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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 3, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

Iie J C I < = r< i COLUMBIAADAIRCOON1Y The Pea ridge Fair Last Thursday about the noon hour The management of the Pearidge Mr J R England who lived a half Fair are to be congratulated on the mile to the left of Sparksville died success of their fifth exhibition which after a long illness He was one of the was pulled off last Wednesday Master b6 known men in all that COUP try and Count Stubs was the President this Sifts a yery good citizen one who had year and he was assisted by an able many friends The deceased became corps of directors afflicted abofit six or eight months ago The gates were opened at 930 a m and the exhibition continued until late in the afternoon There were many death He was a soldier in the Feder- interesting rings of dogs cats goats al army during the civilar and his oldi etc and the large number of towns comrads in this county will be sorry o people who were in attendance were hear of his demise For many years he highly pleased with the show All pre ¬ was a devout member of the Baptist miums were paid in cash and the associ Church He was a plain unassuming ation made some money One of the man honest in all his transactions The exciting features on the program was funeral services were held Friday all a prjze fight by two negro boys The the neighborhood being in attendance directory will make some improve ¬ He leaves a wife and ten children ments on their grounds and next year an effort will be made to give the best An Estimable Lady Dies juvenile Fair ever seen in Kentucky gangrene I + ¬ 1 > A gloom spread over the Rowena section of Russel county last Wednes- ¬ day morning when the announcement came that Mrs Bettie Guthrie the be ¬ loved wife of Millard Guthrie wa dead She was a highly respected lady and one of the best known in all that section of country The deceased w fiftyseven years oldand had been a consistent member of the Methodist Church for forty years She was ac ¬ IA Comfortable Home It was the pleasure of a News inapt inspect the water system a few days ago recently installed by Judge W w1 Jones at hiss residence on Greensburg street and while there was shown vari ous other improvements that add to comfort slid convevience The resi ¬ dence is acommodious brick of neat design which was built several years ago and the recent addition of deep porches on front and rear adds much t- o its worth and beauty Besides other outside improvements such as cement walks cellar cistern and wells much money time and good taste Have been used inside Every room is doubled floored with the best grade of hard wood and the best mechanical skill em ployed in its finish The decorations are in keeping with the building and display fine taste on the part of Mrs Jones and the talented daughter un der whose supervision the designs were selected The water supplied from a seventy foot well the power coming from compressed air gives pure cold water at all times In fact it is a coon ¬ a city residence so far as water and lights can be used and comfort loveand hap piness must supremely reign within ¬ ¬ ¬ offeaI theas b1ing Mwas ir K our counties prices on the vehicle i g that will Y are all gone The Buchanan Lyon Co ¬ Card of Thanks Death of Miss Lillie Williams ¬ I Last Thursday afternoon about 2 oclock Miss Lillie Williams abouttwenty two years old a daughter of r and Mrs WR Williams who live the Mt Pleasant neighborhood suc- ¬ cumbed to the ravages of typhoid feve and calmly met her Redeemer She was a young lady who was very popular in the community where she was reared and her death cast a gloom over the entire neighborhood She wa stricken about three weeks ago an during her illness she was tenderly watched by her parents and sisters and the attending physicain Every thing that earthly hands could do was done The deceased was very religious hav ing been a devoted member of the Christian Church for several years Besides her parents she leaves a large circle of relatives all of whom have the sympathy of the people of this county The remains were interred Friday after religious exercises a large num- ¬ ber of friends being present Eld F J Barger of this place preached the funeral discourse ¬ ¬ Good Citizen Passes A playersbarred will be allowed on the grounds A depu ¬ ty Sheriff will be stationed at the gate to search all who enter If any spectators get enthusiastic d desire to settle any argument in Jeffries