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Image 4 of Bourbon News, April 16, 1909

Part of Bourbon News

1r q p C fEE BOURBON NEWS PARIS KENTUCKY APRIL 16 1909 5 EXCURSION Day Trip to St Louis By leaving Paris on L N tram 812 a m direct connection is made O S W fast train leav ¬ with the B ing Cincinnati 12 oclock noon arriv- ¬ ing St Louis at 8 oclock same even ¬ TO and Return Cincinnati VIA- lrulI m l Hpril BASE BALL A Cincinnati vs St Louis Hurry Up Call A box Mr Druggist Quick of Bucklens Arnica Salveheres a Zoo Garden quarterfor the lode of Moses hurry Matinee at Theatres Babys burned himself terriblyJohn- ¬ Trolly rides to the hill tops etc nie cut himself with the axeMamies scaldedPa cant walk from piles For further information write or Billie has boils and my corns ache call or She got it and soon cured all the fami ¬ W H HARRIS Agent ly Its the greatest healer on earth D S JORDAN T A Sold by Oberdorf the druggist Quick i A2II 4 Clothes Cleaned Pressed and Repaired About J Kenrcks9 The Only The french Dry Cleaner 506 Main Street Paris Ky Money r Curtains and Portiers Cleaned in the Best Manner r c I < The average man saves is what he puts into life insurance And this kind of saving not only makes ample provision for his own Ladies Silk Waists and Dresses a SpecialtyAlso Velvets Laces and Plumes Clean ¬ ed and Curled Work Called for and Delivered PHONES 177 requirement 4 Charles Mason Forsyth AUCTIONEER Mgr POWELL HENRY J to the people of Bourbon and surrounding counties Satisfaction guarantee or no charge Offers his services Equitable Bldg Louisville Ky made Specialty made of Live Stock Real Estate and Bank Stock Twentyfive years experience Orders left at THE BOURBON NEWS office will receive prompt attention GS L BLACKERBY Agent C PARIS Jos S Varden Vard n KY NOTICEo R F Clendenin Jas McClure If you want your perscrip tions filled accurately and promptly and with the purest drugs bring them to us Ask Fire Wind and Lightning Insurance the doctor Best English and American Companies Son Varden Clendeaifl McClure a Prescription Druggists Both Phones MISS JESSIE BROWN Art Embroidery Materials Dolls and Fancy Ij OF LIFE remains to see WHEN THE LIGHT is extinguished it L MONUMENT It need not be expensive though you can have it so if you like But it ° should be appropriate I WHY NOT TRY tI 0 WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF > yf IN jfc i f all kinds always on a j Gives Prom t and Positive Relief in Every Case Sold by Druggists Price 100 Trial by Mail lOc YfLLlah1S MFG CQ Props CleYeland 0r- i Watehes 44 6 c S J it + DAVIS WALFER fu1i + t+ ++++ J ° > J k x of 229 6 Mink i Dam of Comanche I j 222 3d EGYPTIAN BARON Is a black horse 152 A grand inidvidual and best representatives of the Baron Wilkes now known as the Futurity family He is one of the fastest horses in and has been a mile over my threequarter track which is at least three seconds slower than Lexington in 209 last half in 103 last quarter in 30 Although a pacer he was a natural and fast trotter and could trot in 240 at 2 years old Was raced a little last season for education and proved him ¬ self a game level headed race and if he stays right we predict a record of 205 or bet¬ ter this year He has served a few mares and his colts are good individuals and fast Egypt ¬ ian Baron will serve a few approved mares at 2500 To Insure a Living Foal Care taken but no responsibility assumed for accidents or due in all cases if mare changes hands or is ported with Mares kept on grass at 100 per one of the F I J DOUGLAS THOMAS Paris Ky I NOTICE TO POUt TDY MISERS I I i ht IWtiTl r Ladjesy i i It I will be both economical for you to inspect and pur chase of our bril of Kant display I i I f VJ Ladies and Misses Ready = to = Wear Gar = I Ii wa Spring Millinery ments Silk Pefeii = coats etc i z We are sole agents for the celebrated yj pi I