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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.), February 14, 1901

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.)

Fa i r I asu I S e he forging ahead of all pa SUN pm In the First District All the news thats w rth reading b In The SUN I U II 111VOLUME > 5SSSSSrenrarunISS r VII NUMBER f PADUCAH KY 7 CARNIVAL GULF COMMITTEES WATER SWEPT TITS ELKS EXECUTIVE COMIUT rROUTE sun TEE APPOINTS ITS COMMITTEES a to Con 1 Messrr LA Welllo and J J Estndheda DulLTraoportalloDBaundo nor THROUGH KENTUCKY TO MISSOURI A Vow AtkintlghlM W Ulktbatkns Ial EVENING FEBRUARY ARE WELL ATTENDED 8EH VICES AT TilE FIRST PRE3IJYTEBIAN oimnoa AWAK ENINO INTEREST Peru Pub 13 Advices say that the river at Lapex Bolivia has overflowed the city drowning a largo number of people and doing millions of dollars worth of damage to property To add to the horror the place I s I without tights and the waterworks are I not fit for use The details of the overflow will no Donalds sermon on Tho Ileasonablo The speaksr look fi> r his I beseech you text Rom liil therefore brethren br tho mercies of Oed that you present your ladles asliving saci Iflce holy and acceptable unto Do1 which Is your reasonable The different words of the service test were dwelt upon showing their meaning and the reasons were given for living the practical Christian life In eleven chapters the apostles dls cniies tho fundamental doctrines of Christianity and In the Ave remaining chapters he discusses the practical du The sermon ties of the Christian Was strong the congregation very at peclall tentlrc tho singing was good and very helpful nut the interJ est In the sorTlgesls deepening Ber vices daily at Sand 730 oclock A cordial welcome ts extended to ell to be present Nation ii Weary Already ol Chicago Will ONLY A FEW MISDEMEANOR CASES TRIED THis MORNING a Lee Murray Boys PANTS I 1 AN ALABAMA BANKER 75 75c Quality WAISTS 75c and 11 I bo postponed several Jays to swell tho decision of the court and develop 1 ments laA Winfleld Kan Feb crowd lI of women end students smashed a sa loon hero this morning There was trouble during which one woman and the son of the proprietor of the saloon 18Mrs BOYS SHIRTS JUST LIKE PAPAS un ALL Were gS 75ceCut to I DR FRANK 30YD cureI republloI for Cash In ONE HUNDRED for CENTS 1100 hiI IFinest y 1100 1100 IWlcs Kill i 233IInsuranceFire r s 1 N1d1i11 N1v061 i i ilth uboI bt St r laa0c6r 2 j u i But Fall In Line Kind II Cash SALE AT ROCKS ILOT Dont Fall Down No 331 Broadway I 48c + ADVERTISED i tripI no LhaIL nUfj coldStopsqptmeth With the Big Line of Customers of MUST BE ELTS Ew ofIlniaC f a Pair HERE TOFORE t drunkI WG Ja FRIEDMAN General Insurance- t 3c 11 DEPARTMENTSGO 011Aa moI t Nation al most eitacstrd and greatly depressed leaves the city tonight for her home Case left Optn Twu Young in Kansas She will tonight previous to her depart a address the public In Tided for Dlisrderly the way of a talk to Saloonlsts Conduct TheyF TODAYI billss I CUll058c1 I CUT PRICES IN a Mr Schmidt were seriously hurt Chicago Feb Other Houses Sell at 8c Pair ulr M 11101 CUT TO 48 C ts1 00 Qualities BOYS HOSE MATE ON TilE CITY 0 CLIFTON ARRESTED OochlI 4at s C Cut to 29c1 50c Qualit es MOTHERS FRIEND WAISTS SUICIDES rote h 2C BOYS DEPARTMENT Until Cut Price Sale Closes PURITAN CUTS 1100 va Famous Tonight Bridgeport Ala Feb 18R Pat tenon the cashier of the lank here Frankfort Feb laThere are steps on foot for the arrest of BerryrOoldlo Brant Sndlo howdy and suicide by shooting himself with a two women pistol There I s no known close for I Howard one of the Ooebel suspects Oco 0 ilea colored and his early reload on tall It I s and one mesa were found sleeping la- the act said that Howard has said ho I s the same bed tart night and It cost willing to surrender If allowed to them 20 with the trimmings In ALLEGES ACCIDENT give bell for his appraranoo for trial Judge Sanders dart today Ernest Ozment and Wood Jones JOHN BOIKE OES TilE U S BE chargedwith a breach of the peace by FOR MAYHEM NEVOLENT ASSOCIATION cursing the chain gang were let off SECOND DayBut OUR b 150 Quality Cut to J 100 Quality Cut to 74c SHIRTWAISTS Home Co PRICES IN CUT Not For One SALOON SMASHING repoJ POLICE COURT READ THESE jtjtjtjt IKNE i and At The 1 AYER u Likely Mrs uU ALWAYS MOTHERS DAY 1i Cincinnati Will Be Hung Up KANSAS drrrrgrres 11N Because