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Image 24 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 6, 1912

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Commonwealths Attorney A Good 'Squire WFBKTOilll ' .t" ' ism ALCOHOL 3 PER W'im For Infants and. Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought ntKT AVgclabtcrVcparallonrorAs-similmin- g jj tag Utc S lomacas andBoTds of Bears the A y 4aJ Signature ProraotesDigeslionJQterPi ness and ResLContalns CHAPPELL Born in Leslie county, tuigl 1 school for a few years and thi n bonght out the Hydeu Thousand sticks jind ran it for a little over five years until the plant was 11. C. Like a number of others Ira Fields needs none of the efforts of n Eagle quill to make him- better or more favorably known. Starting from a rail splitter and married plow boy on Big Cowan ha forged his way to the front ranks of his fellow citizens. He was admitted to the bar, began the practice of law and was soon after elected County Attorney. He showed himself po3essed with much ability and for t'.ie last ten or twelve years' has f erytd our district as Commonwealths Attorney. Belonging to a large and prominent family and being an astute politician he has always been able to manipulate his affairs to the other fellows failure. Ira Fields is one of our best and leading citizens and never fails to show his hand in any affairs that is for the up building and of the town or county, - WOT NARCOTIC. JteqxcfOMIkSShTLLlllWll flnpfa Stc- d- 18.-Am- Dpptiitunf wo ikCurtoaaklaa KrmSeti' Use Oanlied Sumr mi mors' Aperfect Remedy for Consfipa-- ; non , oour siomaai.uianwu Worms .ComnlsionsTevmsfc: ncss andLoss OF Sleep. .1 Over Facsimile Signature of ; tit ; V;- - Thirty Years NEW YORK. HeSl ASTORIA Guaranteed under the fowl" Exact Copy of Wrapper. THI CfHTAUR COPNTt NEW YOH4 OITT. Our Congressman ong the many interesting attractions that will be here on July Fourth will be a troop of United States Cavalry from Fort Oglesthorpe, Ga. The War Department has definitely decided to send a troop here on that occasion and arrangements for the march through Tennessee to Big Stone Gap is now being made, and the time of starting from Fort Osl'sthropc will be announ ced soon. This troop will be here several days and will j;ivcj maneuvers on both the Third and Fourth of July. This feature of the calibration will be of especial interest to the Southwest Virginians, many of ' whom have.never been afforded j th(J opportunity vof seeing any of Uncle Sam'? cavalry, and thi- - ' j feature will attract a large crowd Stand-B- y In JbchttltOOs-jbaeSt- td U.S.Cavalry at Big Stone Gap July 4 Big Stone Gap. Va., May neither norMkeraL ! set Republican dusing the camW. M. BLAIR paign between Hon. Caleb PowEsquire Will B'air, the popular Justice of the White3burg disers and D. C. Edwards and made trict, is a son of Uncle Henry Blair, of Coliy, and is a native of a winning fight for Mr. Powers Wise county, Va. He removed with his father when a mere boy Come to Middlsboro and is now to this county where he grew up and was educated. He married Editor of Thousandsticks. a pa- Miss Lydia Kincor, a popuhr1 teacher of that day. and engaged in per that is recognized as the farming most of the time. In 1909 he became a candidate for leading republican organ in the Magistrate and was duly elected. He has made one of our ablest mountains. Mr, Chappell is com- and best county officials. In the last few years he has developed ing to the front as a newspaper j into an excellent coal and coke expert and now holds a good posi- man. fion with a big concern over m Virginia. HON. IRA FIELDS An Old Opiuni.MorpWnc Deposits ! n By Mail You may have the full benefit of the rr?at strength and complete equipment of the First National Bank of Norton without frequent personal visits to the bank. This method of banking is of especial advantage to those living in the country or smaller towns, when you make your first deposit you vr ill receive acknowledgement of your deposit and check book: then deposits can be made from time t time and you will receive written acknowledgements promptly ! Capital j 1 I y 850.00C SunrLus and Undivided Profits 0) '.