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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 23, 1959

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

oi tr - - r..- - VOLUME 51, NUMBER 49 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 1959 Waterficld proposes compact of states; trol and reservoirs and those Saturday, Bert Combs, Waterwants Kentucky to get together other things which will give our field's principal opponent in the with other states in an effort to people an equal opportunity race for the Democratic nomnia Improve underdeveloped areas with those In other states," tion for governor, and Wilson Wyatt, who is runlng for Hculcn such as Eastern Kentucky. Waterficld said. ant governor on a ticket with Waterficld told Eastern Ken"I know, and the people of tucky audiences in n campaign Eastern Kentucky know, that Combs, wtjre guests at a "home at Prcstonsburg, tour Inst week that if he is thorc have been enough words coming" elected, governor he will ask said on the subject. There have combs' home town. They spoke to a crowd esti neighboring states with similar been more tha nenough surveys areas and problems to join with and plans. We don't need any mated at 9,000, and devoted Kentucky in a compact for more plans or surveys. We need most of their speeches to critiunited action. action, and that's what we arc cism of Waterficld and Gov, A B. Chandler, who is supporting Eastern Kentucky's problems going to have." him In the race for governor. not unique to Kentucky, he are Waterficld said his plan for a MED STUDENT Borf Holbrook, Combs did not discuss a pro pointed out, but are shared by compact with neighboring states gram for Eastern Kentucky, his ion of Mr. and Mrs. Mayo HolTcncssce, Virginia, West Vir- has been greeted with enthusibrook, has boon accepted as a ginia, Pcnsylvania and the asm on the part of everyone native territory. Instead he student at the University of urged his listeners to join with Carolina. who has heard it. him In "a crusade to restore Louisville Medical School. Watcrfleld said his communiThe lieutenant governor ad honesty and decency in governcations with the other states dressed an overflow crowd at have convinced him the way to the Pike County courthouse in ment." He said if he becomes Four escapees take positive action is for all the Pikcvllle last Friday night. He governor he will eliminate political offices and practices which states to get together. had spoken earlier In the week he said were conceived bv "They will have to listen to us at Pinevillc, Sandy Hook. Sal- - Chandler and which he said have Fur of eight men who in Washington and do something ycrsville, West Liberty, McKee, cost Kentucky taxpayers millions escaped from Letcher County for us when we have the gover- Bcattyvilic and Booncvillc and of dollars. Among these, he said. jail early Monday were still at nors, senators, and congressmen Saturday he spoke at Irvine to are the eight advisory hlnhwav large today. of eight states speaking In one end his current swing through commissioners and the Court of Sheriff Johnny Fulton identiloud voice demanding flood con Eastern Kentucky. Claims. fied them as Richard Sharpy, Wheelwright; Wilson Franklin Bailey, Blackey; Walter Turner, Lincfork, and Charles Powers, Wheelwright. Powers is charged with breaking and entering, the (Continued on Page 4) Mr. Herman Hale and daugh- villc, Ky. Visitors with her on was a success and Faye is ter, Rita Kathcrine, and Mrs. Saturday were her daughters, getting along well. . Albert Jones drove to Bristol, Margaret Faye and Rosemary, Miss Karen Kriss Klneer, Tenn., last Thursday to shop and Mrs. James Hidvcgl. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mr. Dale Mullins of Louisville Inter-moand look over Virginia Kincer, celebrated her birthday The State Division of Forestry College which Kayo ex- was a weekend visitor with his with a party at her home on parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson is "working hard" to get a tree pects to attend next year. Saturday, April 19. 