we Always Have Bargains to Offer Them Announced to Occur al I Mill gertlco Ca latter eipects early to secure the ex tradition of Mon Taylor and Fin ley DOT Dnrbln still refuses to talk of the matttr FIGHT 4 Big eerra 1 IT IS nnscm taatrophes heart of for years Indianapolis Feb U Senator Stlllwell a Democratlo member of the state senate says he understands WONf5 j WEEKLY EDITION 1901 14 I Another good congregation i j John Bolke this morning filed suit were drunk Judge Sander Informed hnu that he would require them against the United States Benevolent iocTocnto a heavy bond or go to jail Association tor 1180 He claims this much tine him under I I next tlmo they were proven guilty beLOT LOT III I I the accident clause of his policy In Oleorge Taplcy a colored route fore him Ladies Extension Sole Ladles Red and Black A Ladies Fine Hand J J Ulb Win Smith and L OI the company He was struck on the on the City of Clifton appeared at Satin Fur Lined Juliets Button Coin or Square Turned Lace Shoe Nar IICunningham the city hall this afternoon and swore Sebrce call strangers wcro fined tl arm with a brick by a man named several months ago and Deoorttion B W Bockmon chair out a warrant against Second Slat e and costs for plain Toe Patent Tip Sizes 3 12 to 7 cut from 150 row toe Patent Up Situ 2 12 to THE LAST ACT CONNECTED WITH man and II IL Hank The case against Rae Murray disabled for several weeks from I Rob Till of the City of Clifton Auditing F J Bergdoll chair which came In from Tennessee river charged with striking a man named injuries It seems they were engaged 412 403 pairs Misses Button and Lace THE NATIONAL CONTEST LOT IV mam Henry P Noun Fred Nigel yesterday for mayhem or splitting ISmith was partially heard and left In a fight and the company takes the Shoes cut from 200 and 150 to H LOT I A W Calf and Sam B Hughes open The trouble occurred Sunday position that the Injury does not como bis lip Tan Vie in Button or 100 Sizes 1 1 to 2 II I Grand Marshal and Supervisor of Tapleys upper lip was badly mashed IIn the restaurant of the Kentucky sa under the head of accidents and Coin Toes Heel Ladle Narrow Toe But How President McKinley and VlctPretl THESE GOODS FOR CASH ONLY Bloomflold do Orloo are the attor Smith swore Murray struck Parade William Kraus and cut and be claimed the second Iloon Spring Heel AU ton Hand Turned Patent dent Koowvelt Will Secure Certiflcttet Treasurer Dick Rudy him lnxtho mouth but no evidence neys matVstrnck him In the mouth with a I 1001 GEO ROCK SON to 5 J2 Ian I I of Etecllw Chief Spieler Deaoon Ward has yet been Introduced to substanti sledge hammer lor Kid Tip Stu2 J2 Secretary AUla O Atkins Till was arrested by Offiocrs Hart ate him Immni TnrtlM Six turtles each weighing from COO y and Hays and Ian wad for his apaccident occur possibly prercntln NEW OPERA HOUSE to 450 pounds are said to be about 250 ALLEGED ROBBERY pearance next Tuesday when the I Washington KeU I the escape of many who were endear ISThe ore NEWS AND COMMENT years old were recently shipped to Iboat arriYOllIaln many of counting tie ortng to save themselves SI P for his prl THE MR W L BRAINERD GOES TO NVtcs Rothschild J MAYFIELD MAN OUT t JO CANT He claims that Tapley and another 1 will take plea this afternoon at 4 rate zoological garden In London Fowler deputed for The Dick TO LOOK AP CHICOAO nento were lighting and when he atACCOUNT POI ITS LOSS They were captured In the AlVsmarl oclock In the hall of the horse of Cairo on time this morning with a tempted to stop them Tapley seized Islands South sea The conferees of the senate and Mr Rothschild TEll SCENERY representatives l This In ilf last for splendid trip of people something to lilt him end he need tho now owns elchtyfour tortoises of va house reached an agreement upon the mat act the hunt s finiM In mint J A Keeling a young man of May hammer tons ages and sizes He has been col The Joe Fowler from EvansTlllo bill providing a moans for settling tho Mr W L Drainer the architect lecting them for years from all over lug them popular choice at oppressed Ifield Ky came In last night and got arrived and departed on return trip claims of citizen of tho United States left this morning for Chicago on bus the globe En route the tortoises re the polls last Novein cr for lard drunk Ho complained to Marshal CAPTAIN JOE8 CARPET this morning with Rood paying trips agatnts Spain Inca connected