$30,00000 I ST i The. First National Bank of Norton NORTON, 'of people. r The Athletic Association will have a large number of other at- tractions here for the celebration j and they will be announced in a few days. COL. L. H. N. SALYER I ! Col. Salyer is one of the best known lawyers of Eastern Ken- tucky or.Southwest Virginia. Timber for Sale ( The undersigned wants to sell ' all the merchantable standing1 HON. JOHN W. LANGLEY timber on 1000 acres of land sit- -' The name of John Lang'.ey strikes a mighty responsive chord in uated on Carrs fork of the Kenalmost every mountaineer's heart. He is a native of Floyd county tucky river. All virgin forests almost in Letcher's door and comes from good old Revolution- and in the best timber section in ' arv anc Eastern Kentucky pioneer stock. Before his advent into the mountains. Write or come Congress he was a teacher and reputed to have been the most acand see me. Address W. F. Bentley, Spider, Ky. tive in his county. After this he spent many years h; the Depart- mental service at Washington where his personal service and wide acquaintance enabled him to be about the most useful and popular man in the Capital. Even before .his election to Congress he was I acquainted with most of tha Senators and Representatives thus en- For Infants and Children. abling him to do much that he would not be able" otherwise to do. The Kind You Have Always Bought ' This is especially true when it comes to pension claims, war claims Bears and other similar matters. It looks like this would be a good ar ' gument against changing Congressmen so often and especially for Signatu: new and inexperienced men. Mr. Langley is a candidate" for rc- nomination and it looks like he will have no opposition this time, LOST. Somewhere between since evervl.odv knowd c has made good and very good as a mem- top of Black mountain and Stone-g- iber of the National House, He resides at Pikevi'le now where he an open face, silver case, fif- has a delightful home. teen jewel Waltham Watch. Fin der please return to Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg, and get $2 00 reward. A Coming Man CASTOR A i J j a, i W. S. Thompson. The above is a srood likeness of T. Garret Wright, of Thornton a new graduate of the Dental Department of Central University Louisville. Before entering upon a professional course in college Mr. Wright was for somi years one of our leading teachers. He has had training in some of the best schools ar.d colleges in the state especially at the Southern Normal School at Bowling Green Just a few weaksago Mr. Wright finished his graduating course in college and will soon start upon a successful business career. He married Miss Carrie B. Bhir, the young, handsome daughter of the late Chas. F. Blair of Thornton and they have two small I firm of Fitzpatrick, Venters and Bentley will please call on the undersigned and settle at once. All accounts not settled within thirty days will be placed in the hands of an attorney for collec " I suffered, during girlhood, from womanly weakness," writes Mrs. Mollie Navy, of Walnut, N. C. "At last, I was and had to give up. We had three almost doctors. All the time, I was getting worse. I had bad spells, that lasted from 7 to 28 days. In one week, after I gave Cardui a trial, I could cat, sleep, and joke, as well as anybody. In 8 weeks, I was well. I had been an invalid for 5 weary years ! Cardui relieved me, when everything else failed." , bed-ridde- ' cion. Mrs. Minnie Venters. n, TAKE A TEXAS WONDER. The Texas Wonder cures kidney and bladder troubles, removes gravel, cures diabetes, j weak and lame backs, rheuma ATTEND THE SUNDAY SERVICES- tism and irregularities of the AT Tin:kidney and bladder in both men and women; regulates bladder If not sold trouble in children. by your druggist it will be sent JENKINS, KY. One by mail on receipt of $1. MORNING SERVICE 10 a.m. small bottle is two months' treatSUNDAYSCHOOL 9 a.m. ment, and seldom fails to perCentral (slow) time SONG SERVICE 7 p.m. fect a cure. Dr. E.W.Hall, 2926 Olive street, St. Louis. Mo, Send "All Are Cordially Invited" for testimonials from Kentucky. 8 31 yr Sold by druggists. - Young A Men's Christian Association oor M an 2 Woman'sTonic We solicit-account- s cf VJrilr fn- - Ijidipc' Ai1inrv lor Special Instructions, anil nn n...nnnn MH!rinc Co.. Chatlanoora. Tenn. book. "Home Treatment for Women." sent tree. J57 41 II a i 4 corporations a i a an Old Maid who said, "I do not need to marry. I have a Parrot that ' swears, a .& $ $ Monkey that chews tobacco, a Cat $ n $ that goes out nights and 'The Old Reliable' FIRST NA TIONAL BANK $ $ OF HAZARD to take care of my bank count." ac- - Wi pay interest on time deposits 1 "The Old Reliable" First National Bank of Hazard Hazard, Ky. TUB ffIBlw H- . -3 I If you are than 50 years, this purely vegetable, tonic remedy, for women, has been used by thousands of weak and ailing sufferers. They found it of real value in relieving their aches and pains. Why suffer longer? A remedy that has relieved and helped so many, is ready, at the nearest drug store, for use, at once, by you. Try it, today. f H firms, individuals and S. B. GILMORE, Proprietor. weak and ailing, think what it would mean, to you, to recover as quickly as Mrs. Navy did. For more I Once there was I Bad Spells NOTICE! All person indebted to the late VA. Rates $1.00 Per Day, Table supplied with the best the market affords, Special attention given to traveling public. Sample room in connection. JENKINS, KENTUCKY. (West Jenkins)- Just Up Big Elkhorn. -

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