Johnson style they must retire to a goodshade and fight with fists only so as to disturb the players aslittleas possible The game shall not be stop ped for any fight longer than seven > ¬ minutesGame will be stopped one hour at noon for dinner and resumed promptly atone oclock p m Free admission All old town ball players invited Referees Judge J D Irvin and G A Kimble A graphic account of the game by rounds will appear in the next issue of the News LilburnPhelps 1 f NUMBER the Divide tt 39 Death of an Excellent Lady < i The AdairCounty News The greatest event of the season will bepuIledoff at the fair grounds at Bus ¬ sell Springs Thursday Aug 4 It will be a game of old time town ball W D King and Lilburn Phelps will choose the players for the respective sides Game will be caljed promptly at ten oclock and all who desire to partici ¬ pate in the game should be on hand a few minutes before that time Players must be not under 25 nor over J > emj 1910 < t i Last Sunday afternoon oclock Mr WR Willis about 3 Nits Nannie Epperson who was the r familiarly beloved wife of Mr ThosJT EpP e rson who resides near Montpelier this count ty died last Sunday night She was was about sixtyeight years oldand excellent Christian woman about was one of Adair countys best citizens fiftyfive years old and very much loved and his death is a source of much regret by all the people in the neighborhood throughout the county Mr Willis re = where she resided She leaves besides moved from Metcalfe county to Co- her husband quite a number of child lumbia about two years ago and lived lren whose grief can not be portrayed in a comfortable home on Frazer A ve- ¬ irt a death notice She was a d ughterw nue which he purchased soon after lo- ¬ of C L Phe Rice and was married to a cating here He was a man who po her husband when quite a young WOe sessed a sympatheticheart and he was man the two living happily together very much liked by his neighbors His until the final dissolution She was sick friends were numbered by his acquaint- onla few days May the Giver of all ances that is good comfort those who have The deceased had been afflicted for sustained such a great loss about twenty years with hydrocele and A large circle of relatives and friends two or three weeks before his death it attended the funeral andburial became necessary to operate Dr E A Waggener assisted by Lit J H Grady Notice j being the attending surgeons Usually printing the Columbia Fair cats this character of operation is very sim ¬ logue two errors appear Ring 82 pie as we learn from physicians offe nshould read Stallion four years old and patients who are thus afflicted and over Ninety should read mare one tear go under the knife remain in bedbut a oldand under two few days While this operation was cf successfu the long standing of the No Imitation or Determination sale disease and the nervous condition of but a genuine sale of vehicles bo u ghtk Mr Willis caused his friends much from manufacturers that were hound to uneasiness In a few days blood poison real ze the cash on their work You set up which terminated in his death can make 10 to 20 by coming to camp The deceased leaves a wife and seven bellsville in the next 20 days The Buchanan Lyon Co peacefully ln ¬ i ¬ 1 ¬ t l iYI I t v rIn April1st begid 0 nFree I r 1 n4 rc I ¬ 4 workJ mApr anZ spenttwo INot t or r f townn ¬ nI that uY cod RHEQ 4acres byHolt atr 92 235 > 75Death tn R w 1t ¬ ¬ i t Reporte grownHe ¬ t r 0 Mr W R Willis and her sons to return their thanks to all those whoRevB M Currie returned from r e so kindly waited upon the husband and Report of Jo Coffey Jr Treasurer Methodist Church a Master Mason and afflicted with measles Complications father during bis illness terminating in townof Columbia Ky of amount of a gallant Federal soldier in the civil Cane Valley last Friday morning where he assisted the Rev J H Rood in a 12 death Friends in time of trouble are funds on hands belonging to said town warThe remains were carried to Pleasant days meeting There was a good inter to be appreciated and will not be for ¬ and of amounts received and paid out who often visits Columbia and an aunt by him upon orders issued by the Board Ridge Church Monday in the lower est manifested and much good was ac of Mr W T McFarland of this place edge of this county where they were in- complished in awakening the church and Messrs John S and Solomon Mc terred after a funeral discourse by Rev members to activity Considering the Meeting at Tabor B M Currie Many friends were pre s very busy time