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Image 12 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

r - - .v , REPORTER, Thursday, April 11, 1SC8 p nn Uqvj Soacza Pric off f Lcg'as Inio fruiuro Ann " rrr rr (Continued from Page 1) door-to-do- Auto Insurance practices of some automobile insurance companies also come under Mss Fu mess's furor. She said the President has The asked that Congress authorize a major study in that area aid called some company practices a "consumer frustration of the highest order." Miss Furness attacked war ranties which "are frequently too confusing for us to understand." Elaborating on her desire for formal consumer education, Miss Furness said Illinois recently made such courses mandatory In high schools. She said consumer education "is the preparation for the art of everyday living which enables an individual regardless of age or income to make intelligent choices based on knowledge and information." Miss Furness advised the audience to write to David Schoen-fel- d, Director of Education for Consumer Affairs, Washington, for help in presenting the idea of consumer education to local schools. Following her speech, Miss Furness answered questions Jciiorsontovm Countil Adopts Uqvj Approath (Continued from Page 1) get the necessary revenue needed to operate the city," said Clins. In checking the books, Cline said he found businesses were not being taxed fairly. Businesses of comparable size and caliber were being taxed differently, he said. Cline said he drew up the new ordinance to insure that all businesses were taxed fairly, Cline said another major reason for the new ordinance Is to control the type of business in Jeffersontown. "The new ordinance would protect the established businesses by giving the city government the right to say whether or not too much competition would enter," he said. Cline said "the new ordinance would take politics out of the tax licensing system and eliminate favoritism." "We have heard from everyone in Industrial Park and have found these assessments would add UPH0LSTE3Y (Continued from Page 1) from many housewives in the audience. Cne woman, who said she lives In a ghetto area, complained that food prices are higher in the ghetto than they are in suburbs. Obligation To Society Miss Furness said the only answer to this will come when suburban shops realize they "have an obligation to society" to go to the ghetto. Now, she said, prices are higher because most stores in ghettos are small, have high overhead costs and have to extend credit, some of which is bad credit. Another housewife complained that in one store a package of jowl bacon was half filled with skin and fat. Miss Furness advised her to complain to the grocer as well as the newly-creat- ed Consumer Affairs Commission. A woman who complained about telephone service was advised to contact the Public Service Commission in Frankfort. Another complaint was that fabrics marked permanently pressed sometimes are not. Miss Furness said she hopes standards in labeling can be set, since some use the same manufacturers terms In different ways. Sam Ezelle, executive secretary of the Kentucky State AFL-CI- C, spoke briefly following Miss some $4. million to the tax rolls this year. The ones who are objecting to the procedure could help set their own tax rate by submitting the information," he Furness and Governor Nunn. Ezelle lauded Miss Furness for said. her consumer work, and said it A tax rate will be set reis "quality," not quantity, which gardless of whether or not the should be stressed to laborers. council gets a response. He attacked deceptive practices in Kentucky, and said that "We asked the council how much they would need," said last year eight per cent of gasoJohn Donnally, owner of the Gate- line pumps in Kentucky were way Supermarket, "and I sub- found to be short of gallons. mitted the information requestHe said he read recently that ed. I feel there is no way to gasoline prices are going up two know how much is needed if they cents per gallon and he urged don't know how much they would consumers todemand reasons for have. rising prices. .V get "the unsolvables," the problems teachers, counselors and assistant principals will have already tried to solve. Wilson said he is looking forward to continuing at Seneca, because he feels the school Is almost unique in the progress it has made. The communityfromwhich Seneca students come Is progressive, he said, because the parents are largely ones who are moving up, in business and careers, but who have not yet reached their goals. He said Seneca is a group of students from varied backgrounds, and he said he is proud of the mixture of religions and races there. a, V '7 t 't ' V ffj It 1 CODplOK No Decision Readied Yei In County loads Conflict (Continued from Page It connecting Michael Edward Drive and Bardstown Road, also have increasing traffic, Lee said. He said there