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Image 10 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 11, 1968

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

3 ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH GIRLS Horn to Mr. and Mrs.: LOWE ROAD, NEAR TAYLORSVILLE ROAD REV. WM. B. GENTLEMAN. RECTOR REV. KEN THOMPSON ASST. RECTOR HOLY WEEK EASTER Maundy Thursday 7 p.m. Holy Communion GOOD FRIDAY 12-p.m. Meditations 7:30 p.m. Reflections on the Seven Words HOLY SATURDAY Baptisms 4 p.m. V, Exton, R. - Chatham-woo- d Lari Ann. J. J. Biscan, Jr., 1239 Vim Drive, Dawn Ann. Frecpartner, 4936 Glen-ro- R. W. se Drive, Tina Lynn. C. A. Hendren. 4509 Overdale Drive, Cindy Ann. D. F. Hood, 7914 Glaser Lane, Tammy Denise. EASTER DAY Holy Communion 8 a.m. 9 and 1 1 a.m. Church School Easter Festival 9 a.m. and Holy Communion 11 a.m. Choral Eucharist - B. J. Hix, 4811 Partridge Run, Lisa Maria. D. A. Beatty, 3011 Pamela Way, Monica Galob. .trr W'ATTERSOX EDERAL I AM) LO W AWX MVJ.VGS Mil 5317 Drive, Kristie Dawn. D. W. Blissett, 9324 Fairground Road, Sherry Lynn. R. P. Bryant. 4207 Cutliff Dr. TRAIL WATTERSON JEFFERSONTOWN, KENTUCKY I UIOS 10501 TELEPHONE 40299 267-740- GRACE CHURCH L, E. Ford. 4713 Crestwood W. V. Edrington, 6112 Toebbe Lane, Ricky Eugene. Lane, Mary Beth. J. T. Henderson. Sr., 3244 B. R. Holmes. 3018 Lynnwood Cross Bill Blvd., Jerry Thomas, Way, Patricia Lynn. K. V. Lynch, 1433 Nightingale Jr. M. Amburgey, 4915 Ronwood Road, Mary Ann. Drive, Dannie Lee. 11. Yates, 6715 Fernhaven P. K. R. Bower, 6212 Old Drive, Melissa Ann. Road, Terry Reed. B. A. Zaepfel, 4230 Lynnbrook D. B. Hardy. 3037 Triangle Drive, Andrea Marie. A. G. Buckingham, 8509 Jenny Lane, Donald Bruce IL C. C. Harrison, Jr. 9900 Fern Llnd Drive, Jennifer Lynn. G. N. Coury. 9322 Fairgrounds Creek Road, Edward Wayne. R.P.S. Hill, 5504 Lagoona Dr., Road, Connie Ray. Jeffrey Alan. R. H. Malone. Jr., 2717 TreH. R. Hughes. 285 GranvllDr., garon Avenue, Julie Anne. L. R. Slegle. 6102 Oak Dale, Shane Patrick. Stacy Lynn. J. A. Luckett, 4205 Norene R. C. Betts. 5108 Monticello Lane, Kenneth Wayne, C. T. Underwood, 6017 Orville Avenue, Dionne Niele. T. R. Harper, 6 112 Green Man- Drive, Dale Thomas. C. M. Brooks. 4214 Chamber or Drive, Lisa Kay. J. H. Hulsman, 4119 Pomeroy Way, Dennis Michael. W. L. Crawford. 1743 Blshoff Court, Lynn Marie. vV. A. Keith, 6913 Norlynn, Lane, Kevin Lee. H. R, Hall, 2135 Glenworth, Karen Lee. D. H. Locsser, 11651 Melody Douglas Keith. Lane, Danna Marie. C. R. Hawthorne, 8110 FaulkC. E. Mlvelaz, Jr., 6910 Rock ner, James Robert. Forest Drive, Lisa Michele. J. A. Mattlngly, Jr., 5208 Rural F. S. Pridemore, 2005 Peabody Way, Troy Joseph. Lane, Jill Helen. R. M. Undercuffler, 4124 E. Indian Trail, Karen Susan. W. F. Underhill, 5308 "'""' Drive, Melinda Jane. Shep-herdsvi- lle Ron-wo- (EPISCOPAL) od EASTER SERVICES Saturday - Liturgy 12:00 Noon MASSES 8 and 10 a.m. Church School After 10 a.m. Mass (Nursery available) Confessions 10:30-11:3- 0 2:30-3:3- 0 7:00-8:0- 0 a.m. p.m. p.m. REV. ALFRED P. BURKERT, RECTOR D. H. Bums, 6016 Apex Drive, Tony Alan. J. J. Hellmueller, 3033 Cass-woDrive, John Joseph III. N. UMaryian, 4017 Slack Ave., LARGE CAKE EGGS SMALL CAKE EGGS od EASTER COOKIES EASTER DECORATED Jeffrey Lyle. E. D. Profitt, 6116 HerronCt., Scott Wayne. J. A. Settles, 8301 Minors Ln., Clyde Allan. C. E. Wolf, 5206 Barnes Dr., Craig Christopher. E. D. Woods, 6904 Charmon, David Lee. CUPCAKES WEDDING ond BIRTHDAY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY All eur baking it done with 100 vegetable ahortonlng GAQDinSQ LAHO SHOPPING TWINS K. J. McGrath, 3121 Hikes Ln., Christopher Patrick and Christina Patricia. 6 " to f p.m, Tuet. thru Sun. Phone: Closed Monday 458-338- BOYS R. P. Elfler, 25 14 Donna Blvd., ..... . Mrs. Deutsch Elected New PTA President EASTER SERVICES Communion Service Church School Worship Service RICHARD W. - - 7 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. HOWARD, vice-preside- nt; PASTOR vice-preside- nt; Bethlehem Baptist Church treasurer. H1"i;t-1,.TTT- Ernest H.CIaxon Jr. Completes Field Course ; 10:45 a.m. 6:30 p.m. Prttton Hwy. Claxon, Jr., 19, whose parents live at 3814 Foreman Lane, Louisville, completed a field communications crewman course March 8 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Ernest ERCIL L. BARKER, Potter WORSHIP SERVICES 5708 vfxl Mrs. Leo S. Deutsch was recently elected president of Southern High School PTA. Otlier officers include Mrs.