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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 6, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Or The Serials Dcpa rtmcnt Elizabeth Hanion UK Ubrarv f"V rn, rA mMm US Seo Ky. MOUNTAIN EAGU IT SCREAM' whltesbuiq. Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, April Fathers Committee action will cost county schools $125, 000 will meet The Committee to Save the Jobless Fathers Program has announced a meeting for Sunday, April 9, at 2:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at Blair Lake, off U.S. 119 at Partridge between Oven Fork and Cumberland. Committee chairman Cliston Johnson announced that the Committee would award a $50 door prize at the meeting. He said that free coffee and doughnuts would be served. Johnson said that he hoped a large turnout of men on the Work Experience and Training Program would attend the meeting, which he said would be "a family affair. " Whltesburg attorney Harry M. Caudill is scheduled to talk to the men, according to Johnson. He said that telegrams have been sent to all the major candidates for Governor inviting them to attend. In addition, Johnson said, a group of WE&T men from West Virginia is planning to come. The purpose of the meeting, according to Johnson, is to discuss substitute programs being set up to replace the WE&T program on a temporary basis, and to make plans for a permanent group to lobby for a 'better plan" to be a permanent replacement for WE&T if, as expected, WE&T is eventually broken up. "We've got a lot of jobs that need to be done In Eastern"Ken-tuck- y, " Johnson said. 'We need a program that will get them done. We've got the manpower but It isn't being used. " Vol. 59, No. 47 6, 1967 flKflHBi Letcher County stands to lose about $125, 000 In federal aid to schools as the result of a congressional committee's action this week. County school officials estimated this was the amount above current federal aid which the school system would have received next year under a formula which gives KENTUCKY 1UWER COMPANY crews worked feverishly Tuesmore aid to poorer school disday morning to restore service to Whltesburg after a truck had The pole sheared off a tricts. The formula was adoptline on Bentley Avenue. ed by the last Congress but had fell Into the street but missed passersby and cars; live wires -- - but they were unoccupied never been ptlt Into effect. It was at fell across several parked cars expected to take effect next fisthe time, and nobody was injured. Power was restored to the cal year. city within an hour after the accident. This week, however, th e House Education and Labor Committee approved a proposed amendment to the law which would require that the new formula not go Into effect until full financing of the they removed the hanging wires Whltesburg was without elecFederal Elementary and Secondand towed the broken pole out tric power for several minutes ary Education Act is provided. of the road. Tuesday morning after a truck Congress has authorized $2.4 bilLess than an hour after the collided with a utility pole and lion for the ESEA Title I proaccident, power was restored sheared it in two. grams, but President Lyndon B. on a temporary basis while a new The pole, located onBentley Johnson asked for only half that pole was hoisted into position. near Bridge Street, fell Avenue amount--$1.- 2 billion-- - In his Power was off again briefly while directly Into the street, blockbudget message. Johnson cited were made to the connections ing traffic In and out of the the war in Vietnam as the reason new pole. city. A tangle of potentially for failure to request full finanAt least one motorist found a lethal wires fell on parked cars, cing for ESEA. novel way to pass the time while houses, and sidewalks. FortunateAccording to administration budhe waited to drive through the ly, there were no Injuries to get estimates, Kentucky would detour. An amateur golfer who passersby. have received $34.1 million ungiyes exhibitions throughout The pole carries der the formula which favored arid other states was Kentucky electrical lines Into the city. schools In poor areas. This woulU behind the truck that sheared It broke off approximately two have been 20 per cent more than the pole. He was driving a feet above the ground. Retainlast year. Letcher County Is fifth large camper-va- n that was too ing cables kept it from falling highest in the state in the amount high to pass under the dangling all the way into the street, but of ESEA funds received; the counwires. So he pulled it over to most of the wires snapped, and ty's share of the money last year side of the road, got out, the the top of the pole hung menacwas about $500, 000. Thus the and began driving