Is an average of 1259 vehicles a day on Roman Drive and 2150 on Hudson Lane. He continued that the condition of Hudson Lane is "Inadequate" because of heavy usage. Independent road districting efforts have been unsuccessful. Seay said opposition because of the needed right of way is "ironic." He said some residents will not have to give property because the county already has a total of 54 feet of right of way and some owners do not own all they consider their property. He said that he will have to give up a 16-feasement, however. Seay said St. Gabriel Church and School comprise about of the property fronting on Hudson Lane. oot one-fou- rth less than half the ground will be used for building and parking. Three-bedro- have apartments will square feet of om 1100-12- 00 Wilson is interested, he said, in the future of the R.O.T.C. program at Seneca, There are students participating In the program, and 90 more are expected next year. now 115 Want Big Gym floor space. At least one and one-h- alf parking spaces will be allotted for each apartment, he said. Springer spaniel dogs derived their name from their ability to "spring" game for hunters. Watermelons, first grown in and Asia, have vines sometimes extending 15 feet along the ground. The fruit is more than 90 per cent water. Africa FERN CREEK after hours of painstaking work. The first Fern Creek attempt When a high school first attempts at a Broadway musical was pro- a musical play, the technical and duced on April 5, 6, and 7 by its dramatic difficulties can be stagsenior class. "The King and I" gering, but the Fern Creek cast ed ed was a and overcame these with style and duction included Doug Comet, Ronnie Schmidt, Mina Howard, Skip Zehnder, Ralph Calvin, Dennis Schneider, Joe Kelly, Ellen Imes, Janet Hatfield, NancyGor-do- n, John Bellhaus, Donald Pelly and Gene Hall. Miss Miller, the performance. skill. Major characters in the pro- - Fern Creek drama teacher, was play was possible only well-receiv- The well-direct- Sfudcrfs Surprised By Johnson Decision Sunrise Service Will Be Held At Durrett of March 31, President Johnson spoke to the televiscountry in a nation-wiion broadcast. Most of his detractors thought the would be "just another political night de address speech." the Democratic Party. Others, however, maintained that the President had made a courageous move toward national unity and peace. In a recent Reporter poll of area teenagers, the majority agreed with the latter opinion, A sharpline was drawn, though, between those who approved and those who disapproved of the President's actions. Johnson's advocates thought it an act of honor, while his detractors thought it an act of hypocrisy and deception. There was no middle ground. Local high school students ... was your reaction to President Johnson's address on March31?" "I really admire President Johnson for his withdrawal from race," said the Presidential Becky Schuler, a senior at Angela Mericl. "I think he realized it was a political impossiblity for him to change his Viet Nam policy." "I don't think he should be be where he is now," commented Debbie Goodwin, a junior at Sen- firm," commented Tom Removing stains from fabrics was the topic of the recent meeting of the Brookhaven Homemak-e- rs Club, held at the home of Pfiwweger, 2610 Woods-dal- e. e Mrs. Gayle Patton was in charge of the lesson. Anyone desiring information on homemakers clubs should contact Miss Geraldine Bentley, agent for home demonstration Jefferson County. 14-- 5 West 6. Broadway, 587-863- marked Brenda Kirchner, a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson. "I think the Viet Nam crisis has put too much pressure on him." "I'm shocked and I am inclined wto wonder what is going to happen to our country," said Jane Carroll, a junior at Assumption. "Before his announcement I was sure he would win. I know that if it were between Kennedy, McCarthy, and Johnson, I would vote for LB J. This is one time I'm glad I can't vote. I would have no idea who to vote for now." "I don't like him," said Herman Krebs, a freshman at Seneca. "1 think that his statement Ms board a greyhound bus at 8 a.m. for Our Lady of Cindirector. cinnati College. Sister Mary Michela organized this trip which ANGELA MERICI will consist of a tour of the colThe annual Red Cross Show lege, a picnic on the Provlncia-lat- e was held on April 5 in Angela grounds, and finally a visit nt Mericl's auditorium. Each with the novices and postulants of The result of the 1968-19contributed 25c toward the the Sisters of Mercy Provincla-lat- e. Varsity Cheerleading try-ou-ts The Assumption HighSchool Red Cross Youth Enrollment present these winners: Angle girls are scheduled to return Carter, Gay Fleenor, Brenda Gil-li- at, Fund. home around 9 p.m. that night. Donna Meredlty, Gale Reis-s- er The theme of the show was SENECA and Jo Lynn Thompson "Around the World and Through White-robe- d figures went the