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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), July 9, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, ESTABLISHED 1907 NATION A L. EDITORIAL THE COUNTY NEWSPAPER Hnw,',n-,i:n- i AND THE NEON NEWS A Friendly Non - Partisan Waekly Newspaper Published Every Thursday. (The Neon News Established 1932 Consolidated with the Mountain Eagle, Feb. 7, 1952) lsfe, asc3.t,3n W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher Entered as second class mail matter August 28, 1907, at the Postoffice at Whitesburg, Ky., under the act of Congress of August 9, 1873. MEMBER KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION The Need Aid Primary System. At this rate it would probably take 16 to 20 years to complete the program, at which time the chances are that most of the system will again be obsolete and inadequate. TAt the present rate of improvement there is little chance that we will ever have a complete and adequate main highway system. THE PLAN Highway users generally agree that this work should be completed as soon as possible. If money were made available through borrowing, it has been estimated that the Kentucky highway engineering and construction industries could complete the work at the rate of $40 to $50 million a year, finish the whole job in 4 to 5 years, and permit the state to enjoy full economic, industrial, social, tourist, education and agricultural development that a first class, adequate highway transportation system would make possible. TOTAJL $162,811,943 This borrowing could be of two types, 30 state and federally marked highways revenue bonds with tax revenues earned .by these roads pledged for their repayment, or are included in this system. The estimated required expenditure bonds of the state, with the credit of the state ranges from a minimum of $300,725 on U. S pledged for their repayment. This latter 227 to a maximum of $33,267,700 on U. S. 60. method would require only an act of the Included in the program are several general assembly, and could be put nto operand many ation 18 to 24 months sooner than if a vote of urgently needed city miles of relocation to eliminate bad curves, the people were required. The best legal winding roads and circuitous routes. The talent in the country is new studying .the program is still tentative and there may be legality and feasibility of a revenue bond a few more stretches of road included to plan. But the problem exists and should bo, round out about a 4,000 mile trunk line sys- must be solved, and planning should include tem. The final cost will probably be from use of either plan, whichever is necessary ro do the job. The state needs this adequate $180 to $200 million. Financial records of the Highway De- road system. The public will demand it partment disclose that during the past three when the facts are generally known, and years we have been spending about $8,000,000 what the public wants and insists on, it will annually in construction costs on the Federal get by a "yes" vote at the polls, if necessarv General public concern is growing because improvement of our main highways is falling far behind our needs. Kentucky has about 58,000 miles 'of rural roads. 3,800 miles of these roads constitute our Federal Aid Primary System wfiich of all rural traffic, and carries about one-ha- lf of our road fund generates about one-ha- lf taxes which now total nearly $60 million annually. The Kentucky Department of Highways report on this 3,800 mile issued a system on January 1, 1953 which disclosed these facts: and need attention. 2,487 (about are inadequate The minimum estimated cost of this work is for $149,446,243 Construction 13,365700. Rights of way 68-pa- ge two-third- s) -- by-pass- "Big Meetings" as long as they stone were hanged about his will give them something to neck, and that he were drownstimulate their bodies. The ed in the depth of the sea. "Big Meetings" have a large SAYS: . place in our lives, but they A LETTER must not be taken as the final W. P. Nolan, Editor answer for living. Living the Christian way of The Mountain Eagle life comes by the daily acts of Whitesburg, Kentucky kindness, prayers, loyalties, Dear Mr. Nolan; I wish to call your attention and devotions to something to the story appearing in the bigger than we are. Courier-Journon June 25, The heart of Christ is large 1953 relative to my efforts t. enough to take us all in. Bui get your county included in people are far from the heavi the labor surplus area in Eastof Christ when they only de ern Kentucky. sire pleasure for their bodies. On June 4, 1953 I inserted The spirit of Christ is "Tho Recoid in inner man." Not the outer on the Congressional. Trout'o Page A3375 Allan body. The spirit quickens into good living, the body drags story on May 31, 1953 outlindown to ones own destruction. ing unemployment