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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 20, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

SCHOOL BEGINS MONDAY AUGUST 31 5 lawn Volume No. 47 Whiteshnrp limner r,nnnt.v. K Number 13. Jenkins Employs New Uncle Bill Sailing, 85, Kindergarten Class Coaching Staff Resident of Sergent To Begin Aug. 31st According to report just re Is Called by Death The Whitesburg Lions Club ceived from C. V. Snapp; Sup PMA Committee To Hold Election 6 Boys and Pastor of Bach Family To Hold Fleming Bapt. Church Annual Reunion Elections of communltv pavofnv A(UnL via. The Annual Reunion of the nuaiiiai PMA committeemen and coun was announces! that the Kinder "Bach Family Association" The entire community erintendent of the Jenkins on garten class will ty convention delegates will Six boys from Letcher coun- - will be held on Sunday, Sept. shocked at the passing of Un- 31st. They state begin theyAug. Schools, the Jenkins Board of are that be held Thursday. August 27, left Whitesburg 6, 1953, on the Pastor of the Fleming Experiment the grounds of the Education in a special session cle Bill Sailing at his home at proud of their kindergarten at the following places: Station at QuickSergent Saturday night at program; held on Monday of last week, for the past several Magisterial District No. 1 Baptist Church on Tuesday, sand, Breathitt County. This 10:00 o'clock. Uncle Bill was employed Jim Mackenzie, Ernest Blair's Store 3:00 p. m. August 18 for Atlanta, Ga., reunion is held each year ou Va., on years they have taken great born in former tackle and end of the January Scott County,the fam pride in making it possible for Magisterial District No. 2 where they will represent lo Sunday before Labor Day as 12, 1868 and University of Kentucky team, cal churches at the Southwide has been the custom children to prepare themselves Burke's Store, 3:00 p. m. P. for many David E. Hurst, an outstand- ily seemed so happy to have for school. Some of the major h., . Magisterial District No. 3 Royal Ambassador Congress. years. Y ing lineman on the Duke Uni- such a kind and loving hus- purposes Approximately 6,000 boys of kindergarten Clay's Store, 3:00 p. m. with them The descendants of "Johann versity team and Thomas Q. band and father age. Uncle training are: Magisterial Distnct No. 4 from 22 states and several for 1. To acquaint the child Price m, a graduate of the until this ripe old C. B. Blair's Store. 3:00 p. m. eign nations are expected to Bach, (a direct descendant of Miss University of Kentucky and Bill Sailing 'marriedW. Bur. with school its schedule, disMagisterial District No. 5 attend the Congress to be held Johann Sebastian Bach) and Lettie Webb, sister of for the past two years coach ot The boys from Elizabeth HuCTman" who came cipline, and requirements. C. B. Caudill's Store.3:00 p, m. the 18th-20tIdine, John S. bam 1. ana .wwv.oii oni hocoVmn (That he must arrive on Magisterial District No. 6 here attending are Don Webb came to .Eastern Kentucky well as assistant coach of foot- - jBobert in California. The late time, that there is a certain Big Branch School 3:00, p. m. from Hot Spot, Jimmie Fol-la- s from Culpeper County, VirFields and Johnny Rodg- ginia, with three sons and one ball at Harrodsburg, Ky. This VVdllCX JV. KCUU aiiu uaia-- i amount of time allowed in Magisterial District No. 7 represents perhaps the strong- Jane Franklin. which to do certain things, M. L- - Webb's Store, 3:00 p. m. ers 'from Whitesburgi and daughter, will meet for the He is survived by eight chil that many children est coaching staff ever employMagisterial District No. 8 from Fleming will be - Mike day. One son, John Bach, Sr. must obey Dearing and Sunny and Bud came to Perry County, in 1834 ed in the Jenkins Schools. dren, Byron, Detroit; Edison, and tollow one leader, their Fulton's store, 3:00 p. m. Soward, James Boyd, son of Mr. and These elections are for a dy uox. and bought 2500 acres of land Football .practice is now un- Rossville, Ga.; DanaCarl, De teacher) . Ivyloy Bishop of Birmin?