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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 29, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The FERSONIAN DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, August 29, 1912 Vol. 6. No. 10 She was the Chapel last Tuesday. wife of Mr. Richard VanDyke and left two children, one a daughter just blossoming into womanhood, who just now needs a mother's love and counsel, and dear sweet little ones, By only two or three years old, who will never know a mother's love, the greatest gift of God. We want to extend to the loyed ones left behind our deepest sympathy and love in this sad hour, and may God sustain Death of Mrs. Richard VanDyke Good Woman Goes to Her Reward and ever be with the bereaved husband, loving children, brother, sister All The News From Personal And Social News aDd aged mother, aud may they all ot God, where meet around the Country. From Seatonville. we never say goodby.pour prayer OLD FOLKS FINDS SNAKE In Bed Upon Are Honored Return Meeting At Bethlehem. From Church. Wil-sonvil- le thre Seatonville. Au. 26. There's noth luir much of interest tfoinir on in our quiet little village, except at Cedar Springs we are having a graud meet ing with preachiug by A. B.Lipscomb and song services led by E. L. The sermons are irraud and a great deal of interest is being man ifested. Only one addition to date, but did not expect maay, as almost every one in the community is church worker. We extend a cordial invitation to every one to these meet ings and hear these grand sermons. Jor-teuso- n. Methodist Church Notice. series of meetings will begin at the Methodist church in Jefferson-townext Sunday. Preaching by the pastor on Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:40 p. m. Beginning with Monday seryices will be held at 3 p. m. and 7:45 p. m. All cordially invited. On Saturdaj', Sept. 7, the presiding elder will preach at 11 a. m. and hold the quarterly conference at 3 p. m. Let officials take notice and be present. This is the last quarterly conference for the year and important business is to be transacted. A n Night To Be Remembered. Last Thursday night, August 22 BOY SCOUTS will be long remembered in this neigh borhood. In the midst or a tine sermon by Bro. Lispcomb at Cedar Springs, we had thunder, lightning, Knjoy Camping Trip to Floyd's some wind and rain, almost in torFork Near Fisherville rents, and during this storm one little trirl, Virginia Wheeler, daughter of Last Week. our popular magistrate, Charles C. Wheeler, came forward and made the good confession. We, of course, had some difficulty in getting each In charge of Assistant Scout Mas one to their respective houses, but ter J. C. Alcock ten members of glad to say every one got home all Jeffersontown Troop, No. 1, Boy right. Scouts of America, spent a most de Mrs, John P'hillips had an experi- lightful time on Floyd's Fork from ence that night too, which will make Thursday till Sunday afternoon. The it more memorable to her than to the boys in the crowd wei e Bane Agee, rest of us. She enjoyed the services Curtis Alcock, William Bryan, De- at the church and on getting home Witt Davis, Walter Ellingsworth, she saw by a dim light something ly- Walter Evans, James Larzelere, ing at full length on the bed which Guthrie Polk, Joe Roselle aud Edwin she intended to occupy. She wonder- Swift. ed what her husband had left on the Mr. Tony F. Roselle, the well known bed. She went near to examine it, hat dealer, let the boys have his two and, to her horrow and dismay, found up on the which the Scouts it to be a huge snake. Of course it tents, above Fisherville. putTheir first Kork shocked Mrs. Phillips as it would any of us. After some trouble' they suc- experience in camping was a rough ceeded in killing the unwelcome visit one, as the rain came down in tor or and found it to be four feet, six rents the first night. The tents were inches in length. Mrs. Philips did good, however, and no one was given not entirely recover from the nervous a drenching as all expected to get. shock for a few days nor did she Friday morning the lads were out early and after cooking their own occupy that bed that niht. breakfast enjoyed themselves by fishing, swimming aud rowing. Personal Notes. Through the kindness of Messrs. Burkhart Mrs. Effie Miller entertained her and Purcell, of Fisherville, the Boy daughter, Mrs. Hoy Reid and family, Scouts were permitted to use two Miss Annie Reid and Mr.Mose Boston good boats during their stay in the and family Sunday. camp. The youngsters were so full of the Mr. Foree Jean and family entertained Mr. Alex Lipscomb and wife, spirit of "play aud swim" that little Mr. Myers Jean and wife, of Louis- Scout work was done. However, they ville last Sunday. Sunday week Mr. pulledoff a few "stunts" of signalling, Jim Tinnell and family, Mr. Ora treasure hunting, etc. William BryYeager and family, Mr. Frank King an found a treasure that was