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Image 3 of Frankfort Roundabout, August 17, 1901

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

Sale of FTineal I l I 1212cw < I 1 7 1 4 i tWAISTS D rOr TSOT CO < I l Ra Everything must go as we do not believe in carrying goods over to next season 5c for Lawns and Dimities worth 10 and fV 12 l2c for Lawns and Dimities worth 25c J ir Goods WELSh AT LESS THAN COST TO CLOSE Streetif Y r r lCFh I I i i M ti j f 1 I IIA I r fie rAHAND i > iS BADLY OUTI tGRND by the A Vv fConway aged about thirteen years was employed at the pinning on of Mr L G Choate i tIPJtl1 z I a i t I f ti I I II DrJBEly WILL PBBAOH AT EVER pastor ff > k1R t x GREEN r near Farmdale will preach at that place tomorrow Sunday morning at 11 oclock He will be warmly > greeted by the peopleof his former who were deeply attached j< 3 < icharge o j I I will preach at the First Baptist Church of this city Sunday night also Mr Gwatkin V i e OIL STOCK Mr E Power of Ibis city has a few shares of very valuable stock to sell in the Geary Oil Company rwhfoh has a wolf within fifteen L hundred feet of the great Sunny brook well in Wayne county Ky i s t ° I l I 1 c l k By tho following clipping which take from the Daily Telegram Eau Claire Wis August 5 it will be seen that our wandering fishermen are having a big time Messrs Carl A and Hobart Johnson of Madison in company with Eau Claire friends have heels ¬ guests of N D Rodman the ial manager of the reservationfarm The gentlemen from Kentucky who have been regular visitors here for several years are now in camp and have with them the famous chef Charles E Henry Among the party are Messrs F Sidney Bedford C Cannon MISS KATIE LINDSEY George L Payne Col Richard Sponsor for Frankfort Comman Morris C C Furr F G Stagg Mason Barrett and John M Scott dervNo4Col Morris holds the record for The eyes of the public are cenbass fishing A 6pounder caught tered on Louisville as the meet ¬ recently increases in weight a ing place of the Knights Templar pound every time the Colonel tells Triennial Conclave August 27130 about it and at the present writ- ¬ Uniformed Sir Knights to theI ing weighs 10 pounds F G Stagg is official photogra- ¬ number of 25000 are expected pher of the party and has some from every section of the Union choice scenes The official programme has been The Chicago Club is fitted with announced noela week full of all modern conveniences such as pleasure is assured the city s acetyline gas hardwood floors guests Twenty thousand Tem ¬ sewers etcAlfred Cypreansen of Eau plars and 100 bands of music are Claire was recently a visitor here v l t e well to see him at once if you wan Tuesday morning August 2T a few shares of this stock which is bound to pay a big dividend The Ion line of march lies through stock will be withdrawn wIthin four miles of tho finest thee next week and sold elsewheve streets in the city If not sold in this city If you Wednesday will he devoted to a good investment see Mr the competitive drills Local jew- ¬ at once elers now have on display the prize trophiesfive in number f an aggregate value of 7COO A number of society belles from various cities of Kentucky have been named as maids of honor for 1want F I AIII rl Wlhj I the conclave ball at the Horse ou Thursday Show Building night Excursion rates from nil Tennessee Indiana and Kentucky points Twill bring Templars and their friends to the city in large numbers The Grand Comman dery of Kentucky Templars will have headquarters m the Customhouse where the States reputa tion for hospitality will be well mnintninedjc Hundreds of visitors to the Conclave will make side trips to points of interest in Kentucky Tennessee and Indiana 1urinffthe week of their pilgrimage to Louis ¬ ville No former celebration in the history of the South has at ¬ tracted so many visitors from all sections of the country as will be t brought by this event TERRIBLE STORM > i t A i 1 GrIt l t gon until she drops and think shes doing rather a fine thing Very often the future shows her that she was laying the foundation for years of When the back aches t unhappint ¬ when there is irregularity or any other womanly ill then the first duty a woman owes to herself is to find a cure for herr ailments The use of Dr Pierces Favorite Pre ¬ scription in cases of womanly disease will insure a prompt restoration to sound 4 k stops It regulates the unhealthy drains heals inflammation 4r i and ulceration and cures female weak ¬ It makes weak women strong tick women well Sick women are invited to consult Dr 5 Jo All Pierce by letter free of charge