- - for $2000 in gold; One son, 2. To provide a setting Mrs. Dee Boyd of Leather-woo- d community PMA committee der way with a large number San Carlos, Calif.; whites has again returned to consisting of a chairman, vice nam, Aia., southwide secretary Henry Bach, stayed in Letcher of boys out for the opening troit; Nan Lou Lewis, comparable to the school room sessions under the direction of burg, June Webb, Shadyside, in which the child learns to Whitesburg as assistant foot cnairman, a tmrd member and for Royal Ambassadors, and County and has many hein,; Lexington, Coach Hurst. Coaches Mac- Ohio; and Billie Myrtle Mc- - adjust to the group . . play ball coach after spending two nrst and second alternates, Glendon McCullough, the one son, Lewis Bach with his One sister, Mrs. and work with many children. years in the United States and for a delegate and alter Georgia secretary, are in wife, came to Breathitt Counkenzie and Price will join the Army. James spent most of nate to the county last of this iClellan of Bristol, .Virginia. (Share toys and tools coaching staff the convention charge of the three day pro ty, at an early date and moved The community as well as many others, perform anwith this time with the Medical where a PMA week. Jenkins is anticipating ascountv com- - gram, it will teature Baptist to the State of Kansas. One a good season out realizes the the entire family will miss signment with others a!i Corp in Korea. missionaries as speakers and daughter, Mary Bach, died in miuee will be elected. (.Continued on back page) competition will be "Ruff." Uncle Bill for he was a friend- around, work with a group in Farmers eligible to vote in others who will present var Harlan County. and community elections include ious projects of RA, the BapBand director Sam Rainey, ly husband and father knew order to reach a common goal A Fund has been establishis planning to make a great good to evervone who such as a project, cooperate Farmers Roundup Jr., all who are participating in tist organization for boys be ed to mark the graves of "John him. This was attested by the and contribute so that the contribution to the athletic tween the ages of 9 and 16, Bach, Sr., and his wife, To Be Held Aug 28 PMA programs. program by being on hand numerous visits made to the group tfunctions smoothly). . . One of the more colorful Catherine Robinson", who are home during his short illness '3. Farmers and families from Whitesburg Schools with the Jenkins band to cheer io encourage the child all around are invited and events of the Congress will be buried in the Roark Grave his sad the Cavaliers on and to give and after stream passing. A to think and do things for him- urged to a parade down At yard three miles above Jackof coming constant your Annual To Open August 31 attend an excellent show at half-timselfTo listen and follow lanta's Peachtree Street, which son. This monument will be Farmers Roundup and picnic, Whitesburg schools and going at all times every will The band has been meeting this year. (Children are encouraged at Ben Crafts farm on right open the 1953-5- 4 session Mon- wm include the boys wh6 will erectedWilliam Everett Bach, now for more than a week in one willing to help or do some Mr. march. Floats will depict var thing in behalf of the - hand fork of Millstone. day, August 31. to help plan and organize thenpreparation for the part it wiH Lexington, President, will preprogram Pupils will register accord ious projects of the special projects, given certain An interesting play when the football season side over the business Funeral services were held duties and responsibilities to centering around the farm and ing to the" following schedule. opens. Tuesday at the Whitesburg perform, activities planned home has been planned by All Freshmen will register Anyone interested in the The Jenkins school will open the trip should see The Luncheon committee the 1953-5- 4 session on Friday, Methodist Church, with Clel which encourage thought and the committee. will give in Monday, August 31. Registra tor concerning their local Pas The farm tour Revs. John H. Bates and information. A requests each family attenduu o'clock. tion win Degm at a: develop initiative). August the 28th. A general 4. To teach the child cer- terested persons a chance to All upper classmen (sopho- ous will leave Pineville on ing to bring a basket lunch. organization meeting will be B. Rodgers in charge. see farm tile drainage systeir, mores, Juniors and Seniors) Tuesday morning carrying the This will be served at tain skills so that he may perthe held at 10:00 o'clock on the form his school work with truck crop farming an ex will register on Tuesday, boys from this area who do not noon hour in the Community morning of August 27th. Ac GARDEN CLUB TO MEET 24 cellent poultry flock, improve! September 1. Seniors will go in cars. The estimated