placed and family, Mr. Frank Jean and fam- in a tree some distance from camp ily, Mr. Arch Tinnel and family and by going according todirection given Miss Virginia Stroslei were enter- on the compass. Boys in a boat two tained by the same hospitable family-- hundred yards down the creek sent a message to boys on the iron bridge Mr Jim Tinnel has purchased a by signalling with flags. One of the beautiful new piano and his little things most enjoyed was the trip to girl Lizzie is taking music lessons Blue Rock Springs on Fridav. Mr. from Miss Ethel Mills, and is doing Pearce, a sargeant of the State Guards, was visiting at Fisherville fine. the boys to the Hotel and Mrs. Lame strosier and ner accom- and drilled Little Allen Potts, son of back. plished daughter, Virginia, ot LouisS. E. Potts, spent Friville, spent several days since the Deputy Sheriff dav night in camp with the Scouts list writing with Mrs. K. S. Mills and and was a very pleasant visitor every family. Mrs. Strosler intends moving to Oklahoma this fall: her man day. The Fisherville people were good to the boys, who say friends regret to have them leave certainly Kentucky. Misses Mayme they are going back next year. dear old Scout Master Carl A. Hummel did Mills and Virginia Wheeler, of not get to be with his boys until Satare spending a few days with urday night. He taught them their the same family. Sunday-schoo- l lesson Sunday mornMrs- John Smyser,of Okolona, spent brought them home Sunday ing aud several days in the neighborhood afternoon. visiting relatives recently and dined with Mrs. John Philips Sunday. Fine Sweet Potatoes. Mr. Bruce Sewell with his little Mr. H. A. Brown, who left Fern family spent a week with his mother Creek last spring for Foley, Alabama, in Washington county, returned last sent several fine sweet .potatoes to Thursday, brought his mother and Mr. E. B, Berry, secretary of the aunt, Mrs. Richardson home with Jefferson County Fair Company Mr. him. Berry placed the potatoes on exhibiMr. Chas. C, Wheeler and family tion at the fair, and they were comand Mr. Sterling Yeager and wife all plimented very highly. The editor of Buechel were the welcome guests of The Jeffersonian had the pleasure of Mr. K. S. Mills and family last of making seveTal meajs from three of the potatoes, which weighed four Sunday. Master Ware Jean will return Fri- pounds. Mr. Brown is evidently day from a most delightful visit to pleased with the sunny South. his grandmother, Mrs. Charlie Mills, Entertains S. S. Class. in Fairfield, 111. Mrs. Hite entertained her Sunday-schoo- l Death of Good Woman. class with an elegant dinner Mr. Frank Jean attended the fun- Sunday, August 25th. She is a fine eral of a dear friend, Mrs. Mayme teacher and her class "love" her Her Class. VanDyke, at Carrithers very much. Bue-che- l, Wilsonville, Aug. 26. While the correspondent at this place has been somewhat negligent for the past few months in sending in the news from this little coiner of the globe, we are glad to know that the good people of this vicinity have not been entirely neglected in being represented through the columns of your paper as some one has kindlv sent in for publication items of news at intervals for the past few weeks. Hope we will hear from them again as it is always a pleasure to read the news from one's "homestead," especially when the energy and effort it requires during these warm days to collect and send in these items are made by some one else. Selfish, you may say, so be it; only keep on with the good work and lend a helping hand. Personal Notes. report Miss Anna Robinson although there were several present who had reached or passed their three score years and ten, the alloted time of man. No program was prepared for the day, but every one was just out for a good pleasant time. Some Of County of the principal features of the occasion worthy of mention were the Hold reading of God's word, prayer.bright, witty, interesting and instructive addresses by Revs. E. W. Elliott, of Buechel, and Armstrong, of Louis Songs ville. were interspersed Administration of Supt. Stivers throughout the day with' Mrs. ClarEndorsed Prof . Noe Praised ence Stallard. the talented musician, presiding at the organ. At noon all Resolutions Adopted. repaired to the cool, shady yard where tables had been erected and laden with their burdens of delicious aud good things prepared by the ladies The Jefferson County Teachers Inand what followed you may guess. A stitute was held at the courthouse in solo "Take Time to Think," rendered Louisville last week, and much inby Mr.fArmstiong and a duet, "Some terest was manifested bv the eduTime the Silver Cord Will Break, "by cators and teachers. the same gentleman, and Miss Amelia County Superintendent Orville J. Formhans, of Louisville, were greatly Stivers was on the go all the time enjoyed by every one. A letter re and made many new friends during cei ved and read by Mr. Elliott from the week. He proved