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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 25, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

Yrr ts reeaS r w r jf Yar Y x I iy i fr- ti I j ij r i rte fi t it fry Jy t vtJi J fl 1 I + > EH z P tr + r 11n f r W- p r srrvt ra 4L w ii n i f 1 GOOD MAN GONE TO j T Meeting of at Jamestown lfi > II l rkJ ilrll h y nS a r nit 7i A Y t ai v JJIIft r1 51iJ has just reached us by tele- At a meeting of the charter pfember of the sudden death of Judge W of the Danville and Scott viUc rantoaphone at Jamestowj- held here this afternoon fbr the pui Judib electing officers i the poise tone had for a number of years q te prominent In the affairs of Ruswas Sell and adjoining counties He born and abut sixty years of agewas a broth reared in Jamestown He was er of Judge J B Stone of Liberty Stone of G J Bryant Stone and mere Elads he anc When Monticello his brother J Bryan Stone joined the Confederate army and served honor ably to the close of the war He was follows were le ted President RW Leach Cincinnati ° 0 fimt vice president J ft Allen Cincinnati O second vice president Fo Liberty IIZharrr ky 4 cewith NU BER 2 URIVIN C- t yT- iL 2 1 It > 1t = = ny presents one of their spe C R life of essential t 1 A R iIS 5 r I r 1 55 al mineral c > > y z S i t r 3850 3830 fl > L r 44 DRIVING WAGON I 0 w I 1 t j t6 Diamond padded cushion i L Genuine Lei titer Trainmang Pt L 1 7 Thirtysix inch leathered shafts 2 Open sanitary Jspjing cushion 8 with leather fall Double braced shafts 3 Full height velvet carpet 9 Dust proof long distance axle 4 Option of inside panels finished or 10 Quick shifting shaft coupling 8 carpeted 11 Two extra point center axle clips 5 Thirteen inch padded dash 12 Exceedingly slick painting 0 t v popularI I Guaranteed hickory wheels 15 rubber 17 Option of Bailey body loops or wood spring bars 18 Option of panel or stick seat Allwool 16 highr whip socket to your v I notion ¬ t Extension spring toe rail 14 Threeprong oval steps 13 Body black gear greeni vermilion red yellow canary pr black < < Axles 1516 inch arch or drop 48 or 52 track Wheels Sarven Body either 20 22 or 24 inches wide while the body Panted black regular it can befurnished PAINTING I 1May 55 j Mela te < tj ¬ The above job is one of a few of our many valuable offerings and we respectfully invite comparison with t1lisjobaswell an any other of our many offerings with the one the other fellow asks you from 5 to 10more for Watch this space for we are going to make it interesting for the ones that need a vehicle iF r A Y = j s iOfi 11 E 8 UGGiyCO LYO N AMPBELLSVILLE T f > 11 KENTUCKY > Ji r purV SI communityIt 1 f c < th 4thTbf tV 1 4t s f 1f Prti 1 i jJlLl 1j 1 i f 1 i t fi 1lf 1 N b r r v tiJ t t r r i < 1 f r J d i- v- N1 i ti Glu ti r lr r adjoin lx jl jobs arethe vehicle user3 Qffaylor andvehicle carefully the following features which which very a tot he Lyon i ng counties 5 atIsiIiLT i ilI lj f manager- He served of the Bank of some time as cashier LOCAL TELEPHONE SERVICE Jamestown He was that character of mart that is honest earnest and con scientious about all matters political Editor News religious and social He was in the It is not our purpose to make any a Strictest sense of the term andChristian meritorious mention or direct anY neigh words of praise toward any personc g nueman a good citizen persons not justly due such but we beor He leaves a widow Mrs Sophia lieve a few complimentary expression two sons E O Stone Joe H OH the telephone service this plage i now enjoying is not out of placf a burn this time In the beginning when tb fAbdtoftWS years agO Judge Stone Columbia Telephone Company solicits gloved his residence to Monticello for the