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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 27, 1973

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

mmmmmm I i o 1 Ml '. Volume 66 ' Number 25 Jdfcrecnton's nsnspzpsr since i section, 10 Pages December 27, 1973 CAROLING their way through Jeffersontown on Sunday evening were over ICO young peopla from area churches. The ecumenical Yuletide event was sponsored by the Jeffersontown Association of Christian Congregations. By Rogin Garr III Gibson to stay as inspector By Sandy Hinton Staff Writer During his almost two years of service as Jeffersontown building Inspector, Ralph I. Gibson has seen new buildings in the city spiral to an unparalleled peak. "This year It has been three times as large as ever before in one year, and I doubt that In the foreseeable future, It will ever be that much again," he said. Last week, Gibson was hired by the New Direction Team to continue In his capacity as building Inspector after the new administration takes office. "I will do Just as good a Job for them as I am doing for the Mayor (Franklin J. Chambers)," he said. "In all the positions I've held, I've enjoyed this one with the city government of Jeffersontown more than any other. For one thing I am at home. Also, they are fine people to work with, at City Hall, and I'm among friends," the building Inspector continued. His only rgret about his Job, Gibson said, Is that he would like to have taken a more active part In city government by being of more assistance to the mayor. "He really and truly is one of the finest men and honest men I've ever met in my life," he said of Mayor Chambers. Gibson recalled the first time he met the mayor, "back when we moved here and had that big flood. My basement was full of water, and he came to my house and helped me get It out." He ran against Chambers for city councilman in 1960, and was defeated by the then-ne- w Taxpayer's Party. "But, I've always been on his side," Gibson said. Gibson said now he plans to relax. "We are going to visit some friends we haven't seen in many, many years." Gibson and his wife, the former Elva Isaacs, moved to Jeffersontown IS years ago. "When we came here, there were roads from Louisville. We Just two-lathought we were moving to the country." He claims the people of Jeffersontown haven't changed at all, Just the city. He Is proud of the small town way of life that exists so close to a large city, saying. . . "where you can still consider friends. . . I don't people honest-to-Go- d think you'll find that in any other city." Gibson's government work did not start In Jeffersontown. He possesses a long, impressive list of accomplishments and many awards received during his years with state, federal, city and county agencies. A native of Science Hill, In Pulaski County, Gibson graduated from Science Hill High School. He served in the U.S. Air Force overseas for 21 months. For six years, he was a financial specialist with the federal government. He held positions with Louisville and Jefferson County governments from 1964 He was In charge of the until 1968. driver's license bureau for the county and was housing and building inspector for Louisville. He also was manager of the city parks department repair garage. Prior to his appointment as Jeffersontown1 building Inspector, Gibson joined ne Staff Writer begin this spring on the road Improvements and signal light installation at Taylorsvllle Road and Merioneth Drive. by state bureau But a final of highways officials appears to await a decision by Hlghbaugh Enterprises, of the Inc., on paying for project's estimated $37,000 cost. The outgoing Jef.'ersontown City Council last week agreed to set aside $12,000 as its share. Monday, State Highway Commissioner James Gray said, "Any time we (the state, the city and Hlghbaugh) can get our heads together, we can get right out and get the project advertised for bids, possibly soon after the first of the Work could long-await- ed the Kentucky State Department of Parks for four years, under the administration of former Gov. Louie B. Nunn. "I started managing the smallest park In Kentucky (General Burnslde) and in two and a half years went to the largest (Lake Barkley)," he recalled. During his months at Lake Barkley, he said, he was responsible for making it "one of the best parks facilities in the state." He received the State Merit Award there, the first given In the parks system. Continued to Page 10 ad one-thi- rd year." If the project