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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 10, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

WJ i I i Iit < rt J i 1 0f Ci VOtUMfXHICOLUMBIA f1f f J Ab ADAIR t this institute es held ia Columbia beginning Mon day morning August 1st continuing to Aug 5th 1910 with Prof Alexander and Prof W J Craig of Bowling Green instructors Prof J V Dudley took charge of the music with Miss Laura Smith organist Mrs J W Walker Secretary with Miss Estelle Willis assistant Secretary The institute was one of the most interesting ever held in Adair county the instructors being ready at all times to interest the teachers and visitors with discussions or addresses We would especially mention the lecture given Wednesday evening by Prof Alexander on Values and Thursday evening by Prof Craig on Education both of which measured up to the highest standard and were very much enjoyed by all Resolved That we extend to Miss Pearl Hindman County Superintend ent our sincere thanks for her faithful and zealous efforts to make this one of the most instructive and successful ins titutes our county has ever held and express to her our appreciation of her good judgment in securing the services of such able instructors as Profs Alexander and Craig of Bowling Green Ky fa Resolved That we express to these years worthy gentlemen our appreciation of Mr Selby lives at San Antonio Texas dealer in real estate and will be in Russell county about sixty days and during the time of his stay he wants and extend to them our thanks for the able discussions and successful efforts to meet all his boyhood friends Like J aU the Selby family he is a man of in our behalf presentThese and is very entertaining instructors are teachers in the Western State Normal School and this Dickey of Bowling Green our thanks county feels that they have done much WANT A FARM for his inspiring talks in our institute in the way of educating her sons and Resolved That we express our thanks daughters in the last few years WeMessrs Walker Bryant and Gordon h ave had but few men in our midst who 1ontgpmeryfor the refreshing lemon A Home in Town See G P imythe workedwith more determination in tryI ade furnished to the institute Wednes day afternoon and to Mr J 0 Russell The Real Estate Man for furnishing lights to Prof NeilsonI pie of Adair county should appreciate Moss for the use of their Mrs Sam Breeding for the use of her More than 60 good farms for sale in their untiring efforts in trying to im organ also ta Bros Currie and Tally Adair County from the best to the press upon the teachers of this county for their earnest and inspiring talks cheapest Located in all parts of the the responsibility of the childs wasted and ajl visitors for their presence and County No trouble about pleasing you time during the six months whether in cooperation Almost everything listed that is for school or out of school Prof J S Dickey of Bowling Green Resolved That the teachers of Adair sale Dont buy till you see my list was with the teachers for a day or tw- o county heartily endorse the spJ in the interest of his school making ndidI work being done for the some very touching talks and Mr J Kentucky in Eastern and Western tucky State Normal Schools and State tiful homes located on almost every Tandy Ellis delighted the audience with University and that we urge the teach street and avenue Some very elegant a few very select readings which were ers of our county to take advantage of ones Some bargains Prices ranging enjoyed very much A great treat for the institute was the opportunities offered by these from 200 to 6000 Call arid see my the cold ice lemonade made in the schools to better prepare themselves listIf for the work beforethem you have property for sale list it Resolved That we are greatly pleas It costs nothing to list 1 come in touch ith all the buyers I am assisted by New School Law and that we pledge hustling business men located in differ ourselves in our work in our several ant parts of the county We can sell Hindman put forth every effort to make districts this winter to make such ex your property for you If you wish to the institute a pleasant as well as prof planation and discussions of it as will buy or sell dont worry Jbut see G P itable one for the teachers of Adair lead to its greneral popularizationJ Smythe office in Garnett Building county May success always attend efforts so well The contest beResolved That it is our opinion that Columbia Ky 40 ween the teachers of Adair county on of study in the County High Tue day week the Fair opens at Co- the following subjects werewon by the should be so planned and given that it will lead to more practical re lumbia Our information is that it will following Penmanship Miss Estelle suits in tHe County and that we recom be largely attended not only by Adair Willis Spelling Ben Jeffries A Teacher mend that at the earliest possible time county people but all adjoining coun Tthe subjects of Elementary Agriculture ties will send large delegations An in r Have received new stock mid suln nd Domestic Economy be added to the teiesting time is guaranteed to all who may attend co rse Come and see the fine mer styles in shirts ties hosiery soft Resoled That this institute believes horses the thoroughbred cattle sheep that the present policy of Division and hogs and hear Werhleys famous collars suspenders beltsc Co Boards in requiring teachers to teach band discourse most