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Image 6 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), August 8, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

n 1THE HOME FIENDISH MURDER I New York Monster Kills and Mutilate Little Girl New York Aug 2Tho rave yard as tho torelgn populated neigh ¬ borhood on First avenue between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets Is known locally gave up yesterday a fresh crime rivaling In atrocity tho mysterious butcheries of last week Tho latest discovered victim was an elght year old girl and like tho two young women murdered sho had been shockingly mistreated beforo death and the body mutilated when life was extinctThe three murders are strikingly similar Last Thursday night n WOOl an was strangled In a boarding house tho next morning tho body of a IItm unidentified woman who had been choked to death was found In an areaway Katie Prltschlcr daughter of a restaurant walter disappeared a week ago and was killed that night A ribbon placed about tho throat and drawn so tightly that It cut tho flesh showed how Bho died Things Worth Kqowlng Hero are n tow hints that may help the housekeopors To clean sponges wash them in diluted tartaric acid rinsing thoroly Milk gravy may bo madly from sausage fat using milk instead of water The keys of the piano may be cleaned with a cloth dampened with alcoholUse part graham flour in making crust for miuce pies It is more easily digested When peeling onions begin nt the root end and peel upwnitl and the onions will sea rcwly affect the eyes nt nil It will Save tissue paper nnil use it to polish windvsnnd mirrors make them shine splendidly Tough fowls will be us tender as young chickens if steamed for sev oral hours Servo with white or parsley sauce If tho hands rue rubbed on a stick of celery after peeling onions the odor will bo entirely rumored Glass wakes the best receptacle for vinegar ns the acid then has nothing to work on Ten stains on china if rubbed with a little damp salt will quite ¬ disappearTo clothespins last longer soak thorn iu cold water a few hours before using Oilcloth should bo wiped clean with n danfp Moth und hen polished with beeswax and turpentine fIH TO THE NORTH AGAIN Robert E Peary About to Start on Another Polar Trip Portland Me Aug 2 Commander Robert B Peary who Is staying with his family at Bnglo Island stated that ho will start for New York and then for Uw north just as soon as the holism arc installed In time Roosevelt He oould not state definitely when that will bA but hopes to start within a week He expects to be In winter quarters by Sept S There will be no change either in his general course or In tho size of his party which this tlmo will not be divided at all but will be kopt In a compact body Com roandar PMry said that ho had no quired no newfangled Idea and that ho knows jut what he needs and will tako that and nothing more None of his fatally Is going with him SOHboLI Probloms of the District School lly Part 1rot Dlntinum 3PracUcI = Teaching f Purely mental games such ns checkers chess innocent card games as Authors or history should bo indulged iu sparoly not because they are harmful but because they do not furnish physical oxeroiso If playedat till they should be reservtMl for bad weather Riddles conundrums mid outer guessing gnmes nre suitable nt any time when the school is gathered in quiet circle Gnmes of chance marbles for keeps null all that leads to gambling if they show any signs of appearing must be kiudly but firmly forbidden When play time is over tho onll to work should be short and sharp All should stop at the first tap of the bell lord no loitering permit ORIGIN A MYSTERY ted Longer inlenitrnsions for the little ones havo been provided for in a Cause of New York Tenement Explo previous chapter clan Not Known New York July 10 Efghtoon pot Sons aro deed and at least fifteen Part 4The School In are seriously Injured as tho result of the ure In the tenement house of Cbrlatlo street All of the oocunante of the house were Italians There la origin due who do not attend They are of school age their IlIlm U8 on tlur ecnsns no was to tbe reported of tho blaze that the fire It at first roll their apportioumuiit Is pjiid by the state but they do not praeeut them was probably tho result of a bomb solves their names are not on the teachers roll tutu nil the lulranlagas of exploded ID a grocery store In the the school might us wHll not exist so fur ns thy are concerned When one basement of the building but till visits an average district fichoil and notes the bright faws of the pupjls pollee after a careful investigation their eagerness to learn cud tho progress they are evidently miiklug and said that there was no evidence to then considers tho large percentage who ought to be there but are not his sustain this theory or to show that the fire was of Incendiary origin heart goes out in pity for the absentees The question arises what is the tenchems duty in such a case and Reunion of Fairbanks Family what should be his method of procedure Dcdham Mass July 31 Moro than Some may hays