himself to be A. L. Lewis, an old gentleman who the right man in the right place, and formerly resided here, but left this ins dmiiinisirauen was highly en country some sixty-fivyears ago, dorsed by the teachers. Trot. J . I.e. Noe, instructor, made and who is now a resident of Kansas, followed by remarks from some of good with the teachers and the County the old gentlemen, Messrs. J. T. Mc- Superintendent was requested to se kinley, John Rh;a and Alex Smith, cure his services for the next annual added much to the enjoyment of the institute, ine new compulsory at day aud made us think that a more tendance law was endorsed by the appropriate name could not have teachers and the authorities asked been selected for this day, which will to enforce the law. The institute ever be a pleasant one in the memory was one of the most successful ever held. of those present. TEACHERS Jefferson Institute. g Mrs-Kat- e horse owned byMr. Barbour broke through the covering of Mr. Felix Colling's ice house one day last week and was compelled to remain in there for a day and night before he could be taken out. Every effort was made to get him on higher ground, but eyery time he was brought almost to the top he would begin to struggle and down he would go. At Jast the rescurers conceived the idea of filling the house with straw and bringing him out by this means. They did so and the horse slipped forth from his prison without any injuries and none the worse for his experience. . Old Folks Day. large crowd numbering, perhaps, two hundred in all, and composed of men, women aud children, gathered and enjoyed to the fullest extent an social affair, which was given at Bethlehem church Saturday. August 24, in honor of the old folks, and called by the pastor "Old Folks Day." While the ages of those present ranged from the tiny infant in its mother's arms making as it were its debut into the social circle up to those who had reached the more mature walks of life, one would, perhaps, have called it every body's day, A all-da- y Seventh. That while deploringthe sad fact of her departure from the loved ones in the home, and her many friends in the various walks of life, and can also rejoice that in this departure we recognize the call of ine master to the rest and reward of the faithful; and while we shall sadly miss her in our midst we feel that our her gain. Eighth. Resolved, That we cherish her memory; that we endeavor to imitate her splendid traits or character; that we extend to our esteemed superintendent, Mr. O. J. Stivers.and the othersorrowing and loving friends , of our departed friend our most sincere sympathy in their bereavement and pray the Master to make the influence of this closed life a permanent and forceful power in the lives of those who lived under her loving care. Ninth. That these resolutions be made a part of the minutes of the institute; that a copy be sent to the bereaved family; also that they be ioserted in The Jeffersonian. Respectfully submitted, loss is andco-worker- S. G. Lord Sam R. Armstrong Lizzie Bach Ada M. Hanks W. Lee Napier WIN GAME Fanelli Brothers Have Change Of Luck By Death of Mrs. Richard VanDyke. - A at $1.00 Per Year e Sorry to It is with the deepest sadness and on the sick list. regret that we write of the death of Rev. E. W. Elliott aud wife dined Mrs. Richard VanDyke, which took with Robert McDonald and family fplace ot St Joseph's Infirmary in Lou Sunday isville, Sunday afternoon, August 25, Miss Sallie Stone, of Taylorsville, at 3 o'clock p. m. Mrs. VanDyke, who is the guest of Miss Mayme Paris. had seemingly been enjoying the best Miss Nell Singleton, of near Fern of health, was taken ill about two Creek, has returned home afterspend-iuweeks ago and advised by her physia lew days with Miss Cora Davis. cian was taken to Louisville. An Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newhall, of Lou- operation for gall stones was perisville, Mr. and Mrs. .1. B. Heady, formed Saturday morning and it was of Fisherville, and Mr. and Mrs. D. thought by her many friends here Jewel, of Normandy were guests that she was getting along nicely, but of Mr. J. Boitou and wife Thursday. only a few hours elapsed when the Mrs. Dorthula Stilwell has returned tidings were flashed over the 'phone to her home in Louisville after spend- asking for her only daughter and ing a week with her neice, Mrs. little son to come immediately, as she was very' bad. This message was Everett Wigginton. shortly followed by another requestMr. and Mrs. Howard Smith had as ing them to come as quickly as posguests Saturday night Rev. and Mrs. sible, and revealing the fact thatshe Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith, would in all probability not survive of Veechdale. till they reached-there- . The children, accompanied by Mrs. Dean Mil Rains Injure Roads. ler, Dr. Reid and Mr. Joseph Russell, The heavy aud continuous rains dur ing the past week have put you who took them in his automobile, might