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Image 7 of Frankfort Roundabout, August 17, 1901

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

LEXINGTON WINCHESTER LOCAL TIME TABLE Yj 0better w ALL f REPUTABLE 2 J 2 = No2 Dally Ex Sun KEEP THEM + BRA WNER In this city ph BELL At the home of its pa ¬ Wednesday morning Aug 14 rents on the Vest Side the infant fir George Browner and wife a naqweight 10 pounds t ja wifeS EaST1NIn Louisvilleon Tues rto Mr J B Eastin and wife doll ¬ nee Katie Merchant a son j Jjr 1 BKOKHAM At the Executive Mansion on yesterday morning to Gov J 0 WBeok bam aridwUoa f daughter REV W 0 TAYLOR D D TO pet of the household and a favor ¬ ite with all who knew her PREACH HERE Possessed of an unusually re ¬ Ifr will be good news to tjtie tentive memory she could recite many friends of Rev W o beautifully and artistically Taylor DD now pastor pf the For several months her health College Avenue Baptist church had been giving way and with to know anguish unspeakable her mother Ind of Indianapolis he will preach at the First saw the inroads of decay slowly that Baptist church of this city to- ¬ but surely taking from her arms i morrow Sunday morning at 11 the last of five children all by t f oclock and again next Sunday the same disease morning and night Gently quietly the tired eyes also be good news that closed on scenes earthly to awaken is greatly improved in to the glories of the better laud f health laud hopes are entertained The funeral services were con- ¬ it ducted by Rev R L McCready of still further improvement y Dr Taylor brought Iris two from the family residence on J and rls Misses 10 oclock with him on his visit to Monday morning at after which the remains were hid liibld home Sis host of friends here are de ¬ awaydn the family lot in our cem < lighted to have him visit them etery l The leudereat sympathy is ex JsTEXT ELKS EXCURSION tended to the now doubly bereft Frankfort Lodge No 580 B P mother and to the other sorrow- ¬ a 0 Elks will run another delight ing ones tul excursion on Tuesday night next August 20 from this city to READY At bis home near the Look No6 In addition to the Forks of Ekhonvon Monday Mr pleasures of the ride the follow ¬ John Ready aged about 05 years ing programme will be rendered Mr Ready had been sick for a long SoloJ M Vanderveer Recitations Miss Jacque Ellwan time and death cameas a release a from suffering The remains were LA h r t tf Song and PianoMisses Mary taken to Versailles for interment Maggie May Gibbons on Tuesday lastbeautiful 10 rocking chair will CLIPPERiOn Tuesday at about toe given to the one holding the 10 p m little Oran Neville Cliij Mj lucky number Each person on- per infant son of Mr Oran and b< going aboard the boat will be Mrs Mattie Clipper t3 t Our heart given a ticket with n number on goes out in sorrow and sympathy young parents His c it A duplicate will be placed in to the plaice on Thursday funeral from the thoroughly mixed after took residence of his grandfather Mr it v f allara on board and the luoky Taylor Collins of Choatevillenumber drawn out E the fare for round trip wIll be t On y THE STREET FAIR cents µ rt cuts burns scalds There was a flue meeting held by t a1 kinds quickly the business men at the courthouse l tln sores 9 healed by DoWtta Witch Hazel on Thursday night notwithstand Certain cure for piles ing thecourthouse bell could not Salve Be sure bo rung to consider the advisability Beware of counterfeits of holding a Street Fair this year you got the originalrDeWitts Co and W A committee was appointed to South Lorigmqor McKee Hardfe ascertain the wishes of the people 1 and report last night A MINISTERS GOOD WORK There has been quite a nice sum i HI had a severe attack of bil ¬ ious colic Rot a bottle of Chain berlains Colic Cholera and Di ADVERTISED LETTERS c arrhoea Remedy took two doses says was VJl and A A entirely curedEmporia Below will be found a list of ad ¬ Power of Rev vortised letters for week ending c My neighbor across the August 17 1801 KM 7 II t 508pmjII City BARR General Manager OHA8 SCOTT G P A T B MORGAN S P A afJUM A aeka f ir TO L 1 M grnssPossession nary For terms apply l I ¬ Ky48tf to- MBS MOLLIE E THOMAS Arid Exchange For NEW ONES SCHOOL TO OPEN Miss Ora Scottow will open her school Monday September 2 1901 In the Farmers Batik building on Main street for the study of short ¬ typewriting bookkeeping hand etc For terms apply at home Steele street EXCURSION TO Better Take Advantage of Gut Price shoes OLD POINT COMFORT AND OCEAN VIEW VA iiiSS3 On Tuesday Ij P D Clothing and i August 20th While It Lasts rthe Chesapeake Ohio By will tell round trip tickets to Old Point Comfort and Ocean View Va at 13 good fifteen days from late of sale Special