flu 600 descendants of Jonathan FairThere may be a few who urn properly exempt ished the common school course and should not attend to take the teachers banks who enure from Sowerby York time with higher studies Such should be encouraged to go to a more shire England In 1C3G and settled In advancedschool Some may be married Hail have homes duties that pre this town are hero to celebrate the clude the possibility nf further schooling The reuniuder ought to be sixth annual reunion of tho Fairbanks family in America The reunion was in attendance and each individual case should be thoroly investigated As a rule the causes for chronic absence may be classed under n few held In the old Fairbanks homestead heads The first and coot prevailing is the iudi Terence of parents Noue which waa built by tho founder of the of are so blind to the need ofeducation us the ignorant People who are de American branch here the family soon and ia believed his arrival void of learning cannot appreciate its advantages for either themselves or after to be the oldest dwelling In New should be awakenedaroused and interested by any England their children These Speeches wero mado by andevery reasonable means It should be shown them that they are de VicePresident Fairbanks Rev WII priving their children of their most precious heritage and of that which liam E Barton of Chicago Josiah rightfully belongs to them Appeals should aho be made to the children Quincy of Boston and others If they can be so aroused that they will clamor to come the parents are not Made His Word Good likely to hold out against them Albuquerque N HI July 31Jol Factional strife is another cause almost as prevalent as the first and Neighborhood quarrels arising from jealousy Maloy of Silver City shot and killed more difficult to overcome Sheriff Charles Smith as desire to rule fancied slights or what not are often waged bitterly for Deputy was attempting to arrest him Smith years and where they exist it needs but a slight excuse to keep the child Maloy had announced that any officer rest out A will not send because iu his opinion mistako was made iu the attempting to take him would get all selection of the teacher Isis daughter son or nephew would tiara been six bullets of his revolver earl B keeps his children out because Cn are butter dressed and Smith entered the door of Maloy much better put ou airs D imagines the teacher is partial and has a pick nt hit house the latter fired six shots all of which took effect After Malov little oucs alldwillllot give them a fair cluuico to learn and POOH he bad It requires patiuuce tact rind love to adjust these fancied wrong for had been captured prevent to be guard night to a lynching such they usually are but with js rs veranc time niu teacher may hope to ed all was a popular citizen He must be extremely careful not appear to take either side nor Smith succeed to show favor to one more thou to another lie must not praise An chit Offers Reward for Ralsull hen in tho presence of IJ lie toast bevqiftdly friendly to all with midace Tangier Aug 1ThQ government toward none troops under command of Bald Bench A third cause lies In the children themselves Surrounded by unlear have renewed operations against tribes tied people they have uo nay of knowing the value ofan education TheIta lawless of AlkalaThoy surprised village inhabited by parents woihl like to have their children taught but do not know how to supporters at daybreak and inspire hem Tho atmosphere iu cultured homes is a constant induce brelf fight ment to the children to get knowledge but where ignorance abounds sot It on fire Awere killed ensued and a In which many there is no such incentive and as the stream cannot rise above its rource large number of prisoners fell Into children will not bare an ambition to rise unless seine outside be Bouchtas hands The commander of brought to bear upon them Hero is the teachers the troops offered a big reward to any But whatever th causes put it be born iu mind that tho bet remedy one capturing nalsull dead or alive the greatest inducement is nil excellent school one wherein is a live teach Coroners Verdict er efficient eager to grasp every opportunity and iu love with his work Northvllle Allch Aug 3Tho corwhere the pupils delight iu their tasks and are happy and contented Such a school has a positive ring about it that commands respect It bus oners Jury In the Pere Marquette wreck Inquest returned a verdict last an attraction Unit will draw like a magnet night blaming tho freight crow which Yet the live teacher will not be content to work simply within the collided with tho excursion train walls of his school room Before the term begins he will do all he can to tho two operators at Plymouth who advertise it to awaken interest to inspire his patrons confidence in his copied and delivered the order to the He wIll imprejsa it upon the district that the school is not own efficiency for a few but for all That provisions have been made at great pains and expense for the education of every child and the County the State and tho rules ¬ ¬ ProgrelsI distrrot1there