correspondence absolutely private and confidential In his thirty years and over of medical practice Dr Pierce as by his staff of nearly a score of otMsted has treated and cured more than half a million women Address A hurricane on the Gulf of Mex ¬ Dr R V Pierce Buffalo N Y will drop a few lines today to let you ico which has prevailed for two Will > 1r rhealth jJ tir Jness i I I h WeatJ rMI know writes Miss or three days has caused immense loss of life and property mottles of Favorite Prescription and of the Golden Medical Dls overyI have no head 4 large Beofron of New Orleans in ache now and no more At Mobile piacingdown pain any more I think that there La is under water Dr Pierces medicine M BO Ala the city is inundated the Dr Pierces Common Sense Medical Western Union office submerged Adviser in paper covers is sent free on of 21 onecent stamps to pay ex and the city out off from the out ¬ Vside world penseof mailing only AddfessDr urther news is tI I 11 t t 1 I am feeling well now r fi erce Buffalo N y n andebfub 1 Laxative Syrup ti j anxiously I awaited NAUTRES CURE FOR CONSTIPATION Ask Your Doctor 5 And he will tell you Laxative Fruits and their extracts are the best medicines for Consfipation as they bring about a normal action of the bowels wh n minerals and their salts are irritating to the intestines LYONS LAXATIVE SYRUP is a strictly Fruit and Vege ¬ table Compound and if used in Constipation will bring about a complete cure ridding you of such symptoms as Sick Headache Nervousness Tired Feeling Nauseousness Bloated Feeling etc 12 our money will be returned if you do nnot like it better than READ TT any other you have tried 25c AND 50c PER BOTTLE Andrew Cain as adminiR ALL DRUGGISTS Mr J > fl I triitoiiof Mr Hunt McEwan gives a notice in todays paper which CURES BLOOD TROUBLES BLOOD POISON CANCER is of interest to his creditors and ECZEMA ETC COSTS to those owing the estate NOTHING TO TRY Old obstinate deepseated cases permanently cured by taking Botanic Blood Balm B B B If your blood is tainted produc ¬ ing offensive eruptions aching bones and joints ulcers falling hair mucous patches sore mouth and throat scabs or scales per- ¬ sistent pimples eating sores swellings sore lip dry sore dull aching lancing shooting Bed Lounges then you have blood poison pninsII beginnings of deadly Sofa Don t experiment but take Botanic BBB Blood Balm made Chairs especially to cure all malignant blood troubles like Dress BoxCouches =CASTO C I I Bears the i t 1 I rj 4 w j Hats Always Bought Signatureof BET- I WEENLouisville Ouches and AND I Chicagoa BEST TO CALIFORNIA eC11zemaVAST ° AND THE NORTHWEST all aches and pains Try it Costs Treatment but 1 at druggists UNION STATION sent free by writing to Dr Gil LOUISVILLE way of for lam 200 Mitchell Street At ¬ DEARBORN STATION Ga Describe trouble and 10 days A word lanta CHICAGO Med- ¬ free to wise is sufficient ici nemedical advice given sent and free medical advice Dining and at once prepaid B B B origi ¬ Palace Drawing Parlor Cars Room Sleepar nated by Dr Gillam over 80 years ago Thousands have been cured many after doctors and patent SonsD- medicines had utterly foiled Botanic Blood Balm B B B 1ly gives life vigor and strength to the blood making it pure and Dr Cadys Condition Powders are just what a horse needs when in bad Cuts and bruises are healed by rich 41ly oudition Tonic blood purifier and Chamberlains Pain Balm in Iermifuge They are not food bu about onethird the time any other medicine and the best in use to put treatment would require because horse in prime condition Price 25 of its antiseptic qualities which To sell our real estate timber or coal stock cents per package of goods Do you want to buy or exchange for cause the parts to heal without kind of property Write me the may be able to For sale by J W Gayle and For sale by J W particulars as Charleston W hylp you Ad maturation N dress Ta Box 475 LeCompteGayle Longmoor Galye and South Dec 16ly inducements in prices next the the the x I R Rogers ec DO YOU WANT Jr j ar I c it 1 t fN 47 I if X Kind You I s We are overstocked on above and offer special A The k 1 h ¬ I fc S Pleasant to take MEN paradt has only a sliort which IBesell the stock andtime inwill to you S r NEWS FROM OUR FISHER ¬ we j street near the railroad blrdge was so unfortunate as to t 1< i have his hand come in contact with one of the saws which cutoff ft t the Index finger and seriously ftfjured the second and third attended to his ii iv injuries It was a close call for the wholeiand t J CONCLAVE MEETING r- Ili + x S f-

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