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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), March 3, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Daily The Jeffersonian 3 Courier-Journ- al months and The Jeffersonian one year, only $1.75 Louisville Times and The effersonian one year, by mail to any address . . $4.50 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, March 3, 1910. Vol. 3. No. 37. probably several will be in operation community and, judging from the applause, first in the hearts of the at the same time. patrons. The Brownsboro pike folks have at last aroused their dormant energies Prof. Sam WTetherby, of Middle-towAdvertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. and ambition to the extent of formalso spoke, his theme being ing a committee to demand of the "The First Settler," which was PeoA Newsy Letter Concerning appreciated very highly. Middle-tow- Of Car Line is Asked By People City Railway Co. a car line from For Sale. Louisville to Worthington. The manhas an orator to be proud of. ple You Know. of firownsboro Road. Fkk Sale Two work and driving horses. agers of this railway want to pose as The door keeper gave in to Miss mares, oneg-oowo Grunwald 823, the amount realized as to what they will market wagon and set of waeon harness. from sale of tickets. The money do: also to regard us as a "slow set" Address J. B. Seay. Buechel. or S. H. May. Rev. Mr. Tharp to Visit Holy Land Route 15. Jeffersontown. will be used for the uplifting and Squire Dorsey Proposes To Pike and financially embarrassed. Many Garr's solidation, But The People Do Not Want mistakes are made by judging from betterment of our village school. Waters Visits New Capitol-F- ine Lips station on the Preston street best at For SALE One lot of onion sets, the of Grip on Road To Recovery, appearance only. We are determThree cheers for Washington and lot Those o set out; onion seed, white and red; road, last Sunday afternoon. It He Will Report Actions. Bunch of Hogs. his beautiful example, and three ined now that this car line shall be arge onions, will sort in (rood order; lot of Bnt Others Have Chicken-Pox- . present were Fred Mueller, Mat. made by somebody. Money can and cheers for our teacher and her taled hay in barn, four grades: 7 cows, Bron-ger- , Heindel, Christ Kundert, Gus printers: 4 sows, to farrow in March; 200 past, present and future work ot will be found at the proper time. BertBronger, HugoSeidenfaden, bushels com, will sel! in lots to suit: 2 pair Dear Editor: In answer to the training up the children in the way By Miss Maytne Clore. and so will parties who want to take Rudolph Lips, Mr. and Mrs. John will sell if can get a reasonable price; mules, St. Matthews, Feb. 27. This date hold of this work. We are resourceMidd!etown, Feb. 28. Mr. J. W. Lips, Misses Elsie and Nina Lips and letters Mr. Moremen has written re- they should go, and we trust they male cows. yearling and one finds all the grip victims on the road ful enough to accomplish our desires on I want to say that he has will not depart from it. arms to sell, rent or lease, or truck Artt and fanily have moved to the George Bickel and the W. O. W. cently, to recovery, myself included. I am and overcome any been driving some sharp pointed shares. CHAS. D. TYLER. Cumb. Phone A WORTHINGTONIAN. difficulties that city. Orchestra, composed of F. Bauer, nails into the County Board of Edu free Louisville service. Jeffersontown. still in jail, owing to the "ground may arise. Who will build this road Mr. Jas. Jesse, who has been ill H. Lochner, Bert Braum, Gus hog weather" and a general lassitude, is the open and burning question. cation, but I rather think Mr. More-metwelve-barrfor several weeks, is recovering. Fob Sale New and Jos. Greenthal, who the result of the hard battle. Lest is driving at some of these good wing wagon, at a bargain. Apply to AnderexA. B. C. Mr. A. L. White, who has been played some beautiful selections en old citizens we should be exalted above measure, son. Bridwell & Davis. Jeffersontown. that have long been ill, is improving. tremely the occasion. The guests were served from the many blessings we enjoy, Mr. and Mrs. Weller Entertain. Miss Annie Corban is spending with