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Image 1 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), December 11, 1901

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

BJHJIHNhhH MKXmyr; ilrFf- ,' - HV V 'ir y v.- ,. ' , LEDGER PUBLIC bflHBV MAYSVILLE, '' Sffl f lJD'AXLyrvxi,jex.spaRun. KY, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 'fP'i&"Soe by fig J The engine pulling frelght train Ne. 73 breko down yesterday morning near HuwHlevp the en wlienlnlc te tent At 4 ft. m.,all fully dressed Droshear's Station, which caused a deIn muddy uuelnnml battered pi us, lay of several hours. The accident hapin the peliclei prohibiting And uufeclng still th empty Jut 6Vjn Francltee Bulletin pened whlle the train was en the main Christmas trees or else have It that no losses will be paid en ISTFer Silk Ruffs and Nockwear, track, blocking off all tratllc for semo go to Mrs L. V. Davis. time. tires resulting from the trees. S' under-A-Vftpe- Li w I- CKItlHTUA 'd Enji'MBTirwBiyiii - EVERY EWTOiyTJlilSflBIJJtf'IJ DWOiP1TlrflTl!Hlliil "RECEPTION IS DAY MOKNIMd, iP"iyjlJPJVlUIPB:'!WliIl!3 DAY" TfTOf1- flflj1 AT 1' 'J jMJiB4JtQBQE 8ARKLEY'S!1 Tlio.cYccntlenal bcmitv mill attrnctlvcnetn of our Fall nntl Winter Shee Styles lead us te believe that the peopleol'MnyHvllle and vicinity would take pleasure la looking ever tlieKO vnrv latent nreductH of tlie Bhoe Victories we represent. A cordial invitation Is therefore extended everybody te call at their own convenience and inspect i our line of x. lUHiiioiinuiejoot ceverniKH. uaiwvui'jx's uvsti snuw i;uiui-4i- fllHf QCW'B llt)lhiyTirfffWNiwt1 DIRECT -- V . Children's Tarn O'Shantcrs, plain or fancy colors, 50c. TurKisn uaps, closely woven, plain colors or fancy, oec. ana two qualities, ec, euc. Fascinators in all cel f t ft Dainty Cellar and Muff of suewv angora Vfli OMU1S tlnnfl ..L4. f i iri t ti n UWHI enftn 1I1IVVI with white satin dew ana nccit riouen. Oxidlzed purse, kid lined, in muff. PrlcA nt net t:.i.r. White Weel Astrakan Cellar and Muff finished with long silky angora. Blue satin lining. Animal head en muff, also white satin neck ribbon llnisned with pretty bow. Prlce $3.95. American Ermine Cellar and Muff lined with white satin. Cellar trimmed with six angora long tails. Muff trimmed In two animal heads, angora and moire neck ribbon and bows. Jeweled purse in eutsido ccnteref Mutt. Prlce 3.50. Handsome Gray Fex Cellar and Muff lined with giay satin. Twe anlmnl heads and six long fluffy talis en cellar. Animal head, purse and gray satin ribbon and bows en mutt. Prlce $1.50. Other sets and pretty, toe, down te 1.25. 1 I APRONS! GARMENTS. PRICE-MODER- $ IVz $12 $15 $18 $25 India linen, deep hem, wide or narrow tucks abevo, bread strings, 25c. Misses' or waitress' aprons of India linen, deep hemstitched horn, straps and lapels also pretttly hemstitched, 50c. COATS, COATS, COATS, COATS, COATS, V, r $5 $ iy2 $10 $12 $15 ,'-'- It ' show-windo- -- A. , l -- c h. wuite. ; ,' The usual prayer meetlngwill be held tonight at the Central Prosbyterlan Strikes ana Spares Church. S37IIave en hand supply fresh mined Orate and Steve Ceal and Socend Poel Youghlegheny Blacksmith Ceal. Jehkpji II. Dodsen. Governer Beckham has offered a of $300 for the arrest and conviction of the unknown murdercrs of Jesse N. Hawkins of Loxlagten. The Tourists and the Sorrewfuls went Yesterday was a bad day for criminals in Judge Harbeson's Court. at it last Bight, the latter losing three Charles Ramsay for rape was sen straight by these scores Tourists . tenced to 18 years in the Pen, James i 167 118 214 Archdeacon Washington for housebreaking 2 years, 101 190 173 Wells and Bud Jerdan for false swearing get 139 ....... .148 Plekerell. 