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Image 10 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 6, 1912

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

FOR WOMEN ONLY. That is the nature of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription the one remedy for Judge Kirk in the Race for Appellate Judge g drugs. Made from native Tromcn which contains no alcohol and no r. medicinal forest roots. Dr. Pierce tells its every ingredient on the physicians and some of the bet medical authorities endorse these Prominent ingredients as being the very best known remedies for ailments and weaknesses peculiar to women. UZZTZTZl 1. Lurrei, VI jjuiiKsuia:, XU13 13 Truss Ky., says: "I feel it my duty to writo r.nd tell you what your medicines have dono fcr no. I was a great sufferer for six ycara from a trouWo peculiar to women, but I am thankful to say, after taking four bottles of your Favor! to Prescription' I am not bothered with that dreadful dlseaso any more. I feel llko a new woman. When I first wroto you for advlco I only welshed 113 pounds now I welsh 1". "I thank you very much for your kindness. You havo been as a father to me In advising mo what to do, so may God bless you in every effort you put forth for good. "I hope this testimonial will bo tho means of some poor suffering woman recking health." Mas. Corrirr. habit-formin- bottlc-wrap-pc- THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE .Wiitesburg, Letcher County, Ky. Published Every Thursday. 3T. WEBB Editor N. Karl E. Davis, 20 years a printer. 'Typographical Artist. Entered as second-clas- s matter Aug. at the postoffice at Whites 28, 1907. bum. Kentucky, under the Congress of Aujr. 9. 1873. Act of The Eagle is authorized to announce Judge Andtew J. Kirk, of Paintsyille Johnson county, as a candidate for Appellate Judge in this the Seventh Appellate District, subject to the action of the Republican Primary, August 3rd. 1912. Judge Kirk, has served two terms as Circuit Judge of the Twenty fourth Judicial' District, having been elected the last time without opposition for the nomination or election. He is well qualified to fill the office of Appellate Judge. He was born and reared in the mountains of Kentucky and knows the wants of the people. the logical candidate and should receive, tho nomination. Montgomery county has named the Appellate Judge- for this district for the past forty-si- x years and the peopTe of the , mountains are determined this time to name the candidate. Laying in the mountains does not necessarly disqualify a man from holding this office. Go to the Polls August 3rd. and vote for Judge Kirk. ..3. edition, answers hostt Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser, newly revised about which every woman, single or married ought to know. One 60 COVERS em matrial, far away from 25 Six Months, Three Months kets and railroad and unable to do anything except what it does itself. As you go thru think of the cost, too. Over two weeks of hard labor, $100 worth of blank news stock, $400 worth of ? and a million dollars wear andtear. You say worth of We Webb and Davis are fools. acknowledge the corn, but justify ourselves by claiming it is all for our country and your sakes. While the rest of the world is marching on we want to be up and doing, too. Dqyou see? Go forth, noble bird, Thy mission to fulfill, Fly into the dark recesses Bearidg peace and good will. Our country is thy jesting place, Our dead sleep on thy hill. In all. over all, May God his peace distill. And, by the way, when you criticise us for writing good things about our "boys" remember we are trying to set ideals and expect everyone of them to come right up to the mark set. Don't let our idea of you be a living falsehood but help us to make our word good. LETCHER COUNTY TH BLUE CANOPY. T.I K V. ADVERTISING RATES 20c Display ads. per inch " " column. ..$4.00 "half " ....$2.00 Local Notices will be charged or at tne rate ot ten cents per ne for first insertion and five cents a line for each succeeding insertion. ANNOUNCEMENTS . The Eagle is authorized to announce Hon. Roscoe Vanover as a candidate for Circuit Judge subject to the action of the Republican primary Aug. 2, 1912. Uiynyrn We are authorized to announce John F. Butler, ofPikeville, a candidate for Circuit. Judge, subject to tho action of the Republican party. Primary Aug. 2, 1912. BUTLER Editorial nouncement of .Judge Andrew J. Kirk of Paintsyille as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Judge of the Court1 of Appeals. Judge Kirk has always FARMER AND HUSTLER been a mountain man closely identified with our people and its interests. Heretofore the blue-grasections of the Seventn Appelate District have named the man for Appellate honors and it looks like now it is time to give the mountains a chance. The primary comes off August 3. W. Burdine Webb In case no one else announces in Burdine Webb is about the the Eagle for this office we will best