGA PRO - ASSISTANT PRO 10,000 239-500- 1 239-914- Rd. 4 GALLONS SPECIAL PURCHASE r I fj i - J 2 WALL PAINT properly." The new radio is a portable equipped with F-- l, 2 bands and will cost $1055. It can be removed from the police car in case of a breakdown and can also be used in the office in case of F-- Training In New York BRIDGES SMITH HANNA GOLD BOND LATEX The Jeffersontown Police Department will receive a new portable radio for the police car within the next three weeks, it was announced at the April 1 meeting of the city council. The Jeffersontown City Council voted to purchase the radio at a recent meeting. Colonel Herb Meyer, Jeffer- sontown Police Chief, said the ra- dio is needed. Meyer said the police had to make an emergency run to the hospital recently. "We picked the patient up on Taylorsville Road and radioed the hospital to standby," he said. "Upon arriving at the hospital no preparations had been made for the patient due to the fact they had not received our call. The radio had not worked - we must have a radio that will work in order to proceed with our job Raymond M. Hubbard LATEX WALL PAINT ( SUPER KEMTONE f)0 Raymond M. Hubbard, USCG, son of Mrs. Barbara Wolford of 3606 Stanton Boulevard, is at- fire-fishti- Gallon - gal. test and was even more proud of David winning the zone contest. "We're the smallest club in the zone, butwe have thewinner," he announced after David was selected as top speaker in the zone contest. David will go on to compete in the District Oratorical Contest, which is scheduled for May 19 at Continental Inn in Lexington, Kentucky. He will compete against 13 boys in the Kentucky-We- st Virginia District for a chance to participate in the national contestwhich will be held in Louisville in June during the Optimist International Convention. The national contest winner will be presented a $2,000 FURNACES 1708017 tfVILS U0(o DRIVE fJ 459-326- 2 TAYLORWILLE Snacki-lce-W- Rd. & EOll AIR ine Supplies Beer-Pic- nic OPEN 7 DAYS 7 A.M.-- 12 P.M. OPEN SUNDAYS 5 If P.M. to 10 P.M. 1 OUlf III DAYS o?A?ENn I k April 16 and 23 have been chosen as dates for the final two sessions of a softball scorers' school, sponsored by the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Board. The school is being held at 7:30 each night at Central Park. The recreation board is also seeking entries for softball leagues. There will be five divisions, open, industrial, church, girls and intermediate (youths, 17 and under). Entry fee for each team in each division is $57. P Li F r 1 U K V NEW! 1968 MODEL TIRE WITH TREAD WRAP-AROUN- D f!Wn i uuyNow-nav- ei years old, said Meyer. -' ! ran fly y f- hardware Prccton Ui I The city recently purchased a new wagon and a radar system for the police department, which gives a total of two wagons on the road plus the old car which is for emergency runs. The force now consists of five officers. Police officers Philip Jackson and Walter Murphy, who are new to the force, are attend- ing the Jefferson County Police School for an eight week study course in basic Police training, :: The city will pay the fees for the 1 courses. 6.50 x 13 Whitewall tubeless plus $1.81 Fed. Ex. Tax. No trade-ineeded Wei Extra mileage Tufsyn Over 8,000 gripping edges for better traction New, modern ; NEW LONG DISTANCE t Scout Troop 346 RUNNER Presents Avcrds At Heeling f Whittwtllt 6.M7.35.14 75 7.7S 7 20.15 24.60 "" $21.70 $29,05 $25.10 'j jIJjs HV9 001S WHEEL ALIGNMENT WW B LAC KW ALLS tread 210 J Old ShoehortUvHlo noar Bardorown Rd. 45V-57Open ilnily ft ,m, to fl Mini, flimtich rl. RA. Adjust Brakes Check Brake Linings (PHP) uu Road Test m OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 19 g $2.81 $3 LESS PHONE FOR APPOINTMENT Align Front End Correct Camber Caster Toe-I- TORSION BARS V AC $2 EXTRA n PLUS PARTS Check Front Wheel Bearings KENTUCKY VEHICLE OFFICIAL INSPECTION MOST U.S. CARS OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 19 FEE $2 INSPECTION STATION COMPLETE INSPECTION ONLY TAKES APPROXIMATELY 25 MINUTES TO ANY LOUISVILLE COLONELS BASEBALL GAME s vJ GENERAL ADMISSION with the purchase of $50 or more r'h'-yjV- J J JS V A ". n Louisville In Okolona 2064 S. FOURTH ST. BRAKE WORK Open doily till 1 p.m. Moa. till t p.n. CLOSED SATURDAYS 1! OKOLONA STORE ONLY No Job Too Small SDS-53- p.m., & Mil 0. All 4 o3SCFh.ll oof OiooftM 2 21 i'5: SPECIAL FRONT-EN- D 3 . tUFFLERi 12.06 $2.19 i5 d wrap-aroun- DRAKE ADJUSTMENT WHEEL BALANCING FRAME STRAIGHTENING I" lit TrMMa Nmm $17.00 $18.10 $19.06 14 (i. '! u. WM Tubdra Sirt OKOLONA STORE ONLY Debbie Raley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Hurt, 7502 Beu-l- ah Church Road, Fern Creek, was invested into Junior Girl Scout Troop 436 at a special ceremony held at Bates Elementary School April 7. Debbie Is a sixth grade student at the school. Hard work paid off when the girls received Merit Badges they had earning at the meeting. Completing the Sign of the Arrow were Patty Sexton, Karla Ratliff and Tommee Eldrldge. Those completing the Sign of the Star were Karla Ratliff, Melody McDonald, Beverly Crump and Mary Sue Weller. Girls of the troop who have earned other badges this month were Janice Logs don, Ronda Boyd, Leann Lewis, Suzanne Pickett. Virginia Suel, Sherry Newsome, Cathy Bowles, Camilla Crosby, Carol Rush, Karla Ratliff, Myra Brown and Paula u-.rr- m 6 WE INSTALL f