p ¬ ¬ ¬ I ¬ ¬ tIe I opportlillitI ¬ legacyleft htarquettej End pf Duluth Strike Duluth Minn Aug 1After dis cussing for more than two hours the propositions contained In the final letter of the officials of the Duluth tho Mesaba Northern railway to the census roll to see if any have not entered He will make a list of tho striking ore dock men tho latter voted absent ones and inquire about them He will ask tho children to urge to return to work them to come He will visit the families talk with the parent make Chinks In a Scrap friends of the children and cause them to feel easy in his presence He Boston Aug 3Three Chinamen will carry brightness into cheerless homes and by thus showing a real in ¬ were shot and killed and two Injured terest in their welfare will win both the parents and the children Chinatown last night during a fight Lastly he will have public exercises atnot too great intervals The Tho police arein the opinion that the of parents need instruction aa well as the children and they are not too old to shooting was started by two Now York ¬ Chinamen representatives of a society nfrlendly to a local organization lest the privilege ahould bo neglected these special occasions are made The harness races of tho grand cir Suggestions as to plan and method are found in another chapter cuit go to Buffalo this week and some jCt Continued Nest Week stirring contests are anticipated safeguardt insult the giver It is the highest loyalty to do whatts expected of us If parents therefore would bo strictly loyal they must send their children i l1olghborhood r t > i t j 1 I 1 NEWS OF KENTUCKY FINANCIAL Some cf Ttrefey Told Information Concerning Matters of Current Interest to Kcntuoklans REVIEW1r THE the Things Engaging the At ¬ tention of Wall Street Now York Aug FACTS INSIDE Government Report Deals With the Means and Methods of the Standard Oil Company GLast week saw evidences of continued perplexity over tho financial and industrial outlook reflected In tho action of time securi ties market Tho Immediate develop ments served to weigh on sentiment and Induce a heavy undertone to the speculation although thero was a mix ture of favorable factors which acted as a restraint on positive weakness Tho most notable of tho latter class of Incidents was tho showing of tho United States steel corporation for tho quarter ending July 30 of record not earnings of over 15000000 exceed ing the most sangulno of the prelim ¬ inary estimates Tho falling oil In tho unfilled orders on hand from tho preceding quarter was restricted to a little ovor 400000 tons and left that Item well in excess of tIll figures at tho corresponding norloil Inst year As tho period covered was that subsequent to tho break in JInrch In tho securities market which was the herald of the reaction to como there port on its face might be re ardtd as highly prntlfjlit as an exhibit of the moderate reaction to whloh gutter 4 ¬ THE STATE NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ¬ ¬ Ashland Ky Aug 2From the of sects of drinking beer from a keg Into which a copperhead snako had crawled and died tour men are dead and two pro dying at n woodland camp In tho mountains near Welch McDowell county Sam Brlggs Walter Johnson Ralph Dunbar Sam Willis Carey Turner Hcd Topham Will Simpson and Joe Strung pitched camp at tho cd gOof a stream for a twoweeks outing They had taken a small keg of boor with thorn The log had been opened and loft half submerged In the cold water with tho bunghole unstopped Some time during the afternoon tho copperhead crawled into tho kog Stranft madd n wild night rldo on tho tram car down tho mountain to the nearest village whoro medical aid was secured but by tho tlmo the camp was reached IJrlgga Tophara Turner and Simpson were dead Johnson and Willis aro dying SOME ¬ Here Are Found Accurately Detailed the Happenings of the Largest Im port Which Are Attracting Atten tion Throughout Kentucky Exclusive Profits Have Seen Secured by Persistent Exaction of Exorbitant Prices from the Consumer Says Smiths Report to President ¬ panyIn Men Dound and Beaten and Tobacco Plants Destroyed r3 July 30Todd latest scene of night At Quthrlo John riders outrages Itockert an antlMMoctaUon man who had denounced the alghtrldero was set upon by disguised men as he was going homo blindfolded gagged and bound and uamerelfully beaten Blood potion may result from his wounds twentyfive masked Near Trenton men destroyed Otis Wilsons tobacco plants kicked and cuffed tho negroes who witnessed tho destruction and chased two negro women through a pond and fired platote into the dwel lings as thoy rodo away from tho neighborhood < ¬ i ¬ Train Derailed engine Jonesboro Ill Aug and two owihosof a tact sifuthbound Ohio p 8ngor train were Mobllo derailed between hors and Mill Creek yesterday Wiling Edward William o Jackson Tenn anti probably fatally Injuring Engineer A A Wilde of Jack son Tho cnglno turned ovor and Engineer Wlldo was scaldod Several passengers woro badly bruised but none seriously Injured Tho wreck caitght fire and one oar was burned before the fire could be extinguished