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Image 25 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 6, 1912

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Jenkins and the Great Consolidation Coal Company j Some of the Men Higher Up And Sotne Things Accomplished proud of Jenkins as Jenkins does of him. It is not altogether due to the men mentioned "above that the work at Jenkins has been pushed so well, but to hundreds of oth ers, men and women, who have come to Jenkins, taken the places assigned to them and have done their duty. It would be difficult to go into a community and findi the same number of men working together, all seemingly bent on doing their best to assist their fellows. The pioneer days in Jenkins would have been well nigh im possible but for the women God bless them! who came courageously to the help of their husbands. Human nature cannot 1 long endure without the home. p 3n . Too much can scarcely be said in oraise of the wives who left their Highly Respected Citizen of Little Cowan Is 102 Years Old and Resides at Her Old Home otfef ahta! t comfortable homes to accent Head of Crafts Colly and Does Her Own Household ..ii w what was little better than camp Work, Gardening, Etc. A Remarkable Woman. , Money in the pocket is often R. L. Kidd life in the wildernerness, for spent on the spur of the moment love's sake. . When the Consolidation Coall .... .,. , . .... , , , , , , y, Willie j'uu win minis, iwice ueiuic f, vju. ouaimu worii Ull iiiltviiurjlTO WOMAN drawing on your balance in the L. Kidd. a former Texas boy. a bank. To do her justice a goldengenl, maof stsrlng qualities should be dipped in thfT'Thoist came to Jenkins seeking wor'c. First. Nat. Bank, Jenkins, Ky ATTEND THE SUNDAY SERVICES-- , colors of flic rainbow and the He .secured employment from C. H. BURTON writing dried with dust from a the Nicola Building Co. and went to work in one ot the big In 1910 C. II. Burton came to butterfly's wings. supply muses. tic nas made Whitesburg a total stranger. He JENKINS, KY. good an1 today is one of the came as a representative of the W. A. Campbell msot valued of all the employes Swift Coal & Timber Company SUNDAYSCHOOL 9 a.m. MORNING SERVICE 10 a.m. Our young friend W.A. Camp- of the big building concern and SONG SERVICE 7 p.m. at that time interested in and Central (slow) time bell, Secretary to Manager John is determined to hold his presbuying a good deal of coal and -All Are Cordially Invited G.Smyth,, possesses the requisites ent high standard at all hazards. timber lands in the Linefork and He will do it. His parents, who of tact, quality and general malce reside in Johnson City, Tenn., other sections of the county. up that will give him an enviable From the time of his arrival till are evidently proud of him. reputation wherever he may go. the present Mr. Burton has been He came to Jenkins last August a highly admired citizen of our J.F.Wright ? from Danville, KyM where he had For several years the, .subject town. He is a thorough painsbeen employed by the Cincinnati taking business man and has an I -tohhopvei-yi.odOrleans & Texas PalHrSc admirable family. The office of to accept a position as Secretary kn6F ?S Joe Wright? TO sue the Swift Coal & Timber Co. at to Auditor Kinzer. Soon he was cessful school teacher of this this place, in charge of Mr. Burcounty. From the beginning of promoted 'to Mr. Smyth's office. his school days, when a mere ton, is the best fitted .and espeMr. Campbell's ambition is "to go cially arranged affair in town, higher" and it will not surprise child, he was ambitious and "set the records thereof with referto .succeed in life. As us to hear of his frequent pro- his mark ence to tha company's and other he secured a splendid motion. About 23 years ago Mr. a result land affairs being complete in Campbell first saw tne light of education. Believing he could every detail. ,t , : day in the foothills of Bath engage in more lucrative work county. He. was educated in Mr. Wright chose to take a course W, E: COOK. fn dentistry and last year enterMIKE TIGGO, Cincinnati. Deputy Sheriff W. E'. Cook is' ed the Louisville College of Dena son of Sheriff Louis Cook and Near Y.M.C.A.Building, Main street. Open at all hours:. THE?" tistry, and while he has been is the office