golf balls ingly a foot or two above the school district had expected an rites held and sometimes into--tout over street. extra $100, 000 to $125, 000 under Kentucky River nearby. He Whitesburg Fire Chief Phil for Emit Duncan kept this up until the power crew the formula over and above last Bowen arrived on the scene only year's receipts. had cleared the wires away some a minute or two after the acciUnder the amendment approved in Whitesburg fifteen minutes later. dent and directed traffic Into by the committee, Kentucky will Hogg and At one' point Sheriff town via Webb Avenue. Sheriff get about $28.2 million and LetchFuneral services were held at 2 Chief Bowen, directing traffic Hogg arrived soon after that and er County will not receive any 30 at Moore and p. m. March nearby, noticed the golfer's pera roadblock was established for sizable i n crease. Craft Funeral Home for Emit Berl formance and watched unbelievtraffic into and out of town, School officials 'do not anticipate ton Duncan, 75, The Rev. Daingly as he sliced a ball neatly cars. Trucks were temhaving to cut any current programs h, vid Morrow officiated. Burial into the river. On the porarily ordered to the roadside financed by Title I but will not was in Sandltck Cemetery. his golf club came because live wires were hanging be able to put into effect all the Mr. Duncan died March 28 at within Inches of a wire that was only seven or eight feet above programs they had hoped for. the St. Joseph Hospital In Lexstill hot. He seemed not to notthe detour. Title I money In Letcher Counington. He had been In ill health ice., Kentucky Power Company ty is used for remedial reading, for several years.' "I've seen everything now, " crews arrived at the scene a few libraries, social services, physHe was a son of the late Robert Sheriff Hogg said. 'There's minutes later. All power into ical training and other educationLee and Elizabeth Thompson Dun- the city was shut down while nothing left. " al programs as well as for some can. buildings. Widely known as a carpenter and SPRING IN CARCASSONNE like Spring all over Washington news reports said builder, he had constructed many dogwood, redbud, the1 . means Eastern Kentucky the pressure for delaying applicabuildings In Letcher County. He sound of birds, and best of all, children playing tion of the special aid formula had lived in Lexington with his outdoors. In Carcassonne recently, Appalachian came mostly from big cities and daughter, Mrs. Virgin! a Roe, Volunteer Jon Henrickson and VISTA Nancy Gigow-s- kl wealthier states which stand to since ill health forced his retirehad a field day with the children of the commungain little under the budget terms ment. ity. At left: Betty Carol Smith races Sarah Mae set by the President. These areas Survivors besides his daughter as Clifford Fields starts them off. Combs Center: would, however, benefit from full are another daughter, Mrs. Ruby financing of the ESEA program, Nancy Gigowskl distributes prizes to Betty Carol, Morrow, Lexington; a son, RobSarah Mae, Clifford, and L. B. Smith; at right, and it was this which convinced ert W. Duncan, Alaska; a sister, Jon Henrickson blows up a balloon for Betty Carol their representatives to approve the Mrs. Ann Caxty, Virginia, and formula last year. and Tommy Smith. eight grandchildren. , high-volta- ' Full financing of Title I using the formula would have brought $72 million Into Kentucky schools-m- ore than twice what the state now receives. Congressman Carl D. Perkins said there still Is some chance the formula may be restored on the floor of the House, but he Is not optimistic. ge Power pole clipped high-volta- ge Funeral he follow-throug- JANE ALLEN ROBINSON Miss Robinson wins county spelling title Jane Allen Robinson , daughter ot'Mr. and Mrs. Allen Robinson of Sergent, was winner of the annual Letcher County spelling bee held at Whitesburg. She is an eighth grade student at Whitesburg. She will represent the county at an Appalachian Spelling Bee to be held In Knoxvllle In May. Other school representatives participating included Helen Louise Adams, Cowan; Janet Raleigh, Eolia; Teresa Wright, Col-soCandal Strange, Hemphill; Sheila Wampler, Mayking; Donna Kay Caudill, Letcher; Patricia Gale Fields, Campbell's Branch; Bobby Ricky King, Fleming-NeoRonnie Kiser Jr. , Martha Jane Potter; Carlos Morgan, Ermine; Freddie. B. Collins, Cow Branch; Earl Banks, Kingdom Come; Karen Sue Reed, Middle Dry Fork. n; n; B lackey group meets About 50 residents of the Blackey area met Sunday afternoon at the Blackey Community Center and voted to explore possible ways of retaining the building for the use of the community. Wayne Dixon, owner of the (Continued on Page 8) I

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