services of Miss Lorena Pjleasop purpose of engaging injbjie practise orator they certainly made a wises c If law with his brothers Hon J Bryan tone and G E Stone Judge Stone had many warm friends who sympathize loll this community idth the famlIyin their bereavement obliging and to sum up the many ex The interment was in the Jamestown pressions of those who have occasion emetery Moridmy afternoon after re¬ to use the lines a great deal she is unigious services conducted by Eld R d of Gq JoDro ever seen in this > aw u ytha h ihe i called FridaVft i > < 5 diFsated J Ti f 1 i906 5p CIAi A1 L trict and state offices f wlk rt L APRIL n WEDNESDAY TEJQK u r JoluiG1ayJor Chicago HI secretary John IX Fallitt Cincinnati 0 tree urns J B Brown Liberty The company is known as the Allen Mining Smelting and Refining dom parry and is organized under thelawl of Georgia with a capitalization of 000000 It is now operating large min ing industries in Georgia Virginia Ten nessee and North Carolina A surveying corps has been at work on the new line near McKinney since last Thursday and considerable terri tory has been gone over The work oi construction will be begun about Ma 20 and fifty miles of theline will pro bably be completed by September The load will be 100 mnejn length anQ will open up a country rich in coal and ebrated raid through Kentucky and Ohio was captured and seryet qrite a long term of imprisonment at Camp Douglass Ill After the war he studied law in the office of Joseph E rHays of Jamestown and soon entered He Vtrpon active practice people wasmany ° of his na times honored by the tf served saver having Stive countyCounty Judge and County h > terms as was a temperance V Court Clerk He several times nom and was t y r 1- i LYi i a Ll S Views ITp a 1 w a > ii v Danville Ky April 21 = t 14ly T F c tterMembersofthe Ing on Survey REWAR HIS r s y rN 7 + ERS i ° rr RoRAfqft tWC 1 tinentuwyer A y QMBIAJ4IJfiL bl lt STONEbI Dies u + w JUDGE W S t rq 4 i VOLUM j r f cr1 > i Ji r r1 r w r > lt f i < j J< I F> 4L t r S tTHeBook Judge A P Simpiwn of Jamestown who has been serijiiii tt for a mouth who live in the is better Hw hfl ide last wek West 5 Judge 1 Si u i a iMtorero AiairU > ilethodist of the Southern 1 Gov J Hind R man of thiaplace being one of the members met in Nashville last week annual meeting of the commit ¬ and several matters of importance tee pPl Its JI1IIt rtwere iJl 1 c Cit > b regain his health > l e 7 Mr Aaron has removed from There are nine dwellings nbwj blag ILiberty1OI Carrollton Kyand has erected in Columbia and a number t permanently located for the purpose of others will be started in a fewwr ire t l practicing his profession r Mr Aaron t is a lawyer of abflity and is airioit Ex- ASunday Shcool was organizddf tat We commend him and Rocky Hill last Sunday afternoon cellent Iaias atimable Dudley was elected Saperii pi W the people of M ent and MULula TcxHSccretkfy Carrollton J t < fily GOv ing to the General Conference pablishing Hmdrnan house in Nashville wiUoe completed in f i about two v month r siwie i i itatbat1tb f er Js 1WUlp < > ttrJo q L 11 V3J h t tleht rbirtze ifl 1 ft1t I iLM1JiI miDt t Sunday iMJIcI tlwt J az ji we 1 t 1 puld iot tici1oati jlXQ for > I Cornasec Jooes daafofise ilc ia lIfrIaatwu1 ha W ri th iffair sJ 11 Ad Miu ii Mwaii aliee ii = oJ caisa tit 1ac V Jl li i i i iil i i t 4 t t rYli d rood e ss LeusvilIs ti tbei- lV U iJ 4S ii ir Aww It > IIt f i i Sa y yt x 4 d o r7 r r i f m the count n ri ft- rd j I I lG 0 vtct a t 13 i r i IHr i i a v1 t a 4 w 1 W J t rn t wtpa v 1 r sf L 4 t r Nifea x 1 d r l 0rf I = tt 1I tt b > to ti ifar bestqiality r Tke have1 f receited > StirNil f f l t > o y M 1i i aM

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