can be advertised by early March, Gray added, all work could be completed and the light In operation by July. "Our policy," the highway commissioner said, "Is that everything is going to cost money. We like to have local participation. "If they ask us to undertake a project i . r of this magnitude," Gray said, "we try to get the local people to make some contribution. Then, they understand and have more appreciation of what It costs to do these things." Hlghbaugh enters the picture, Gray added, as owner of property that could affect traffic at the busy intersection a tract on Grassland Drive near Merioneth. Last summer, Hlghbaugh applied for apartment zoning on the property, and the County Planning Commission recommended Jeffersontown City Council approve the zone change. The application, though, has remained locked In the council's economic development committee for four months. At the Dec. 17 council meeting, Mayor Franklin J. Chambers directed the incoming New Direction Team's attention tothedocket. The mayor said the incumbent council "held up (on making a decision) because we felt Merioneth Drive would be too much of a traffic problem to permit rezonlng." "We ask the developer to participate because the traffic problem will be made worse by development of the apartment project there," Commissioner Gray said. --- 16-ac- re By Kathy French Staff Writer Staff photo by Robin Garr III The band played and bagpipes wailed last Friday RALPH I. GIBSON evening, as Jeffersontown High School band director Lamar Richardson and the former Judl Neal were The ceremony was at the Immanuel United Church of Christ, 2001 Doup Avenue. The Rev. William J. Schultz, Mazzoli won't turn down brother's aid Staff Writer H'' Richard L. (Rich) Mazzoll, who claims to be inexperienced in politics, and dislikes campaigning, has visions of a better Jeffersontown. Brother of Romano (Ron) Mazzoll, Third District U. S. Representative, Rich said he shares Ron's "aggressiveness, Independence and dynamic personalities." There, the distinct similarities stop. Richard Mazzoll readily admits he does not believe in party politics. "Ronnie is a Democrat and I'm a Republican, but that doesn't mean a thing to me," Mazzoll said. Mazzoll, 38, is a partner In Mazzoll and Associates, a tile firm which contracts for construction work. The construction business and a brother In Washington may bring him a few headaches while serving as councilman, he Councilman-ele- ct I. ' - i ? i f ! ; ' 1 r Vy. t f( .) ' said. knows he may be asked certain "favors" by some, and as a matter of He Staff photo by Sandy Hinton fact, said he feels "like I've already been approached, but I wasn't really I aware that's what was going on told you I'm an amateur at this thing." He declined to give specific details of the situation. "I don't plan to bid on any work the city has any Interest In," Mazzoll added. RICHARD L. MAZZOLI recalled when he did the tile work Cochran Hill tunnels, bethe fore Rep. Mazzoll was elected to the state legislature, people thought he got the job because of his brother. He on 64 pastor He said his brother will be called on to help Jeffersontown, particularly In the area of federal funding. "If I can help Jeffersontown by any Influence I'd have with Ronnie, hell, I'll do It," he said. He said Rep. Mazzoll can "steer me to the right person. You know, a lot of times, It's Just finding the right person. I've told Ronnie this and he will cooperate any way he can," he said. The Mazzoll family moved here In 1966, and he remembers when mail came addressed to him as "Richard Mazzoll, J'town, Ky." He doesn't believe the city administration should Just "fill up the city for a tax base, but make it a nice place to live with the money we can get. I Just don't see much reason for rapid expansion." Town Square, he said, should be kept the way it is, and he would like to see every building erected In the city have characteristics of the Gaslight era. He would hire an architect to design a certain type front for the businesses, similar to Brown County, Ind., or I . Blue-gras- s Continued to Page 10 During the Holidays there are stilMour or five readers looking carpeting. ' Take this for op'po'i ;unlty;.to sell your usable rod , Ta place a Seek ad or call t:5-5433 J! 257-842- ; he r 3 k l. 9 n fcu u When the Jeffersontown Jaycees advertised a phone number for children to call Santa in last week's paper, an unhappy error resulted in the wrong number being printed. As a result, children Jeffersontown-aremany