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Image 43 of Lexington Herald-Leader, June 23, 2012

Part of Lexington Herald-Leader

COMICS LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER | KENTUCKY.COM DADDY’S HOME SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 B5 She needs to change her focus on sharing photos together. I told my husband everything, hoping he would be upset and leave me, but he was forgiving and wants to stay married! Now I don’t know what SYNDICATED COLUMNIST to do — stay with him or be with the one true love of my life. Please help Dear Abby: I regard my photograph me. — Unhappy in Milwaukee albums as diaries. I don’t like to make Dear Unhappy: Nowhere in your copies of my pictures for others. My letter have you indicated that your future mother-in-law looked through ex-fiance feels the way you do and is my albums and chose half a dozen ready to support you emotionally and that she would like me to copy for financially. You have much to lose if her. I had already given her several you abandon your husband and chilsnapshots of her son and me, but she dren. That’s why I’m urging you and wants more. I don’t understand why your husband to seek counseling to she doesn’t just take her own pictures try to reignite your marriage, because of us! I view these pictures as personal right now you are living in a fantasy of items. Am I wrong? — L.E. in Cincinnati what “might have been.” Dear L.E.: I think you’re viewing this Dear Abby: My neighbor “Marcella” scenario from the wrong perspective. is 84. She’s dependent on me to do Perhaps your mother-in-law-to-be isn’t everything for her because she’s quite as comfortable or creative with a cam- senile. This poor woman’s children, era as you are. If she didn’t have warm who are in their 40s and 50s, live 10 feelings for you, she wouldn’t want minutes away and visit her only twice to own and display the pictures she’s a year. I have my own family to care requesting. Unless you become less for and I work. Marcella demands my territorial and change your attitude, attention daily to do her grocery shopI foresee a troubled relationship with ping or take her to doctor’s appointyour mother-in-law looming on the ments. I can’t do it all anymore! Your horizon. Get the picture? advice? — Loyal Neighbor in Pennsylvania Dear Abby: I have been married Dear Loyal Neighbor: The responsifor seven years and have two small bility for your neighbor’s care should children. My husband loves me and is be borne by her children. If you don’t good to me. My problem is I no longer want to confront Marcella’s children feel the same about him anymore. directly, phone or write them a letter. My former fiancé recently came If they refuse to help, then senior back into my life. The moment I saw citizen services in your county should him all the old feelings came floodbe contacted ASAP. ing back. We even spent the night UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE DEAR ABBY BLONDIE PICKLES BETWEEN FRIENDS JUMBLE More comics For more comics, plus Sudoku and other puzzles and games, go to BABY BLUES SUDOKU SOLUTION MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD | NO. 0519 PUZZLE BY PATRICK BERRY GARFIELD BEETLE BAILEY HAGAR THE HORRIBLE REX MORGAN, M.D. Across 1 One with a coat of many colors 10 Asian sea name 14 Girl group with a 1986 #1 hit 15 “Sì, mi chiamano ___” (Puccini aria) 16 Like telescopes 17 The Olympic Australis, e.g. 18 Unlocked? 19 1977 Paul Davis hit that spent 25 weeks in the Top 40 21 Negligible 22 Rubber 24 Old man 25 “___ Time,” 1952 million-selling Eddie Fisher hit 26 Solitary places 27 ___ Humpalot, Austin Powers villain 29 Pro ___ 30 City NNE of Toledo 31 Game in which players offer a few words 34 Swingers hit on them at parties 35 Manila airport name 36 Like hurricane weather 37 Punishment, metaphorically 38 Bill who composed “Gonna Fly Now” 39 Big trap ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 42 CBer’s place 43 “Clamshell” computers of old 45 Kennedy Center happening 46 First, second and third 48 Historic D.C. theater 49 Beast fought by Heracles 50 Donning, as loafers 53 Gloom 54 Chilling 55 Short winter day? 56 They may be heard in a temple Down 1 Redeem 2 Second Triumvirate member 3 David with a role for himself on TV 4 Muscle ___ 5 Junk 6 California’s Montaña de ___ State Park 7 Duchess of Cornwall 8 Mates 9 Dishes eaten with the hands 10 Topic for Catullus 11 Shred 12 Rain forest region 13 Resting spots by the water 14 “Stop!” overseas 20 Pasta go-with 22 Four-time Oscar nominee (never a winner) in the 1930s 23 Motivators 26 Doesn’t merely observe 28 Heady time for soldiers 29 Rapid turnover 30 They’re hard to see through 31 Organization of Afro-American Unity founder 32 School house? 33 Comic strip that Chic Young abandoned to create “Blondie” 34 No-goodnik 36 Touching bottom? 38 Pet peeve? 39 Herbert Henry Asquith’s socialite wife 40 ___ Snow, Russell Brand’s character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” 41 “___ That a Time?” (Weavers album) 44 Poet credited with popularizing haiku 45 They may be heard in a temple 47 Signs 48 Done, in Dunkirk 51 Wanamaker Trophy org. 52 Jewelry box item

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