Red Cross Shoe and Oxfords t for Ladies and the I Red School House Shoes HI I I > for Children i I Our Dress ° odds Drvpoods and Shoe Derjarti iGntis SsH complete with novelties for this Springs season S A Sj o I W y TWIN BROS I Ii Dry Goods p Department I I L lJrtnn Clothes0 Our Spring Suits Coats Shoes Etc I < Ai J f 1 tr Topr < w I Come in and look over Are arriving dally our stock I I I I m V waS I Is busy as usual Come in and let us take Eg your order today M G R flfI I z 4J L J II I i c TWIn B I it I II r Our Merchant Tailoring Department- Proprietor Cold and Hot 1 t AiiZH l I ¬ < B i BROS I ¬ GRflWFORP Hot and Cold t I I GflRL I Now is the time of year to feed our fowls a good tonic R41144 cures Roup Canker and Cholera Gapes When fed as a preven ¬ Hot and cold baths at all hours Limberneck tive it not only keeps them heatlhy Everything neat andclean Polite but makes them lay Price 50 cents barbers always ready to wait on the No Cure No Pay Guaranteed oy No long waits You are next your druggist J B Wilson Paris trade try it Wad en Millersburg Smith under guarantee Ask for booklet on VKAHAL 9jly09 diseases of poultry SHOP hand I BugDam June I > ¬ ASTHMA REMEDY 5 I ¬ Repairing Trunks tF 215 225M of Arctic King 219 Nora Chimes 223 + Tornado ChImes224 Lydia Vincent 228j I Fitting Keys 734 POPHAMS Sire of Maud M Best Chimes 4 ArcticDam I 9 i e WaUe n 4 y Sharpening Saws fi Ammunition o Paris Monumental Works E T Phone J Jt J > By Fulano222 3 i I Novelties- Lawn Mowers fitting Jldams q public school Mr J J Peed spent Wednesday and Thursday with his sisterinlaw Mrs Mollie Peed at Mayslick you can do it to it Mrs W P Dickey and son Mr Take yourself and at home Jesse Dickey spent Monday with her nephew Mr C C Cole at Carlisle Mr W N Clark has returned from Good Samaritan Hospital Lex ¬ ington much improved in health SCOTTSEMULSION Mr 0 W Ingels left Tuesday for New York to purchase the spring stock of dry goods for Ingels Cray Co 1 Mr and Mrs H T Batterton of of Cod Liver Oil and live care-¬ Eminence arrived Wednesday as the fully every way guest of their daughter Mrs J V Ingels This is sound doctrine whatmay think or be told I I Mrs J G Allen was called to ever Georgetown Tuesday on account of the heeded will save life and if illness of her sister Mrs Romulus Payne Send this advertisement together with name Miss Nancy Peed of Mayslick of paper in which it appears your address and who has been the guest of her uncle four cents to cover postage and we will send Mr J J Peed leaves today for a few you a Complete Handy Atlas of the World days visit in Lexington New York SCOTT BOWNE 409 Pearl St Mr and Mrs W M Todd of Win ¬ chester spent the Easter holidays with MILLERS BURG ITEMS their daughter Mrs H L Higgs Mrs Wallace Fhannon musical Mrs F M Vimont was in Paris directoress f M F C will givH a re ¬ cital in thr olr fl chu ei his vu Wednesday ing The public is cordially inviteJ Mr and Mrs W F Carpenter Mr W V Shaw was in Cincimrai spent Monday with their daughter from Tuesday till Thursday and wit ¬ Mrs Claude Ratliff of Carlisle nessed the opening of the league ball The ladies of the Presbyterian teams there on Wednesday church realized 35 from their sale Mr J Allen Ingels left Wednes ¬ Saturday day for Winchester he will play r Mrs Hughes Atkinson of Owings on the Winchester where team of the ball yule Is the guest of her parents Mr Blue Grass League during the season and Mrs Wm Tarr Elder W A Gardner leaves today C W Howard and little for Des Moines Iowa to assist Elder Mrs niece Miss Caroline McIntyre spent Burbank in a protracted meeting This Tuesday in is one of the wealthiest churches in The arrangement Mr Claude Neal of Newport ar ¬ the Northwest rived Saturday as the guest of his was made Wednesday by wire parents Mr and Mrs E M Neal The C W B M of the Christian Mrs Mary Hester Browning re ¬ church gave a candy pulling