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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 6, 1912

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

. Whitesburg, Letcher County and the Mountains Our Comity Judge A Leading Physician Judge Jno. D. Fitzpatrick is perhaps as w ell known as any man in Letcher county. He comes from good old Scotch-Irisstock and ia a nephew of the iate Congressman Tom Fitzpatrick. Dishman Fitzpatrick in early life with none of the world's goods started out to make a man and for years it was sailing on a eea of credit, system. There was spirit and energy enough to oarry the ship and land it into port. Less than ten years ago he graduated from the leading medical college at Louisville and entered upon the struggle for practice. He forged to the front. Three years ago he was elected County Judge and is still serving in that capacity, meanwhile practicing his profession. He is well fixed financially, being one of the leading property owners of the town. A $2,000 soda fountain at the Fitzpatrick & Bent'.ey drug store is his latest investment. h Dr. J. MONROE BENTLEY Dr. Bentley is a son of County Clerk Bentley and is one of the most popular physicians in the county. He is a member of the firm of Fitzpatrick & Bentley and owns a half interest in the big drugstore by that name here. He is a graduate of a leading medical college of Louisville and has been enjoying a successful practice since his graduation some six years ago. He is married and has an interesting family and beautiful home. A Good Engineer Juc ge S. E. Baker Senior member of the firm of Pa'ier & Wakefield, Attorneys at Lw, Uncle Miles Webb Br. GEO. " ' rg. Uncle Viiey Webb La e Nat Co'!:r.s STEPHEN H. FIELDS Stephen Fields just took to surveying. It was no slow climbing, he just mounted right up. There is scarcely a tract of land in the coui.ty that he has not surveyed over and over and our. rivers and creeks are but playthings in his hands. He is a draughtsman and abstractor of abihty. The map printed in this issue will attest his ability and knowledge of the county. He is an employe of the big Swift Coal and Timber Co.. resides at Whitesburg and has a beautiful home and excellent family. ADAMS From one of cur o'de t and best families comes Dr. Geo. M. Adams, He is a native of what is now Knott county and a graduate of the Dental Department of Central Un.versicy, Louisville. He has the reputation of doing the very best work and has a splendid practice. He !af.ely located in White-bur- g and has a wife and several interesting children. Very feeble at 90 A Leading Democrat Letcher's first County Judge Brisk and spry at 85 A Big Financier Co. E Boys Snapped by Our Photographer r rj I irk BEN E. CAUDILL Ben Caudill belongs to that excellent family in this country He was liac nlwavs maintained the hiehest nrestice. tllbll auw mprlv P.nshier of Union Bank at this place but is now farming, w estate business rtking:politics and o:casioaaUy engaging in thea-ea- l VT . -- a , -r- " ' " ' 'm HENRY POTTER Throughout the county there is no better known citizen than Henry Potter, of Craftsviile. From almost no beginning he has steadily risen till today., he isone of our richest man and most suc cessful financiers. There is no better citizen than Henry 'Potter

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