a "Dutch Supper." Everyone wandering in darkness and are not Fob Sale. A three year old unbroken broke out among the wanting, neither are they looking From Chairman and Secretary of Third chicken-poLUD M. Bbyas. Cumb Phone several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Dr. present helped entertain, and the There was a gathering of friends horse mule. children of Springdale not in a and relatives at Educational Division of Jefferfor a change along the lines of edu Jeffersontown. Ky. Corban, of Anchorage. the home of Mr. and afternoon and evening were one con- cation. Don t you know, that I feel malignant form, but sick enough to Mrs. W. O. Weller on Sunday son County. Mrs. Frank Kern, of Louisville, is tinuous round of pleasure. in Fob Sale. Yellow onion seed. 300 pounds. spending the winter with Mrs. Wm. frighten the parents for awhile, and honor of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. last we are not only standing still, but Fryer, Fbkbing. Sta. E.. Route 3. Louisville. .John we are trointr backward instead of then cause a thanksgiving. "It's no who areon the eve of Hite. Ky. their departure THIEVES advancing in education. Editor The Jeffersonian: Will worse" but a quarantine, has not as for Oklahoma, where they intend loMiss Gladys Rayner and her brothAfter the Fiscal Court granted us you please publish the enclosed state- yet been lifted. Fob Sale Farmers, don t buy fertilizer er, Edgar, are recovering from, severe cating permanently. The gathering We are glad to report Mr. Charlie was an till you've inspected the Kaufman Brands cases of grip. levy which amounted ment of the Third Division of Jeffera twenty-cen- t evrnrinnallvJ hattnr on, nml . ttJ .. .1 r f . .1 i Are Detected Just In Time R. T. Durrett, to about $40,000 over and above what son County District schools? Accordat J B. BERRY'S. Fern Creek. .uduuus duu .dicr iani iacnanu(:n spite of the inclement weather, a Mr. J. W. Conkling was the guest . ing to the school census there are better, alter a severe attack of large party gathered Chases Miscreants From At Prestonia, we have had heretofore, what has work mule. A. B. of Mr. and Mrs. .John Tharp Sunday. and spent a Fob Sale A Jeffersontown. been done with it? I want to say to 973 white and colored school children asthma and other complications. most enjoyable day. Those present Cumb. Phone. The Building. Mr. Wm. Hoard, who has returned you, as a member ot that board, mat in this division inducing the 2ti col- They bravely wrestled with these were Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hocker and from the Jewish Hospital, is getting I, for one, am able to give an ac ored pupils from the Fisherville dis- enemies in the courageous way they R. M. Jr., of Lebanon Junction, Dr. Rent. For along very nicely and is able to walk Prestonia, Feb. 28. An attempt count of every dollar of my part, trict. The $4.05 per capita tax al- deal with all difficulties and as a re and Mrs. around with the help of crutches. J. T. Roberts and daughter, dwelling and 11 T. and I believe every other member lowed by the state for 973 pupils for sult of such fortitude come off vicFob Rest Miss Lucy Howell, of Louisville, to rob the residence of Mr. R. of Lebanon Junction, Mrs. N. B. Three-roodisacres land in Jeffersontown. can do the same but I do not believe a six months' school amounts to torious. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Durrett on Saturday night was Crouch, of Louisville, Mrs. Blanche cottage and garden on Watterson pike. covered just in time. Mr. Durrett it has been applied in the proper $3940.65, giving the colored school Our worthy Magistrate, R. O. Dor- Rees and daughter, Elizabeth, of Beckley last week. E. R. SPROWL, Agent. f were away spending way. $5fi.25 above what is needed for the sey, authorized me to announce to The Misses Finley, of Fern Creek, and the family Louisville, Mr. Richard Walter, of Fob Rekt. Six acnes of garden land, on were the guests of Miss Ivy Artt last the evening, and just as they got off You hear some people say Jeffer six months, but it will be applied to the committee that so courteously Edinburgh, Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. the car they noticed a light in the son