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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 21, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

it i i F e v f k bH I 4 g v> rfl i I I rIjj i I Io I f > t it I f 1 i i M h1 01 J VOLUME s h 1 it < h alt COLUMBIA XII ADAIR J I1 t r J d COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 21 < 1909 If fruits Kthe Evangelistic Meeting gatherings he groom is a welltodo farmer and has many friends through- ¬ out the country For the pr sent the who The uple will board at the home of the t parents listic services were baptized into the s Christian Church last Thursday after ¬ The Baptist people of this place are noon Misses Mary Myers Grace Con thinking of holding a series of meet- ¬ over Ruth Paul Callie Feese Cary ings to begin at this place some time Fees Nell Hancock Winnie Dohoney in the near futures Ethel Moore Bessie Jarbo BapbistTwentytwo united with The Misses Eubank have just rethe Baptist Church nineteen being bap ceived some new patterns in hats ex¬ tized Sunday They are as follows J ceedingly beautiful They are going R Garnett Romie Judd Tom Judd Come and take a look Alvin Eubank Elmer Huddleston Will 4 Next Saturday will be the Republican Young RUe Coy Jo Harris Edgar Candidates who have arris Bruce Jarbo Mont Willis Bulah coqntyjulmar While in Campbellsville several Ollie opposition will do but little sleeping un ¬ Armelia Huddleston ago we learned that Mr J l the contest is over C Vaughan the genial host of the Corn Bess Coffey Ira Coffey Ella Walker mercial Hotel will build some time in Blanche Willis The J R Watkins Remedies rep ¬ the near future a brick hotel on the Clara Wilson byFrances Garnett Miss resented by J B Grant in this street leading to the depot It will be Presbyterian letter two Twenty united countY can also be purchased from Rob ¬ ommodious and finished in modernw t Hudson or J H Pelly Columbia lm J style There are but few hotela o men than Mr Vaughan He has Grissom Hugh M Noe in the business for many years and he Follis Garlin The next Transylvania Presbytery Mrs Hugh M Noe Steth Noe Susan will be held at Columbia in the month Miller Edwin Crayens Lucien Hunn of October The Presbytery embraces Mrs Georgia Crenshaw Paul Cren has the business sense of a man is boutthirtyfive Churches and a like great help to her husband in conductT hQS R K Young Mrs R K Young ¬ umber olministers E Waggener Mary Ailene Monting the affairs of the gomery Sallie M Coffey Edgar W We stated two weeks ago that the I H skins Taylor of Campbellsville tate Board of Equalization had raised who have the contract to make and put nds and town lots in Adair county 6 perMethodistThe following have cent Last week the raise was lower- ¬ the walls the brick for Mr J O Jn Russells large business h use rebere united with the church Mary Winfrey ed to 4 per cent They will first clean off their yard and Mollie Smith Ruth Hulse Madrew Sin clair Coring Breeding J A Thomp- ¬ Mr Jas F Montgomery is adding son E L Moss Ernest Shirley Ella greatly to the appearance of his resi ¬ Mabel Atkins Fannie Kratzer d ence by having a handsome varanda shorttime They will work a jtj of hands all of whom will bo numberP hillip Williams Rhea Pottinger May built Mr W C Murrell and Mr W tults Charley B Tarter Wm Thomp- T McFarland are doing the work son Mrs Kate Thompson Mrs R L which to cook eat and sleep TallyvJ V Tally Margaret Lovett Jf you want extracts and spices that Maud Jkckman Golda English Annie are pureand will give entire satisfact Flour IS quite an item in housekeep ing these days Do you know what Royse Iiula Royse Mary Breeding ion get them from J B Grant who k Sunday morning April 11 1909 dawn Columbia The sever al Sunday Schools met in a joyous way It was Easter They were happily re ¬ minded of a risen Savior The Evan gelists Hendrick Carter were conduct ¬ ing a series of meetings at the Court house In that beautiful impressive manner Bro Kasey asked who felt like trusting in the Savior To his invita¬ tion two of the number that accepted i were Corrinne and Mary Eva Breeding It is so encouraging to see little folks brought to Christ and often they are an inspiration to lead others as we hope so much in this case B vo beautifully in r It r i r II I 4 T i gamblesI Jj erith 