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Image 118 of Basketball, 1989

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

TrXdition The University of Kentucky has built an impressive record playing in Louisville over the years. The Wildcats have won an NCAA championship (1958), nine Southeastern Conference Tournament titles and have defeated some of the best teams from around the country before Wildcats fans at Louisville. Kentucky began playing in Louisville in 1908, when the Cats lost to Louisville Coliseum, 30-18. They defeated the University of Louisville, 26-13, lost to the Cards, 26-15, the following year and then defeated them, 32-24, in 1916. Two years later, UK lost to Centre, 22-12, in the state championship game played in Louisville. The Cats defeated the Cards there in 1922 and then did not play again in the Derby City until the 1936-37 season, when they dropped a 41-28 decision to Notre Dame, Most of those early games were played in the Armory downtown before Freedom Hall was opened during the 1957-58 season. The Cats captured the 1958 NCAA title with victories over Temple and Seattle and the spacious arena has played host to Kentucky teams every year since. Kentucky's record at Freedom Hall now stands at 32-11. The Wildcats' overall record in Louisville is now 92-23. Broken down, the Cats are 44-17 in regular-season play, 43-3 in SEC Tournament play and 5-3 in post-season competition. Kentucky's most impressive string of victories in Louisville came when the Cats won 32 straight games between 1946 and 1951. Only 10 of the 27 teams Kentucky has faced in the 115 games in Louisville have been able to knock off the Cats. The longest running series has been with Notre Dame, with the Wildcats holding a 23-9 advantage over the Fighting Irish. Kentucky established a new Freedom Hall attendance record two years ago as 20,053 jammed the arena to watch the Cats take on Georgia. At noon the day of the Georgia game, UK fans continued a Wildcat tradition, as more than 19,000 arrived for a brief Kentucky shooting practice. Three days earlier, the Wildcats handed the University of Louisville its worst defeat ever at Freedom Hall, 8551. NO PLACE LIKE HOME: LOUISVILLE (Won 95, Lost 25) Kentucky and Louisville cheerleaders personify the "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" motto as they lead the crowd in the singing of "My Old Kentucky Home." KENTUCKY RESULTS In Louisville UK's Mike Pratt gets set to sink a crucial shot in Kentucky's thrilling 102-100 victory over Notre Dame in December, 1969. Pratt earned the Shively Award for his play in that game. The Shively Award is presented to the MVP of the Kentucky-Nofre Dame Game. Year W-L Opponent Score 1908 L Louisville Coli seum 18-30 1913-14 W Louisville 26-13 1914-15 L Louisville 15-26 1915-16 W Louisville 32-24 1917-18 L Centre 12-22 1921-22 W Louisville 38-14 1936-37 L Notre Dame 28-41 1938-39 L Notre Dame 37-42 1940-41 L Notre Dame 47-48 ' 1940-41 W Ole Miss 62-52 W Tulane 53-30 W Alabama 39-37 L Tennessee 33-36 '1941-42 W Florida 42-36 W Ole Miss 59-32 W Auburn 40-31 W Alabama 36-34 •'1941-42 L Great Lakes 47-58 1942-43 L Indiana 52-58 W Notre Dame 60-55 ' 1942-43 W Tulane 48-31 W Georgia 59-30 W Miss. State 52-43 L Tennessee 30-33 ' • 1942-43 L Great Lakes 39-53 1943-44 W Indiana 61-41 w Notre Dame 55-44 • 1943-44 w Georgia 57-29 w LSU 55-28 w Tulane 62-46 1944-45 w Indiana 61-43 L Notre Dame 58-59 (or * 1944-45 w Florida 57-35 w LSU 68-37 w Alabama 52-41 w Tennessee 39-35 1945-46 L Notre Dame 47-56 116 KENTUCKY BASKETBALL

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