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Image 1 of Frankfort Roundabout, August 17, 1901

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

Jt Iif tI 4 J + Y- 1 Jitt Y THE FRAMFOKT ROUNDABOUT I tlC I 41 GE0 A LEWIS Publisher A WEEKLY PAP EE FRANKFORT KENTUCKY SATURDAYAUGuST IVOLJXXIV fl DIESI HELD OVER J Another of the oldest citizens fThetwb young men Ed Brirbour J DEVOTED T0 LOCAL AND SOCIETY NEWS andRobt Owens who were ar of this city passed away in the restedlcharged with the assault person of Mrs Jane Allen on Ff nd tobbery committed upon Mr Wednesday morning Mrs Allen was the widowof the RiraseM Green near Switzer last f ° iii and had week had their examining trial later Mr Wm Allen Esq Geo B Thomson on reached the ripe old ago of 80 yeaVs She was a native of Eng ¬ W > uesday last crowd of laud but had lived in this city There was a very large CO years She loaves one vitnesses acid spectators from both about 1I Peaks Mill cud Switzer present daughters Miss Emma Allen and r I r two granddaughters Mrs Wm wb > filled the courthouse ODnunell and Miss Jennie Lee The Commonwealth was repre yfeented by Messrs Win Cromwell and one grandson MrJohn Lee TERMS 100 In Advance I90IN0 i1 II 4L t i f i ir l F rrbefore 1 tlt 1 r and Gu HTBriggs in the absence to mourn her death She was k lifelong member of A the Episcopal Church and died in v4NE OING SEn the triumphs of the Obristaus Williams A large number of witnesses faithQuiet WB and retiring in disposi- ¬ and argument 4were examined was anold fashioned tion she lady respected and loved l y all Are the only Corsets made with a to the bones Pocket Covering cqurt in bond of 1250 each which who knew her The funeral ser ¬ and steels which prevents to the r was promptly given and they were vices were conducted by Rev F B utmost the piercing of the mate ¬ f released Wentworth her pastor from the rial This new covering does away with the complaint about bones residence of Mrs Vm ODonnell and steels pushing through at 11 oclopk on Thursday and STYLE 410 ja oar Famous the remains were laid away in the Long Waisted Model for long and not made out a strong case Made of White medium figures family lot by the side of her hon ¬ Contil and Black Satin Silk edgARRESTED BY DEPUTY U S ored husband Ing at top 14 inches 5 hook clasp rY MARSHAL Price RECOVERED STYLE 602 is a light flexi v Deputy U S Marshal Con Me ble easy fitting Corset made of White Batiste and with 5 hook We noticed last week that the C arrested Ben F Card well postmaster at Hooppole Anderson steel vault of the big gold county on Tuesday and brought lug works at San FranciscosmeltI ERECT FORM STYLE 701 has a 13 inch extra heavy front I him to this city on the charge of been robbed of 280000 steel made of White Drab Jean making fraudulent reports of bars hy means of tunneling and Black Satine Full gored and stamp cancellations in order to in- Since then a discharged employe bias oat Price SI has been arrested and confessed crease his salary as postmaster ERECT FORM STYLE 702 is full gored and blat cut with 18 lGardwell was taken before U S that he was at the head of the rob ¬ Inch front steel and made cf imported Diamond Satine Price fi Commissioner Walter G Chap bery and took the detectives to the l 150 > place where the treasure was onj We carry in stock Twenty coaled in the bay and it has DIffetent Styles of this celeibond of 1000 which he gave and about all recovered brated mnke of Corsets We can fit any figure so that the wearer has vas released 3 We guaran LAST DAY FOR FILING the greatest comfort PolsgroveThe I ot J ir Corsets tpeimeQ 4 I l A pini > A DUDLEY BLANTON Rl rv a F fIS f f i r < lrr i f > TWO HUNDRED OF I r tiii f SOUTHERN JELLI60 GOAL I t BUSHELS rrlf ¬ t I i 1- ¬ bedone T r > Corsetfor hv I J7lL September I i r IfAPPOINTED I J ¬ Friday August 80th will be of the last day for filing suits for t Russellville has been appointed the September term of circuit Court will convene on II to Succeed Judge I H Goodnight court I A CARD Yon run no tee every pair we sell risk in buying them To the people of oountyI r TO HIGJH Frankfort and lTURN The Steamer Falls City will run the following one of her unrivalled excursions statement About six years agoas oirduife judge of the 7th judicial Monday September 9 there appeared a cancerous growth to High Bridge and 41St Clair Street There will be a pretty heavy on my wifes forehead district to serve until the Noveiii It gave morrow Sunday She will lelfvo her lots of pain and grew worse all the custom house wharf at 6 her election Judge Orewdson will docket fur this term and a num ¬ the time I finally placed my wife oclock a m sharp ibb a candidate to fill out the uu her of important cases are among BURGLARS ABOUT and thatr in the hands of Dr 0 H Woods means just exactly on time and expired termSons Co I can hardly collect On