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Image 8 of Frankfort Roundabout, August 17, 1901

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

1 RTHOSE GUN CLUB TARGET DELIGHTFUL EX rOURSIONS The Steamer Falls excursion from this No 5and return Afternoon and there 4 J I > f I v promised On Tuesday night another ex ¬ cursion was run under the auspices of the Eks Lodge of this city There was a fine crowd on board though not as anany as ought to have gone considering that the theiI r It assnyfromGr atof r all the h i is worth the city and to be braced up by the cool breezes 1 always found on the river f Ii ii liy INTERESTING i t< I ° a it i N Cincinnati Gun Club is out announcement of its an ¬ Target Tournament September 24 25and 26next The affair will be a feature of the Second Fall Festival which begins September 10th in the Queen City A guaranteed purse of 50000 with s 80000 addedmoney is insight and the tournament is open to the world To the five highest averages 5000 is to be awarded i and the same amount to the 10 low guns shooting through all regular events All 15 and 20 target events four Moneys Rose System 7054points No one will be allowed to shoot for target only First day 11 events at 180 targets Second day 11 events at 180 target Third day 10 events at 175 targets Every eve handicapped Dis ¬ tance 14 to 22 yards All who shoot about 85 per cent and over will be handicapped All others will shoot at 14 to 16 yard rise Thursday September 26 events 6 7 8 9 pnd 10 will be shot at the Cincinnati Gun Club Annual 100 Grand Target Handicap Target Entrance 1000 targets included for a guaranteed purse of 50000 and all surplus added Regular entries for this event will close Tuesday September 10th Capt John N Mosby ExMayor of Cincinnati is chairman of the Tournament Committee and can be addressed at 115 Second street Cincinnati Ie Were J < f City ran oity to anI enough to have a royal good time The boat reached portagain at about 11 oclock t Excursions will be run every f ew evenings throughout the heated term and at such a low J TO SUBSCRIB- ERs f Our friends and subscribers may be pleased to learn that the Roundabout is to be placed on file tPresB Headquarters in the Sec end Fall Festival and will be ac cessible any time of day to read ¬ In the same ratio that a citizen ofa community traveling in a foreign clime hails with joy a familiar face notwithstanding ¬ iers formality i >l t r t itt r r i ° w r dayr i e 4 < r L f y L buii4 he1 1e leek like MV Wi- IMKlvirw gar Me Gold y sM www well wan lNeemoa will a tie oft irr WMM grog bids OH but IIIIMI r r he tiq Dwt Wutiftg Powder lkr Uwj brh leaf MIN Nt elwoM dotk ou b she Irwki foUoN u4 wiSO in tiIgh- DMidstouxr MiMManSnMAI TIH Ni K AMMMNI wiiSPMrY I I tt P Nwo Ii Lwky drr tteo to vwked br thus wlyW N 1a TAUG22 Yrt NS Coming to Frank ¬ o4 by and South 100000 W Gayle r EarthJ Perpetuators = zi JIG Longmoor R The Pioneers and JOHN 4TEN BESTTRAINSTO Kansas City Montana Pacific Coast Utah Washington Omaha St Paul Nebraska i µ t ROBINpr of Tented Amusement Colorado I i f New Features 2000000 Invested Coming In its Own Special Trains 77th Year ofthe Oldest Biggest and Best Show on Institutions f BIG SHOWS ALL UNITED I 1 Black Hills VIA St Louis or Chicago VESTIBULED TRAINS SLEEPERS DINING GARS CHAIR liARSF ProductionI fTl l t M RUQQ TRAV PASSR AGENT ST LOUD MO HOWARD ELLIOTT QENL MaR ST LOUIS MO L W WAKELEY QENLPASCR AOT ST LOUIS NO FREE NEWCURE FOR ECZEMA 35 BAI 3 AND of > CostumesI ELEPHANTS Elephants that Waltz Elephants that Actually Play Musical Instra mente Elephants that do everything but talk s rf I j 100 New and Novel Circus Acts 1000 Rare and Coatly Animals 50 Hair Raising Races I 300000 Street Grand Free f 4 Kau ParadeY RndrJ 5 Bands of Music Fife and Drum Corps Chime of Bells 60 Cars Gilded Den 29 Tableaux Oars 12 Traps 800 Thoroughbred Horses 60 Miniature Ponies Steam Cnliopo drawn by 40 Ponies and driven by < b- one man r S 2 HERDS OF ELEPHANTS Excursions on all Lines of Travel Frankfort Thursday August 22 1901 r T f I DOES severest throat and lung troubles It Bosohees German Syrup not only heals and stimulates the tissues to dsstroy the germ dis ¬ ease but allays inflammation causes easy expectoration gives a goodnights rest and cures the Try one bottle Recommended many years by all drug ¬ Get gists in the world Prize Almanac South Longmoor ¬ 42ly Co t I Low Rates 22I ttIi I i BY LAND AND SEA to Mackinao and Northern iJM Michigan points On Wednesday X August 14th the Monpn will sell tickets from Louisville to > J Mnokinao y Bay View and Oharlevoix and return at 10 J J 10 KniRhts August I RoutI sumptuous j < of iIf Diew z l ttF4 ZAla rdJftaklDK j J di- X satisfied with tempot r rary relief from indigestion KpM dol Dyspepsia Cure peripanntly and completely removes Qom = < Dont Ask Ticket Agents for ParticularsW C Rinearson GP A Cincinnati Ohio bo tbeoaus t In cases of cough or oroup give the little one One Minute Cough aoh perfect rest Dieting wont Cure Then rest easy and have rest the stomach N a turere The child will be all ceives supplies from the food no fear Wu right in ft little while It never eat This sensible way to help Pleasant to take always the stomachs to use Kodol Dysfails 1 tft1 safe and sure and almost instan ¬ pepsia Cure which digests WQ taneous in effect South Long you eat and cant help but do Co and W MoKee Har you good moor South Longmoor i dip Co and W MoK e Hardie ttt I FS f- J J i r f u c IJ 4 L I t 4 H The steamer sails Thuurtday August 15th at 11 morning oclock Tickets good returning > r15 days Meals alaoarte and berths from 1 to 2 according to location As party is limited to 150 early application should bV made for accommodations Fur ¬ ther particulars furnished on application to E H Bacon Motion 1 Agent Route Louisville Ky i l 2730 I < gest anything Kodol sin Cure is the only preparation containing all natural digw r tive fluids It gives weak Crescent Route ache entire rest restoring their Account natural condition South Long Co and W MoKee Harm moor IL TOillDlar GonclavoJ die LouisvilleVia Queen ¬ t I took several bottles and can To NOTICE f IT PAY TO BUY CHEAP A cheap remedy for coughs and colds is all right out you want something that will relieve and cure the most severe and danger- ¬ ous results of throat and lung VVhat shall you do troubles Go to a warmer and more regular Yes if possible if not climate possible for you then in either case take the ONLY remedy that has been introduced in all civil ¬ ized countries with success in ¬ MCMILLANf L Scenic Spectacle with its Enchanting Ballets Moguiflcient and Georgeons I X40000Nerd ¬ The Franklin Association will convene with the North Fork Bap ¬ tist Church at Switzer on Wed ¬ nesday August 21 1901 There being no grove near the church the Association will meet at the church house which will necessi tate doing away with the babket and picnic feature of the meeting The church will entertain only the messengers and their families the representatives of all our de ¬ nO iinational interests and all brethren having business with the Ass iation 0uered by the church t An Impressive and Eminently Moral and Mind Elevating Pageantio and IScencry ¬ gotbetter fort Thursday 3500 Daily Expenses guveimmeiIiate cure For sale J ¬ ustr sadY k My bah was terribly sick with the diarrhoea we were unable to cure him with the doctors as sistance and as a last resort we tried Ohamberlains Colic Chol ¬ era and Diarrhoea Remedy says tIreT H Doak of Williams an Remioks idn eruptions Eczema Cure and Remioks Pep sin Blood Tonic have never been FORKS OF ELKHORN yet failed to cure Free trial scarcely be permissable so does Havana Medicine Co 1124 Locust the citizen when away from town Mr Estell Deakin of the rub ¬ street St Louis Mo For sale of his favorite ueVs7 ber tire called on Miss Irene Matz by South Longmoor enjoy a sight Co paper The Cincinnati Fall Fes ¬ Sunday Come again Estell 88ly tival opens September 10th and JOHN ROBINSONS SHOWS A NOTABLE AMUSEMENT Qlpses September 28th EVENT John Robinson not only offers FRANKLIN ASSOCIATION to his patrons the best series of mSolQmon His Temple and the This venerable body of plain circus performances the finest Queen of Sheba old fashioned Baptists is to meet and more elaborately equipped on Wednesday next at 10 oclock hippodrome and the largest andI The Grand and Colossal Biblical Spectacle by John Robinson with the North Fork Church lo ¬ most comprehensive menagerie but has added this year to his John Robinsons ever popular already superlative series of exhi from this city can leave here at bitions the grand biblical spec and ever welcome shows come to 650 a m that morning and can tacle of Solomon His Temple us this year with such important return in the evening at 710 and the Queen of Sheba and the accessions and augmentations as thus spending the whole day with finest scenic processional terpsi- to overshadow all contemporary the good people of that neighbor ¬ chorean and lyric spectacle that amusement ventures They have has ever invited public patronage not only materially strengthened hood Our oitzens will soon have the their ring and hippodrome per¬ opportunity of witnessing these formances and largely added to grand exhibitions for they are to their already vast menagerie but ones 0 be in Frankfort Thursday August are producing an astonishing new FEAST OF ASSUMPTION 22 feature which can but commend have a baby in the house itself to all classes of patrons Thursday last was the Feast of If you We allude to the grand biblical Assumption and was observed by ou will wish to know the best yay to check any unusual loose spectacle of Solomon His Tem- ¬ the members of the Catholic wee of the bowels or diarrhoea of ple and the Queen of Sheba church of our oity services being neall children 0 P M Holli Unerring in historical accuracy held at the Church of the Good sm of Doming Indwho has an faithful in scenic delineation Shepherd at 6 a m and at 0 a m dayen months old child says elevrougb the months of June and realistic in depiction of incidents The laws of health require that Th our baby was teething and and events impressively grand in July a running off of the bowels pageautio effects magnificent in tooksiokness of the stomach His costumes and appointments en your and Is would move from five to trancing in musical features be I had a bot Dowels regular by taking a dose of bowe times a day Stomach and Liver eight Chamberlains Col jo Chol ¬ witching in beautiful ballots and Chamberlains Tablets when necessary and you era and Diarrheoea Remedy in the exciting in games and chariot will never have that severe pun house and gave him four drops in races thus unprecedently sublime iihment inflicted upon you Price spectacle will commend itself to 25 cents For sale by J W W Gayleand South Longmoor every visitor The show will ex-¬ Lougmoor Gayle and South hibit at Frankfort Thursday August Cii cityT Ernestf fw NR e theiA c I IT SAVED HIS BABY MENT om was a fairly I She re- ¬ good crowd on board turned on time 6 oclock as was F TduRNA 77v 1-

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