among the farmer Farland of Cane Valley 1910 theT The funeral services were held at the ent The sympathy of this town is attendance was very large There were CREDITS Bro Currie announces that a protract >° grave Thursday at noon conducted by with the surviving members of the 2 adults saved at Tabor church Apr 4 J A Willis salary as Rev W A Beck all the neighborhood family Marshal month of March 40 00 8th All the being present Besides the husband Born to the wife of Robert Rodgers Apr 4 J A Willis money paid members and friends are requested toI Dr J E Grant of Gorgona C Z this place July 29 a son ° the deceased leaves three children hands on street be present at the opening services 5will please accept our thanks for a Messrs W T and John S McFar ¬ order to decide on the hour for the day Apr 5 Jim Duncan taxes wrong Reduced prices on slippers and straw book giving all information of land attended the last sad rites fully collected 15 9and progress of building thethe cost hats and all summer goods at Sinclairs services great Apr 6 Myers Light Co lights Course in Agriculture month of March Columbia to a stranger looks very 56 hot air but bargains in all kinds any ng great much larger than it really is Recent ¬ The Western Kentucky State Normal The Buc and most expensive enterprise ever vehiches for next 20 days month of Jan 1910 School offers a practical course of 32 52 hanan Lyon Co v started by this government Apr 21 The Baptist church of study in Elementary Agriculture dem 90 onstration and actual work done on it several times was asked to give his Columbia 6 post Fruit jars rubber and jelley glasses Prof S P Stapp of Roy passedrthe school farm Teachers will have an opinion of the population of the place Apr 22 R F Paull services as State examination and his certificate at Sinclairs Supervisor of 1910 tax list has been received 6 00 opportunity to prepare for teaching that is the number of inhabitants J Well said he 1 have been all over Apr 26 Sam Mitchell 12 post at t subject Great opportunities offerRussell Springs and Middleburg Ii The catalogue fortheJonesville Va ed young men who expect to make it two or three times and I would say 122 cents each 150 Fair is being printed at this office and farming a life work Course begins that you have twentyfive hundred peo ¬ Apr 26 H A Walker crushed RussellSprings ties up with Middle will Je ready to ship in a few days stone ple hereWhen told that there were 100 00 Sept 6 1910 Write for information burg in a ten inning contest at Dunn f May 3 J A Willlis services as Tuition Address H H Cherry Presiden about fourteen hundred he said You ville The R S boys journeyed to A valuable work mare which was Bowling Green Ky 392t The eligible persons are entitled to have got the biggest little town I wa s Marshal 1 mo 2 days to date Dunnville last Saturday and played the owned by Robt B JJof this place died ever in and it is one of the best bus¬ 4265 and money paid out to free tuition in the Western Kentucky Northern Reds to a tie game in ten Friday night He paid 125 for the work hands 5410 46 75 Fingers off Left Hand State Normal School The Fall Sessioinnings some fine plays being made animal < begins September 6 1910 Write Presi larger than Columbia that do not dc the May 3 Adair county tiling fur on both sides The features were Holts nished town business your town does 125 pitching allowing but three hits Leonard Murrell a son of the widow dent H H Cherry Bowling Green We will save you 10 to 20 dollars on s also May 3 E L Sinclair J division George Murrell who lives near Colum- Ky for information 392t the running catches made by Wilson your buggy if you come to our place in There is a diversity of opinion among fencer at cemetery 2 60 bia met with a serious accident last and Maderasand the stick work by the next20 days The Buchanan Lyon wish to express through the News the farmers of this county in regard to May 3 L C Winfrey 16 pages Thursday He was employed in a Isbell and Wilson getting two three Co Campbellsville Ky typewritten ordinances 1 60 gle factory which is being operated my appreciation to the many customers crop prospects Ask one farmer how base hits Very good May 3 Russell Co sewer pipe in Adair and Russell counties for their is crops in your soectipn near Gradyville His left hand got S D Barbee sold last week to Capt r n and charges freight 13 7 caught in the machinery andall the patronage in the poultry and egg buscorn is looking fine May 9 Myers Light Co lights fingers were cut off It will be some- ness for the past