county is not ready for consol- extending the term. By deducting asked him to use all possible speed R. K. Fryer, of Fern car line, near Fern Creek. Apply to E. R week. Creek, Mr. and Spbowl. Jeffersontown. In a few seconds it was idation. Then, what must we do to the $56.25 from $3940.65 leaves$3884.40, in making a pike in Garr's lane that Mrs. The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist kitchen. T. O. Weller and family, of cottage, with cellar, church met with Mrs. Rose Waters extinguished. Mr. Durrett ran and get ready? I have never heard any to which the division board supple- it will be a great pleasure, as well as Buechel. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. BridFob Rest all necessary eutbuildings. Wednesday afternoon. They discuss- put the night key in the latch and one say what they thought would be mented $447.45 out of the county levy a duty, to gratify their desires in well and family, of Jeffersontown, and would not open. Thinking the best way to proceed to get ready. fund, which added to the state fund this matter at his earliest conven- Misses Susie. Emma and Warren MRS. IDA STANDIFORD. Route 11. Buechel. ed the new parsonage, which will be the door f some one was holding it he called If we are not ready now we never makes a total of $4331.85, or what it ience. This promise from Mr. Dor- Weller. built soon. cottage. Fob Rest The Ladies' Aid Society of the Dr. Thompson to come at once with will be. We asked for a twenty-cen- t costs to pay teachers' salaries for sey should satisfy all parties, as we Do you take the city papers? Read to garden on shares; Wanted a gardener gun to his assistance. By that time know from experience that he fulfills levy: we got it. That is all the six months or $721,924 per month. can turnish all ground that is needed. J.C. Christian church met with Mrs. John the thieves had made a hasty exit There are eight divisions in Jeffer every promise he makes. This lane our clubbing offers. We can save law will allow us. Now, then, not Tatchel Wednesday afternoon. BRUCE. Jeffersontown. Ky. through a window on the side of the only that, but we had one or two son county and ot the shall be among the first attended to; vou monev. Miss Hattie Yenowine and Miss house that had been unlocked by good men to come to our rescue with county levy fund due the third divisViola Caldwell were visiting in Louis Wanted. them in case they should be tears in their eyes and thousands of ion amounts to $3448.88, and from ville last week. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Gregg and lit detected. A wardrobe and drawer dollars in their hands, pleading with this deduct the expenses of the the young men of the town to Wanted-A- H playing billiards at tle daughter have returned from a bad been pulled open, but nothing us to take it and build one consoli- twelve districts amounting to$2716.32, spend their leisure hours was taken. Mr. Durrett intended to dated school anyway. my tables. No swearing or gambling is tolBut the leaves a balance of $732.43. visit in Louisville. erated. Barber shop in connection. Fred break in upon the thieves and shoot people said "no: we are satisfied; we There is a total credit of $1007.31 week-enguests of Mr. and The tf Prell. Jeffersontown. Mrs. Jim Orr are Mrs. M. English, or club them with mallet as he is a do not care to advance with the to the various districts in this division B. times." But they are willing to ad- and by adding to it the balance of Wasted You to remember that R.Jeff- Mrs. Lee Currey and Mrs. Bruce powerful athlete and fearless. tinner, is still in business in Evans, the vance in every thing else. In other $732.43 making a total of $1739.74 Hardin. Their mother, Mrs. Orr, is ersontown. and will have plenty of words, they have to. You compel with which to conduct the schools on hand this spring. Also tin roof- seriously ill. your the farmers of Jefferson county to two months longer. Miss Lucy House, of Terra Haute, ing guttering and spouting. Place The above statement is based on now. use the same tool their fathers had order Ind., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Of Louisville Diocese Satisfies Wish Of In- - in their time and I want say to you figures