with the new opera ceived a whole cabbage a day for food dent and vice president Nut until Collins today that he was last night In and out Capt Joe Fowler I s something of a- house lie will sea to tho selection tho vote of various statrhao loen robbed of UGlITe tea dollar Marconi accomplished the feat of things I tickler for old fashioned The Key City I s due this evening sending wireless messages 200 miles 00 announced and counted np will the lie spent a great part of the evening Uo 1la fond of rag tlmelIkowlarof of scenery fixtures otc although DRIER PIPES from Oolconda and loan on return the contact may not be closed on titles of William MeXluiry rnd Theo rldlnz about on strut cars and does In a duel near Zbfcker W Va Cairo ltf8 fall carpet and most everything elset his tomorrow at 1830 Capt Ford I s rapImokers Do Sot Alqs ot Ub1 Tydore Roosevelt to their scats during nut know when he was separated rag Chattanooga 71I rise shippers John Ray was kill with rag prefixed to It idly growing In fayor Uarpla Yen Mr James Uttcrbuck It was decid the next four years bo confirmed I from his money The L and N railroad paid Into the Cincinnati 1S8 talL How many smokers know what their In accordance with this predilection ed at an Informal meeting of the and the traveling public 0 + state treasury f 11063075 taxes for irler root pipes are really made oft ETansTlll l45 tall he fatal covered the floor of his omeott CIRCUIT COURT The City of Clifton Is receiving a board held this morning I s to bo sent iIn one of those valuable repertories of TilE DULLET MISSED l Florence 8 6 fall In big trip for her departure this after- the year The case of Partner against Eth i the boat store with a new rag carI New York to book tho companies jfact the consular reports we find sons Pearl Davis an Inmate of Halls t JobnsonTllle 120 fall Thomas Cotton a prominent stock oo ridge Is on trial In the circuit court pot resplendent In many hues wadf or next season noon She loaves at 5 p m for Wa Information On the subject which will house on the hill attempted LonlsTlllo 73 fall fabrics Capt Joe says Brussels carno doubt be road with Interest Our terloo Ala taking In all way land trader of Spencer county committed It side last night sap the Fallon Lead I I s over the possession of some to Mt Carmel 36 fall vice consul at Leghorn pet Isnt In It with the old tlmo carMr Carml suicide at Lawrence burg SCRAPS logs er She fired a bullet Into her tread baceo rhiel says the London News writes KashTllle 112 fall Tae estate left by Ignatius Donnelly The case of It O Caldwell ai pet and one of the softest bode ho The Lyda left today for Tennessee with a revolver just below the heatThe wood from which brier pipes are In Austria mushrooms are grown In I Paducah 171 foil ever slept on was nothing more than a river to get a trip of ties She tot k Is valued at 120000 made I s not the root of the brier rote with the Intention of klllng herself slgnea against Miss Hannah Fends eoal pita Pittsbnrg 31 fall rag carpet Israel W Stone was elected com several barges with her The bulk missed Its mark and the was referred to Attorney W A Dairy The newest thing In medical science- but the root of the large heath known St Louis 25 fall In botany as the Erica trbtrtai Our auditor I s the Isolation woman Is living today and It not TO MARRY The new steamers Morning Star mander of the department of the Po LICENSED brier I s a corruption of the Australia consumes more meat than I y to die from the wound l She will and Gold Dust now building at tomac G A R French bruyere IITho brier root In James Combos aged 22 and Rosa any other country TIlE Observation taken at 7 e m be removed to a hospital la 1tdncah Fire at Decatur 111 caused a loss regory aged 85 both of II all am More doctors It I s claimed are kept dustry has had a somewhat curious I history First begun In the Pyrenees 171 feet on the gauge a fall of 08 In next month tonight It I s claimed that she was i of 100000 county were today licensed to marry buy In Australia that In say other some north a Wind fitly years ago it traveled along last 24 hours nrlnktng heavily with a crowd of men country The mercury went down to 20 de A great oil gusher was struck near The II W Buttora attired from the French Riviera and the Llguarlan light breeze Weather clear and when she tint I Irfmtf Hhe ruel above urn last night Tho A 100000 school house for