21 of her College students in during Mullins, on Sandlick. He came little friends came to help her nursery for Eastern Kentucky, the KEA holiday were: Carol to get his wife and two children celebrate and to cat the beauti- Gene Butcher, .director of the Brown, Koscmary Collier, Ron- who had been visiting relatives ful birthday cake and other re- division, told an audience here ald Newton Collier, BiUie Steve here for a week. freshments. Krissio received Tuesday night. Five of the Dawahare boys, Butcher spoke at a dinner Amburgey, Sarah Jane Hall, many lovely gifts. commemorating the planting of James Reynolds, Teddy Fields, Willie, Hoover, Dee, A. F., and Lotcher Couny tSchool per- the millionth tree in Letcher Lily Jane Collins, Jack Rcid Harding have returned from a vacation in Florida. While there sonnel attending the Kentucky County's reforestation program. Hall, "Trim" Richardson, Ronnie He said he was on his way to Bcntley, Julia Faye Williams, they visited Rev. and Mrs. E. Education Association ConferBill Banks, Elmer Banks, Sonny Hampton Barnettc, Mrs. Ver- ence in Louisville last week Harlan, where he planned to innon Goff and family and Mrs. were: Roy F. Rcasor, Samuel C. spect a proposed site for tho Webb, Sammy Blair, Carol Sally Ann Collins at Ft. Lauder- Webb, Henry Ed Wright, Jack nursery. Janice Flcenor, Roddy M. .Burkich, Randall C. Day, Butcher expressed pride in Ruby Craft, Donnie dale. Kinccr, the Victoria Hospital, 930 N. W. Jr., Ann Dugan, Vera Raleigh, Letcher County's forestry acChllders and Jimmy Follace Eddie Collins, Clco Stamper, complishments pointing out that Mrs. Vernon Goff Fields. 4th Street, Miami, Fla., on Mon- Supt. W. B. Hall and Mrs. Hall. Letcher is the only county in Mrs Ruby Collier is a patient day for another operation. Mr. Letcher County students who the state which has a reforestaat the Plkcvilie Hospital, Pike- - Goff reports that the operation (Continued on Page 8) tion committee. "Counties like - ail remain at large i Jg) Jkomd own i)itk Sibyl! Cgtouto nt Hun-sucke- r, Members of Whitesburg High School's senior class posed for the traditional picture on the lawn of the nation's capitol during their recent trip to Washington, D. C. The group included (reading from left to right): Billy Howard, driver; James Casolari, Leon Burton, Row 1 Lloyd Caudill, Gale Gilley, Harold Vance, Nolan Webb, Prova Hall, Billy V. York, Ernest Whitaker, Harold Banks, Waldo Stamper, Daniel Craft, Ronald Sergent, Chad Back, Johnny Taulbee, Carlos Brown, Donnie Fields, Sherl Lewis. Row 2 Geneva Owens, Helen Richardson, Bobble Jean Elkins, Doris Lucas, Mary Eva Short, Virginia Banks, Judith Combs, Margaret Bach, Mary Rodgers, Cecilia Gentry, Mattie Sue Adams, Lois Rogers, Romona Fulton, Bronda Taylor, Monette Sexton, Frances Brown, Shannon Frailer, Loralne Caudill, Joyceleen Kincer, Janice Jones, Mary Grace Caudill, Velda Dollarhlde, Judith Franklin, Charlott Lark, PER COPY EIGHT PAGES UMW, operators deadlock Combs scores Chandler administration Lt. Gov Harry Leo Waterficld 10c Iter three h ours or discussion BULLETIN Representatives of the United Mine Workers of Amorica and truck coal mine operators announced about 3 p.m. (EST) to- day that they were hopelessly deadlocked in their discussions. Both sides had met for three hours at the office of .Gov. A. B. Chandler in Frankfort. UMW representatives said the union could not be bound by the agreement reached by the two sides at a meeting with Chandler some two weeks ago. Carson Hibbitts, UMW District 30 president, had written Chandler earlier that mine operators wero not living up to terms of the agreement. The governor said he had no other alternative but to take steps to preserve peace and order. He did not elaborate. Gen. J. J. B. Williams, the state's adjutant general, Is still under orders to move the National Guard momentarily if he sees a need for it. Letcher County. James Otis Adams, 41, was shot at the Little Shepherd Coal Co. ramp last Thursday night. Three union Stidham, Democrat Holliman and Verlin King-we- re arrested on charges of murder in connection with the shooting. Stidham was wounded was in the affair. Adams attacked when he drove a loaded coal truck to the ramp, officers said. Sheriff Johnny Fulton said he did not know who fired the first shot. Gov. A. B. Chandler mobilized the National Guard for duty in the strike area and sent Maj. Gen. J. J. B. Williams, Kentucky's adjutant general, on a reconnaissance trip to Letcher and Perry counties. There was talk the guard would move in men-Harris- on on Monday. the operation Oliver Holbrook of Scrgent was arrested and placed under $500 bond to keep the peace after he allegedly pulled a gun on some union men at a coal ramp at Mayking. Officers took two guns from him. In Letcher County, a petition reportedly was being circulated seeking the removal of Sheriff Johnny Fulton and Circuit Judge Courtney C. Wells on the grounds they had been lax in law enforcement during the strike. The petition was supposed