tTho thatI market With this situation In metal the Influence It lessened or lost by tho continuing reports of activity In other lines of trade and tho evidence In the still expanded bank clearings of the country of undiminished achy Ity In mercantile lines This evidence of sustained mercnntllo activity and the largo requirements on banking resources thus applied help to compll Arrested In Kentucky Lexington Ky Aug IEdward tale the outlook In tho monoy market Turner of IJroathltt county wanted from which relief Is considered es in Chattanooga Tenn for tho murder sential to Insure any effective revival of his wlfo Lillian on Lookout noun of Investment demand of capital Con tamp last April was arrested in Us traction of business activity lowering tell county at the home of his broth of prices accumulation of capital and erinlaw Georgo Combs Ho was awakened flow into Investment Is tho taken to nonltyvllle Lee county and sequence of events considered necesplaced in jail Tumor confessed that sary for tho working out of the sit nation ho killed his wife ¬ ¬ ¬ Killed In a Public Road FJve Generals Accept Hopklnsvlllo Ky Aug duet lansns City Aug SFlvo generals on a public road occurred today bo tween Ephralm Alsbrook armed with havo accepted Invitations to attend u scythe and James Dunning who had tho eighth annual reunion of tho Na a shotgun It terminated In the death tional Society of tho Army of tho of Alsbrook who was shot twlco Philippines that Is to meet hero Aug 13 14 16 and 1C Thoy aro Gen Ar Dunning surrendered thur MacArthur Milwaukee Gen Irv ing W Yale Denver Gon Jacob Pottofflce Robbery Carrolton Ky Aug 1 Burglars Smith Ann Arbor Gen Chas King forced an entrance Into the pottoinco Milwaukee and W S Metoalf Law and dynamited tho safe but failed to renco Kan Veterans from all sec open It They gathered up a quantity lions are expected to attend tho reof stamps and somo money amount union not stated which was in a drawer and made their escape The Japs Pre Onlookers Cleveland 0 rUpon the Trial Postponed Ky Aug 2Tho case return of Battery A front Its annual Georgetown target practice at Camp Ellis Capt of Caleb Toners accused of complici ty In tho Goobcl murdt has bon J A Ulaslun asserted that tho work of his men and guns was closely Indefinitely noatnoned observed by two Japanese who were routed by tho officers Tho Japanese Ilonrrrctlon Tribute paid to San Francisco aptrltj watched tho work of the guns from a Hat As fouls rise from a battered form of distance partly hidden by trees tery A Is equipped with tho latest In fairer guise upon some higher plane field pieces Does San Franclicoi plrlt rio today In newer strength to rule the wit acrJn Woman Gave Husband Away Kansas City Aug C Charles Jones This blackened cone men shed their tears upon negro janitor of a bank at Sulphur Js but a tattered garment teat aside h T was arrested hero on tho charge to celebrate the dawn for fairer robes Of new ascendency to might and pridei of stealing JGOOO from the bank When Jones was arrested he had 250 and An empty sepulcher la raping 2250 was recovered from his wife The fair young body of our Upon being promised her liberty the Slain sundered and distorted by despair The hero martyr of an awful fray woman told the officers that 3500 Three days and nights a en as the Sa was burled ather old homo at Sul phur Tho money was recovered viours form Reposed amid the grief of rain of then to above the greater CalV1ryI Funds to Complete Line She rose to find a Lexington Ky Aug GTho Con And men who came to mourn for whets tral Kentucky Traction company has had been 300000 of bonds to obtain Found nothing but were summoned ay Issued a voice funds for tho completion of Its inter That rang as front a mystic realm unseen urban line from this city to Winches And bade them grieve no longer but rat ter and Nicholasvlllo To secure tho a mortgage has been exethey Ie l bond Issue Security Half dozed and full of wonder cuted to tho Trust company held A radiant vision crowned with pesos of this city that said Let all this chaos fear and woe lie Powers to Be Candidate quelledGeorgetown Ky Aug 6 Speaking I am your city risen from the dead Louis J BUllmann In Leslies Weekly of his future Caleb Powers In his Shanghai Junei2In accordance cell said he expected to run for con with the terms of an Imperial edict grew from tho Eleventh district when just Issued the opium dens in the na he Is freed Powers says ho feels will tire portion of this city have been confident that henow soon be tree only being held closed but IB spite of the edict opium and thinks lie Is for political effect to still sold everywhere 2A ¬ ¬ ¬ I wherej ¬ ¬ jolcoI ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ n previous report tho means and methods of tho Standard woro ox plained Time present report sots forth tho results of those methods and the effect they have had on tho consumer of oil and qn tho profits of the Stand art Oil company It deals with profits and prices showing just how the ma nipulation of the oil Industry by the Standard has affected tho pooltetboolu of tho American people