179 202 185 off with 1 year. Cullen 140 171 Watkins 158 178 T. M. Russell MRS. MARY A. BECKETT. .vThe McKinley Memerial Association Ji'as doclded te change Us plans and te Appeal te Congress Instead of to the for the erection of a McKinley 'monument at Washington. '; .The Ledger's reporter waB in error 'instating, anent the recent loctureef "79I 885 877 the Rev. T. 0. Hlff tn this city, that 749 780 7ftl Murray of Utah re- .Governer Ell H. fased te sign thecertlflcat of Congress- - Her Death Yesterday at Her Heme 130 27 97 .man-eleBrlgham Reborts. It was in Fleming County. Sorrewfuls. 'th'e certificate of George Q. Cannen 158 147 141 Wall 107 157 157 Edmonds lhat ,he refused te. aicn. . , 193 111 157 Crawford Mrs. Mary A. Beckett, who recently x 181 183 Fist 15 ,.., TUC nflCDMCD MIICIOAIC moved from this city te Mt. Carmel, 125 m r Kackley u- " ",uw i72 died yesterday at that place. 138 Smoot She was the mother of Messrs. Ree "749 70l 780 ."Thi Affair Last Evening an Excep- - and Perter Beckett. Mrs. Beckett, who had attained a ripe tienally Brilliant One. After winning six straight games old age, was a most highly respected 'fn' .' best bowlers in town, woman, and leaves many relatives in from the a we claim the championship of the city ' 'Reviewlng events slnce Miss Moero this city. 'Mk. Mr. Ree Beckett and wife, the latter and are ready to defend it at any time. ' liaspreslded ever the music department T. M. Russell, Captain Tourists. formerly Miss Sallle Metcalfe, are both ' Ilayawoed this community must be 11). rieusly A Bank has been organtzed at Ewing. '., deeply impressed with its indebtedness jr. .te ber. By untiring and wholly tinsel '.'' fish, effort she has afforded Maysville ' 'the, opportunity te hear semo of the DON'T PUT OFF UNTIL foremost artists of the country. i TOMORROW WHAT YOU Last night Mr. Armin W. Doerner of Cincinnati, assisted by Miss Moere, CAN DO TODAY. held a lare audience In absorbed inter--- t during a piano recital of unusual ,'-- r- yublle - . p Fer the Holiday Trade. ' a a a a a a ! .: a . J I a THE $ CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS 7 l'nuuuu Atr d f i't;jf IBEE rw.brllllaney. t Doerner.'s mastery of his art leaves TMir. : nothing te be desired, lie nses the 'plake as an artist does his canvas, de- jilctlag light and shade with an ac- curacy that ttmares. A delicate an- - the occasion are coming in daily, , '.''dante movement, trembling with sympa- ', vtbetje emotlea, merges into a stirring VC'aita"arM wih a wlftnea that dflHplitfl. u I combined delicacy, depth and bril- '."'.liiBa at Mr. Deerner'a nlavine pre him maBter. 'rv t6f many delightful numbers perhaps v'V ;the" fear that steed out BtrongestTvere ;, ithe,tw eelectlenB from LiBxt, Feusig's "M3ypy. Moledlos and the ever welcome e B 4 i 'ft Ronde from Meeart, given by Moero with orchestral accem jatTflHlOBl DJ OUT, JJOOTUOl,ri,u. rte uu. b'v sound it seeraed Incredl ."5n the &;'ft-!C;.iif- ' k k l MrirmaA 'iHtoletwo UstrnmentB oeuld se absolutely !$ r tie d sa one. Enthusiastic applause & 4llawe4 Alias Moere's exquisite play- vUgi l4ently atMiting ncniy ae- - tSBi1 Hjjaej ty4 prcUtien. jl is uaau tad its . aaMtier waii.wat, aynM te earn iM mrmx ' mukv oyeoHMKlWoo 1,aw!SStBS4!,WM' IbbWPP"'' imnimme rr :.t r mmtmx-x- . , ny the best authors BIBLES MKDALLIONS-nenuti- Come in and let us show what bcauti- to , . of kearlBg . . THE HOME STORE. Il dALLlINulK, and OPTICIAN.' USTFer the best Whisky In the world for the holiday trade go te O. II. P.Themas it Ce., Market street, Maysville, Ky., and get Old Time Bourbon and Maysville Club Rye from 3 te 21 years old. Sold dlrectfrem the Distillery. formerly of Merris McAllister, Greenup county, has sued the city of Portsmouth for $10,000 damages and $167 reimbursement for Docter's bill. He was burled by a sewer caving with him six months age, and has net been able te work since. HIVE n.HFCHTNOFR&CO thousand bushels Kanawha and Ohie River Ceal cheap for Gaiu.k Bnes. cash. 