AUTO P, TRUCK No Job Toe Largo 637-70- "",969-231- 0 3.98 NEW DECORATOR COLORS Go. Darrell Crittenden, president of the Black Mudd OptimlstClub, commented that he was proud of the contestants in the club con- - tending the Damage Controlman School at the Coast Guard Training Center, Governors Island, New York. course covers The Atomic, Biological and Chemical warfare defense McCoy. and the preservation of waterThe troop leader is Mrs. Howtight integrity aboard Coast ard A. Smith and the assistant Guard ships. leader is Mrs. Herman Pickett, 16-w- ALL immm 2209 West Louisville Optimist Club. Rubel attends DuValle Junior High School, and took third place in the zone contest. Other contestants and the clubs they represented are Thomas Thompson, Buechel Optimist Club; Roy Greenwell, Fairdale Optimist Club; Martin Neff, Kenwood Optimist Club and John Baum, Okolona Optimist Club. These seven boys are the top speakers from a group of some 150 youth who participated in the preliminary school contests. Scorers' School April 16 And 23 the city hall building for the meeting. "I gave my permission," he said. After the meeting Cline said that all club meetings should be held In the community center, as he feels it takes money from the center when meetings are held elsewhere. "The title of the show is Jeffersontown - Present- - Past- - Future," Mrs. Wiehe said, "and the arrangements have already been planned to center around the city hall building." Mrs. Bernadine Meyer is of the show to be held on May 23. It will be open to the public viewing from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. an emergency. The radio being used in the office goes off at times, and the one in the old car which is used for emergency runs is not in good condition, as it is about five NATIONAL BRANDS r GVOVEDG "Y.KSr PI w Rubel Caldwell. Jr.. 3213 Hale Avenue, was sponsored by the all lofvic W Jo Got fJo 17 Car Radio SEE OUR GENE SULLIVAN BILL SULLIVAN " . IMPROVE YOUR GAME WITH THE PROPER EQUIPMENT! EVEN BEGINNERS NEED GOOD CLUBS THE GENE SULLIVAN 1 otw furnace Ket-tles- on, Floivcr SEiov; E3o!e3 brand. SERVICE contcitntiout prices. job, chorgt roosonobl fw no mi m u uu 1 BY LOIS WAGNER Judges named David Roberson winner of the annual Optimist Zone Oratorical Contest held at the Brown Suburban Hotel on April 4. Seven contestants vied In the zone contest for top honors as they spoke on "The Golden Opportunities of Youth," the official topic for the speeches. Each boy presented his speech without notes, was limited to four or five minutes. Each was Judged on his delivery and presentation. eligible for competition in the zone oratorical contest, David, a 15 year old ninth grade student at Butler High School, won the Black Mudd Club Oratorical Contest on April 1 at Robards Restaurant. As winner of the Black Mudd contest, David was awarded a trophy and a $25 United States Savings Bond. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Roberson, 2304 Mary Catherine Drive. Judges of the speeches were Reverend M. Adkins, J. K. T. W, Winkler and K. E. Gumm. Second place winner was Randy Wieck, a student at Barrett Junior High School, who represented the Indian Trail Optimist Club. Randy lives at 205 Idle-wyl-de Drive. EGGS, EGGS AND MORE EGGS are being prepared by Rutty Boucher, left, and Jean Bocko of the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Board for two big Easter egg hunts to be held Saturdsy, April 13 at Shawnee Park and at Chenoweth Park near Jefferson-towApproximately 4,000 plastic eggs with toys inside will be hidden at each park. The hunts will begin at 10 a.m. GENE SULLIVAN SAYSr j nn mm ool William M. Heintz t-f- Whothor it's an omorgoncy f you'll find we com quickly, d Urn Sometime bright and early Saturday morning, April 13, the Easter Bunny will pay a visit to two parks and before he leaves ha will hide over 8,000 eggs. Reporterlanders will be able to begin hunting for the plastic eggs filled with toys beginning at 10 a.m. in Chenoweth Park near Or, if they prefer to travel to the west end, a separate hunt will be held inShawnee Park at the same time. Rusty Boucher and Jean Bocko, deputy superintendents of recreation for the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Board, sponsors of the event, said that separate hunts for children will be held as well as hunts for six to 13 year olds at each park. "We wouldn't be surprised if everyone who came found at least one egg,'" said Mrs. Bocko. Adults needn't feel left out of the festivities, Boucher added. An egg decorating contest will be held for them while the youngsters are peering around tree stumps and looking under tufts of grass for eggs. Eggs to be entered in the contest should be decorated before they are brought to the parks. At Chenoweth Park, the grand prize will be given to the person who finds a golden egg to be hidden by the Recreation Board. In addition 10 second prizes and 30 third prizes will be awarded. The Shawnee Park hunt Is being sponsored in cooperation with radio station WLOU, The station plans to donate records as prizes. MCillNG FOR QUICK 1SC3- -3 7321 PRESTON HWY. Phone I 635-260- 1 Mon. Hwu Fri. 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 2.00 P.M. Salcdny 8:00 A.M. Phone 969-231- :30A M 5 tj9P M. T&lKfSA??"'"- - OFFER ENDS APRIL 27

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