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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 20, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. WHITESBURG, AUG. 20, 1953. THURSDAY. Notice For Bids On Sale of School FOR .SALE One six room house. One, 1 room house. Located 200 yards from main highway. Payne Gap, Ky., 2 miles from Jenkins, Ky. Houses on 1 4 acres of land deep well with Fair Banks Morse Pumps. Waterwith no iron or sulphur. Concrete block foundation. Already excavated for" a large basement. 0 House wired for volts. Priced for sale $3,750. See -- A. J. HAYNES, Payne Gap. Ky. MALE HELP WANTED Reliable man with car wanted, part or full time, to call on farmers in South West Letcher County. Wonderful opportunity. $10 to $20 in a day. No experience or capital required. Permanent. Write today. McNESS COMPANY, 2tp. Dept. A, Freeport, 111. 1-- Dr. J. E. Skaggs BRADSHAW Will Not Be In Office From Aug. 3 to" Aug. 17th. Gone to Florida JEWELER'S ELGIN, BULOVA WATCHES 13-2- 0c FOR RENT Two apartments five-roo- m in the W. E. Cook Building, Whitesburg. Steam heat, hot and cold water. Also two office rooms. See. Ralph Bates Neon, Ky. rtc. BOND DIAMONDS JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING WHITESBURG, KY. Fishing Dock 4 I Lake Cumberland Corbin, Ky. We Fill All Doctors Prescriptions Clyde D.Wooton, O.D. At ' Eyes Examined Glasses Prescribed Across from court house Over Hazard Rexall Drug Hazard. Ky. ' QLILLEN DRUG DEMOCRAT d bids will be received by The Letcher County Board of Education until September 3, 1953, on the Neon Grade School Building and Site. This building is located at lower end of Neon across the street from A. & P. Tea Company, and is considered very valuable property for either business or residential. The right to reject any or all bids is reserved. Signed : DAVE L. CRAFT, Supt. Letcher County Schools. 3tc FOUND One mule. Owner see Jones and identify same, lxpd. G-C- 20 NOTICE . Mildred and Inez Collins and Margie Sergent spent Sat- urday night with Betty Jo Short. Visiting Dewey Collins Sunday evening was Sid Quillen", Estill Sergent and Cecil Henderson. Betty Jo Short and Margie Sergent spent Sunday night with Mildred and Inez Collint. Mr. and Mrs. Curt Bates were visiting Mrs. Wade Short Sunday. Visiting Mrs. Cinda Kiser were Mr. and Mrs. James Kiser of Camp Branch, Mr. and Mrs. Jack West of Colly, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Gilliam and daughter June of Mayking and Howard Gilliam. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Kincer and family of Whitaker were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Collins Sunday. Uncle Riley Bentley is id at this writing. Visiting Miss Betty Jo Short Friday night were Myrtle, Annette and Avelena Bates of IN MEMORY In memory of my husband Townsel C. Adams, who pass ed from this life one year ago today, by Minnie Adams. Beyond the sunset I'll find him waiting. With smiles to greet me over there. Where there will be no separations, Protected by' God's loving care. Beyond the sunset, with friends and loved ones. Where we will know as we are known. In mansion bright prepared by Jesus. United in that Heavenly home. Blair Reunion Held Sunday The third annual meeting of the Blair reunion was held Sunday, August 16, 1953, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Blair, near Whitesburg. There were 98 friends and relatives attending. The program was opened by the master of ceremonies Mr. Morgan Ozee. John Adams of Appalachia, Virginia, gave the welcoming address. The invocation was given by Mrs. Florence Fields, wife of the late Judge Monroe