22re t ilo jt withj Last week we stated that Mr J D Walker of Gradyville had sold the Standard Hardwood Company seven popular trees for 450 There was a mistake as to the numbi of trees There were week is improving and will eventually recover Young Coffey are offering the ser ¬ vices of a good Jack and their great im ¬ ported thoroughbred stallion Hermena re invited to call and inspect the before booking your mares ooo Gradyville correspondent writes a notice of the death of Mr Thos Kemp who was an uncle of Mr G A Kemp of this place and who was one of the best citizens of this county Preaching Next Sunday < W S DucJgeon Bethlehem irnr f B 4 at Lindsey Wilson next i i < IIfo I If Tr tJ ir r f > 1 jI T- I t l H I 4 w TF < tshI fc > I < currY1W1l1 < > i at t J 123456789 LWTS724080152527 100004000 WTS ill > it tf frmersand at a 1CHORUS < tdays t i f1 A R Kasey Tabor ij A Johnston Pleasant Ridge J H Rood Clear Spring r W B Cave Liberty I j Ife d etwo acres of wheat by the i L I n l J Ber Y i l 3 All members of The Adiar Countys FrmetiaClub should drive the stakes I + > ndidatelfails in need of Spring and Sum rciQfhiDgr see Iserman at the Co lumbi Hotel Thursday April 22 tHe last cb nce this season rdreekMayJ IJ N Walbert Harrodsfork iV iV > i If you are l y17 i b i1 l rvf Caidiaate forth Kepublican Nomination for Commonwa1thAttorney In the 29th Judicial DiSridt i i v > fG Z T Williams Columbia R Grider Mt Vernoii Of Edmonton Metcalfe county 4 7 > Misses Mabel Atkins and Corinne Breeding wlio joined the Methodist Church were baptized by immersion by Rev Kasey Monday afternoon J H S VAN ZANT 1 > F J Barger Creelsboro r much enjoyed 4at iif J r Get ready for Field Day at the Bind A Mnair Trouble Clay Smith Ephrim Crawhorn Young seyWilson May 1 Todd Nellie Tarter Lysandy Tally Ijast Sunday night Wallace Tally Thos Stephenson Eliza ¬ Corbin who Iserman the TaylorVlil v QeJn Co ¬ EHer i Montpelier Mill Company grinds and lives m the Penjck Smith neighborhood beth Breeding David Faulkner Annie v lumbia at Columbia Hotelbne day Hodges Nell Antle John G ffMrs crushes corn every day Exchange flour came to Columbia and swore out a war this season April 22 for wheat Flour and ship stuff for Miss Gertie Harvey is at Sun L D Simms Eleven other names have been handed in signifying their sale Pay 125 for good wheat It is quite likely that Sun Bros Cir¬ i Montpelier Ky 0tf f i cus will visit usin tjhe near future It M F Maupin Russell Springs t them with destroying his tobacco bed is billed for Scottsville April bth Judge H C Baker attended the The facts in the case as we was here on business Thursday A Successful Yea gather Spring Session of the Transylvania them are about as follows Mr Cor¬ R L Tally commenced a Rev Mrs Ollie Dunbar wife of Wi Presbytery at Danville last week On bin noticed that some one hadwalked series of meeting t C5ffej Chapel The pastor of the Presbyterian L Dunbar died Thursday and across his tobacco bed and he accused Russell county last Saturday night Church Rey J Russell Carwford sub was buried at Concord Friday some one of the above named parties mitted the annual report of that con i Columbia The Board of Education has notified all bors They denied the charge and gregation at the morning service on Farmers are quite busy haul last Sabbath The report made an ex-¬ We are receiving private bids on our they all met Mr Corbin with the the principals of the IindseyWilson ing fertilizer from Cumberland Moss that the building will cellent showing for the activities and store stand but have made no positive- father of the Curry boys to prove their Neilson innocence river There were boys tracks be heated with steam next year liberality of this people It was ap- S aI Any one wanting a good stand across the bed and one of the accuised parent from the report that the exist- has an equal showing Rev Dyer of Jamestown-t T f Rev J R Crawford announce that said that he made them theday before J ing societies and organization had J M Lester Sons Kendall Ky preached an interesting sethoii while being excited and running after a his sermon on next Sunday morning Tendered effectiv service a new Concord Sunday Thisdid not satisfy Mr Cor would be specially addressed to ypung t 1 jf The Republican candidates for Cir squirrel Missionary