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Image 4 of Frankfort Roundabout, August 17, 1901

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

jq F fr LOUISVILLE PIKE TneFianRfortRDunilaDout The Evergreen Bible Society met nt MlA B Reads on Friday Entered at the postofflce at Frankfort Ken tucks os secondclass mailable matter night of last week I LEWIS Editor and Pub A of Benson COFFEE ALLYr didI CORRECflONI j lioN Jolly kind hearted Arch Moore was on biir pike driv ¬ ing Sunday before last Jt looked FRANKFORT AUGUST 17 1901 like old times to seeJiiiu driving around It certainly A LUXURY WITHlN THE REACH OF A Hope Blue Eyes Choatevflle r J will write every correspondent Editor week for we have lots of friends Why hasIn tire CourierJournal of Wed- who reside near Chdateville and AKE no mistake nesday last there is an artiole are always glad to hear of them LION r See that my head old Roundabout i headed Romances in which the through the dear not mistaken I know the If I am now become the leader Is on every package of makes several errors in re correspondent pretty well too of all package coffees Be sure and write again Blue is it used in And he- Eyes LION COFFEE U millions of homes a M Ned Blackburn Uncle styles Messrs James Crier Blackburn Because it does not Hawkins and Overton Scanland V the father of Senator Blackburn you buy It guarantees Uncle are in Owensboro sail under false colors as Dr E M Blackburn its purity No coffee is It is an absolutely dean Rev T N Arnold conducted Ned had a brother by the name of services at Bridgeport last Sunday and pure coffee No plating Dr Churchill Blackburn LION COFFEE no coating with ere this probably accounts for the IMr Howard Miller of Frank ° mixtures or chemi Dr Blackburn was an- fort has been at his sisters Mrs mistake Walker Gault unless it is in a 1 pound elder in the Woodford Presbyterian t Church and removed to Coving IThe Bible Society will meet this sealed packet with the Mr Albert Rodgers ton and died there many years Just try a package of lion on the head Mack Hawkins spent Sun ¬ Bridgeport and attended front Then you get LION COFFEE next error is in stating that q S churchMr Will Ed Blackburn pure coffee the highest IntorI H Pope Hawkins and wife and you will under Watch ear nftt arllvrtlslnent Blackburns brother was grade for the money stand the reason of its as1el Jt withn young oapt popularity The facts are that young her pretty homeOak View Steele re ¬ 1t9 r Thos Steele turned home Monday Blackburn and Capt late of this county had a personal Misses Mary Belle Taylor and frr encounter at Harmony Church Juanita Klein attended the ger > in which young Blackburn was the man given by Miss Hoge and Mr Percy Hoge on Thursday evening aggressor he having assaultedI of last week at the hospitable dapt Steele with a home of Col Chas E Hoge In q Oapt Steele defended i glesideMiss best he could being a delicate Yt Smith from HarVieland man with a walking cane which is spending a few days with Mrs < Cheap Rates to New YorK 35TH DISTRIBUTION Blackburn finally wrenched S M Tracy via the y from his hands and in turn was Miss Margaret Ola Hawkins is Chesapeake and Ohio Ry i e striking Steele over the heap when JfiB a X On August 8d to 7th inclusive ho drew a small brassbarreled a is her attending physician if and August 24th to the 28th in ¬ pistol from his pocket and fired Miss Hallie Flynn attended clusive the Merchants Association s shooting Blackburn through the ly rates of one and onethird fare1 on 7J stomach and bowels at the same church at Antioch last Sunday r the certificate plan will be in ef= L0P ti1 time receiving a severe blow on feot on the C 0 The round Mrs S H Allport Johnstown trip rate on this basis from Lex the head from which he was JULY 26 1901 Our little girl almost ington and Winchester will be Pa says almost thrown to the ground strangled to death with croup 2460 and tickets will be good to There had been previous trouble and the doctors said she couldnt stop over at Washington Balti ¬ i 1 between the sons of Uncle Ned live but she was iustttnthr relieved more and gopd a OUR GROWTH l l of Capt by One Minute days from date of Blackburn and the sons Cough Cure returning thirty Amounts Paid Certificate Holders to South v Steele this leading up to the fatal MoKee Longmoor Co and W saleThe C 5672276 Gill 80 February 1900 0 is the only line September 1SUt1y Hardie encounter t 60982 84 1669 44 March 1900 i from Lexington with doubledaily October 1898 6814294 V 1900 5024 11 April Young Blackburn lingered for November 1898 THE DELIGHTFULRAIN Sleeper and Dining Car service to December 1898 77105211 7811 68 May About 48 hours and dying begged i New York and Eastern points 8956 86 June 1900 87lS8 r January 1899 90946 71 ic About 11 oclock on Wednesday 11768 74 July 1900 t Write for sleeper berths or any February 1899 iis brothers to drop the trouble 972M 70 8t 1900 14788 19 Maroh 1699 yas years aferwards happily morning a very gentle rain set in information desired which 103106 8K 17610 79 Septembor1900 April 1899 GEO W BARNEY 10911609 i 20642 88 October 1900 done but not before Dr Theophi and kept it up until about 880 Division Passenger Agent Lexing May 1899 I 11668135 24282 79 November 1900 June 1899 lus Steele now of New York City oclock p mtwhenit increased 1900 120886 84 26614 89 December July 1M41T70 80831 16 jBnnary190i August 1899 a sou of Capt Steele and Oapt volume until it came down in 13l72 51 tc High September 1899 83643 96 February 1901 Dgnt forget the trip steady pour This continued until James Blackburn had fought