Thursday evening at the turned to her home at vCynthiana Mon ¬ O M Johnson home of Mr and Mrs Quite a number of day after spending several weeks with guests were present and many got a hre sister Mrs Belle Taylor plate of candy paying a dime for it We have a nice lot of buggies and Mr Ed Crawley and sister Miss Our prices are runabouts on hand Della right and we guarantee all vehicles MondayCrawley of Cincinnati arrived evening after spending the Call and see our line sold winter in Florida for a short visit to CO PEALE COLLIER their sister Miss Loretta Crawley at Elder W A Gardner took the first M F C degree of the Chapter at Carlisle Mon ¬ The day night Messrs J B Cray F F Smedley many friends of Mr Graham and James Burroughs were son of Mr of Midland Texas the only Hurst J G Smedley will regret among the number who attended from to learn of his loss of his law office here furniture and valuable library by fire Miss Elizabeth Ingels was one of on April 9 Mr Smedley had just p r the several who attended a house party chased a new 100 typewriter which given by Cadet Lovell at the home of was also destroyed Midland is a town his parents Mr and Mrs R E Lee with a population of about six thous- ¬ Lovell at Maysville from Saturday till and suffered a 3000 fire oa that day The burnea district will be rebuilt Mondayof place Miss Watson is an at-¬ Miss Morgan lady principal of M tractive young lady and the only F C resigned Monday on account of daughter of a wealthy cattle king who ill health She has been unable to dis- ¬ Many charge her duties as teacher in the in ¬ has large landed estates friends of Mr Whaley willbe glad to stitution for several weeks Rev G L Kerr has been filling her position learn of his good fortune The Millersburg Military Institute He will continue in jhe same capacity session Miss team won from the model department for the remainder of the to conducted her home in of State Normal School at Richmond Morgan wasby her brotherinlaw Mr Monday afternoon by the score of 12 Mississippi to 6 The pitching of Fagan for Mill ¬ Calamese who came for her she be ¬ ersburg was the feature He allowed ing too feeble to go alone She has been in the institution since last fall one hit and ahd sixteen strikeouts and in that time made many friends A tenant house on the farm of here who regret her departure Mrs P L Dimmit a mile south of town occupied by Mr Ed Boots and Williams Carbolic Salve With family was entirely destroyed by fire Arnica and Witch Hazel Little or about 11 oclock Monday nothing was saved The best salve in the world forCuts Mrs Mary L Whaley received a Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum letter from her son Dr Marion Tetter Chapped Hands and all skin Guaranteed to give satis ¬ Wi aley Texaco Mexico Monday in- ¬ eruptions 25c by forming her of his weddiing which faction or money refunded after ¬ DruggistsWILLIAMS would take place Wednesday MFG Co Props noon April 14 to Miss Beula Watson Cleveland The M M I team will play Blue Grass League team of Paris Satur- ¬ The Continent of Lemuria day afternoon at M M I grounds j There was also supposed to be a This promises to be the most interest j ing game played thus far and should prehistoric continent that occupied M M I defeat this team there is no the greater portion of what is now treason why a bright future should not the Indian ocean Madagascar is said await her The Paris team is made up to ba a remnant of it Sclater an of experienced men who go on the dia ¬ Englishman has called this continent Thpy will mond for the entire season Lemuria after monkeylike animals put up astrong game to have inhabited it my butcher shop said I have reopened and will be ready to serve the public The Bed = Rock of Success Saturday morning with choice beef I will be glad to welcome all my old lies in a keen clear brain backed by patrons and as many new