conditions coal I once had a little girl who in the Eastern Kentucky story I forwarded this i E. Hampton Barnette wanted to join my church fields. Secretary of Labor .witii to the Are you pumping in a dry very much. Her father was a the request that this area be very selfish person. All he well? Can you hear the declared a labor surplus area, squeak, squeak, of the old could see was the dollar. He thus giving it a preference in pump? You have primed v. told her, "you are too young" obtaining defense contracts. time after time, but finally it to join the church. "Wait till On June 19, 1953 the Secretary you know what it is all about." just squeaks. of Labor notified me that he many I knew full well the reason was asking the Kentucky DeI am afraid there are people who are pumping at her father did not want her to partment of Economics Secura well without water. They join the church. He was afraid ity to make a survey of the are searching for any means he could not take her away area including your county. I personally called on Sundays when that will give them another to go. He thought he wanted retary on June 23, on the Sec1953xuxging of thrill. They think they have "Good times" he hadall the speedy action on this decision. been found the path to a new thrall, and take off like a pack of having as he took off on Sun He was very much interested for hounds after a fox. But they day for picnics, and He visits and I confidently expect favor knew able action within the nex; back licking their lips, ? distant places. come few days. v,Q v,,nHc Hn nnHitne lime giri wouia want i..- o to church. Then the hard I am enclosing a copy of a doctoring their S crrmetimes est thing on him was, he knew letter dated June 25, 19od from good feet, and rubbing their he would be expected to heln Vego Barnes explaining how aching backs. keep the church going by pay his report will be handled with They are informed by their ing to it, and that he did not a special report on Breathitt, neighbors that a new some- wlant to do, for he dearly Perry and Letcher Counties. thing has been found, and that loved money. He dearly loved I will appreciate any inforthey are "perfectly crazy to keep his store opened on mation which you may care to about it" It may be a picture, Sunday. He. loved the smell, forward on the closing oi it may he a dance, it may be the feel, the looks of money. mines or mines with one and a new brand of liquor, it may His little girl, not so little two day work weeks in your be some greasy gossip. But at that, for she was already a county. With best wishes, off they go into the night to leader in school, knew how to get the same thrill their work her selfish father. He Sincerely CARL D. PERKINS, M. C neighbors thought they had. told me about it himself. The well squeaks in the She said, "Daddy they are night. When the morning 'having a special at the Meth- - Hon. Carl D. Perkins comes, and the day demands odist Church the next two Congress of the United States that they take up their tools weeks, and it don't cost a House of Representatives and go to work, they have thing to join while the special Washington, D. C found, that they found noth- is on, so won't you let me join Dear Mr. Perkins: ing in their wild search fop a my church?" This is in reference to vou: jNow she had taken advan- letter of June 20 regarding thrill. Often members of the tage of the revival, which she labor market reports for six churches fail to go to their called a "Special", and got her additional eastern Kentucky own churches unless they are father's consent to join. Ques- counties. assured there will be some- tion please. Who are you to We are in the process of rrr tell your children when to join Daring reports for these coun. thing "Special." People who only, wsnt a God's church? Please read ties at the present time and sj Matthew 18:6: "Whose shall these reports will be submitted thrill of their bodies "and are playing with the offend one of these little ones to the department oi .Labor most dangerous things of which believe in me it were not later than Julv 3. Wn life. Lots of people will go to better for him that a mill- - will of course send you copies of the reports which we submit to the Department of Labor. These counties will probably he candled as two areas with one area including Perry, Breathitt and Letcher counties and the other area including Harlan, Bell, and Leslie counties. Very trily yours, .V. E, BARNES, Commissioner, Department of Economic Security. PINE CREEK NEWS Mrs. Henry Adams is very much improved after a long illness. Daniel Adams and family have returned back home to stay after living in Hamilton, Ohio for some time. Paul Dean Adams is spend ing a few days vacation in Cincinnati with relatives and friends. Miss Maxine Adams is visit ing her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams. She is employed in