given by the former county Hardin this week. they would starve to death in the superintendent, Mrs. Stonestreet, in Mrs. McGlothlin, of Bardstown, is Poetry mate Of County Poorhouse middle of the field and in sight of her report. the guest of her son, Mr. Sam McAccompanies Gift. GET OUT H. A. Hummel, Chairman. home. Glothlin. Cyphers Standard Incubators and Brooders are far above J. H. Mittler, Seti'y. they do not want conThey say Mrs. Wm. Jones was the guest of YOUR SPRING HAT competition in Hatching-- in Construction, in Value and in new solidated schools, and I have not Bishop 0"Donaghue, the Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank Thursday. Reliability. For that reason they are used upon more ExYour last year's one-h- ave Bishop of Louisville, sent verses to been able to find a man who could ANOTHER ELECTION Mrs. Edw. Mitchell entertained us clean and periment Stations; by more big" poultry and duck plants, Monday for Mrs. L. P. Arterburn, accompany a gift to a man in the give a satisfactory answer as to why block it to look like Mrs. MasonGregg andlittledaughter. Jefferson county poorhouse. A short he did not want it. I am heartily in and by more fanciers than all other makes combined. The new. Work done promptly and by ex Died, Saturday evening, Feb. 2ti, at time ago Bishop 0:Donaghue, who favor of the proposition Mr. More-me- Will Have To Be Held in School Division Mo.2 latest 1910 pattern perienced men. made some time ago in regard the Jewish Hospital, Mrs. Henry was recently chosen to head the To Elect Chairman Regular ElecWeatherbee. She has passed out of Louisville diocese of the Catholic to paying the way of the County Hatch New York tion Unlawful. this life into the mansions prepared church, received at his home in Board to visit states that have conNext door to Avenue Theater and for the redeemed, the house not made Indianapolis a letter from a worn solidated schools and to see if the Chicks 2.M Third and Jefferson. Branches out old man in the poorhouse, asking people are not well satisfied and Last Saturday afternoon at a meet Market, and 210 with hands, eternal in the heavens. for a watch. The old man said 203 Fourth, near Mrs. A. C. Durr and Mrs. Joe Durr that would not tor any thing go back to ing of the Jefferson County Board of You Can Raise Third, bet. Jefferson and Market. nothing in the world would give him the eld way. But don't you fret; spent Wednesday with Mrs. Guy Education, Dr. S. D. Wetherby, of as much pleasure as a time piece, that will never be done if the people More in Mathis. Middletown, asked the chairman, Mrs. James Brooks has returned and states that it would brighten have to do it. They are not that Supt. Orville J. Stivers, and the more than much interested and they do not Board to recognize him as the legally home, after visiting friends in Louis- his declining years, These machihes are practically automatic they run words could express. The good want to be. ville. elected chairman of school division themselves; they are Now this year the County Board is No. 2, upon the grounds that he re Mr. Eliza Yager and Miss Emma Bishop was deeply touched by the No need to worry with them at night. They run Yager spent Thursday with Mrs. A. letter and sent the old man a watch going to ask another 20 cent levy ceived the largest number of lawful your steadily without varying- a degree while vou are just as I really can repair following descriptive and a dollar a head for every man in votes with the C. Durr. at the regular election. Dr. Clock, Watch, Miss Irene Gates has returned home verses: Jefferson county and surely every Wetherby charged Mrs. Rosa Stoae- - asleep as they do while you are awake. Don't buy a cheap, Box, Time Recorder, etc. You tell me all day long you cry tax payer in the county will be in street, former County Superintenfrom a delightful visit to Miss Laura good for nothing machine that results in lost time, much Because you have no watch near by: favor of that. Just think of the dent with having voted a proxy of worry and poor hatches. Buy the best THE CYPHERS. Seston, of Louisville. Your grrief will now soon pass away. $100 Reward Miss Lily Prior, of Eastwood, was This watch will run both nightandday; voters that never pay a dollar of tax, N. R. Blankenbaker. which tied the if I cannot. but when times comes to vote they vote, then voting herself for J, W. 