called Tiller instead of Santa. a 267-842- , 1 1 g Five or. six persons called in response to our $2.00 SEEK ad offering carpeting for sale, said a pleased Seek Advertiser. carptkior rugs. Continued to Page 10 U MONTE J. TILLER, president of Tiller Piano and Organ, Inc., in the Manor Shopping Center, gave Santa Claus a helping hand last Friday. $ . Hopewell Baptist Church plans a "watch night service" on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, from 6:30 pm to midnight. THE FIRST Church of God has scheduled a New Year's Eve Service on Dec. 31, from 9 pm to midnight. The service will be informal in nature, ending with fellowship worship and a youth program, ' Masonic Lodge 774 JEFFERSONTOWN will hold their annual election and Installation of officers on Thursday, Fi AM, t Dec. 27, at 7:30 pm. Dinner will begin at 6 pm. Lodge brother C, J. Hyde will be after-dinnspeaker, at the lodge across Watterson Trail from City Hall. er "WATCH service" and revival will begin on Monday, Dec. 31, at the First Apostolic Church of Jeffersontown, 3109 Thomas Lane, at 7:30 pin. Missouri evangelist Harold Shepard will be the speaker. Services will continue dally at 7:30 pm. A When Santa told Mr. Tiller about the problem, the piano store owner quickly agreed to help. Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, he answered his phone with a jolly "ho, ho, ho," and sent the youthful callers on to Santa Claus. Staff photo by Robin Garr III l"l i left-tur- cluding "Ode to Joy' and "Trumpet Voluntary" before the ceremony. After the bridal couple exchanged vows, Jennifer Blanton, standing in the church vestibule, played the bagpipes In the haunting song, "Amazing Grace." While the bridal couple remained at the altar, the band struck up the Bridal Chorus. As the couple marched down the aisle, the band filled the church with the "Wedding March." Following the ceremony the guests attended a reception In the adjoining church hall. Mrs. Richardson is a private secretary at South Central Bell Telephone Company. Her catered the reception for the bride. One of the guests was Howard K. Hardin, principal of Jeflersontown High School. After the ceremony, Hardin commented that Richardson was the first man he knew who was young, never had len married but already had 100 children marching band niemliers. After their wedding trip, the new Mr, and Mrs. Richardson will make their home in Jeflersontown, 1 Ho, ho, ho! lliamsburg, Va. Mazzoll said he ran for councilman because "I always figured I could run things better than they were being run. 4 or 5 Carpets Htgh-baug- . Wi- Around Jeffersontown the church, officiated. to his bride. Mr. Doll's daughter, Debbie, also Dlays In the band. request, a group of At Richardson's 10 Chargers played five melodies, In ' WANTED of The bride, the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Heeb, exchanged vows and rings with Richardson, the son of Mrs. Pauline Richardson. The maid of honor was Karen Bennett, a niece of the bride. Billy Romanoll was Richardson's best man, and Charlie Doll served as usher. Two of the attendants and many of the guests are associated with the high school band, the Marching Chargers. Miss Bennett is a member of the band and reportedly introduced Richardson J3 I "The developer, In effect, will magnify we already have by what problem developing there, so we ask hi in to make a contribution, too. He, In effect, Is the fellow that created the problem," Gray added. At a recent meeting of the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce, representative, Wilbur Jones, who also Is a chamber board member, said the developer was prepared to make a cash contribution toward the traffic signal. But he did not commit the firm to a dollar amount, Jones could not be reached for comment this week because of the holiday season. In any event, Commissioner Gray concluded, the state is ready to proceed with the project as soon as funding Is worked out. Engineering drawings are under way, and paper work necessary to allocate the state's share of the cost is virtually complete, he said. Gray said the Merioneth installation Is a high cost Job because extensive road inwill le required, reconstruction cluding Installation of a stacking lane for n traffic, and a positive warning signal located on or near the Southern Band plays, bagpipe skirls as JHS band director weds married. By Sandy Hinton ISO pi mm Jlll Staff photo by Robin Garr III I " , i

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