'Phene Ne. 70. ISTMurray it Themas will give the lowest prices consistent with honest work and they de no ether kind. If in the market for Monumental ex any kind of stonowerk, you will miss it if you miss them. X OTTwenty-flv- e HAVE YOU ff,B MAS WINDOW? is a sensible shopper. An Immcnse variety, from 5e up IIANDKEUCIIIEFS $1 GLOVES Gunranteed hniiul 50e NECICAVEAlt 25c, 50c, 75e SUSPENDERS In 1hss bexen MUFFLERS 25ote$l.SO UOc te $5 UMBRELLAS Ladles' und Gent's ALL PRICES TABLE LINENS 25oteOHo SHIRTS SHIRTWAISTS .0ote$5 te $1.50 SILKS Fer Waists 2.5o,60e riLLOW TOPS 75c up CAPES $2.60 up CLOAKS lOcte ?1.25 pair HOSIERY POCKET-BOOK- S 60 te $1.50 Frem 5c te $18 DOLLS 25c CHINA PLATES Decorated. 80,100,250 CHINA TRAYS 25e te $2.50 inetnl 15ote08o lOe, 15c, i!5e BOX FAPEK and ENVELOPES ....5c, PE11FUME 5e te 50c COMBS and BIIUSIIES Aluminum 75e te 3 $2 te $2.50 MllUtOItS Aluminum i. INKSTANDS 25e te $2,no COLLAltaml CUFF BOXES Aluminum ...$1.50 NECKTIE und GLOVE BOXES Aluminum $1.50 , CIGAR OASES 5e te $1 CIGARETTE OASES 25e te$l TKAY8 Nicely engraved.. ,.10e te$1.25 25e te 75e PlIOTOGltAI'ir FllAMES AL11UMS CANDLU STICICS-Fan- ey :And Just KINGS OF TV LOW PRICES. a aHaMaaaHaHaaa-aMM-M- le Think, We Have Net Mentioned jT " Th-Z rl- One-Thir- "!3r d of the Articles We Have for Xmas Gifts!: mXZZS mkr mJr i j-- fc3 1 I OFer Mrs. L. Fur Scarfs and Beas, V. Davis. trwi'P.V ,wMrivUWt' tTlr L.n R .', " Vitre. tLl$$ '1 I jS? - - id RO'te - n'iitrrburt American. We have never had a President like Roosevelt before. This Is said often, and is true in several respects. It is especially true socially. He knews se many peeplo In ether than a political way. Thore is almost no part of the country where he cannot go and find friends ether than political enos. If he gees en a hunting oxpedition In the far West he Ilnds college mates te enter-- , tain him. If he comes te Farmingteu he finds relatives. If he steps at New Haven he falls into a group which includes a Heugh ltlder or two. When he comes ever te New Yerk he puts up with his own people, and after dinner gees te the Century Club and spends an evening, as any member might. What ether President have, we had who was at home everywhere in such associations as these? Mr. McKinley, as the results of a publie experience of twonty-flv- e years, knew men in all parts or the country, but they were mostly politicians and statesmen. If he went anywhere he was entertalned with mere or less state stiffness, and had little of the freedom of the private citizen. There Is no President we. have ever had who everywhere could find the hospitality which is extended to the man and net the President, who, therefore, could enjoy mere or less Boetal privacy and could conceal himself from the exposure te which a Presldent is subjected, as President Roosevelt can. a u Y .'. PROPRIETORS BEE HIVE. Has found that her little ones are improved mere by the pleasant Syrup e Figs, when In need of the laxative eiCect n"a medy, than by any St.!1 Children cnlev It anil It liBHt ethw.' iha The true remedy. Syrup of Fir, I rntinI wily. tM limw&dM TBI'-- - . S S S the: modern mother i ui'rfw. llLs i THE PRESIDENT SOCIALLY. '" , S H H mwmmmmwMmwmmmmrjmw' avoids the rush. can choose her gifts at leisure. 2Se i!5e A jgj p 0 i either old or young you can get for a small amount of money. gets the choice of the variety. $1.11) O80 RulJectH rul MIllHOnS On euscls shopper shopper shopper shopper lQc, lOe TI1K LATKST NOVELS if te ee ceagra.uiatea 4fwajnJUl IM . HOOKS early early early early H j The EARLY BIRD CATCHES the WORM The The The The K s Will seen be here and new goods for ful things suitable for presents S other houses' prices, (quality considered) will make you a factor in making this month the biggest busi- - H ness doing one in our history. Our line of Furnishing Goods, of which any jg article in it will make handsome holiday gifts, is as 3! complete as you will find in the largest city. Yeu will find here the latest creations in Neckwear, Shirts, ii0 Underwear, Hosiery, etc., at the lowest prices. If i0 you buy a Stetson Derby or Seft Felt Hat of us you i0 will have the newest shape designed by the most exclusive Hat House in the world. ig Our Hanan & Son