Fields. The minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary, Mrs. Madge Ozee. Mr. Ozee introduced the honor guest, Mrs. Vina Fitch Patrick, the daughter of Stephen Blair, elder brother of the late Hiram W. Blair. Mrs. A. K. Franklin gave a reading, "I Shall Not Be Late." Mr. N. P. Banks, historian for the Blair Reunion, gave the history of the Blairs from ASSESSMENT ORDINANCE FOR TAXES DUE AND PAY ABLE FOR THE YEAR OF 1953 THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE In CITY OF FLEMING, KENTUClittle more Spinet Piano Bargain money Debt? A lot of differmakes a KY, DO ORDAII AS FOLLOWS: Wo have a lovely little piano ence, easy part time work with the year 180. That there be and there is Gifts were oresented to Mrs. to be sold in this territory. Full Avon provides good extra inhereby laid and levied for the E. C- - Blair, in appreciation for 88 note keyboard. Just pay come. Write Avon, District! Colson. small down payment and small Manager, P. O. Box 1102, Misses Margie Sergent, taxable year of 1953, and which her graciousness as hostess. monthly payments. Fully guar- Huntington, West Va. Mildred Collins and Betty Jo tax is due and payable on cr Aunt Vina Fitchpatrick, as anteed. 3x20-27-Short and Inez Collins visited before November 1, 1953, an honor guest, Mrs. W. H. Blair tax of .75 cents upon and Sarah Elkms as motheis Write to: Virgie Martin Sunday morneach $100.00 worth of property of twins; Mr. and Mrs. John PAUL HAYES, FOR SALE ing. Field Representative birthday party wasgiven subject to taxation, either real Long, as the couple married A A noiseless Underwood Cumberland Valley Music Co., Typewrietr, $25. for Frances Gail Short on her or personal, within the corporate longest; Mr. C. E. Standif er, as See: Harlan, Ky. ninth birthday Saturday even- limits of the City of Fleming, the guest who traveled farthMrs. J. H. Abbott Those Kentucky. Said levy is laid and est; and to several children ing at two o'clock. 422 Main St., Jenkins, Ky. present were Jacquelyn, Faw-in- a, levied and made and based upon for contests, etc. FOR SALE Edda Pearl, Collins, Ave-lin- a the assessment made as of Jan Rev. Cullen Hogg gave the Five room house with bath. YOUR OWN Bates, Wlima Diamond, uary 1, 1953, by the Letcher benediction with which the Hot and cold running water. Allen and Gerald Bates, Larry county iax commissioner, lor meeting was dosed- 20x20. Concrete block baseBUSINESS and Kirby Tolliver, Darrell the taxes due and payable for the Those present were: JVir ment, flue from basement up Standifer, Diamond, Treva Lee, Gemona, year of 1953. The levy, and and Mrs. C. E. Build A Sound Profitable for furnace. Audra Diamond, Carlis Coll- taxes collected therefrom are to North Liberty, Ind., Mr. and Business Quickly! be used for the purpose of pay Mrs. W. H. Blair, Knoxville; Three room house, bath. ins, Betty Lou Oliver. A quality product with fast House almost new. about 3 2 Miss Minnie Ellen Short ing the salaries of the City em- John Adams, Appalachia, Va.; acres of land going with turnover! Nationally-know- n Fields, Pitts'(Kpent Saturday night with ployees, street lights, debts in- Mrs. Florence Ideal curred and to be incurred for the burgh; John Fitchpatrick, Vina houses. Located at mouth oi manufacturer! Avelena Bates of Colson. man. Exclusive Long Branch near Wilson aggressive Miss Mildred Ann Collins, repair and improvement of pub- Fitchpatrick, Mrs. Peggy cor-ne- tt, county franchise. Quick reinterestFields Property. If Mr. and Mrs. Morgan spent Monday night with lic streets, sanitation, and other turns on limited working Margie Lee Sergent. general purposes of