known newspaper and magadvise all our friends to whoop azine writer in this end of the 'em up for Judge Kirk. State. He is also a hustling farmer and is responsible for the ERRATA great patronage given the Eagle In the first paragraph of the lately in the up river and Jenkwrite-u- p of the First National ins sections. He is married Bank of Jenkins the year should and resides on the old Webb be 1911 instead of 1811. Also in homestead at Sergent. third paragraph the year should WILEY W. GIBSON be 1912 and not 1812. Printers. From his early youth Wiley Gibson of Maykingtook to woodwagon working A good 16 horse-powsaw mill or will accept making &c, "just like a duck a job of sawing by 1000 feet. takes to water. He is one of our years ex- best all round, mechanics. For Have had twenty-fiv- e perience in handling machinery some years he has been in the and the manufacture of lumber. lumber business and is now the So anyone wanting to buy a good owner of one of the best steim mill cheap or having timber they savy mills in his section. If you want sawed into lumber or ties want; lumber or whole forest cut into building material you will will do well to address, do well to see Mr. Gibson. W. H. Brown, Morehead, Ky. ss For Sale er semi-portab- black-smithi- le ng ABOtJT THIS ISSUE For tyo weeks we have been In the Jenkins section of this poundiiig- - away, wearing Eagle you will see a half tone threadbare, trying to get G. Smyth ou. something that would please engraving of Mr. John Coal Go. our large circle of readers and Gen. Mgr. Consolidation I .1 'JU printed posit- - i friend? and help to bear part of he eneravine is i FOR FLETCHER'S contrary to Mr. Smyjh'sJ urtesposibilityi to our country rX FOR FLETCHER'S '.k'vnis day of rapid development washes. Our artist captured his without, his knowledge Time tables and amazing progress. How shadow the Leangton e Eastern Railway Company tvte have done this you will and we could not resist well WESTBOUND know when you look thru. The temptation to use it. We feel No. INo. 3 sure that Mr. Smyth, out of the MILLINERY Daily Daily burden of expense has been a A. M. P. M. good deal more than our shoul- generosity of his noble heart. Lv. 1 25 Ky. . . Quicksand, ders have been able to bear, but will pordon the imposition. We Ladies, I have a new 5 05 1 50 . Jackson, 0.& K. Junction " . . 5 10 I 57 supply of Stylish Hats we have stood up under it with- felt like our Jenkins" section " . . 5 85 2 22 Athol, would be more incomplete with and beautiful trimBeattyville Junct'n" . . 6 03 2 51 out many groans, hoping to real' . . 6 25 3 12 Torrent, out a picture of th e big little ming. Call and have ize something out of it in the fuCampton Junction " . . 6 43 3 30 manager. your hat made now. Clay City " . . 7 19 4 05 ture to compensate us for our L.&E. Junction " . . 7 51 4 37 " . . 8 05 4 50 Winchester losses, labor and pains. To those MISS LUCY DAVIS. " . . 8 50 5 35 Ar. Lexington We must realize 25 cents out who have generously reached out EASTBOUND Whitesburg, Ky. of every copy of. this issue or No. 2No; 4 the hand of financial aid in this else we Uai y Dai y "way down in the are P. M. A. M. noble venture we extend our Lv. hole". We will have about 300 Lexington Ky . . 1 35 7 20 We hope no humblest thanks. copies extra for sale. You may " . . 2 17 8 03 Winchester " . . 2 35 8 18 L.&E. Junction one will be ymall enough to try think the price mighty high, but Clay City " . . 3 05 8 50 to prod us with thorns by acCampton Junction " . . 3 47 9 27 think again and see if you can't Torrent " . . 4 04 9 47 "BUT cusing us of using partiality. BeattyvilleJur.cti'n" . . 4 25 10 04 afford to buy a copy, for yourself AtJiol " . . 4 52 10 30 None has been used. The hand 5 19 10 57 ". O.&K.Jvnction or several for your friends. All Jackfon " . . 5 25 11 05 of generosity and good will has subscribers of course get a copy 11 25 Ar. Quicksand ". iver guided our pen in the write-up- anyhow on their regular subConnections fiowa tbo throat of a "sajwj Tho' there is no studied, scription. Lexington Train No.l will make conclilekea destroys tho vroriDt nection at Lexington with the L.&N. carefully worded or elite elocucad ittVM tho cMeVi will make i .for Louisville, Ky, Np. 3Winchester Im tfrts la tho drh&inc vatt connection with L.&N."at tionary language is used in the It is a peculiar fact and yet no for Cincinnati, O. CUnZ and Campton Junction Trains Nos. 1, 2, 3 descriptions we hope our read- less true that type won't hardly PREVENTS GAPES and 4 will make connection with Wjlto Clarrhoca, roup, cholerr ers will spread the mantle of talk on the same page where Mountain Central Railway to and add othsr chi: diseases. from Campton; oharitv over all and as much as several half tones are used. If 'B'rr& K. Juiution Trains No. 2. 