Tuesday night some sneak words to express my thanks to Dr returning will reach homo about TEACHERS INSTITUTE Y M I PICNIC thief or burglar obtained entrance Woods for he has effectually midnight The fare for the roundresidence of Dr 0 K cured the cancer Franklin Woodford and Scott The regular annual picnic given into the Second street South without the use by his treatment trip will be 1 > of the knife or Wallace The attractions at High Bridge countieswill unite in a Teachers by the Y M I will take place on loss of one drop of blood will be Capt Blondell the noted Institute to convene at 10 oclock Wednesday next August 21 It iISide by way of one or the parlor W H HAWKINS aquatic performer in a number windows but was evidently fright ¬ Tax Assessor is not necessary to say anything Franklin County his and the Blowing ened away before obtaining any Hall Georgetown Ky and con more about it to any one who has Up of the Maine in which a LEG CRUSHED plunder as one of tho gentlemen HinuQ five days ever attended one of these delight- ¬ splendid model of that noted war- ¬ in the house hearing the noise While Mr Wm Stivers was at ship be used Prof Fro ge of Frankfort and ful affnirs but we will say to those to see what was the matter work in a rook quarry near Willis of Lexington will who have never attended one that went the The scene will be realistic in the found signs of the thief but Old Judge distillery on Wednes- ¬ extreme if they wish to have a real good and the Institute There will no doubt be a large Superintendent of Public In time and a wjlole bushelof fun he had vamosed day a large rook fell on his leftI crowd on board and extra precau ¬ jtruwon H V MdChesney will they should by all means go to leg breaking it crushing the bone b deliver an address on Wednesday TRESTLE INJURED BY FIRE and forcing the pieces out through Cove Sprjug Park that day f the flesh STILL BETTER 0 rail ¬ Dr N M Garrett was called KING SOLOMON AND THE The trestle on the F i Mr Edward Elliott one of the QUEEN OF road over Main Elkhorn this side land rendered all assistance posbest lecturers of the day will lea In our notice in regard to the of the Forks of Elkhorn was found but grave fears are felt as In connection with John Robin ¬ jbure On the evening of August lowering of the rate for hauling to be on fire early Wednesday sible David to the result as the surgeon thinks sons Ton Big Shows Combined 20tb and 21st Subjects coal L liHarum U and An American Cit statedby the the N railroad we morning audit lead burned some the leg will have to be amputated This wonderful spectacle has n rate to some sta ¬ of the beams so as to make them that izen breadthof effects which surprises ASTONISHED THE EDITOR tions had been reduced as much unsafe and delights Ita gorgeous procas forty cents per ton less than the only went The 650 a m train ea Law pq Editor S A Brown of Bennetts essions and splendid ballets are former rate We have since been as far as tbfe trestle and returned ville S CM was once immensely certificates to attend the full sesincomparable and nothing so vast informed that the rate for domes- ¬ to this oity until the damage surprised Through long suffer¬ or imposing sion has ever been seen in tic coal has been made the same could be repaired which was done ing from dyspepsia he writes 7rN COPPER AND as for steam coal which is that in a few hours The regular runs my wife was greatly run down IRON AND She had no strength or vigor and WHERE THEY ARE FOUND much better than we were aware were then resumed suffered great distress rom her lem and the Temple of Solomon at the time we wrote the other stomach but she tried Electric iwFullyand interestingly described RESPITED notice Bitters which helped her at once in the illustrated booklet containI no mere arti and after using four bottles she ing large indexed map plainly in ROUND THE QIRCLE fioiol show but a vivid and vast Holly Strutton tho Anderson dioating the region in which this realization of life in the time of Some two hundred people came county man whojfwas condemned High Bridge on the to be hung in Lawrenoehurg on laxative qualities are splendid for down from NorthWestern Ry Copy will be Falls City U Around the Circle yesterday for the murder of Mr mailed to any address upon re on Tuesday afternoon J N Searoy about a year ago troubles its a positive guaranteed passing beauty and the perfection foeipt of twocent stamp by W B excursion returning home over the F 0 was respited for thirty days on Kni kern 22 Fifth Avenue Chi Wednesday last railroad that night I I CKAGINRRO I i themI it iP I I < I r I Ool1eKeI 1Prof Ii I t oft I I everything guit21stI cwt k < SHEBAI + i r teachersJfV randyI r indigestionloss 1 I t i t tl 4 it t F beguiledby VIGayles Thursdap oagoJ it k nl1ythingIts gazel lowingI < t J W 1r h r

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