say what was a rough and reached the suffering one's bedside passauie road into aj almost impas before her death, but on their arrival Mrs. Vansable condition. This end of the found her unconscious. Dyke possessed a kind, sweet, lovable Heady road from Wilsonville to Drake's branch is undergoing quite a disposition and her death has cast a change and one that we hope is much gloom over the entire neighborhood, say nothing of the irrefor the better, although it has been were one to parable loss sustained by her loved in a sad plight within the last few family circle. Funeral days. A neat little sum of money ones in the will be conducted at Carrithhaving been appropriated by some of services Tuesday at 10 o'clock p. the citizens of this neighborhood as ers Chapel m. The deceased is survived by her well as those of Routt, who are enter- ested in the betterment of this road. husband, two children, a mother, Scobee, a twin sister, Mrs. Ella A grader and roller had been proHobbs, of Chicago, two brothers, cured and the work advanced just enough when the rain set in to catch Messrs. Ernest Scobee, of this place, and James Scobee, of Normandy. To and hold enough water to make the the sorrowing ones we exteud our road worse than it has been for years, heartfelt sympathy. "God knows the but every cloud has a silver lining way, He holds the key: He guides us and we commend these men who with unerring hand; sometimes with tearless eves will see: yes, there, up have taken this matter in hand and there, we'll understand." hope when the work is complete we will have, as the Dry Ridge correspondent says, a bouleyard, indeed. Horse Falls in Ice House. Every Thursday fA THOUSAND Annexing Game Resolutions. From Annex Boys. Following are the resolutions adopt ed by the Institute: We, your committee on resolutions, beg leave to report as follows: Be it resolved: JMrst. That we, the teachers of Jefferson county in institute assem bled, most heartily indoise the administration of our efficient superin tendent and thank him for the many kindnesses and courtesits shown. Second. That we indorse the new compulsory law, and request the school authorities to enforce it. Third. That we indorse most heart ily the "Course of Study" and 'Manual" so ably formulated by Prcf. T. J. Coates, state supervisor of rural schools. Fourth. That we recognize and appreciate the able and efficient in struction given us bv Prof. J. T. C. Noe and we request tbe county school superintendent to secure his service, if possible, for our next annual in stitute, 1913. Fifth. That we thank the com mittee on entertainment for the delightful musical and elocutionary numbers: the Haldwin Piano Comoanv for the kindness shown us in the free ; of. their instruments, the city press for the interest shown in the daily publication of our proceedings: Prof. W.J. McConathy, Mr. H. V. Bell, Prof. W. H. Bartholomew and all others who have contributed to making our institute a success. Sixth. That the teaching corps of Jefferson county recognizes in the death ot Mrs. L. J. Stivers, the loss of one of its most faithful and earnest members: a teacher of exceptional ability whose success was largely.the result of persistent and energetic application, and whose earnest and loyal service gave us an example well worth our imitation. The Fanelli Brothers, under the management of Luvisi and Harris, defeated the strong Annex team last Sunday by the score of 9 to 1. This was the second defeat the Annex boys have suffered this Harpring, of the "Grocery Boys," pitched ball and held the Annex Club to four new vr. gilt-edg- e g heavy-hittin- scattered hits. Other feature f the game were the sensational playing of Staebler, the new short-ston- , and the hittiuir of ()'( Finn. Stivers and Roemmele also played good ball. McBroom, of the Annex, was knocked out of the box in the third inning in favor of New- kirk, who showed no bettc-- r fnrm Next Sunday the Fanelli Brothers will play the Imperials, of Louisville. and a good tame is exoertrri The score: Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R. H. E. Fanelli 1 0 0 2 2 0 4 0 0 9 14 1 Annex 00000 000 1 1 4 Batteries: Harpring and Luvisi: McBroom, Newkirk and Logston. www Will Plav Labor Day. On Monday. September 2. the Fa nelli Brothers baseball team will play the strong Jay Zee team, lead ers ot the Public Paik Leaim. nt Louisville. Christian Church Notice. Preaching at the Christian church Sunday by the pastor. On account of the revival services at the Methodist church there will be no preach ing at night. it you want good results place an place an advertisement in The Jeffer sonian. DIFFERENT MAKES OF ENGINES But Only One Heavy Duty Air Cooled THE "NEW WAY" Call and See All Farm Sizes lh to 12 H. P. ,'" 3w9b THE OHIO SILO FILLERS SIMPLE STRONG DURABLE AND FEED CUTTERS FOR SALE BV Hall Seed Company, BOTH PHONES 1454 6 INCOR. PRESTON AND JEFFERSON STS.

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