3 and Ono GOc Bottlo of 4 will make conuection with Ohio possible take the will for the the print on your Eagle this week Kentuckv Rv O. Bourbon Poultry Cure ;oTK. Stations, for Cannel Citv andand deed. If you have eyes thirst- don't appear plain and distinct of Mcdlclno. Makos 12 Gzl!oc3 Trains ing for criticism please close remember the half tones are the Bvctt jvmlrry ral6ir c!wvj! l fc"op a bottlo ol aeattyville Junction with theNos.l and 2 make donnection L. & A. Sri medicine in lumd. WriM for frco sunite Ry to and from Beattyville.Ky. Train them this one time and imagine cause. lod Booklet on "Dbeascs of Pmit." AaJteSa. No.3 from Jackson, with the L. & A. tooBsra mm, utsi, tj. yourself in a country printing for Beattyville, Chalres Scott, office, poorly equipped as to mod ' In this issue appears the an Sold by Fitzpatrick & Bentley General Passehger Agent. our-Belv- ' half-tone- mar- es Children- CASTO Rl A sir xtfKHv -- . - of delieate questions 8UB80RIPTION, IN ADVANCE Tear .fl.00 Great Financier Utildren Cry TO A 7 I -- 1 1 $175 Reward HON. JOHN C. C. MAYC will be paid for the arrest ana There ig no faetter known man in the financial world to day than delivery to the jailer of Letcher , the Honorable John C. C. Mayo of Paintsyille. About twenty years county of John Ellison, charged j ag0 John Mayo bepfan buyinff and seHng, mountain coa andg anfj with the murder of James judicious and painstaking efforts, by establishing himself as a Wright. Ellison is about 5 ft. 8; jam-ugood business man today stands out as a leader in the great in. tall, weighs 160 to 170 lbs., j financial world. He is now many times over a millionaire. He has large blue eyes, dark brown!does not care for h;3 money either for he tnrows it when. hair and fair complexion. Has a eVcr and wherever he thinks it will help the country or relieve peculiar expression of mouth snffering or distress in any form. John Mayo is a mild, moral and when talking. Any information UX)reht citizens and trreatlv atf mirpd hv tho mnnnrmn nprmlo H appreciated. Address, Robert has often been spoken of as a candidate to succeed the Hon. W.O. Wright, McRoberts, Ky. or John Bradley in the United States Senate. I p gaY D.W.Collins, Police Judge, Jenkins, Ky. Money is deposited in How's This? the First National Bank of JenWe offer $100 reward for any will kins. Additional reward likely be offered by Governor case of catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. McCreary. J. R. Wright F.J.Cheney & Co. Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F.J.Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry cut any obligation made Lewis E. Hirvie ft Jesse Morgan by his firm. Walding. Kinnan& Marvin, wholesale druggists, To- MORGAN &HARVIE ATTORNEYS-AT-LA- V Vhltesbtirf, Kentucky t ledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonial lent free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation, oct Sheep for Sale ; head of sheep and 23 lambs All nice, clean and healthy. Sheep weigh 120 to 150 lbs. Price $2 each if taken at 40 for sale. once. choice. First come get , first A.J.Fields &Son, ' Kings Creek, Ky. 3t Laurel County Farm for Sale acre well improved farm; about one mile from S. B. M. S. and graded school, eight room house with hall and cellar; good barn and other building, fifty young fruit trees. Write or Herzig. London, Ky, 40 see-Osca- -- r Ihe Oldest Union Publish- - Lwif'j& Country 1nrA ing House 1HL UNION rKLSS in this ' at-- 1816 CHESTNUT ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1 -- A full supply of books for home and church libraries. Also Commentaries, Dictionaries. Question Books, latest Hymn Books, etc. We are prepared to fill all orders for any book published in this country or Europe upon as favorable terms as can be had elsewhere. Anyone requesting information concerning the best publications for home libraries will receive prompt attention from our Representative, I WHITESBURG and HINDMAN, KY. REV. A. G. BRYANT, -- Clear mcfp I -- with Steam Portable Steam Engine into a timber tract you won't have to figure on delays and repairs, It runs steadily, continuously and economically all day, every day, no time lost, no breakdown, no repair bills, an everyday money "maker and money saver. all-roun- d, Leffel Portable andJ5ta tionary Steam Engines and' Boilers are the best for all purposes. Simple, dependable, durable. Thousands have found them so. Leffel Steam Engines, portable or stationary, any size, any style, any horse power, to clear timber tracts, run mills, shellers, threshers and a hundred other uses. For the Best Prices and Terms Address the Leffel Agent, W. B. Webb, Sergent, Ky. Mouth of Thornton Sell Them and Sell Them at Right Prices! GOODS Just above cost, barely enough to warrant the doing of business. Come around, up, down or over and give us your trade. shall be pleased whether we are not. Remember, Mouth of Thornton JOSEPH HALL Power. i When you haul a Leffel Joseph Hall & Co. W5T ram Leffel Every Leffel is Sold Under a Positive and Binding Guarantee. A s. Tracts Timber & CO. Mouth of Thornton You -

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