Ages." The audience was The R.O.T.C. department Is through the motions of portray- giving a military ball at the Ar, guided on a tour of the world through song. Sherri Norman was ing Caesar's assassination for mory for cadets, officers and the benefit of eighth graders who their dates in the hostess of the show. ril are considering taking a language Ron Hawkins, TJ Junior, has The opening number of the next year. The skit was a satire been selected to participate In show was "Hello, My Baby," on the death of Julius Caesar. "There's Nothing Like a Dame," Among those who participated "Other 98 Day." It is a project sponsored by WKLO radio staand "Music to Watch Girls By." were Carman Driver, Steve Costion to recognize teenagers who Pat Lochner, Ann Hackney, Maby, Judy Hunter, Jean A,melang, ry Elizabeth Beirne, Sherri Nor- Skip Stanttow, Cindy Humphries, have not been in the news because they have not been in man, Gall Hutchins, Nancy Cunand Gall Raush. trouble. He will attend a series of ningham, Diane Calhoun, Sherry Excitement runs high around seminars before participating. Nunn and Monica Hines sang Seneca this time of year because solos. of the elections for the officers of Joyce Skaggs cordovox fascindifferent organizations. ated the audience. This instruPerhaps an even bigger event ment resembles an accordion but is the Student Council election sounds like an organ. Joyce, a which will be the week after Butler Junior, played "Exodus." spring vacation. Candidates will and leave 69 were asked the question "What about Stain Removal Is Topic Of Brookhaven Meeting On April 16 about 50 girls from Assumption High School will ... in the most unexpected political move of the decade, Lyndon Johnson announced that he will not seek another term In 1968, Reaction to this presidential shake-u- p was varied. His critics felt certain that it was nota sincere statement. They eca. "I don't think Johnson will claimed he was simply maneuvering for a stronger position in change his mind and run," reBut, (22-1- 8) "," was Strick-la- n, a junior at Thomas Jefferson. "The Democratic Party may try to draft him, but I seriously doubt he will run." "It was the first time I've been frightened by the war since it started," commented Mary Morlarity, a Junior at Assumption. "I think it was the greatest thing he ever did and he deserves all the support we can give him." "I didn't think mcuh of him before his speech," said Bill Earls, a junior at Seneca, "but now I think he's a pretty good guy," - MENU be ft in ted The most popular act was "The THE Public Relations Club is Ed Smack Amateur Hour." Judi, sponsoring a student exchange the Ash was the master of cereweek of spring vacation. Students monies. Corliss Bivens made her from Indiana will stay in the debut by imitating famous people. homes of Seneca pupils for three Mary Jo McDonough sung part of days. an opera with the emcee. Then Congratulations to Pat Cornwell at the newest Redskin of Gail Rausch, the week. rapid pace of a little girl. THOMAS JEFFERSON Immediately afterward, Danl The Junior Class, led by RobHerrald sang. Carolyn Nevitt then ert Sexton, is sponsoring a car sang "What's It All About, The final song was "Give wash every other weekend. The Me Your Tired, Your Poor," second one is this weekend. For $1.00 all cars brought to Thomas performed by the entire cast. .. sayi::gs tap-danc- ed El-ro- Sister Nicholas and Sherri Norman received roses for their work in presenting the show. ASSUMPTION Senior Dottle Carter, who won the county championship for placing first in the United Nation test administered in March, has been named first in the state. She and her world affairs teacher, Sister Mary Rene, will go to New York to observe the United Nations in action the week of April 14. Coming up for Dottle is the ... national contest April 1 Assumption HighSchool VACUUM CLEANS For Your Main AUTHORIZED HOOVER Sales & Service CALL Rsg. $20 . Reg. M5 V " . JI250 WEDDINGS INDUSTRIAL PORTRAITS The Southeast Louisville Ministers Fellowship is sponsoring an Easter Sunrise Service April 14 at 6:30 a.m. at Durrett High School Stadium. In case of rain the service will be held in the FREE-ROY- BURGER Coupon Expiree April 17, 1968. FREE WIG STYLE, SHAMPOO & SET 2.E0 Tuoi 3.C0 Wed. thru Sat For Appointment Cell 451-73- 57 8316 Preston Hiwsy (Just fc mile No. of Southern Hi) 964-766- 0 COMMERCIAL LEGAL PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY BILL LLOYD CASUAL HOOVER SALES & SERVICE FREE INSPECTION 1020 E. Broadway 585-339- 1 CEAU1Y $'ic:i 3340 BARDSTOWN ) (In Cut-chc!