ones as can indomitable will and resistless energy iind it to their advantage to deal with Such power comes from the splendid me I will keep the best of meat health that Dr Kings New Life Pills prices remaining the same Prompt impart Tney vitalize every organ and service assured with the same phone build up thebrain and body JA S K PROCTOR service Harmon Lizemore W Va writes They are the best pills I ever used There will be a Chinamel demonapr stration at our store on pril 21 and 25c at Oberdorfers drug store 22 Do not miss this opportunity to for 250 secure a new hard wood Logic and Beauty and how to have a mission finish din ing room or sitting room without the A woman may not be logical when expense uf rendering old paint or var ¬ she undertakes to argue but if she is Any old floor cloth linoleum only pretty enough nish make that made to look like new hard wood any earthly difference doesnt Soinerville Any style of grain Lessons free by Journal special instructor BEST MILLER Devery and son of Mr W M Worms and the Soil Little Rock while crossing the rail In the course of a year ground worms road at the depot here Monday be ¬ will bring to the surface about ten tween seven and eight oclock came tens of soil to the acra near meeting with a serious if not fatal accident The freight train was switching and had pulled out of the way to let Mr Bert McClintock drive ELITE BARER Mr over the track from his barn Devery was behind him standing f on the ground while the boy was in the = buggy After Mr M cClintock cross ed a brakeman askrd the boy if he Be replied in the wanted to cross negative the signal was given to back the trainland at the same time the young mian changed his mind and at ¬ tempted to cross the track The horse succeeded in getting over the ynung NO WAITS man jumped the rabpqse striking the FIVE CHAIRS X it buggy completely vfc Only 3irsfcJass Barb r Employed Neither occupant or horse Was injured to Then it dangerous Dont be afraid but attend I that the departed is not forgotten The best a of remembrance tasteful and of design Such monuments can be in many varieties of shapes and sizes We make them to order The prices in no case are unreasonable 4 4 Wednesdayfor ittill is i 206 206 208 Mambrino King 1279 Sire of Lady of the Manor 204 Heir At Law 205 Lord Derby 205 Sire of Minor Heir 159K 2d Dam Bay Hambletonian by Hambletonian 10 Dam of Sire of 1 Henrietta George Wilkes 222 217 2 Egyptienne 218 J Phone 716 E Tenn Rhythmic De Shay 1st Dam Egyptienne Race record of 218 J and Maysville Ky Sire of Gail Hamilton I YF I I There is an Equitable Policy to meet every of Crittendon Miss Pearl Insko has returned after a two weeks visit in Portsmouth 0 c1 3 Seconds Slow 209Winner andMrs Miss Effie McClure t BARON Trial of 209 U Over Track Sired by Si old age But provides immediate protec ¬ tion to family and busiaess inter ¬ ests if he should die Ladies and Gentlemens Work Done in FirstClass Style EGYPTIAN Rt the same is by no means the dreadful disease it is thought to be in the beginning It can always be stoppedinis the beginning The you don t t know youve got it you dont believe it y ou wont you are forced believe ¬ I better Of Mrs A F Brown continues about I 150 Round Trip I Consumption ing This train carries elegant high oack seat coaches Dining and Parlor cars and makes direct connection in St Louis Union Station with all Wes ¬ tern and Northwestern and Southwes O tern lines Other B SW St Louis fast trains leave Cincinati 230 1 Sunday 1 9am f 900 a m and 915 p m For information has to rates and other particulars consult your local ticket agent or addressS T SEELYTPAB 0 SW R R Paris 750 a m reTrain leaves 531 Traction Bldg Cincinnati O 7 pm from turning leave Cincinnrti Mayleot Fourth Street station slowly Lou Gonwey is some Mrs 1 yc 0 Io tth < 1 < < p ym T > <

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