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Image 22 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 6, 1912

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Pifth Industrial Edition Section be mountain Caglc. TWO VIEWS IN TY OF JENKINS Number 40 Whitesburg. Letcher County, Kentucky, June 6, 1912 Volume 5 Street Scene in Jenkins, Showing Elkhorn Hotel in the Distance Pqjice udge of J enKms ri . i inn - a. - Jenkins Power Plant Foundation May 14, 1912. r. ap.wai. ' yt mu c 1 y -- u r-- a - -- r j1 fc i Building Now Going Up Rapidly A Popular-Be- tist-- n JOHN D. W. COLLINS With the law en forcing department of Jenkins it is likely time to say that John D. W. Collins stands at the head. When the town was incorporated a few months ago and the citizens began to look for a man to head its law enforcing department all eyes turned upon Mr. Collins to accept the appointment of Police Judge, This he did reluctantly and to day Jenkins is proud or DR. T. D. VAUGHAN this efficient official. Mr. Collins is a full blooded Letcher county boy, a son of Frank Collins and n a of one of the very first setlers in Letcher county. As a soldier in the service of Uncle Sam in- foreign lands he v was true as a boyland as a man and citizen he was true and as an official he is making good and true. Dr. T. D. Vaughan is a native of Paintsville, Johnson county, is a son of our well known friend G. Bascom Vaughan and was among the first to drive down his stakes at Jenkins. He is a young dentist of great promise and untiring energy. He is a graduate of the Dental Depart great-grand-so- ''" best families. Mr. Hale resides When you go into the drug at this plac where he has a neat store of Fitzpatrick & Bent'cy home and an inteligent family. you'll meet "Bee" Fields, the GUS HARR handy and polite clerk and manVillage Blacksmith and a The ipulator of soft, cooling drinks g od one, too, is Gus Harr. Mr. He is cne of our best citizens, is of Connty Harr is a married and has a nice home and Clerk Bentley, is a clever, genfamily. teel g( ntleman. He has a nice home and interesting family. JOHN W. HALE GEORGE KELLY Well, George is the camera ARCH SERGENT There is no better known Salesman who snatched the shadows man who hits the roads of the from which most of the pictures and illustrations in this issue of the Eagle were made. Especially those 'round about town. He knows his business as the halftones will attest. HUGH COMB3. Hugh Combs the papular artist failed to get his picture claiming that it would ' 'spile" the whole thing, but he shaved everybody else so they could get their beauty "tooicen." Hugh is a splendid barber, clever, gentlemanly and ever on the spot. His shop, clean and tidy, is in Union Bank Building, up stairs, where you can get a neat shave for a dime. mountains than Arch Sergent who sells groceries for the Norton Grocery Company. Mr. Sergent' is a of Jas. H. Mullins one of our very best Oven Fork, citizans-anhas an excellent family and home. Formerly Mr. Sergent was a popular teacher ane leading merchant. son-in-la- w "BEE" FIELDS son-in-la- ft ton-sori- sl STEPHEN COMBS Mr. Combs is a member of one of our leading families and is He is at present quite popular. Circuit Clerk and is one of our best officials. Mr. Combs is also a leading farmer, owning a fine farm and country residence in He has the Rockhouse section. home at this .place. a pleasant ment o: the University of Louisville and comes from one of the hest known and leading Eastern Kentucky families. He has an excellent practice at Jenkins, the merit of his work spreading for and near. Men with such tact and ability are always welcomed into our county. L. E. Crenshaw, Wife and Daughter For ' many years Attorney John W. Hale has been a leading citizen, teacher, lawyer and now U. S. Commissioner. At the present he has his hands full of business pertaining to the Government and a good prabtice in both County and Circuit Courts. He is a brother to Editor Nat. Hale of the E. K. News to one of our oldest and and-be-long- r w LUTHER BAKER Luther Biker is a son of Judge S. E. Baker and has recently developed into an expert tyDevvri-te- r and abstracter. He is a Notary Public, has an office in the court house wbere he holds a good job for the Consolidation Coal Co. Pay Yonr EAGLE Subscrigtfoo 'i ? i mi 6

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