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April 1932

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Dear Mr.Evans: Naturally I have assumed that with these many events of the last several days piled on your already crowded routine you have had plenty to do about them without writing to me. Still I wonder what you wish me to do with your article. It still seems to me that the American Legion Monthly should print it. This however is based on the assumption that it is revised slightly injecting something of the Legion note and in any case accompanied with art. If you wish me to do so I shall write them a letter telling them that it has been my fortune to read it and that it is authentic and what manner of man you are, which perhaps you may not feel like doing on your own account. I thought the words of explanation helped your story in the Enquirer. It appears_that the Enquirer has sent or is sending Mr. Mason, head of our Kentucky bureau at Frankfort down there for a series. I was disappointed not to go,but perhaps Mason will do it better, and I have every reason to believe his is friendly to your community ideals as welll The Times has written me that they have published so much about Southeastern Kentucky that they do not believe they will be interested. They say they have had a staff man down there etc. and will rely for their spot news on A.P.

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