Cleveland. Dan Craft and Ishmael Craft and family are also home for a few days due to the death of their sister-in- law Mrs. Tessley Craft who passed away in the Seco Hos pital last week. Dorothy Nell Kiser has been sick. KENTUCKY THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1953 WHAT'S NEXT Churches use to condemn women, for bobbing their hair, But now they go out in public with nothing to wear. Except a diaper and a bra, and 'both of them so thin, They're a real disgrace, and embarrassing to men. They sure like to show thoje grasshopper legs, That make them look like a soap-bo- x built on pees. What is the matter now; havr. they all become afraid, To raise that question, with the nude and iade" What else are they going to permit, these hags to do, And how much more can they snow Detore they are through? f I presume the will be back in style very soon, And they can cover what they hide, with the bowl of a ts Diane Meade Mr. and Mrs. Newt Collier'and Steva, s Roberta Halcomb. Our The East Whitesburg Club held their July next meeting will be at the meeting at the Nolan picnic home of Mrs. John Jenkins. grounds. After a sumptuous VOTE FOR AND ELECT picnic supper, games were ELWOOD CHAMPION played. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins, Democratic Candidate for Mrs. George Cook, Mrs. Boo SHERIFF Owens and Jacqueline Berry, of Letcher County Mrs. Virgil Blair, Mrs A. C Third Place on Ballot Brown and Ann Brown, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Ramsey and (Pol. Adv.) Home-maker- Mr. Gus Tolliver, Democrat, Ky. Started his chicks on PUMMA. STARTENA April 2, 1953 and 7 weeks of age had lost only 15. After they had eaten 2 Lbs. of STARTENA, he changed to PURINA GROWENA. He will keep his pullets on GROWENA until they are of age, then change to PURINA LAYENA, the com plete feed for all laying hens. Mr. Tolliver says, "He has the finest bunch of pullets ever raised and he advises evyerone raising poultry feed PURINA all the way." If you are not feeding PURINIA why not drop in and see us today. ds Democratic Candidate for of Letcher County Third Place on Ballot (Pol. Adv.) also-Mis- spoon. But if they're a dozen or mori; years from the cradle, It is possible they may necessarily have to use a ladle. To my way of thinking, there could be nothing worse, And I think it well stated ii the following verse: "Vice is a monster, of so frightful a mien. As to be hated, need but to be seen." Ii all the other men are as disgusted as me, We've seen more all ready, "than we care to see. F. F. PENDLETON. two-thir- SHERIFF CLUB fig-lea- George Spangler has return ed from- - a few days stay with in Indiana. Arthur Adams and Billie Lois were a pleasant afternoon caller at Mrs. Charles Adams from Lexington, Monday. The average size of AmeriMr. and Mrs. James Arha can farms has grown from Brock and family have moved into the home of Nelt Hol- - about 11 5acres in 1935 to about 200 acres. brooks on Pine Creek. Mary Lois Craft is improv The banana plant originating after a long illness. ed in Southern Asia but more than of the comVOTE FOB AND ELECT mercial banana crop is ' now ELWOOD CHAMPION produced in Central America. his-paren- EAST WHITESBURG HOMEMAKERS he-ha- s Farmers Supply Co. ROY GILLEY, Owner and Manager Phone 2549 Whitesburg, Ky. -- Clover was first introduced into England as a farm crop about the middle of the 17th Century. . THE PARSON al A TEACUP OF GAS PROVES IT! mm US This compact new kind of cor outperforms the entire lowest price field - OA S$ GAS wMI prove every word! and you may win ' 700 FREE A x- emo-'tion- i HUDSON JET PERFORMANCE! We'll take you out and put a Jet through its paces. YouH see why it's a new kind of car before it has used a teacup of gas. Because it's wonderfully compact, it's a delight to han dle, drive and park in today's traffic and there's. ample room for six. On any road, hill or highway you select, we'll outdemonstrate any other make of car in the lowest price field. We'll prove with scientific .measuring equipment that the Jet will do it on less gas than any of them! Come see us prove it with a teacup of gas. Hudson Jet A COMPACT, NEW KIND OF CAR ECONOMY! it taxes oruy a teacup or gas X to show you the almost un- - J5t believable Hudson gas mileage Jet delivers. the A SCIENTIFIC, DRAMATIC TEST! Our "Teacup Test" uses scientific gasoline measuring equipment. It shows you exact, low fuel consumption while the Jet is in action. HOW YOU MAY WIN A FREE JET! After "Teacup Test," on official entry blank, complete in 25 words or less: "The advantages of this new kind of car, the compact Hudson Jet, are . . . Get details at Hudson Dealers. Contest ends Aug. 1, '53. Standard trim and other specifications and accessories subject to cliange without notice. W. H. Hudson Sales Sandlick Road s Whitesburg, Ky. -- I Or

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