ten years I have ac-¬ I expected and Middleburg month of April 59 17 cepted a position with the S H Grin Put the same question to another farm time before he can be removed home Three base hits Wilson Isbell Two the Curd farm for 60U er and he will answer Hard times are May 12 L W Bennett 23 sacks stead Co at Russell Springs Ky v cement 13 80 as manager of that branch and will at in front of us scarcely any wheat rais ¬ Secure a Certificate all times be ready to pay the highest ed and there will not be a half crop of May 17 WH Wilson 61oadsN T prices are Umpire Hobson Attendance 500 Under the law the Western Normal torn The majority of growers say gravel 3 00 > right J has the power to issue the Elementary market price for poultry eggs hides there was never a better prospect for May 17 W H Wilson hauling wool feathers and all kinds of country at Cray Craft Certificate the Intermediate Certifi-¬ rock and gravel The refreshment priveleges of the 4 produce Would appreciate my old cus ¬ corn It is true that the freshets dam cate and the Life Certificate which p June 7 0 P Willis services as Fair have been awarded to Mr L W tomers giving me a call I wish to sa entitle the holders to teach anywhere Mrs Lizzie Conover who was the Bennett The contract was entered up Marshal month May 3735 in Kentucky for two years four years for the benefit of the trade that 1am money paid to hands for work into last Friday afternoon same concerti that started the and for life respectively without rther with the 3851 75 H6 poultry and egg business in this terri- ¬ Mr W J Bryant uncle of Mr Wal ¬ r examination Information as to the tory a Strayedf ro jny premises one 2 al yictini of consumption am an f Other produce concerns have ker Bryant recently returned from June 18 John Luster amount of work required for each cer ¬ Etyfive years old and a lady yearold red steer Willweigh 5 or6 v hands 1 day on streets 3 00 come and gome in the last ten years Shelby Scott and Bourbon counties In tificate will be furnished when desirehighljf ppected She leaves a husband hundred pounds has been dehorned but n Shelby he has a daughter in Scott a June 20 Columbia Lighting o Fall session opens Sept 6 1910 A The burial which has about 2 inch stubs Finder will be 62 00 and four children eson and in Bourbon a grandson He lights for month of May dress H H Cherry President West ¬ took place this rnrjnmg was largely att- rewarded J R Bennett year and are better prepared than ever left them all well and in a prosperous June 23 J G Eubank preps em Normal ended Columbia Ky 393t he ing receipt books for use in col ¬ o meet all competition and will conni 2 0i counties extra good when he left the lecting tax 00 5 in business at the same old stand as Notice Mr J Tandy Ellis representing the finest wheat crops for many years Mr DEBITS well as the newones i > From Tennessee Society of Equity addressed the farm Bryant also made a short trip to Indi ¬ Apr 1st 1910 balance on hands 5 546 58 392t BO Hurt erg at the Courthouse Monday fore ana during his absence spending sever- ¬ Apr 22 Standard Oil Co Tax 10 00 v Sunday Schools that have not sent v Humboldt Tenn July 26 1910 in reports will please send same to me nOon Many who heard him say that t May 2 M Cravens rent on town ISince his return from the South al days with relatives Adair County News D Neilson has been traveling office to July 1st 10 1 25 at once as want to make niy report his speech was very interesting and contained iiiuch information conc Jing While sitting round waiting for a in the interest of the Lindsey Wilson to the State Association soon Interest in baseball is on the drag in Recapitulation the workings of the Society of Equity to Laketon Ky lam reminded Training School He has met with a this part of the State Last summer train G W Turner Sec Debits 55783 that I am yet in Gods country great deal of encouragement and there was a match game at this place Fairplay Ky 53236 Credits f The members of Miss Reeds class in This is a beautiful town on the Louis- thinks the prospects are flattering for nearly every Saturday afternoon It Bal on hands July 1st 1910 2547 r the Presbyterian Sunday school will ville and Nashville railroad where the a good opening in September There may be that the result at the Chautau = Jo Coffey Jr Treas Mobile and Ohio crosses sell icecream and cake at Mrs Shel As I came will be more county pupils than usual qua meets has had something to dcrin This is to certify that I have exam- ¬ tons residence Tuesday eveninga here I was very much