whatever Ozee and Jimmy Ozee, Hazed see: capital Assure your future in CORBETT ADAMS. Mrs. Cinda Watts of Hallie nature that are payable from the ard; Whitesburg, Ky. lxp. a permanent business. SELL visited her sister Mrs. Bertha general fund. Any and all funds Mrs. Maggie Stewart, Faye AND INSTALL REFLECTthat are collected under this levy Goff, Pattie Goff, Harrison Collins. FOR THE BEST BUYS in IVE INSULATION. Banks, AnMrs. John Oliver visited shall be deposited in the General Banks, Parilee used furniture appliances, pot For details contact Expense Fund of the City. Mrs. Wade Short Thursday. thony Day, Susanah Day, tery, antiques, see us first. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Tolliver There is also laid and levied Marion Amburgey, Mattie Perry Furniture Exchange, Buddeke Equipment visited Mrs. Estill Adams of and shall be collected for the Amburgey, Tony Day, Sarah High Street, Hazard Phone, year of 1953, a poll tax of $1.00 Elkins, Margaret Lou Adams, Co. Hindman Saturday. rtcc. Main 700. Charles Short spent Satur upon each male person of legal Joyce Ann Sumpter, Bobby 906 E. Breckenrldga day night with Mr. and Mrs. age who resides in or is a resi Jean Elkins, Patrick Banks, HELP WANTED Louisville, Ky. dent of the City of Fleming, George Brown, Sillar Erown, Curt Bates of Colson Phone: Jackson 5263 10 Brick Masons, persons Kentucky. All are Tommy Brown,, tieorgie Miss Mildred Ann Collins, 10 Carpenters, Mragie and Estil Sergent visit- exempted of payment of this poll Brown, John Long, Susan 2 Electricians tax who Spinet Piano Bargain ed Mrs. Thomas Henderson 60 years are crippled or who are Long, Worley Sturgill, Ruby 10 Plumbers of age and unable to Sturgill, Deborah Sturgill, Mr. last Monday. Contact: We have a lovely little piano work. Mrs. Minerva 'Pigman visitand Mrs. Shelby Sturgill and CLYDE SPENCE, Be it further ordained that any children, to be sold in this territory. ed Uncle Riley and Aunt Faith Ann Arm50, Representative, District and all taxes under the above strong, Joseph Brown, Mr. and Full 88 note keyboard. Just Sarah Bentley Sunday. Whitesburg. pay small down payment and Misses Margie Sergent and which are not paid by the due Mrs. J. O. Banks, Donald (No telephone calls accept small payments. Phyllis Ann Hicks visited Mrs. date are subject to a 6 per cent Keith Banks, Mr. and Mrs. monthly rtc. Fully guaranteed. Write to: ed) . Thomas Henderson recently. penalty if not paid before Janu- Ralph Banks, PAUL HAYES, Miss Betty Jo Short visited ary 1, 1954, which will be added Wade Neal Banks, Delia FOR SALE Field Representative, Mrs. Rachel Neice Thursday. to the amount of taxes due and Caldwell, Bob Day, Mrs. Felix 24 foot Sportsman House Cumberland Valley Music Miss Faye Richardson has G per cent interest will be added Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Trailer, white birch interior, Company, returned home from Cleve- calculated from said date. Banks and daughters, Ritter 3tc.8-2- 7 gray exterior, aluminum This ordinance shall be in full and Mary, Mr-- and Mrs. Harlan, Ky. land. Warner electric bakes, large 2 Mildred and Inez Collins1 force and effect from and after Willard Brown and children wheel dolly, Coleman bottle and Betty Jo Short andl its passage and publication as re Junior and Jaynette, Mr. and WANTED gas stove and fuel oil heater, Mrs. Ab Humphrey and chilWanted by John Byrd Coal Margie Sergent visited Mrs. quired by law. full size bed, couch that makes Co., Pert Creek, Ky., coal load- Bertha Collins Sunday evenReThis the 3rd. day of August. dren, Sandra, David and bed, plenty of closet and ers, shuttle car operators, drill