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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 16, 1909

Part of Bourbon News

< i t v y THE NEWSI mam PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL 16 1909 VOLUME XXIX Fine Summer Drink r MATRIMONIAL 0 Alsike Red CloYer Timothy and all kinds of Field Seeds R Fire 7 Backs Sewer Pipe and Fittings Chimney Cellar Traps SUMMING UP all the good points about PURITY FLOUR wouldnt give you nearly as good an idea of its superiority as a single trial of it in your home So we ask you to order a sack We know that once you see how beauti- ¬ ful it bakes and how far it goes you will be a steady user of PURITY Tops Wind Guards etc Whitehall Portland Cement and Alabaster S Wall Plaster BRAND FLOUR The Paris milling Sand for Brick Concrete and Plastering Work Goodies For Sunday Dinner < t i STRAWBERRIES Grapefruit AT I Telephone 77 m eJ xmmsv t I Free delivery quick to any part the city t Sunday I 179 P i Cloth s 25 50 Boys NickerBocker and Blouse Suits 3 to 850 Easter Hats Easter Shirts Easter Neckware faster Give us a call Soxs and Suit Cases John Larue oo PRICE Clothiers fj I I I Carpets and Furniture are a necessity not a luxury is one of the first lawsof nature Ths charm of living ant surroundings Let us make your home attractive Quality Quantity and the time to make your selection J Jf iIS Comfort I is pleas ¬ Now is Price are j J When In need of Shoes either Top or Oxfords give our Shoe department a r call We have < 0 1 Stetson 500 and 600 Dr A Reeds Cushion Soles 500 Korrect Shape Shoes 350 and 400 c dtoPoot 1 JAM ESft Wl I lIe i Outfitter Paris Ky c t i it I It Jim Buckner and II I I leek Rugs I it 3500 now 27pQ 27 0 now 2250 Sterling Axminster Rugs 9x12 Seamed Axminster Rugs 9x12 Seamed Axminster Rugs 9x12 Seamless Wilton Velvet Rugs 9x12 Seamless Tapestry Lugs 9x12 Tapestry Rugs one seam 9x12 Tapestry Rugs seamed 9x12 2500 now 1850 2750 now 2000 II 2000 now 1500 1GOO now 1250 14 00 now C F BROWER 1000 Colorado tIt- i K lingerie Dresses t r > i vv of Millinery > y Onr lines of thesesP ovular garments are the most complete to be found in Central Kentucky Pricer range from 5 to 25 All will give satisfaction to the wearers Styles are all that be desired Also a complete line could of onepiece Silk Dresses y I Miss Lucy Feeback of this city and Mr Emer Fitch of Louisvile were united in marriage at Lexington Wed ¬ nesday night The bride is the daugh ¬ ter of MrsSallie Feeback who resides on Henderson street this city and has I for some time been in the service of I the local office of the East Tennessee Telephone Co in the capacity of long The groom is a distance operator prosperous young insurance man of Louisville The couple left for Louis ville Wednesday night here they will II Our line is large and variedand we have since the beginning of the season received many new and beautifulcrea ¬ tions from New Ycrks most fashion- ¬ able tailors for women Prices vary But all garments are made to fit by our experts without extra charge Wash Suits FEEBACKFITCH sdend a few days with the grooms atives after which they will go t reside The marriage of Miss Emeline Irvin Willis of Wilmore and Mr Henry Clay McConnell Jr of Lexington was splemnizfid at the Pres ¬ church at Wihnore Wednes- ¬ day evening COq r The Ladies Store tin I A complete stock highgrade hats all the latest styles and colorings at popular prices v t v Shoes and Slippers J < r i and Childrens uptodate styles in Shoes vmd Oxfords Prices in keeping with the firstclass mer chandise we offer Every pair of Snoes and Oxfords we sell give satis factory wear Toadies I s ¬ I rel- Art Goods Main eirad Broadway Lexington 9 II CO Carpets Furniture Wall Papers Draperies and FRANK Jim Thp marriage of Miss Elizabeth Huddleston to Mr George Anthony Smith of Kutch Colo was celebrat ¬ ed last evening at 830 oclock at the home of the bride on Stoner Avenue RevM T Chandler of the Methodist The attendants church officiating were Miss Madaline Huddleston sister of the bride and Miss Lucile Sprake and Mr P E Swatnam of Colorado and Mr William Smith of Lexington cousin of the bridegroom The bride is the lovely daughter of Mozeile Huddleston She is an Mrs accomplished young woman being a graduate of the Paris High School anrt was stenographer and bookkeeper for Dr M H Dailey The bridegroom is a successful young farmer and son of Judge and Mrs Mack Smith of Colo The happy couple left on the rado 1030 p mtrain for a bridal trip South after which they Wilt be at home in j I ¬ ready to welcome you SBIS I 0rt fY I B I i I fi and are in a class of their own without an equal Everything in Spring furnishings Woodford HUDDLESTONSMITH j g William Gay