House of the Experiment Sta cording to Superintendent MONDAY, AUGUSTwill have ease. pastures, and reforestation register from 8:00 until 9:30; round trip cost is $35.00, in- tion. Thp Garden Club Manipulation of pencils Snapp there will be many new W. W. Reeves of Hazard crayons, scissors, etc., and to project, demonstration on kill- Juniors from 9:30 to 11:00; cluding bus and hotel fare. Mrs. W. E. Bach, Secy. faces on the staff this year. In Mrs. Aug ing of weed Lexington, Ky. fact there will be at least a as guest speaker at their nome button his own coat and tie crab grass in trees, control of and Sophomores from 11:00 James Still Writes Story strawberry fields. until 12:30. total of 25 new staff mem- ust 24 meeting at the 9:00 a. his own shoes.) Speakers, for the days pro For Woman's Day THORNTON Kindergarten All enrolling students are CLOSES bers including principals and of Mrs. W. P. Nolan at will be child to become allows the gram are to be as follows: James Still of Hindman YEAR WITH' VNION m. Her subject requested to bring pencils. PEACE teachers. Cecil Ward who acauainted Arrange wun . Mr. John Jordan, local Soil The school bus schedule will Settlement has written a IN CHURCHES ii school Flower holds a masters degree from "Simple without the presments," followed by a coveerd sure of learning to read and Conservationist, Mr. Eddie be the same as last year in story that will be featured in the University of Tennessee Daniels University of KentucReeves write meet manv the September issue of the The Thornton Union Associreauire- - ky Farm Management Special- the respective areas. has been designated new prin- dish luncheon. Mrs. x requests wai All students enrolling in the Woman's Day. the A&P ation has just passed off, with Iments v. he is cipal at Burdine. Cann Isaacs ?, harmony prevailing through- - flnwprs. foliage and con- - If youwhile a childadiustin-- ist, James A. Newman, Uni- Whitesburg School for the firjt Magazine. have will be back on the job at that vou The Fun Fox" is the story out tne Association, with many tainers, to te usea in me would like to .send to kinder- versity of Kentucky Forestry tune should bring their report but no replacements Specialist and lunchS. Gar of a sly old prankster whose preachers from different sec have been found for Tilden workshop followingisthe quali- garten, please contact Sybiil dener UniversityJohnKentucky cards. a last trick on his neighbors has tions of the country, borne c: of eon. Mrs. Reeves The first official meeting of Crase at Dunham and Roger arrange- Brown. Ixarden Specialist. results for their chil- the most wonderful and inthe elementary and high nappy and L. Wilson at jJerikins. Mr. fied judge on flower Farmers and their families school faculty will be held dren the young school' spiring messages that we have ments having recently had a Wilson has recently accepted and others interested in farm Thursday, August 27, at 10:00 teacher who tells the story. ever heard. Rev. Dewey Sexcourse under Mr. Conway, out- Rotarians Enjoy the position of Dean of Stuton from Indiana, Rev. Stan ing and all interested in huge A. M. on the subroom 4 of the high dents at Morehead State Col- standing authority of the Uni- - Picnic and Outing ley from Clintwood, Va. picnics together are invited to school in ject and graduate building. lege and will leave for his On Tuesday evening Rotar- attend. Bring a basket lunch Commissioner of Motor Four churches from the In duties there some time next vesrity of Calioirm.amembers ians with their wives, family and attend the annual farmMrs. John-Batewho is a Transportation John M. Kin-na- ird dian Bottom lettered up to th!s Members and non week. patient in St. Joseph's Hos has approved sale and Association, besides "the other are urged to come and bring and friends enjoyed a delight- ers roundup. A special program of in pital, Lexington is slightly im- transfer of the one-ha- lf a covered dish, flowers efo, ful evening at the Picklesimer inter new churches just recently Letcher Co. Loses study. cabin on Pine Mountain. An terest to the ladies is planned proved today. Mrs. Bates has est of Cro C. Caudill, Whites established, also lettered up and take part in the with this Association. A silver offerjing will be estimated 100 persons or more for the morning beginning at been critically ill for several burg, in the Gordon-WhitSchool Personnel were on hand to partake of the 9:30 at which time the farm days. She is the daughter