deputy at the counolace to get your eating. Restaurant has been overhauled" quite successful in his studies his ty seat. Mr. Cook andjs now neat as vou please. We have ice has made an cream, pies, cakes, etc , in stock. ...., v.. upumi iriiivii4i aul Is absolutely the best engine on course is still incomplete. Dur , -. the market. It will develop from ing his vacation, however, he is ; nas a large circle of tnends in you come to the city make our place headquarters 25 to 30 per cent more power doing considerable practice and town anc throughout the county When than any other. For 50 years the is at present located next door to He married a sister to Attorney John W. Hale of our town and Leffel has been the standard. i the postoffice at Burdinc and resides here where he has nice When you buy the Leffel you are would be pleased for his friends property sure of satisfaction. They stand and a pleasant home, back of their engines. Sold on to call on him when in need of tHe is greatly responsible for the most liberal terms. See, write or work. He will make, everything j wise and economical 'phone your orders to W.B.Webb, on f the county's affairs under Leffel man. Sergent. Ky. the bhenii Cook. Aunt Crissie Stallard Uncle Jim Banks i I (Continued from Section 4) work in and about Jenkins, principally Good water Reservoir, Elkhorn Dam, Mine Openings and Coal Tipples. Mr. Gaskill r was one 01 cue nrst to arrive in Jenkins and his help has counted for considerable in the building up of the entire development. Mr. GaskilPs son, George, is located at No. 207 mine and is well known by everyone as the best natured man in Jenkins. Chas. Dean, one of Consolidation's old reliables for twenty-thre- e years.who wa soneof the first men in Jenkins, is always on the move and surely a real hard and conscientious worker. Charley has no office hours, as as all hours are working hours for him. Dr. H. C. Winnes, the Veterinary Surgeon, is as deeply in terested in the health of his horses as any doctor ever was in his patients. Besides looking after the horses the Doctor is the Meat Inspetor and general Sanitary officer for the town. He is a very necessary man to . Jenkins. Max H. Foerster, by a strange coincidence the Forester for the Company, was born in New York and educated at Yale University. HeWnes well equipped by endowment and training for the selectipn, valuation and disposition of all the forest growth covering this vast acreage - and hard work to him is a real jov, tysician, came to Jenkins in its early infancy, and the Health Statistics best tell the story of the part he has had in the building of the town. By ready re,-pon- to every call for help regardless of snow, ice, mud or rain he has earned a warm place in the hearts of our residents. Miss Estell" McDonald, the Doctor's able and faithful assist ant, as Resident Nurse at the Hospital - native of Ohio, was one of the early arrivals in Jenkins. "Miss Mac,", as she is best known to her friends, has an interesting parish and has heard many a fervnt "G;id Bless You" traight from the hearts of the men whom she has cheered and blest by her ministries- - A Flor ence Nightingale come to the Elkhorn Coal Field. W. D. Sutton with J. D, were among the first to on the scene of action and one might say they are the real pioneers of Jenkins. Both of these men have worked hard to help make Jenkins a real town. Mr. Campbell is Assistant Store Manager, also Postmaster and serves well in both capcities. Mr. Sutton is a saw mill man, and although light in stature is very heavy when it comes to handling logs. Everyone in Jenkins likes to acknowledge Mr. Sutton's acquaintance and friend ship. J. D. W, Collins, Police and although he has lost several pounds of avoirdupois is still smiling. His intimate acquaintance with his men and the sharing of their lot, sleeping and eating with them in their camps in the early beginning undoubt edly kept many of them from becoming discouraged and sacking employment under more favorable surroundings. Since the first of February Mr. Brandt has had as his Assistant Mr. J. H. Giffin. who is one of Nicola's old standbys. He came to Jenkins from Cairo, Illinois, at which point he has bsen their representative for the past three years. He. has had a wide experience in building