society having been created bin and he said he would go to his men He sbould aye a full house t> and a new financial system adopted cuit Judge and Herberjt Whittle l1lonwealthsAttor- ¬ nshi JjJ t The additions for the year closing ney in this district will have to put upI house get his gun and kill the whole was here Wednesday looking fo For Sale March 31st ult were 16 The offer one thousand dollars each but it is un- ¬ bunch Tie secured his gun and fired produce < ings for all purpose totaled 30348 derstood that it will not require that into the crowd but did no damage I As t soon ashe fired one of the boys dr w a A desFrable home in Columbia Apply for they r Twenty two new mem sum of money to hold the primary M Blair of Eli was Dr pistor and snot at him slightly wound ¬ to Mrs Venia Coffey v J 23tf > here on professional bers were welcomed into the churchs businessr An infant son of Mr and Mrs S N ed iiim on the arm We talked to communion on the Sabbath as s result Wednesday White Oak Timber Wanted Hancock died last Tuesday nightIti Sheriff Pattesqnand Deputy Sheriff A of the last special meetings t v one week old Interment Wednes- ¬ D Patteson ho made the arrests of i gL was I f Cleveland Frye of Vinnie day afternoon following Religious set all the boys and theygaye it as their Co manufactures of staves Elrod The Song Recital visited atv Peter Fryes several vices were held at the grave by EldI opinion that there was but little in the are now ready to t recede timber at days last week j The sor ¬ case v The sacredf song service given by Williams and Rev Crawford their machine at Columbia Ky s 24 4 rowing parents have the sympathy of Evangelist Garter at the courthouse Mr P W Bernard and Miss LindscyWiisoji Wins from Cane last Tuesday evening drewan immense this community Farm For Sale Dollie Anderson were united in audience Mr Carter as this com- ¬ Valley In passing around the plate in the marriage last Sunday Rev L munity knows has a marvelous voice have a good farmcdntainirig 111 A Wilson officiating full of melody In fact there was a Rascoe Methodest Episcopal Church Saturday at 230p m Cane > Valley acres good dwelling good outbuild ¬ near Washington Pa a 10000 bill sermon in each song rendered Miss met in ajBase BaU ings near Esto Ky for sale Prof H W Edmonds of Sun > was dropped in If there is a person in and L W T Esther Nell who plays the violen most > CSC Medaris shine passed through here Mon this community who is inclined to be as combat at L W X Park The feature 224t beautifullyaccompained the singer with Est Ky o the game was the hard hitting of the 4 N day en route to Russell Springs two selections Every piece rendered generouseither one of the Churches in Columbia will furnish the plate TrainersIf IS told a touching story and at the close ey continues his good work B Bennett has been Mrs seven or eight persons accepted Christ An infant child of Mr and Mrs its seems that he has a permanent place quite sick for several days swelling the number who made public Horace Massie who live near Cane on the team He played sensationaThere are five black hogs with a few confessions during the Evangelistic Valley died Rev John Thomas and wife Monday afternoon white spots on them marked with split The lthroughoutthegaxne meeting to 158 In entering the court ¬ remains were brought to Columbia R Tudd and Young pitched good ball in right ear will weigh about 190 spent Wednesday night at Rev room every person was expected to and interred in the city cemetery The and fielded their position in a faultless pounds Thy have been on my premi- A F Chrismans They left drop a silver offering in a hat the > manner The next game will be play ¬ ses about seven months The owner Thursday for Adair county where money to go to Missions Forf dollars ed at Danyille with the KT S D Team can have same by proving his owner and seventy cents were raised jship and paying expenses of advertis- ¬ they expect to conduct a meety r April 24th itg ing Score of game as allows = r Allen Keltner H R E- 244t Milltown Ky Committee Meets A Republican convention to nominate i 2 a candidate for the State Senate in this s The Republican Committee of the W s 76 c VHS > An Invitation twenty ninth Judicial District met in R Judd BatterieL The lair Weather for the