ing. becca, Mr. and Mrs. .Emory 1953. cabinet space, ice box, sink. men. contract work. Lewis and children, Helen lxp. $1150 cash. 1704 Chopping Standifer, Mr. D. B. Franklin, The Eagle can supply all of ATTEST: Branch, McRoberts. M. E. DEARING, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Franklin, WANT TO SELL your school needs. Come in pd. Bobby Winstead, Dr. and Mrs. Two today and let us get you lined Clerk, City of Fleming To Right Party T. L. RILEY, D. M. Fields, of Cumberland, acreage out for the coming school Houses and all the OPPORTUNITY Chairman City Council. Mr. Walter Fields, Kelly year. A chance for a young girl surrounding the Pine Moun Fields, Howard Gilley, Cullen who has finished high school tain Lake. Contact Ellis Mor Hogg, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ever-sol- e, to attend Pikeville College, by gan, Me Mountain Motel. Mr. and Mrs. Horace rtc, staying in a good christian Dixon, Brenda Dixon, Mrs. D. home. She can participate in C- - Boggs, Rev. and Mrs. BerFertile Farm 351 Acres For Sale WANTED all college activities, and at nard Banks, Verna anks, Carothe same time earn enough House keeper, stay nights. lyn Caudill, Sylvia, Linda and 13 Miles From Maysville, money to pay her expenses. If 5 2 days per week, must be Donald Banks. interested phone 266o Whites- over 20 years of age. Good wages, write Box VZb. burg or 2527- PRAYERS FOR PEACE On State Highway rtc. SAW MILLS I want to say to my brethAll Fertile, gently rolling, tractor land ren and sisters in Christ that Apartments .For Rent For Sale prayers being offered for peace addition-r-tw- o Xarge brick house with SAW MILLS. Frick mills, One four room, one three for the people of all nations, large dairy barns two large calf barns with stalls four Heat, edgers and planers are money room unfurnished. prayers have proved to be silos three large tobacco barns with stripping rooms new makers. They cut perfect jights, water $25.00 each mightier than all the ammuni lumber. It's easy to own Frick apartment. Sleeping rooms tion in all the world. Thev modern tenant house with bath, furnace four room machinery with our liberal $5.00 per week. .Contact: have cured the sick and com tenant house five bjg ponds or lakes stocked with fish DAVE HOLLAJN, payment terms. Write . for forted the wounded in time of Whitesburg, Ky. pump houses for irrigation system ten acre tobacco base. need as well as saved souls. free catalog. FRICK COM rtcc , Phone 2311 PANY, Charleston, W. Va. Therefore in my humble judg7. ment, I think we the praying Write, or Phone 4411 people should offer solemn WANTED Fleming County Realty Company FOR RENT Restaurant cooks and wait prayers that God almighty through his powers will favor-thApartment, resses. Good salary. Call zoii One Flemingsburg, Kentucky free people of the world. Furnished on College Hill. or see: rtc DAVE HOLLAN. Prayers for the much sought Call 2143 or 2286 or see E. B. for peace are very much it Addington or Estill Blair. WANTED TO RENT order. rtc. Five room house with 'heat They may be said in church and hot water. See; in your home with your famHELP WANTED FRED COFFEY, ily, at work or where ever MALE & FEMALE Quillen Drug Co. SMITTIE'S DRY CLEANERS you wish, but do not neglect MAN OR WOMAN to disto rtc. Whitesburg, Ky. such a solemn duty. Offer bute Watkins Nationally Ad 20 per cent discount for cash and carry. such prayers to God for imvertised Products to establish FOR RENT mediate peace among all peoed customers in Jenkins. Full Eight room house with all We pick up and deliver. ple of all nations, these are my or part time. Earnings un prayers forever. Amen. limited. No car or other in modern facilities, service staMrs- Dora B. Ison. Phone 2284 vestment necessary. Write tion and raraee 2 acres of land, see: Mr. C. R. Ruble, Dept The Whitesburg, Kentucky CARL DANN, The Eagle is only $3.00 per J. R. Watkins Company, McRoberts, Ky. Phone 1304 year in Letcher County. SubMemphis, Tennessee. 