and fits in admirably as Mr. Brandt's right. hand man. G. D Lamberts Woods Super intendent lor the Nicola Build ing Company, came to Jenkins from Elkins, W. Va. He has been brought up in the timber business and is thoroughly conversant with all phases of the work. Mr. Lambert was one of the early arrivals at Jenkins and still wears his smile after passing through the many tribulations of logging in this vicinity. Harry B. Morgan, Who has charge of the saw mills of the Nicola Building Co., has demonstrated what a real large man can do by close attention and the ability to cover a very great deal of ground. H. L. Seaman, of Pittsburg, Local Auditor of the Nicola Building Coi- has made himself a th , a"' ?erb" ?h His popularity comes from his willingness to satisfy everybody at all times no matter how busy he may be. John It. Rider was selected by the building company as the man to handle the teaming, and this job has proved to be the big end of the work. Houses can't be built until the material is delivered, and to deliver a hundred different kinds of material to a hundred or more houses all at the same time is a real job. Mr. Rider now has 150 head of horses under his care and a look at theni shows the painstaking attention they receive. W.J.Flaherty, thru his work at Rocky Branch, has heen in touch with many local citizens. Mr. Flaherty has handled all material shipped in via Glamorgan and Letcherites can appreciate the tasK involved in Handling over their roads an average of twenty standard guage cars a week, in- eluding everything from hairpins to boilers weighAnd in this con- ing 15,000 lbs. nection mention' should be made of Henry Wright, Mr. Flaherty's righthand man. (Note the team composed of a Kentucky mountaineer and an Irishman). The Elkhorn Dam is being built by J. S. Byers, a practical concrete man. Mr. Byers has not let winter weather, floods or mud interfere with his work and the dam is due for completion in 60 days. It will contain 5,000 yards of concrete and will impound 70,000,000 gallons of water. Judge, is a native, of Letcher county and has been with the Company about one year. He has grown up with Jenkins and seeme to The Consolidation owes a great rise as rapidly as the town. He has friends everywhere and one deal to the old residents of Jenhears nothing but words of com- kins and vicinity, prominent mendation for the service he has among them being Uncle John rendered us as a Municipality, Wright. His presence and perThe task of transforming the sonality have helped wonderfully virgin forests of Elkhorn into many times. Uncle John is al the city of Jenkins was given to the Nicola Building Company of ways on the lookout for the bright Pittsburg; the Coal Company side of everything and always agreeing to furnish the equip- willing to help everybody. Durment and money. This job, the ing the early days. of Jenkins his biggest end of the work so far, pleasant smile and hearty "how under the personal didy" made many men feel they rection of E. J. Brandt, as General Superintendent. Mr. Brandt had in Uncle John a real friend. was raised with lumber, has Too much credit cannot be given .built thousands of miners JiousesJ him and we .hope ho feels as has-bee- I , - -- i. -- 1 Young Men's Christian Association k y tew i in s Jenkins Restaurant Jenkins, Kentucky. Proprietor. The Leffel I !1 . adjudica-satisfactor- y. Children Cry FLETCHER'S C ASTO R A FOR RAGLE $1 A TEAR IN ADVANCE I f. It is our desire to bring home to fou how our bank can help you to greater success in your material affairs. The price of your prosperity is industry and economy, and those who will not pay the price, reap only penury. We all make enough money but only the few save it. Come in and let us talk these matters over with you. The First National Bank 'THE' TConsolidationCoalCo. t?. Incorporated "1 Merchandise Department Now Operating Five Stores Each carrying a complete line of merchandise. Stores located at Jenkins. Bardine, No. 203 Mine. Improvement Branch and McRoberts. te Every courtesy consistent with merchandising extended to our customers. No transaction considered complete until a customer is satisfied. up-to-da- i- - '4k . te M WATCH THIS SPACE For Future Announcements -- 3 . ' .

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