colored let toast taking Corsica ty the way to colder Temperature 86 Poll Ob ClarksTllle early this morning and Hartford City Ind children I s to be erected at Bristol the Tuscan Msremma claims that she was despondent and weather Indications are for continued got off for NashTllle earlythis afand has now Tenor did not care to live any longer Her fair weather stationary temperature reached Calabria In the south which ternoon with a big freight trip anti THEY EXPECT A WARM TIME The Duke of SaxeCoburg end Cotha IIs at present Its most flourishing CeO aetreaThe former homo was In Louisville and The candidates for the Democratlo passengers tarried life Insurance amounting t- ter Leghorn has always btea the FowlerCrumbangh ia Co boat twentyOre Judge later In Padncah but she hat resided I Walt for the synagogue ladles car Squire S oUr The Sunshine leaves Cincinnati this ncmlnatloo or county J Ta txst knowa all droiittu At nival for your bargains center of the export of Tuscan brier store office had a beautiful homespun It here for several mouths Judge J 0 Tully Atnot I remedy for courts and colds root since the Maremma Industry cam carpet stretched on the office floor yes afternoon for Memphis Every room W R Rocker I An Insurrectionary morals on foot asusuu or physic Pries K cents e the south Italian toruay It iIs a very handsome pattern has been taken for her Memphis Mar- torney R T LIghtfoot and Captain Officer Clark mado a run with j Into IXlstenee bu to make Spain a theII aunt Job orrlca I unsrwree J M feel will mount the raging patrol wagon last evening onlllost the I brier I s of admittedly su erlor quality and woven from some old antebellum di era trip a larg qusnlty of the C ilsbrlsn root stump on the 23d of this month and bottom out of one of his Inmr The I Maggie Della left for Tennee I The Is also Imported Into Leghorn for se relies of Capt Joe Fowlers tour of the county beginning I L t this morning loaded with mako a lection and eubst usnt export How The proper plea for tho national1see river at Epperson The arrangement wen the brier root pipe I n made Is also ex 1 made by mutual consent plained by Mr Carmichael who SITS colon on any class of steamer Is at tiesCapt a colored W Posey C all th eroot that comes Into Leghorn Ibo rear pennant the blue Jack on the 5 Has Removed to has already been cut Into the shape staff over the bowsprit and the steamboat owner I s bulldiff R flno I In which It ts exported to the pipe streams on tho bowsprit and the towboat which Is Wetly completed I manufacturing centers which are prin streamers of the pennant amidships Capt Posey lives In Plttsbnrg Pa OFFICE IN cipally at 1ast is regards Italian Placing colon at all these points at See us About Any RILL BUILDING BROOK brier St Claud In France Nurem A SUCCESSFUL OPERATION berg In Bavaria and various towns la tho same tlmo denotes that tho vessel Telephone Rhenish Prussia and Thurinlls The IIs ready for inspection or to go on Dr J O Brooks assisted by Dr roots which are sometimes of a cir parade Mail carrying sU mers have Preston Sights removed a largo tu Ia Fourth cumference of two feet or more areI special colors to wear at the jackstaff ffir Take the tlevslnr mor from the neck of Mary the little I cut Into blocks and then boiled If SON And d GEO 0 HART I Stove Company I eft Peoples friendTil e BOK 1 there i s any defect In the root which which denote that they are emissaries daughter of Congressman C it The has not been dlsuvered before the of the postoffice department and enjoy Wheeler yesterday afternoon TO CURE Tile GRIPPE I Who have the best LINE of RANGES in the City j patient Is doing nicely Life Accident boiling process the blocks are bound to certain marino privileges as such split sooner or later Drier root blocks River still falling hero and weather are cut Into about twentyfive differ Boiler Burglary WILL MARRY TOMORROW WROUGHT STEEL NEVER BREAK RANGES tnt also and thrc principal shapes cold 10 degrees telow freezing point 7am Dnsinesevery lively on Tho marriage of Mlle M mio Yopp Tho shapes are Marseillaise1 Employers Liability to Mr Polk fitter will take pUce at here and Belgian The first two tho wharf Tablets f 4 are the more usual shapes from the I Old Elevator and Health The John K Speed from Cincin the Catholic parsonaeo at oclock Rev Father Jan Marseillaise blocks are cut the ordl j nrrlved last evening at 0 tomorrow