and W. L. Douglas Shoes, every pair of which we warrant to give satisfaction, s have in a short time put us in the front rank as one Kg. of the Best Men and Beys' Shoe Houses in the state. i ct . A great many wait to make their purchases a day or two before Christmas. Don't de that un- less it is perishable goods. We want you te come as early in the month as you conveniently can. You secure better attention, as you know hew crowded we are a few days before Christmas. It is time for you to buy your own and your boy's Winter Suit and Overcoat. During this month we will hold out special inducements in prices that, compared with p a aaaaasaaaaaaaa00a0ca0aaaaaaaaaaaaaa9aeaaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Loek at the tinware railway train In Henry Rasp's Z. N. Thacker liUs been appointed .. Peitmaatcr atPugh, Lewls county, vice J. Hardy, resigned. The Cincinnati, Georgetown and V Portsmouth Railroad has increased its Vteck from $400,000 te $1,600,000. , KJSJTe wind up our business by the ; , Iflrst of the year we will soil furniture "" belbw cost. We have te de it. ' sa 13 00 alKAKAMAAAAAMAmAAAAAAAMAakAaiaiaiakAAAAakAakaiAakAaaiaiakAAttaakAakMAAakAJkAAAakAAAAAAAAAAakAAMAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAA. " ' 3STSee Brown's Bargains en second page. Bourbon county Confederates have subscribed $222 for the establishment of a Confederate Heme In Kentucky. Mr. Fred L. Auxler of Millersburg and Miss Lillian II. Baten were married at Cincinnati Monday by the Rev. U. V. W. Darlington. We Are New Prepared a a a a a a a a a a a a 4. m FRANK OWENS )"A ) D. HUNT & SON. n u ATE. KBnZSaXSX7SZSZStt?SUZ!KUZS2SZSZSZ5ZSasIS2S2S2rensKCSZSE5Hrs5UZnSZ si JsBj. " mmwMmmmmmmmmzmwzfc ? They are the famous "Woeltex" Coats and they emphasize the following peints: FABRIC THE BEST. STYLE-T- HE LATEST. These reductiens: WORK-FAULTL- ESS. ''$ ) I IN OUTER 0e0o-0eaot"0o- r 1', " . Mrs. L. V. Davis has all the correct styles in Millinery. 3TWe have Just received 10,000 bushels of the best Ceal, and will sell cheap a for cash. 'Phene 70. Gaiilk Bres. Jee Prather, a Greenup county farmer, while butchering upset a kottle of het water, scalding himself se badly that 0 he may die. GIFTS!folks. iRie Reductions :for little i. a Kffh HARDW'E COMP'Y. .OB) HEADWEAR! 0B)" ' a this city. Call at our store and let us show you. FROM BOSTON. V ";:-.- J OUR. XMAS. STOCK ever exhibited in Fine, fat, new mackerel. Buy befero they advance. In palls, quarters and half barrels only. M . 0. Kusmkll Ce. :A will ' beautify the home ARRANGED Kay's line of Toilet Sets. Mr. 'It, A. Kay, for many years engaged in a Creamery and Lumber Yard at Mt. Oreb, O., has moved te Seuth Carolina where he will be engaged in the lumber business. He Is a brother of Prof. Kay of this city. The funeral of Mrs. J. C. Molley will take place at 1:30 this afternoon from her late home en East Second street, after which the remains will be laid te rest in Maysvllle Cemetery. Immediately en hearing of the death of Mrs. Molley, the Paster's Union of this city held a called meeting, and a letter expressive of deep sympathy was forwarded te the bereaved husband. HSrT'See fr l : presents that PRICE ONE CENT. i "SLfefcl the most attractive stock of goods for WE HAVE 11, 1901. wedding will eccnr The Treuts-Oabat the home of the bride's parents en Market street at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The Elks will this evening held a social session at which there will be long refresements and short spoechos. Ray'a Xmaa Leather Goods. HB7H jH,. Bern, Deccmber 6th, te Mr, and Mrs. BA1 Villi ar Ian Gllft of Bracken county, a Hue &laughter. IJESfte 'insurance men in tome of tlie cities of a i'Vvre talkingIiarlng crusade against the MKc'ttBtem of 3hrtstmaB trees. Se v '4,"V"Jrnany flr8 are started by them they aa JiEPUBLICAH. MAYSVILLE And can show you A '" lflbKi' is, fcC!i . . ..- . te. i.. lfi -- . L . k

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