to have been presented to Chandler Wednesday, but his office said it had not been received. The legislature has the final say-sin impeachment proceedings. o Rabies clinic set Then Chandler, after conferring with Williams, ordered the guard units which had been mobilized to return to their homes and set up the conference today. The Louisville and Nashville Other developments in the Railroad charged in U." S. strike over the past week Court at Lexington that pickets in Perry County had The second killing of the violated a temporary restraining strike, which occurred in 'order preventing them from Dhf-tri- interfering with of the railroad. ct The Whitesburg Junior Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a clinic to vaccinate dogs against rabies (mad dog sickness) Saturday at Neon. The clinic will start at 1 p. m. Grade at the Fleming-NeoSchool building. The fee will be $1.50. Other pets also may be vaccinated. n Plans for tree nursery told at banquet yours makes our work much easier," he commented. He gave this rundown of activities in the county: In 1953, 70 people planted 100,450 trees; in 1954, 71 planted 146,400 trees; in 1955, 132 planted 152,455 trees; in 1956, 113 planted 192,000; in 1957, 93 planted 197,750 trees; in 1958, 151 planted , 308,600, and in 1959, 150 planted 375,00. This year, the state had to deny some orders from Letcher County because of a shortage of trees, Butcher said. The local ASC office took orders for 490,000 trees but could distribute only 375,000. The Division of Forestry owns tree-planti- Emma Walker, Chrystal Collier, Betty Lou Fields, Barney Gilliam, driver. Row 3 Bert Combs, Paul Collins, Donald Cook, Joe Banks, Freddie Baker, Dan Collier, Tommy Jarrett, Jimmy Kincer, Ronald Holbrook, Paul Boggs, Glenn Ihrig, James Hall, Richard Carter, Gary Kincer, Lester Colwell, Jackson Banks, Kenneth Morton, Norman Day, George Hogg, Charles Martin, LeRoy Stallard, Paul Anderson. Row 4 Clayton Jenkins, driver; Violet Sparks, Doris Profltt, Barbara Fields, Ruth Ryan, Peggy Craft, Norma Craft, Lydia Craft, Merita Cook, Phyllis Holbrook, Dixie Pennington, Phyllis Wampler, Rua Caudill, Sandra Pratt, Vonda Adding-ton- , Loralne Banks, Phyllis Stallard, Donna Adams, Sarah Betty Cornette, Judy Adams, Patricia Webb, Patsy Kincer, Rita K. Hale, Yvonne Brown, Jowanda Davis, Billie Hodge, Dora Boiling, Ruby Joseph, Loretta Thompson, Brenda Kincer, Ester Tackett, Mary Frances Bradshaw, Sybil Ingram, Beth Lucas, Mac-Kim- e, a nursery at Kentucky Dam Village which has a potential of 25,000,000 trees a year. If was started just last year, Butcher said, and produced 17,000,000 trees this year. However, he remarked, that's a long trip for from Letcher tree planters County, and the state is therefore trying to get a nursery in the Eastern Kentucky area. During the banquet, Harry M. Caudill of Whitesburg received a Tree Farm award from the American Forest Products In dustries. Caudill operates an farm on which he has planted a total of 9,500 trees in the past 10 years. Charles re Prather, service forester, sented the award. pre- - Cecil Hensley, local soil conservationist, served as master of banquet. ceremonies at the Speakers besides Butcher included Al Ritchie of the state office of the Soil Conservation Service at Lexington, and J. D. Maggard, of the board of supervisors of the local soil conservation district. The Rev. Charles Tanner sang two selections. Mrs. Albert Jones accompanied him. The banquet was held at the Daniel Boone Hotel. It was sponsored by local civic organizations and by the reforestation committee. Audrey Maggard, Betty Mullins, Maxine Smith, Josephino Sexton, Tommy Christlene Potter, Mary Joseph, Merllene Neice. Row 5 Hoskins, Charles B. Collins, Arnold Kiser, Jackie Coots, Gayle Webb, Bronnio Burke, Kendall Ison, Charles Frailer, Billy Burke, Tommy Romine, Bobby Blair, Burl Hogg, Gurnie Maggard, Mr. John Preston, teacher; Ercell Sturglll, Mrs. Joy Wrey Breeding, teacher; Gerald Fraiier, Rep. Carl D. Perkins, Edward Breeding, Mr. Jack Burkich, principal; Mrs. Jack Burkich, teacher; Donald Bobby Ison, Mrs. R. C. Day Banks, secretary to representative; Jr., toacher; Carl Mullins, Mr. R. C. Day Jr., teacher; Miss Betty Jo Little, teacher; Gyles Williams, Mr. Preston Armstrong, teacher; Jimmy Davis, Frankie Craft, Bobby Klncor, Harry Polly, Moiell Craft, Charles B. Hall, Roy K. Hart, Donald Wagner, Donald Williams, Carl Webb, Neal Caudill, Donnie Amburgey, Perry Gilliam, driver.

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