of burg Line, Kings Creek, to Friday and Saturday the taken to defray expenses. Mr. and Mrs. Ira P. WhitakAssociation was held at the Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Day. tour will also startfestivities. his partner, A. J. Fields. er, two of Letcher County's Little Colly Church, then SunSinging by the group and WATERFOWL best qualified teachers, have SEASON TO OPEN NOV- - 1 television inside the cabin day it divided and part atleft the county to take positended Thornton Church and waterfowl hunt- added to the evening's enter A tions in Indiana. the rest to the Adams Meming season for Kentucky has tainment. Mr. Coy Holstein Mr. Whitaker has accepted been assigned by the Fish and was chairman of the planning orial Church on Blair Bracnn. he principalship of Scipio Wildlife Service with the committee and plans seemed Dinner was served on the ground. We hope peace will Grade School of North Vernon, opening day being November to work to perfection. continue until next year Indiana and Mrs. Whitaker 17 and the closing day Janwhich will be held with the (Opal Cornett) will be teach- uary 10. The season is the Used Clothing Is Little Ruby Church located at ing in the same school system. same length as for last year Letcher, Ky. Mr. Whitaker is a graduate with only a few changes m Wanted For Needy Reported by of Whitaker Grade School, the bag limit. Mr. Jack W. Brock, Child Uncle Jim Brown and Kingdom Come High School, sea Welfare Worker, states: "We Shooting hours for this Maudella Collins. Caney Junior College and re- son are to begin one-ha- lf hour would like to enlist your aid ceived his A. B. degree from before sunrise and continue in securing clothing and shoes TWENTY-FIV- E Morehead College in 1947. In until sunset, (CST) except on for the needy children of Pike ARRESTED FOR GAME VIOLATIONS 1952 he received his Masters opening day when shooting and Letcher Counties. The Frankfort, Ky. Twenty-fiv- e Degree in Elementary Educa- will start at vi noon. number of persons needing arrests for fish and game law at Morehead. His teach- Bag limit: Geese 5; Ducks l such aid in the two counties tion violations were made in the ing experience includes ten !bajr limit 8. Coots Nov. It. has reached alarming propor T Seventh district during the years in the Letcher County 10; Woodcock. JNov. zu jbck- tions. month of July, the DepartSchools three years at the Snipe 'Nov. 20, 8. Mr. Brock further states ment of Fish and Wildlife ReWhitaker Grade School, one "Those who have any items of sources said today. at Kingdom Come High Mr. and Mrs. James L. clothing which is still wearyear In Letcher County, ConserSchool, one year at Whites- Collier and children John and able should contact me by vation Officer W. S. Long had burg High School, one half Sue of Hamilton, Ohio, were calling Pikeville 913 or by one arrest and Chester Logan, year as attendance office:, visitors at the Eagle on writing me at the County of Blackey was fined for spearyears as Wednesday. Mr. Collier is Court House, Pikeville, Ky." three and one-ha- lf ing fish. principal of Seco Grade School formerly from Harlan Counone year as principal of ty and has been in Hamilton and CITY CAFE TO BE OPEN Hemphill Grade School. for the past 25 years where he Whatever Career You ALT, DAY SUN. & SUX. NIGHTS taught is employed at Champion May Choose, You Can Mrs. Whitaker has Mrs. Windus Williams anStart Your Preparation in our schools for the past six Paper Mill. Mr. Collier isa nounces this week that the of' the late Major grandson For That Career at years. City Cafe will be open all day Coy Holstein announced this week that the old Holstein Hardware aiuildin? pictured Sbovo His father, We regret losing from our Dave Collier. among the Joe Pikeville College would have a new face before too long a time as he is working on a long range plan to remodel Sunday and Sunday nights. first school system these highly Collier was the building completely. Whitesburg seems to be going forward in remodeling as Dawahare's arc She states that special atten PIKEVILLE, KY. industrious graduating classes of Whitesand ncanng completion of their store. Dave Hollan also is donig considerable work to the old Ken, tion will be given to school qualified burg high school. tucky Hotel Building and plans to put a modern restaurant there. teachers. students, private parties, etc. with Il h. n-- e. Mc-Robe- rts es - - Y 55-d- ay 1 1

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