interested at the beginning and he confidently ex causing interest to lag Et is not often ined the foregoing Quarterly Report of gust 2 at 8 oclock Be sure to ble i to see the fine corn crop also fine crops pects an increase from neighboring that Columbia boys become discouraged Joe Coffey Jr Treasurer of the Town 1> there of oats in shock peas cotton and to- counties The facilities for boarding and we look for them to come again of Columbia for quarter ending June N somewhat puffy or chuffy they con ¬ matoes in abundance pupils are better than heretofore that stronger and better than ever before 30th 1910 and find that same is correct Mr and Mrs J W Richards gave any > Twill leave here at 1038 for Carlisle is more room and the convenient July 5 1910 L C Winfrey Com eluded to rip it open and on doing so they found 80 young snakes about 7 afternoon party to the little folks last county where I will begin to investigate are first classsThe principals Messrs The old time drummers wagon will the valueof timber on a survey of land Neilson and Moss will be assisted by soon be a thing off the past Mr T M Mr B 0 Hurt whohas been trav ¬ inches in length They all died in a few Saturday There was a full attendancet of 976 acres belonging to Mrs Minnie an able corps of assistants and various games were indulged in to Carr representing the Adrian Fence sling in this section covering several the delight of all It was not only av Taylor of Greensburg Ky Company Louisville made Columbia counties for the past ten years buying wagonpleasure to the younters but as truly There was a very severe rain fa11FoR SALE One road last Friday in a two seated automobile e produce is now off the road and is lo Mrs P p honeY enjoyable to lrand Mrs Richards here lBtnight but it has cleared aw He worked the town and started on his cated at Russell Springs and is the i¬ Several prizeswere given this morning but is very hot Ibe Grinstead Co trip to Louisville at 230 p m manager of the return pfMrs Georgia Shelton a pair lots of politics talked here some Demo ¬ The meeting which was conducted at saying he would reach the city in time house in that place Mr Hurt is per- ¬ There is no good reason why the Fair crats saying they will vote the Republi- ¬ fectly reliable and he invites his friends of glasses The finder will return and Mrs E A Pile should not be largely patronized this r v receive reward can ticket to bring their stuff to his new place of year Theheath of the county is rea t As this is my first attempt to write grange busineae Mr Ambrose Cundiffa respected citi ¬ sonablegpod anti a much better crppv1 to the News close and df this services were prolonged two weeks and There is one thing that a Fair does year than usual Those who are in pa does not fine its way to the waste bask ¬ that makes it very enjoyable It is the The social at the residence of Mr and sition to knoW say that many more X will make ah other attempt some et meeting of friends who have not seen Mrs TPt Dunbar lastiFrde etehing syrr Mr Cundiff was an old soldier and horses and other character of stock wishes to Adair peo ¬ time With of had reached a good old age 23 four days Beleft a Yours Truly ple I remain Jamestownaa largely attended and son and three daughtenbi wif e hav will be here August Church greatly revived Eld Taylor C C Roe the evening liteijoyablYlpent The in died was born and partly grew up fn theseveral years ago One by one Every OOyjl making preparation neighborboodofllontpfJier and many 1 anticipated Bsidestheman Y fine HiHDllbarareiC cpfflpliehed young tte old soidl rt there ii ioarcely a the calthe Born =tp the wifvoifirr F Burton of hu boyhood friends were there to J hoTMe will W attraetiY Md tfce anwic die8bMcejtw INidlMli to My tHy la soon Aeir number will be exoeed for idottbtibutitwfll be from July a daughter kner r bow to entertain > chunsin iogiy > u hear him Vv > daIs start to ftiiMfo Au 1 r 3 Old Time Town Ball ofr Owing to the fact that quite a num ¬ ber large dealers in the Hooded district have canciled their orders for buggies we have been able to get some rare bar ¬ WEDNESDAY Y AUGUST KENTUCKY t Ji k y 0nntp bait Death of a WeilKnown Citizen fr f- l i 47 A 1h di9theCta ir X i r I it ¬ t392t ¬ t I Y- f 0 Montpeliewrites AntleI KYar toIthe ¬ SR TWilliamsIseustedby tecfIand agO 4 4onthe26thof i c 1 M dyI rwV I p i 1ct i jr Ie < KnightY Y Ji rs lutI ¬ Iill v I ¬ LJ = dryI jlttut ° fJ 4f a l4 1 or tp 4 fit 1 a s areuner j c t J 7 r SV t t- mt 1 T 0 > 0 r y

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