CommlaaioHer Smith says The Standard OU company Is responsible for tho aouroe of prices of petroleum and Ita product during the last twenty ive years The Standard has con flbtently used Ita power to ties the prloe of oil during the lest ton years not only absolutely but also relative ly to the cost of crude oil Tho Standard hna claimed that It Mil rednerd the pile of oil that It has been a benefit to the ooMutaer and that only a great oombtoauoi like the Standard could have furntob 1 oil at the prices that have prevailed says Kneli one of these claim Cammlaakmer Smith is dteuro ed by this report Tho increase In annual profits of the Standard from 1tM to 1W1 waa over 270MOtO Tho re port says The total dividends paId by the Standard treat IMS to lxM were USIWJsXH averaging thus 341S per sent per year The ulvMort however were teach leas Ulan the nbctaaUally cat total earnings It talc that the entire net earnings qf the Standard front IRIS until 1M4 were at taut 750000000 ami poesd bly much more These enormottll profits have benfbaa on an Invest meet worth at the tlnw of its tiriffinal aataWtloa not more than In his letter to President llpoaevolt transmitting the report Commissioner Smith says The following taste are proven Tho Standard has not reduced margins during the period In which It bAa boon responsible for tko prices of o4I During the last eight years covered by this report 189S to 1006 It has raised both prices and margins lts domination has not boon acquired or maintained by Its super per efficiency but rather by unfair competition and by methods economically and morally unjustifiable Tho Standard has superior efficiency In running Its own business It has an equal efficiency In destroying tho bust nose of competitors It keeps for It soft tho profits of tho first and adds to these tho monopoly profits secured by tho second Its profits are far above tho highest possible slumlord of a reasonable commercial return and havo been steadily Increasing Finally tho history of this greet In dustry Is a history of the pontotont use of tho worst Industrial methods tho exaction of exorbitant prices from tho consumer and Uio securing of excessive profits for tho small prove of men who ever n hMc series nr years have thus tloralrwted the bast ness ¬ sUbolleclttd meats ami extensions In which the corporation Is moaned Insured its Immunity also from tho embarrass menu from scanty available capital and generous interest charges which have been sash a grave feature In the situation of railroad corporations for some time past All of this was practically overborne however by acknowledgement on be the frank wit of the corporation that tho new orders received during July had fallen t5 to 30 per coat below those of July last year This tact was accepted as aonclinlvo evidence of the sharp vat baek to which the Iron and steel trado hall boon subjected AS a belated offwt on tho curtailment la enterprise which had been foreeeoo an stun aa the dlUtoullioa of the railroads In se miring oa pi Oil for carrying owl projects of betterment had developed Time financial community attaches first Importance to tho Iron fled stool trade as a barometer of general trade conditions The oondltlan of the copper market which cone probably next la importance ralnforoe the ex ample of tho Iron anti steel trade Copper prices abroad have enaUQued to decline and the expeetei waiting demand hits not yet oome In sufficient volamo to fix stable conditions In UNJUSTIFIABLE Significant Aug 5 Washington revelations are mado public today In a report submitted to President loose volt by Herbert Knox Smith commis stoner of corporations concerning tho operations of tho Standard Oil com ¬ ¬ NIGHT RIDERS AGAIN HapklnsvUlQ county Is time o ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ > Did Not Oelleve In Doctors New York Aug S Clarenco W Byrne who was recently tried and convicted on chnrgra growing out of his failure to employ modlcnl nwlst anoe foe his glxyoarold daughter who died of pneumonia was sentenced to thirty days Imprisonment by tho court of general sessions Tho defendants excuse for not calling a medical iirao Utlonor during his daughters Illness was want of faith In medical doctor and reliance upon tho efficiency of the religious faith to which ho belongs THE MARKETS Current Quotations on Grain and Live ¬ stock at Leading Points Indianapolis Grain and Livestock Wheat Wagon 8Cc No 2 rod 86c CornNo2 C4c Oats No Hay Clover 1500 2 mixed 4Gc 01700 timothy 18002000 millet 1200 1400 Cattlo465 11ilIogsG25f1640 Sheep 3000550 Lambs 4000700 At Cincinnati Wheat No 2 red 88Mc Corn No 2 57c Oats Nrf 2 47c CattlO 5250600 Hogs 5100010 Sheop 2000500 Lambs 47507C5 At Chicago Corn Wheat No 2 red 92c No2 G4e Oats No 2 43Vic Cat tieSteers 4600750 stockers and Hogs 6500 2500500 feeders Sheep GOO Lambs 3250625 650750 Y f e j f I T < Hoge660e Livestock at New York Cattle 4500685 700 Sheep 3500550 Lambs040 0800 ¬ > METHODS ¬ At East Buffalo Hogs CattleU05G90 090 Sheep 0800 Toledolse J 6630 Lambs760 3600675 1 cash Olc > r- I q I a r I t r r s

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