( Marvin Bryant, first Mrs. William Neblctt, sec- -, Mrs. John ond Dahlgren, recording secretary; Mrs. Norman Ott, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Larry Lace-we- ll, church op the guiding star H. REVEREND Thomas Andrew Thacker will become the new pastor of the Midlane Park Baptist Church, 6500 Six Mile Lane, on April 22. He will come from Murray, Kentucky, where he has held a pastorate for 10 years. He is married to the former Caroline Jones and they have a daughter, Sherry, who is a senior at Union University. Reverend Thacker replaces Reverend Doyle Wether-ingtowho resigned December 31 to go to Venice, Florida as pastor of the First Baptist Church there. Dr. B. B. retired chaplain of Kentucky Baptist Hospital, will continue as interim pastor until Reverend Thacker arrives. .A ' N TO REJOICE TIME ' . season of a"'09'things and 0ln9 nature's 9reen - A11 L'stMKi Service 1214 Durrett 3669364 : -- stertld9. our friends sp t in the true a time wishes for K. . ." Wlth Member Ln. Louisville Budrd of Realtors R W EDWARD EVANS 368-337- 7 Sinclair offers a Camaro a day. ut in case $2S00 isn't eqpiifpi. THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BLACK'S APPLIANCES 3027 Humlngor Lino FLOOR COVERING CO. 4428 Poplar Laval Road BUD'S APPLIANCE SERVICE 4406 '""Fur we want to give one away every day! In our Day sweepstakes. Just match the sweepstakes numbers on your Double Dino Dollars cards with the nnmKprc uAiirnartirlnatinor rlonlAr rwctc aarh week. If you match . . . you win ! And we want a winner a day! If our 2500 dollar ""l J enough reason for you to play prizes aren't Double Dino Dollars, maybe our Camaros are. St Rita Drive 366-148- BUECHEL MARTINIZING ONE-HOU- "The Most In Dry Cleaning" 3917 Bardttown Road r FARMER'S FURNITURE MART 6500 Bardttown Road-Fe- rn Crook 239-547- 3 o 'of untoahopol SlUUm j . Tut TIAOINO POST KENNEDY REALTY COMPANY Insurance Realtors - 2162 Old Shepherdtvllle Road LOSE BROS. FREEMAN'S GULF SERVICE 3933 Tayloraville Road 4215 Bardttown Road 4530 Poplar Level Road - 458-925- 3 454-536- 5 CONVENIENT FOOD MARTS GLAMOURETTE BEAUTY SALON 5000 Poplar Laval Road 969-441- 0 PHARMACY Ruaiall Stovert Candies 6101 Bardttown Road Fern Creek - 239-322- 6 OWENS PHILLIPS 66 . BUECHEL STANDARD SERVICE STATION 458-921- 3 OTTO'S FERNMOOR 5811 4015 Bardttown Road rv tsff ff5m Sinclair -63- 454-407- 2 Your Friendly ane 1 454-609- 1 i Thjs better 0 EVERGREEN CEMETERY AND GARDEN MAUSOLEUM CO. 964-691- 8 Camaro-A- - 4109 Tayloraville 1201 E. Oak 5-5231 8519 Pratt on 3601 Taylor Blvd.-3- 68 7 458-627- We came up with the better game. Double Dino Dollars. So we had to come up with better prizes. We did. Like a Camaro. The "Hugger." A hot car on the road. And BY THESE FIRMS ARCH L. HEADY & SON Funeral Directors DYE TILE & 451-812- 5 v : . greet season, we of the blessings. ot joy and I OUR PERSONALIZED SERVICE PRODUCES RESULTS FOR YOU. LISTINGS NEEDED ROBERT EVANS ; Hil-bur- CALL Muit'ti'; , .heir; hera,d PLANNING TO SELL? REAL ESTATE CO.. INC.;; mm. CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH Road and Roanoke 2 Stewart Lee. T. R. Miller, 8106 Paul Road, Keith Wayne. P. E. Brinley, 12001 Fairmont Road, Gregory Tenis. E. D. Collins, 4409 Crestwood Lane, Earl Dion. M. O.Dishman, 1000 Lotus Dr., Mark Dwayne. Bordstown CEMTEQ ( 3319 BARDST0WN ROAD EASTER DAY B. W. Smith, 8102 LaFonAve., Barry Thomas. 454-043- 9 963144 MODERN WAY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY William Mader, Owner 2916 Browntboro Road 895-546- 9 2131 W. Broadway Taylor Blvd. & Soutfigate Service Center 8601 Preiton Highway 969-916- WILLIAM SCHWARTZ PLUMBING CO. 6703 Bardttown Road 239-332- 3 STRATHMOOR BEAUTY SHOP 2741 Bardttown Road 458-256- 6 TRENT'S CAFETERIA 3900 Bardttown Road In Buechel 458-929- Smcisir CREED INSURANCE AGENCY SlOOWattaraon Lena Jaffertontown 239-583- 3 HARDING PHARMACY 1 Triangle Center 458-324- 9 NALLY CLEANERS ZEGART DRUGS 5029 Poplar Level Road Hikes Line at Klondike 869-274- 4 451-044-

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