hotel rates of 8 per day at Hygeia Hotel and 260 per day or 14 per week at Ocean View Hotel Tickets will be good going on trains leaving Lexington at 1120 a m and 845 p m Through sleepers will be run on 845 p m train Berth rates 2 for night or 350 through Dont miss the last opportunity to get to the seashore this summer Write for full infor ¬ mation for sleeper reservations to GEO W BARNEY I P In 48td 309 ¬ RK M eCI ureson t pLYMOUTH PITTSBURGH AND COALS I ByLexington T J 1Pand J Ie Jwhael I ¬ tr week9yn I 1Alexander Brown Lizzie Browner Alice Clark Sam vine from the doctor He used r them for three or four days with ¬ out relief then called in another c doctor who treated him for some days and gave him no relief so i discharged him L went over toe him the next morning He< Baia his bowels were in a terrible 1 fix that they had been running r off o that it was almost bloody flux I asked him if he chid tried Chamberlains Colic 4 olera and Dinrrhoet and l1e < i I went home and Oid No t Brought him my bottle and gave i him one dose told him to take Cucliff Bottle PollyDooleri t i DowlingSJ II v W V twentyt 3 > fr tfloiH 1 f WH HOLE Proprietor Telephone r No7 d Whinb in Quality and Flavor ArA 1 EQUALTO CALL FOR ANY BEER MADE THE LAND IT DUCT OF THE PRO Kentiieky ji II Industry D r I A- 0 ROBINSON Frankfort Apt u1Bret 1D TAYtM TueiMARL WHISKEYOP BOTTLED IN BOND Local Phone 284 Sept 2rly TIll 0 0 Buck Ark says I was troubled with constipation until Lbought DeWitts Little Early Since then have been Risers cured of my old com- ¬ plaint I recommend them Co and W South Longmoor MoKee Hardie TOPMOST BEST W ALL SVERAQE WHISKEYS OUR AGED WHISKEY IS ENTIRELY MATUIU5 HAS SEEN MATURED AHa NATURALLY TRBCORK AND THE FULL MEASURE OP EACH REPRESENTED NOTILEA AS SACREDLY tUARAKTEEO AS THE COW OF THE REALM OUR AUTOORAPR SRD us cANine SWNATURB Min- neapolis MaggieHill Hallibortsoan Abe Hogan MikeJ H Paris cb Sons Johnson Ellen T King Ed MoKinney S Mr Phelps Pardier Jim Reading Estollo Strange M Chicago f Vl vE Wakefiold L V but be took no more and was en trely cured I think it the best For medicine I have ever tried tale by J W Gayle and SouthI Longmoor GO I Best Routs to St Paul and Gowdy Will Weol Hoge Coal and Feed Company v a- J i BREWERS OF FINE BEERS ¬ hellThat ofI lame 3tpIIBflNllONBRIII NG 1Eruptions i Lam receiving and unloading now 75000 bushels of freshly mined Plymouth Lump antI Pittsburg Goal the best quality Leave your orders while it is large andclean and they shall have my personal attention 431- f rr i pnW OM 15Mlnutea Walk of PanAmericanExposition Send for map of Buffalo and rate R 8 HAMBLETON Delaware Ave Formerly of this old town f j 1 U + nl Mew L 24 JUrtfc Tlf U i RKMCCLUREISON ru n T1t- A farm nf about 200 acres lot sale near Farm dale Ky Welt watered flittlag a uaaia w ha 16 FOR SALE F t H n WJte7 arM M 3 IlL 1 and 8 make connections at L E Juno tlon with the Chesapeake 8c Ohio R for Mt Sterling and Ashland JB I i Books am 225 pm 20 am 828 pm 747 am 841 pm 801 a m 401 pm 828am 480 pm 887 a m 480 pm Nos iItlwi1l f Dally Junction Torrent Natural Bridge Stanton II k j No4 625 Leave Jackson i Beattyville ¬ on Saturday Gladys Greene daughter of Mrs Blanche Kendall Greene aged eight years i It has seldom if ever been our privilege to know a sweeter brighter or purer little one than the subject of this notice Graceful as a fawn gentle swdetspirited and loving sho was her widowed mothers idol the ROBERTS In this city on Monday August 12 to Mr Ed Roberts and wife a sonEd f No1 DailyEx t Your Old WEST BOUND I r gs School Daily 235 p m 740 am 810 pm 825 am 822 p in 837 a m 850 pm 018 am 400 pm 923 810 Stanton 486 p m 954 a m Natural Bridge II 449 p mlO03a m Torrent II Beattyvillo Junction 6 rti pmlO29nra 015 p mll30a m Arrive Jackson IDEATHS BIRTHS No4 Lcnvo Lexington II Winchester II L E Junction II Clay City I I > 3 + BRING 1901 EAST BOUND 1r rir I DEALERS + 19TH MAY EFFECTIVE FACTORY LOADED SHOTGUN SHELLS outshoot all other black fpowdir hells because they are made and loaded by exact machinery with the standard brands of powder shot and wadding Try them and you will be convinced NEW RIVAL a EASTERN RY John Wllisin M A Wright Mrs WIK 01ZS Persoiis calling forthe above 1 NorthWestern Ry The NorthWestern Limited electric lighted leaves Chicago daily at 080 p m Service un equaled Tho best of everything Three other firstclass fast trains daily from Chicago also 900 a m daylight trains 1000 p m Fast Mail 1015 p m Night Ex ¬ For tickets rates and full near ¬ information apply to advertisedI 01e10land s I > > Il ¬ 11IT OLeTAYLOR K SJONATUIBIS L JR t rORILLUSTRATED H TAYLOR JH8T1LLEIt8 SONS JNCORPORA FRANKFORT KY TED SEa MOW TO QET IT

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