- mm Hzttzrr.z3 Fcncrcl Scrvico 3800 BARDSTOWN ROAD - J.rvle." - Cell 459-380- 0 1 Call 2114 West Market Si. Under Personel Supervision of Oscar S. and Emmett A. Ratterman 776-466- E3GHP IS 01 Til! WAY TO YOU Ever wonder how to locate a reliable dependable service or business??? IT'S EASY 9 SEAL LOOK FOR THE OF RECOMMENDATION . ibcoa HERE IS A LIST OF FIRMS HAVE IT DISPLAYED THESE BUSINESS IN THEIR WINDOWS, ON THEIR TRUCKS. IN THEIR LOCAL ADVERTISING. AND ON THE EBCOA TELE- JMjjONE DIRECTORY COVER. RECOMMENDED BUSINESS FIRMS A AIR COOLINC & HEATIHC Automatic Air Cere. Blrkhaad Co. CAKERY J. C. Heltiman's Bokary en Dundoo Rood WohlUb't Bokary BANKS Wattarion Fadaral Savings INSURANCE Boss & Valley Florists FUNERAL HOMES McAfee Funeral Home FURNITURE STORES Furniture & Appllonce HARDWARE COMPANIES Sellers Hardware berg Insurance Insurance Co. Buschemeyers Jewelers Seng Jewelers Lean M.C. 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Si HICKEN DINNER ... mid-Ap- & PICKUP HUNTER-ELL- IS PHOTOGRAPHER The regular monthly business meeting and luncheon for members of the Buechel Woman's Club will be held Thursday, April 18 Jefferson at 4401 Rangeland Road starting at 10 a.m. will be scrubbed clean, Bake-sal-es "Is Your Voice Really You?," will be held at Indian Trail a program from Southern Bell and Strickland shopping centers Telephone Company, will be feaby the class on the same dates. tured. On April 4, the class held Its The meeting will be at the clubannual Donkey Basketball Game. house, 2040 Bashford Manor The culmination of these monLane. ey making projects will be the junior-seni- or prom. It will be held at the Fairground's ABC will dance ballroom. Prom-goe- rs this year to the theme of "Gone With The Wind." stu-'de- Ho? To Run Again On the played Presentation in volleyball at their gym. Presentation won both the Junior varsity game (34-1- 2) and the varsity game TERMS FREE EST. DILL LLOYD Buechel Woman's Club To Meet April 18 SCHOOL 4 MASTER & SHOPPERS CHARGE he hopes to keep, and he said he also hopes to be able to continue to expand Seneca's curriculum. At present there are 103 separate courses offered, and Russian and Art Appreciation are among the new offerings for next year. Wilson and his family live on Meadow Drive. He has three children, Martin, a student at the University of Kentucky, Matthew, a third grader, and Mary Lou, ol. who is Following graduation from Western Kentucky State College where he received both his B.S. and M.A. degrees, he taught and was assistant football coach at Louisville Male High School for six years. After teaching in Florida for a year, he returned to Kentucky and began teaching at Seneca. He completed certification requirements for the position of Guidance Counselor and filled that post at Seneca for two years before completing requirements for assistant principal. Dennis Robertson, also an assistant principal at Seneca, will continue, and Wilson said another assistant will be presented before next fall. The guest speaker will be Reverend Keith Huttenlocker. The public Is invited to attend. HIGH 3 331-332- "big gym soon" is one of Wilson's hopes for Seneca. "The faculty he's (Farmer) built here" is the one Wilson said Durrett gym. REPORTERLAUD 337-730- IF NO ANSWER CALL A pre-scho- (Continued from page 1) HAWAIIAN costumes worn by teachers at Rangeland Elementary School fit right in as 245 fifth graders of the school held a luau, complete with music and Hawaiian food. Shown here, from left, are Mrs. Fran Albert, Mrs. Rita Johnson, Mrs. Marlene Sims and Mrs. Bernice Richardson. &3R 1 FORMERLY UPHOLSTERY REFINISHINQ CUSHIONS REBUILT SPRINGS RETIEO FURNITURE CLEANING MADDUX UNJUUCivjCJ or salesmit - of slick men who've unloaded shoddy goods, or worthless goods, or goods that never arrived, on unsuspecting customers," she said. She said the Deceptive Sales Act President Johnson wants will cut down on the number of dishonest salesmen. ARTISTIC v. 1 MEAT COMPANIES Purple Cow MUSIC SHOP Kays Music Shop & Conservo. NEWSPAFERS Jefterson Reporter Shivelv Newsweek PEST CONTROL G A Past Company Ky. Termite & Pest Control PHARMACIES Brill Plaia Drug Fern Creek Pharmacy Harding Phormocy Otto Laddia Drug Stores Pleosure Ridge Pork & Volley St. only Shively Drugs PLUMBING & SANITATION William Schwarts Plumbing Co. Paul Jeanes, Jr. Plumbing, Inc. Ray Gloser Plumbing Co. Suburban Sanitation Compony Shipp Septic Tank Service I RADIO STATIONS WHEL WINN REALTORS CONSTRUCTION & Elisabeth Jorboe & Ida Buffat, Realtors National Garage Builders Heritage Realty Company Allied Fence Company Midwest Realty RESTAURANTS Hickory Hous Kaolin's pie Inn Posqualo's Village Inn Take-Hom- & BEVERAGE e Mo Pino Pitta Parlor SERVICE STATIONS & AUTO SUP. Jeffersontown Auto Parts McKay's Standard OH Serv. Station Newton's Goroge L. H. Nold Body & De- -t Shop Quick Tire & Rubber Co. Tip 1 up Body Shop Toohey's Auto Supply Co. Valley HI Texaco Service Capsel's Standard Service Stations SPORTING GOOD COMPANIES Roy's Sporting Goods TV SERVICE Redfern TV Service TUXEDO RENTALS Colonel Quick Tuxedo Rentals Ethical Business Council Of America lOUIIVIlll. KtNTUCKV CO. Restaurant (OFFICES IN MAJOR CITIES) "Guiding Consumers to Reputable Business Firms"

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