'Twill tell the hour to rise at dawn. the guest of Mrs. Ernest Corban CALL AND SEE THE GOODS And show at eve the day is gone; are always there and ready to dictate Brooks, gave the latter the largest Thursday. 'Twill also mark the time to pray. guests of Mrs. Wm. to you how you should vote. Or Write for Particulars to The week-en- d At morning, noon and close of day; number and he was declared elected. Now, in conclusion, I want to ask Hoard are Mrs. L. K. Brown ,of Louisbusy wheels will ever run Its Under the law the County Superin 134 S. Fourth St. And mark the time till kingdom come. you to look in The Jeffersonian and ville, Mrs. Ben Baker and Mrs. Wm. tendent is not allowed to vote a proxy, Louisville, Ky. Perkins, of Shelbvville. read my report of the work of the and the election was declared by the Division Board No. 3, which I pub- Board to be invalid. A motion carNewland Waters visited the cap-ito- l FARMERSMEETING lish in this issue. at Frankfort last week with the ried to have the Superintendent call H. A. Hummel, Manual Training school boys: 350 meeting of the trustees in Incorporated STANDARD im Chairman, another No. 2 Feb. 2ti, 1910 ! went from Louisville. Newland was CYPHERS INCUBATOR. for the purpose of Division The NOW Held In Jeffersontown Monday For The Sole Agents for This District. Fire Proofed. - Insurable. very much pleased with the new cap-ito- l electing a chairman. Chicken Thieves Chased. Purpose Of Organizing A Society Of and the meeting of Legislature Mr. Brocks has been holding the Equity Organizer Present. Prestonia, Feb. 28. Sunday night office since the election last fall. Dr. in progress. Louisville, Ky. and Jefferson an attempt to rob Mrs. Sallie P. Wetherby was the former chairman Mr. Wallace Tharp, of Allegany, Room On Medium-size- d Penn., spent several days here last A meeting of farmers was held at Durrett's hen house was detected in and did more than anyone else to seDurrett. cure the dJ Furnished levy last year. He week with his father, Mr. Wm. Tharp, Jeffersontown at the schoolh'ouse time by Dr. Eustace and Hung. Hearing a noise he got his gun and also made a s'.rong fight for a model on his way home from San Antonia, Monday to consider the subject of Texas. Mr. Tharp willleave America organizing the Society of Equity in made a hasty trip after them. As school for the county, but was dehastily. feated. The next election promises soon, to spend several months travel- Jefferson county. As there were so he went out they drove off A private detective is employed to to be a lively one. ing in the Holy land. The church at few who knew anything about the 909 W. Market St. San Antonia has extended a call to meeting there was only a handful of watch the premises. Near Ninth Street. Louisville. Retires From Position. Home Phone 3030 him to preach for them on his return. men present but the speaker, State accept the call Organizer, M. F. Sharp, of Bowling It is probable he will The Times Tuesday contained a to this wealthy congregation. picture of Mr. Carl J. Mittler. of Green, certainly gave a splendid Of Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Apparel Jeffersontown, and the following There was quite a sensation in our address on the subject, saying among many other good things the Entertainment Given By Miss Grnnwald's complimentary notice: town last week, when Mr. Guy Mathis the BOTH PHONES 2635. "Carl J. Mittler, who since NovemGentlemen! passed through on his wagon with 9 farmer feeds and clothes the world School At Worthington A Grand Snccess Ladies ber 8, 1907, has held the "office of : In Every Way. big healthy hogs in it, weighing 4,260 and upon him depends the business and Walnut 426 South Fifth Street, Between Green LOUISVILLE, KY. LADIES' COAT SUITS cashier in the United States Internal lbs. The average weight apiece was of the world and he should have a made to measure. Revenue Department at Louisville, 473ilbs. The hogs were sold to Mr. reasonable profit on his products. Cleaning:, Pressing: and Repairi- L. Bauer at St. Matthews for $411.28. We, the farmers of this county, want