a 1a66nOdr 86691 22 Maob1901 0 Bridge on the Falls City Thurs October 1899 r 140797 OB 40869 55 April 1901 r 1899 duel near Lexington without seri about daylight Thursday morn- ¬ day August 8 I Only 50 cents November 1899 146805 36 45851 46 May1901 December ing thoroughly drenching every- round tripOtIS result I 160jait HI X > n 50346 64 June 1901 January 1900 if The shooting was a source of thing and reviving vegetation WHAT A TALE IT TELLS rr regret and sorrow to Capt Thos nicely It remained cloudy long OFFICERS enough for every drop to soak into all the rest of his life al ti H Callahan VicePresident Cashier If that mirror of yours shows a Jno J Riley t President Geo Denny W P Parrishj though he believed it was a clear the thirsty eartSecretary J A Edge Treas wretcl pd spllow complexion a tr st Ii and look of selfdefense in which be hAdministrators Notice jaundiced on themoth patohe liver j skin its blotches O Atlantic City Ex ¬ lief he was sustained by the jury ORESCENT ROUTE C New Life QUEEN cursioll KNOWIGG which tried him at Versailles the ALL PERSONSthe estate of THE late s trouble but Dr Kings purify the tho to Pills regulate the liver aro notified to A special feature for the regular hr affair haying occurred just over HcEwanall those having come forward and ae claims against tho On Thursday August 10th the tie and v High Bridge excursion of August Chesapeake the Woodford line Ohio Ry will run v 18 will be the appearance of Oapt i at J W Gayles This is the correct statement aquatic the last Atlantic City excursion of 1 Blondell in his wonderful the season leaving Lexington at aw it wIn derived by the writer Enjoy the Cool Breezes 01 exhibitionsThe ¬ FOR SALE from his father who was a witswimmer and noted 1120 a m and 845 p m arriv yr the North City next day of his ing at Atlantic life saver will give one rlaes on the trial and the writer a noon and evening respectively Celery plants White Plume and A summer puting can be most aquatic exhibitions on the Ken with what a thrill Boston Market Through sleepers will be run Very fine 50 close to the beautiful enjoyably spent at Milwaukee tuoky river of horror he heard the circum- ¬ cents per 100 125 per 500 Cres- from Lexington without change Madison Devils Lake High Bridge on the Queen a m train Berth rates stances related being the first HILLENMEYER HF cent Route on Sunday August on 1120 Green Lake Gogebic Lake Lake 4 Lexington Ky shooting of which he remembers 487t A grand view can be had Geneva Forest Lake St Paul 18th Tiokets will be soldat 14 andr hearing Minneapolis Lake Miutietonka from the surrounding hills One will be good returning 12 QUESTION ANSWERED of the greatest water effects ever There was a Division of the White Bear Duluth Ashland Stop over at Washington on return Marquette and the numerous re ¬ offered to the public will be the trip will be granted L Scone of Temperance in session at of the Maine A hand Yes August Flower still has the sorts of Wisconsin Northern Mich ¬ blowing Harmony Church at the time of Make your arrangements to gol sale o i any medicine in the igan and Minnesota all of which some and costly model of the once shooting and it was oil Satur ¬ largest sleeping car berthsI Your mothers are located on the Chicago world beautiful ship will be exhibited at or Write for afternoon any information to Ores Queen Asking pardon for this lengthy and grandmothers never thought North Western Railway Excep- ¬ stations along the GEO W BARNEX of using anything else for indiges ¬ tionally fine train service to all cent Route previous to day and r t communication I am Sunday August tion or billiousness Doctors wore points For low rate tourist tick ¬ date of excursion RespectfullyTRUTH scarce and seldom heard of ap ¬ ets and descriptive pamphlets ap- ¬ 18th Double daily train service to The usual High Bridge excur ¬ pendicitis nervous prostration or ply to your nearest ticket agents V Cres- Buffalo and Niagara rails Queen heart failure They used August or address N M Breeze 49 North sion rates over the Queen i 7 Crescent Route Flower to clean out the system Pryor street Atlanta Ga A F cent Route W 0 RINEARSON and stop fermentation of undi ¬ Cleveland 485 Vine street Cin- ¬ r TO SAVE HER OHILD General Passnger Agent gested food regulate the action of cinnati Ohio or Geo F Brig i the liver stimulate the nervous ham jrOO North Fourth street From frightful disfigurement and organic action of the system St Louis Mo 475t p doesnt gain in weight Mrs Nannie Galloger of Laand that is all they took when Grange Ga applied Bucklens Bryantsville feeling dull and bad with head- ¬ James White r Aruba Salve to great sores on her aches and other aches You only Ind says DeWitts Witch Hazel the best food and medicine I need a few doses of Greens August Salve healed running sores on head and face and writes its t for teething babies They Flower in liquid form to make both legs He had suffered six Thi KIR Yo Nara Always BIIPt gain you satisfied there is nothing seri ¬ years Doctors failed to help < skin eruptions cute burns ipaldt with Accept Bears BOWNE chemists SCOTT i 4 W5 Pearl Street drugghtNew York R ous the matterAlmanacyou Get him Get DeWitts Longmooc no ttignatarethe-of and piles Cure guaranteed by J Greens Prize f1 SouthI imitation Southt and Jtoa nU 5t l W Gayle Co Co and W Hardie jougmoor 46E0 + IIM familyI fwriter COFFEE r ¬ I I t j j i I K r v ofa I1Ir VtkThe beenI r I 4 pilH h2young I I DlIn I i Velwhich = t Jt BlinDlon Beal Estate arid Say rit iI1sA 11 51f r 3 Ii 4fections I 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