and Messrs W T Buck ¬ ner Ben Woodford Clarence Kenney Jl Specials for this If you dont understand them the will show you and convincingly excel from standpoint of stock and Our suits range in Price from 10 to 35 ¬ HighArt Suits for Men 1250 to 30 10 to making salesman why ours comfort ¬ Extra Good Young Mens Suits in all the latest Cuts and Colors c I If groomAfter R AIW ays VERY man who gives any thought to dress should examine the suit before he j buys itnote the important points in the ¬ the ceremony and congratula ¬ tions an elegant course luncheon was Mr and Mrs Hinkle left on severd the 615 p m Louisville and Nashville train for an extended bridal trip to the East and after June Istjwill beat home to their friends at37 and Bal of timore streets Kansas City Missouri The bride is the charming daughter of Mr and Mrs Walker Buckner and was popular in society circles The bridegroom is a prominent in surance man of Kansas City and is well known in business circles Among those who attended the wed ¬ Mrs Storey Mrs Scott ding were Kellog and Mr J W Clarence Kan sas City Mr and Mrs William Sphar and daughter Miss Marguerite Sphar Miss Clay Cruxton and Mr and Mrs Ben D Goff of Winchester Mrs Calln French Besuden Mr and Mrs Brice Steele Mr and Mrs R K McCarney Mr and Mrs Warren Kogers Mr and Mrs Louis Rogers Mrs Dorrian Memphis Tenn Mr and Mrs Henry May Mr and Mrs F P Clay Mr and Mrs 0 P Clay Mr and Mrs Thomas Buckner Mr and Mrs Sam Clay Mrs Rosa Bucknar and daugh ¬ ter Mrs Ollie Minakuchi Misses Kate Alexander Rachel Wiggins Matilda Alexander Bessie and Mamie Holla day Ollie Butler Elizabeth Embry Mrs J S Wallingford Mrs Col E F Clay Mrs E F Clay Jr Mrs Aylette Buckner Miss Stella Owens Lizzie and Tillie Larue Mr and Mrs L t1 Mrs Brice Steele that as caught in Io her hair with a diamond sunburst and lt carried a huge bouquet of lillies of the valley She also wore a handsome I diamond sunburst the gift of the bride Logan How rdo Paris Kentucky Both Phones oJ Oysters Oranges I OWEN STDART I During the ceremony Call Me Thine Own was softly played and after the benediction the happy couple remained Lettuce for congratulations Onions The bride was lovely in the superb RliGubarb gown worn by her mother at her wed ¬ tifj Reelfoot Lake Fish ding twentynine years ago which was Fresh Salmon Fresh Mackerel a beautiful creation of white brocaded I She Sliced Ham satin trimmed in rose point her aunt Fresh Sausage wore the wedding veil of of Paris 7 pillows Tomatoes Radishes Bulk or Barrel Plaster Estimates furnished on Plastering Paving and all kinds Cement Work Highest Market Price Paid for Baled Hay at all times ¬ rF1 I v- ¬ Rock Lime in White Co aca DesIred l i r Brick Fire Brick near tIns city the Rev Dr F W Eberhardt of Kansas City performing the ceremony The home was beautifully decorated with Southern smilax and Easter lilies j The stairway leading to the reception j hall was draped while banks of potted At the plants added their fragrance rear of the double parlor which has t = been thrown into one an improvised altar was formed the railing on either f side forming an entrance for the party Candlebra on either side of the altar and chandaliers held many light 1 ed candles At the appointed hour the harp and violin sounded the Lohengrin march for the entrance of the bridal party First came the bridesmaids Misses Mary Claya cousin of the bride and Sallie Lockhart both of whom i6 were lovely in gowns of light green missiline and carried shower bouquets t of lavender and sweet peas Next came the Dame of honor Mrs Ben D GolF formerly Miss Bessie Spahr of Winchester gowned in her wedding dress of white embroidered net and carrying a shower bouquet of pink sweet peas Simultaneously from the reception 1 hall came the bride on the arm of her father Mr Walk ° r Buckner and the bridegroom on the arm of his hest man Mr Scott Kellog of Kansas City As the bridal party met they form ¬ ed in a semicircle about the altar and the words uniting them was beautiful R9d ly and impressively spoken the Epis copal sprvice in part being used the bride and room kneeling on white satin JtII 2 Scrutiny Rigid L tIain Day tJ nnn There is no better summer drink than Moxie It is a delicious beverage BUCKNERHINKLE f and is a fine spring tunic and highly The marriage of Miss Sue Clay recommended for the nerves We sell it either by the bottle or glass always Buckner to Mr Charles Thomas Hinkle of Kansas City Mo was solemnkept ice cold ized at high noon Wednesday at the JAS E CRAVEN 312t beautiful country home of the bride Salt Coal DUMBER 27 4 L invite Your Inspection We Cordially Frank iiTTT aiTCT u Go i IIIII Tii I

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