Worthington, Feb 22. A grand retired from office this morning, was presented to the turning over the accounts to W. D. ng:. Alterations of every deThe wedding of Miss Isabel Cassady, to have control over the sale of our entertainment scription. Crestwood, and Mr. Jas. Beckley, products. The only thing I can see public at Sim's auditorium in honor Johnson, who was recently appoint- HUDSON of BROS. & GO'S. COMBINATION SALE for us to do is to get together and of Washington's birthday anniver- ed cashier by Revenue Collector & DAVIS, Tailors of Eastwood, was solemnized last formulate plans as to bow is the sary. The hall was filled by one of Petty. The retirement of Mr. METZ Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, best way to dispose of our products Hudson Bros. & Co. whl hold their largest crowds ever gathered Mittler is at his own request as his ANNUAL COMBINATION SALE OF Second St. Greer and Walnut. Feb. 23. The ceremony was perform- profitably. The ground is broken for the 420 S. gave the actors health is not rugged on account of ed at the parsonage, by Rev. Chas. a local union, as six men have together here and 4 Cabs Stop ih Pboht of Door. Many fine the close confinement. He will have HIGH-CLAS- S BUSINESS and PLEASURE HORSES pastor of the Crescent Hill signified their willingness to join the the best attention. Casey, Society by signing the papers. Mr. speeches and plays were presented the assignment of street-gaugechurch, in the presence of Sharp will be back again in the near Methodist At their Sale Stables, Louisville, Ky., on FARMERS, ATTENTION only the immediate families. Mrs. future and will speak at several by the pupils of Rockbridge school, Mr. Mittler is one of the popular which shows forth the energy, pat- men in the revenue service of the your money In Invest Beckley wore a becoming tailored points in the county. MARCH 31 AND APRIL 1 AND 1910. only will ience, patriotism and of district. Before taking the Field Seeds gown of French blue broadcloth with beDue notice Thethese meetings Any- that of Worthington,truth, nottheir Fifth of cashier he held the position "Ross Export" Jeffersonian. given in but office They brine results for every cent Invested. hat of the same color. Mr. and Mrs. one wishing any further information We solicit your patronage, believing we can get you satisfactory prices If no dealer in your locality, write to will reside at his home at about the meeting, may call or teacher, Miss Vestinia Gruawald, as of bookkeeper. It is estimated that for your horses. For further information, address Beckley against first who once dCCU m louisvill. kt.,touch Eastwood. We extend to them pock- address J. C. Bruce. Jeffersontown. well, who Is first in war i. e.for the during his term as cashier $35,000,-00cwdt) even vWi Wjii put you in HUDSON BROS. & CO., 1048 E. Main St., Louisville, Ky. in peace, ignorance 3 passed through his hands. N. B. Johnson. ets fall of rice and many good wishes. with your dealer. three-year-ol- MIDDLETOWN. ADVERTISING. CLASSIFIED d New-lan- 37-- 2 A Pleasant Surprise. CHAIRMAN EXTENSION Miss Nina Lips, who so ably in making the entertainment of Cypress Camp, W. O. W., which took place at Broadway theater last week a grand success, was presented with Of School Division No. 3 Answers a beautiful gold bracelet, handsome Mr. Moremen. ly engraved, as a token of recognition from the committee in charge, which was presented in fitting words by Fred Mueller, chairman of the com- H. A. Hummel Says He Is In Favor Of Conmittee, at the home of her parents n, n al Lane-Vic- tims 1 1 37-- 2 Grue-meise- n n hand-mad- e statement x 37-l- t. .!4-- 36-2- t. t. 1 DRA-YO- 34-- 34-t- f. 4 Four-roo- 37-t- 36-t- Four-roo- 35-t- Four-roo- 33-- tf one-eight- h HATCH MORE STRONG CHICKS d berry-bucket- 33-- 4 s HOW? BUY THE BEST HATCHER. NEWiSHOP 1 LET US SHOW YOU. , 50C n Hatters Cyphers Brooders 35-- 4 No More Cyphers Incubators Failure! self-ventilating- -, self-regulatin- non-moistur- - Music KORFHAGE KSS: 34-- SOUTHERN 4 SEED CO., is Time mm WALL PAPER Preston ff 40"U R. E. McDowell, HENRY A. J. PULS PYER ANP CUEANER worthIngton. 4 Sts., 20-ce- nt m 35-- iii ATTENTION! and 36-1- 3 87-- r. 2, 0

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