test > Columbia last Thursday for the pur prising the district are Adair Clinton Young Stearman and RosenfieldV T 14A11 ye who labor come tome pose of naming the date of their prima Cumberland Russell and Wayne Coun¬ few days has brought the fact Cane Valley G Judd Moore and Said the Lamb of Calvary ry to nominate a candidate for Circuit ty massconventions to select delegates Callison is time to plant corn to > that If of my Father you areblessed Judge and Commonwealth Attorney will be held next Saturday i otir the attention i A full committee and all the announced I will surely give you rest Horrible Accident so they have begun to move Just take my yoke and learn of me Republican Judicial primary in this candidates for both offices were present lively gait The soil is being I And fromyour and so far aa we have heard transacted the 29th district June 5 9O9 There Mr Charles Bottom who was em- ¬ rapidly turned old fences are the busmssin a satisfactory jtnanrier are two candidates for Circuit Judge ployed Tat Dave Bowens saw mill on The primary was called to be held on Comei poor putting on their Sunday clothes the 5th of June Mr Pierce Combest S CQinmonwealthsittornerjEa Casey Creek met with a fearful acci- ¬ Youno longer should delay and ere long the scare crow chairman Qfthe committee thishon9r sum of money he has been assessed in dent last Friday In some way he got J susdedpn Calvarys i Thi come pOOr s1pIrEcpn 1o1ayThe bride is very popular in Ite I i II iS Co CZIIIJI our mer AjyJ < y awa Y attend FildDaJZ f Key at this Office Cipbel4 chants last w f j MyL A >J A t r f 4 r amesJtown Deferred Easter services were held at the Methodest Church last Sunday night A large congregation was out the music being appropriate and very r j it E Gripler bought a cow from Frank Ash6rook for 21 same party bought one from J W Hale for 23 Griders Store cor tneirlm istock IIjOur Beeves came put from Louis yUto and filled his regular appointmen t tit church Last Sunday th op C trayef reporteddangerously oljay i l Mrs William Winfrey near Eunice wh got badly burned by her dress first t It t iC 4 X wereL eocloi ITEMS I to be false 1 r J report proved t C 5 county had met with an accident in Mis i 7 < 1 rrl S4 IA report reached here last weekof that Jim Ed Willis a former citizen this uI r oSri bably reached one hundred i t JIo 24 NUMBER 0 ¬ next Sunday the number will have pro I Itr STOCK 9 t JE The total number of persons who united with various Churches in town the result of the EndrickCartermeet ing is ninety Others have said they JJ T 1LIjjI Durham of Greensburg re ceiveda nice bunch of hogs attife place last Monday at prices from 4 to 5 > cent per pound Gradyville cor 10calPresbyteria1sthe Iis J II MrJ > 2ntention All persons who subscribed on the re ¬ pairs for the Methodist Church are requested to call at the office of F R Winfrey within the next ten days and pay the amounts subscribed The notes are drawing interest and the committee anxious to close the account as soon as possible Signed Building Committee 7 1 Mr James Suddarth bought two shoats from John Hopkins for 7 alsoc bought two hogs from Edd Caffee for 7 Mr Will Ed Squires sold to Mr Hardesty 18 head of sheep at eight dol ¬ lars a head Ernest Cundiff sold a bunch of hogs to Hardesty for 8455 same party bought of Murray brOthers one bunch of hogs at 5cts another from Eugene jSrassom one bunch at 5i cents j another from Alver Thomas one bunch at5 cents Pellham cor yCo on the There is an abundance of wheat in the United States to feed the people until the next f rop comes in and were it not for the gambles who never see a grain of wheat flour would be selljng at this time at 250 per hundred 4 u 000 tionover ¬ CW 1 IavorableJ I ti 0 7 111 f r SA Syaw as jf 11 Virgil Rubarts sold 19 hogs to Jas < Allen at 5 cents Joe Ellis sold 6 to same < party at 5 cents Dunnville cor >V OOO Jo Reed sold J B Barbee two bay < work nbrses for 325 > veryaccommodating i I coheir daB 1 t v < lQf1the d r > ithtime I lIand u i i iii < Eey i c t qoJ f1 Ij i f A i i l 1I 1 0 ifr 1 illh l f< p > < it 0 I j h rff1fi It tfr fl J f 7 i1i it listadyorolastweek 71 Gowdy4i4A iit v fJlt i 1 r4 t Z I Grocy I riB sfnhf9f > ij r I l r ol i J j lft< t 1W i t ji t 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