2tc. scribe today. 3. , Fred Coffey Pharmacist FOR RENT 1-- Whitesburg Four room apartment, lights water and heat furnisnea. on concrete street. Call 2684 or see: for Jbo-cat- ed DON BROWN, Phone 2160 We appreciate your business Whitesburg, Ky. FOR RENT Cossie and Hazel Quillen. business location, Main Street. Hazard, Ky. Beer license, well furnished, if interested phone 2245, or write J. F. Nolan, North Lime, Lexington, Ky. Also have property on Main Street, Hazard rtc- for sale. Good FOR SALE 120 acre farm located best section Laurel County, near London Ky. Has eight room modern home with City conveniences. 2 barns. Dairy Barn. Tobacco base. Priced to sell. CORBIN REALTY CO. WANTED Box 538, Corbin, Ky. Phones 136, 610 or 1041. "Green Poplar lumber wantMake any phone call for prices. ed. Contact us for Lyle L. Willis or LARKINS BROS. Wilson Stewart. & YOST CO., Inc. 1443 S. 15th. St. rtcc Antique Furniture Louisville 10, Ky." WANTED TO BUY Highest cash prices paid for dogwood timber. For prices specifications cutting and write or call: DRAPER CORPORATION, Bristol, Tenn., P. O. Box 331 Tel. 3210, Blountville, Tenn. rtcc. For Sale Living Room Suite, around 100 years old Excel lent condition. Contact Lllis Morgan. Pine Mountain Motel, rtc Telephone 2572. 6-- RENT FOJR Three Kooms and bath In WANTED A young mar- old Combs Motor Company ried man living in this Building. See: H. COMBS, vicinity, high school educartc. At Combs Motor Co. tion, able to do typing, reputable character, sober. Applv H. B. REEDY. PLUMBING Want To Exchange AND HEATING Car For Property Rear of Daniel Boone Hotel, I would like to exchange '52 rtc. Whitesburg, Ky. Firedome 8 DeSota, in excellent condition driven only Help Wanted k loz 8,000 miles, Know of good; bookkeeping (preferably to house andand with bath job. Also other types of jobs running water.) I do not in Whitesburg if you are Gen-r- need car, but do need home. Motors bookkeeping train- If interested see or write: ed and willing to work. If NELLIE WRIGHT, you have been drunk in the rtcc. Beefhide, Kyi past 12 months, do not apply wasting your time and for Job NOTICE OF SALE ours. See: Pursuant to provisions of S. A. COLLINS, 0 and 0 sections Boone Motor Co. Kentucky Revised Statutes, Whitesburg, Ky. the undersigned will offer for Phone 2159. sale at Whitesburg, Ky., in front of the Combs Motor Co., FOR RENT at 1:00 p. m. (EST) on FriFive room house for rent in day, September 4, 1953: Mudtown Section of Jenkins. Plymouth, five pas Call No. 20, Jenkms. senger coupe, blue, Motor No. rtcc. P This July 23, 1953, al 376-28- 376-27- FOR SALE Grocery and Market in Lexington, Ky. 625,000.00 Gross Sales in past five years. See or Call COMBS MOTOR CO. 3xc. 30-6-1- 3. FQjR SALE Two Panel Trucks: BEN A. ADAMS, Owner, Chevrolet and Ford, in Phone No. 4401 or 4711, good running condition. Fleming, Kentucky SMITHE'S DRY rtc. CLEANERS. 1-- 48 1-- 50 FOR RENT 110-22- Property-Seale- KENTUCKY Four room FOR SALE house and 38 acres of land loTwo room furnished apart- cated in Haymond, Ky. ment, hot air heat, electric COLLACE KINCER, stove, etc. Call 2351 or see: . 114 E. Maplewood Ave. --MRS. W.W.MURRAY, Dayton 5, Ohio Whitesburg, Ky. 30-8- -6 1-- 2xc-20-2- e - 8-- 4, 20-2- 7.

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