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April 1932

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

THOMAS H. STARK, Prrxidmt JOHN ERLE DAVIS, Vic:-Pruidzru STARK Anvmrrnsnma Acmvcv Exwblixhzd 1916 I nmrpvraizd General Advertising and Publicity 633 South Fifth Street Louisville, Kentucky April l, 1952. Mr. Herndon J. Evans, Editor, Pineville Sun, Pineville, Kentucky. Dear Herndon: Your letter about conditions in southeastern Kentucky and what the local people are doing to cope with them, printed in Tues- day's C-J, helped much to clear the air for a lot of good people who have had misgivings about the situation. Southeastern Kentucky could use a great deal more favorable publicity for a change. Q Si@Fl eui;mL,, JED:F

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