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April 1932

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

{ BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS ` Dcvcre Allen P""idet Leroy %0wmzm Robert Morss Lovett H . . r i$m?~??*`$1a LEAGUE FOR INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY VP*~*d"*$ r 5*g,ii;;*%. }z::$zsH01m a < n Y - %}%r ggisih. *~*** ;/1adin&{II$Iarap::0E wsa t.- nman . m5 '_F _ Donald Hcndergcm EAST ]9TH STREET, New York CITY A1cxadcrMc1klcJ0hn 1 I-[ub_eZ.l}i[er1iri1g I _2;iry1%{.cangrd ( I 8. . ll Cf %g:Si;glas?{5?y ugml Telephone: Algonqum 4*5865 Helen Phelps Stokes William Pickens Treasurer ggflgiixfszss OBJECT: Education for new social order bcsed cn Stuart Chase _ Charlotte Tuttle production for use cmd not for profit Executive Dirutmq r B.C.Vladeck . Louis Waldman Harry W. Laxdler _ Ig0rv;;rdP\Vst$G0d1 2, ]_g52Norm:.mTh0mas C 008 C v ' I Howaid Y. w1111gms Dem Student: Km;;;g;;;>~OM ` NATIONAL COUNCIL Field g,EM,,y Califorqia , . P IP %**flW*%1"{*lS Students who have been follomng events 1n Kentucky must feel aS;;;;Lem4m p0H. H1C3.l\ _ _ _ , . _ r G <>+g~P tt] an nevv outburst of 1nd1.gnat1on mn the d1sreg;;rd of c0ns'c1tut10n PmBlmhUd . , r. . , , - . |cOrg;:t_0fr0],,,,b;a rlghts the GOVg3InOI`q `]j.I`G to hlm {Ind. YOU? SOHATZOYS dc Executwebecretary Mercer G. Iolmstcm _ . . . Mary FDX Georgia m&lldjJlg an ].I'lVSt1g(lt].OI'1 Mary Raoul Millis Florida Ed}';lg0g" But we must not let our 1ndigm;t10n at what has haPp01}<-3d_t<> 1"0f PITIV (I;Q;g)f;;gf;;" ilegcd student group obscure the fact that the real v1ct1ms 0f;'4Ji_?ust1cc ga1}E;his\;;H;rs1g;d d mrctcc (N0r1-Commumst, ls the only crg;m1z;;t10n d0fcnd1ng the pr1s0ners 1 lam . 8]Jg00 Iowa _ 1rgS{{a.1ugLr(1 I want you to mobilize public opinion on your campus and lh the c0mmu1tY Kansas ` ]'0huIsc _ Edwffg,'{;fm I want you to do all you cgn to collect funds, whrch, when sept to cur A B"d5Mh Gfficc, will be used at once for {he; miners. Relief in the shqpc ofrfood M 1 ., A . \ 1b=L;;eCtg**' and clothes can be sent into Harlan; The recenh student tmp to Kentucky HIHIB. . El lfl , ` ,g;l;tTfGD=;ganS was in no way necessary to insure rc11cf In splits of SOKHG hlghha.I1dd 123 C 1 . _ . , _ gifredigkzgjgjis interference, some rellezf has been g1ven there throughout th winhI EOTKC . C zmpmmw Here 1s what our LI.D members can d0: Sarah T. Colvin Missouri J0Sc$~?eDzg;;2irp;1.;r 1- Afrczngc immediuizely a mass demonstration where the facts on the Ken- ]m,gf1ffy iucky situation can be given. (Get your best college speakers to present Jamcs W. Alexander them N Y k . . {{?{i?%Bl" 2- Curry OH active educational work before th1s meeting through posters 1 nam *. 0 n L 1x.B d p t Azion Ono collc e cluh has staged ;. funeral for p3EisF.Br?;1hm and SP"tlT dS N S' ( . , Q .. K t wm. 11giSJ%r$F_ld "Kentucky Just1q;e;;" another 15 d.q;bgt1ng Sh;;ll vlc Scccde FFOIH en uc J- I' X'1C . IC _ , kzggzghgyggod 3- Get editorials and news storms 1n your college and local press- 11\iqis_Ig1g1 4. Sell 50 copies of "Thc Shame that is K0ntucl

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