afternoon nary brier pipes which have bowl and nati Hydrobroraate Laxative Tis better to have always and 1Ben officiating stem at right angles HO A I PRIGES relieve blockQUALITY RIGHT 1 not need than to need once and 4 II dire Grippe In are cut Into a shape for converting twentyfive people on board ninety BROOK III1 Tune Tablet sillier Uemedy c haveA lees time thus Into basing pipes and Belgian four being round tripper who are AUmq4 Also cure CuseheCnhle nml 011 blocks for which there Is but small de making the of your business Is so are Mardl Ores trip Tho be f man are shaped to fashion Into pipes licited Respectfully which hate bowl and stem at an ob boat wise heavily loaded and her toileof and rods of window sh dc see tuse angle A considerable quantity of deck gs arda blocked off with freight odds U JULIUS FRIEDMANOGARDNER STORf I block k seat to the Untied States of such furniture and other light e law tbat wesoldatfrqm3 America but spnnnntly none what- of freight which would prove a wf will dose out I Tlilr t nld T n j ee Sirecl No 331 Broadway Itl1atJ ffice ever to UM United Kingdom obstruction to CONFIRMATION to SURRENDER hir chI e TO gretede pracllcallrI R IS WILLING ILima j Johnson chairmanI Now York Feb IIL Tho hard man syndicate Is still rcacuing out Aba U Well John Sinnott Jr au w Dick Rudy Buildings and Construction Oeorge said that the syndicate hiss certainty 0 Ingramchalrman C11 Chamblln sneered the control of thu Chicago Eastern Illinois and has about com and James Clements Booths Jeff J Reed chairman Lk plated negotiations for control of h- e ill Louis Southwestern rr Cotton A tagomarslno Joseph french and loll road Acconllng to the rumor Thomas Lydon for which friends of Ii II Haninian 1OermaD VllUge John Rlnclllte l William were given as authority It Is the plan chairman 1 A W Orelf to consolidate the two sjstnnt andI Itoerber nail Aodlph WelL License and rmlt11 T Light 1 an air line from Chicago to the Gulfr root chairman J W Campbell and f tlf Meileo at Galveston Texas The T E OraTes report l acked rouflrraatteu but It heConfectionsif D Friar ckell nun i John Lane James OaUln lacked ionlnl Tho Chicago and l latenr Illinois Joseph McCann and Will Croiler It Flower Parade Joseph L Fried lies a direct lino from ChloTfo t oI I Thebcv III which D Laurie IL F Is on the Mis moo chairman i T sissippi river opposite Orats IVIut Williamson and Jan English 1 itf which Is thn uortlwn tcnufnu Police Protection Henry Bailey of the St LonU Southwestern system chairman James Gray James Coll Concoctions at thrn twoppolnts willp tins Frank O useless L L Jones Klro the combined linn a ante fro Chicago ID the Oulf of klrainet Oat Fire Protection W E Augustus Ed Hannan and Jack reston intimate It a trunk ijslcm In chairman Cue fulleat sense of the tern The Coulson Reception R O Calwdell chair- Chicago and Eastern Illluli Pro hat n line through to the flilo river at man L D Sanders Thomas K MOl Joppa ilL which ff ealrrledn a II It Loving Pet Lally J D Rob direct lint south l at about ertson P It Stewart Casper Jones IL A Katterjohn Ileluiont Ma would have much 0 W Roilfnss more direct line to the cut John W Keller Tom Argust Fredi 1I ellbron James English t Hart Dro naugh II O Hanneling It IL Hank Sol Dyrfoss Sam Hughes nod Henry + HOWARD ler chairman I JohnT Donovan J It Oorrls W J Harahan and Alvin 0 I THURSDAY churcy The Elks executive committee Lagomarslno tCbui River Overflows Ip Bolivia and Many Reed met lest night Lives Lost and Much Property I and solidate tho C and E and appointed the following subcom mittees to assist In the work of getting Damaged the Cotton Belt np the carnival to be given by the Elks in MayrSollallingOmrge Detzel chair GREAT HORROR PRACTICALLY AN AIR LINE man I Dare TJ Levy Joseph mum and ANOTHER J E Robertson Printing and AdTertlsing George Nay CMII the MluUilfpl it1 Theta II Dalns chairman Joseph Enrich Told Arvin in Indiinipolii that Taylor Chas W Thompson nail Junes Wellle end fin ley art to lie or the Ohli first a Jopii Music James Wetlle chat 6 i Illinois Charles D Warren and Rodney Tho Harriman Syndicate rrgaurraarrrnraardr The Paducah Sun saalrrrlerrrrrreyrT- r I t reat Monitor Reliable ams MajesticI We happy dont you want to Then buy a RANGE us and the good wife smile iennstghMalarial u rnen lfL V t d F or y RENTSDesirabe Window Shades 5 1

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