enchanting music Russell 402t studies not including in the Common The old folks are invited the young a School Corriculum is a bad policy and a beaux and their lasses in fact eye serious infringement upon the rights of body for four days of delightful pleas new paper just started at Campbells the Primary Grades and that this in ure awaits thegreat throng that will vile It is edited by MrJP Cozder and the business department is managed by stitute takes this means of calling their Te in attendance Mr C B Buchanan It is a seven attention to this matter and that The best sewing machine made is column four page sheet the first issue should they require higher branches taught they should also furnish an as The Free we sell them also cheaper showing that the men at the bellows understand their business The editor sistant to such schools Co Russell 402t ial and local matter is well written and That wefavor such a un machines the advertisements artistically set InII ion of institutes as will better enable We learn from the Louisville market other words it is an all round neat the counties to obtain more able in that grass cattle are coming to the city per We enter it Upon our exchange structors and facillitate a more extenj freely and they are selling anything list trusting that it will meet with v sive acquaintance and interch but satisfactory to the shipper Such success cattle have been declining with the For Sale Resolved That a copy of these reso market regularly ever since the first l lutions be furnished to our County p Two valuable residences near th per and the Southern School Journal tom has been touched yet The reason so many shippers are losing money on with the request to publish this class of cattle is that they simply Fannie Smythe Minnie Kemp Houses new and on good size rooms dont know how much the market has Dudley W J Craig declinednot only this market but every lotsterms resonable Apply to WW ii 0 Taylor Committee Bradshaw Chairman Committee market in the country 40 2t A Tungsten Bulb will give you double For SaleA nice year old Peacock the light you are getting and cost yo Rev J R Crawford gave notice t- o his congregation at Union Presbyteria- n more Sold by Russell no Co Ky church on last Sabbath that he had s cured the Evangelistic services of Dr McFarland who was here Mr Geo R Akin of Sparks ville was rland river Saturday uPo a about crops said Corn o e to begin the last of theP resent month looking fine when you con stated that the bolt struck a telephone Dr Holmes is avery able Evangelist wire on the Rock Lick line almost having been most successful in his la literally burned it up for a distance of- bors in his chosen field Effort is being worms since the grain was planted that qWO hundred and fifty yards Only a made to secure an efficient leader for few pieces of the wire were found and music No effort will be spared tog ve sown on the river but oats fine s to the community a widespread revival not sogood There are a few good ca e that will leave permanent resuItsf tie for sale in my neighborhood but not damaged in the least He also re the Kingdon of Christ hogs are scarce rtedthat the farmers in his locality off Every Little Helps The cyclone that struck Metcalf t county on July 27th did a great deal damage to timber Mr Jas H Kin That is why a man gets excited a goes upon his property when you nairdit is saidhad 8000 worth of tim no comgrowing plaining believing that the Fathe an er no m above sends the rain and the sunshine mediate prospect of a sale Moral Buy swarth clear through the county the in His own good time and that he through the Real Estate man He don t entire loss estimated at 25000 or 30 knows the needs of the people prize you 000 402t 4to highIer I < r villageslof a edw r i WhICh1was I 1 tft iSchools k i v ofrY c I 1Resolved 1i hota JV CoIlumbiaone = fjJ i i ffr011lCumb knowtinchet t notI ise chewr barnt J if t i i j r 6 J j wholeFtbJul Societyin WaggenIrofthisplace ar < Ii c NUMBER j jrt > Jl 40 Married While Seated in a Buggy Open Air Meeting Sunday Afternoon At the regular meeting of the Board of Trussees of the town of Columbia Ky at its regular meeting place over the News Office at or about 8 oclock p 1st Monday night September 1910 the Board of Trustees of the Town of Columbia Ky will receive bids for the construction of concrete sidewalks and crossings in front of the property now occupied by Carl Strange and a crossing in front of the property occu pied by J V White and a crossing at the lane of W H Walker and the crossing in front of the proper ty occupied by E H Hughes and a sidewalk in front of the property occupied by Bill Hindman ncwn as the Dr Menzies property and in front of the property occupied by Jim Willis known as the Paul Waggener property on the southeast side of Market Burk esville street and the crossing at the jropertyline between W T McFar lands and J W Coy and a crossing at the property line of the property occupied by the widow Jeffries and T R Stults and a crossing into the property occupied by the widow Johnson and a crossing into the property occupied by M Cravens and a crossing into the property occupied by Rollin Hurt and a crossing into the property occupied by H C Baker and a crossing into the property occupied by Sam Lewis anda crossing into the property occupied by Art Walker on the northwest side of Market Burkesville street And on the South east side of the Market street along side the Citizens Bank as the property of Jas L Bage and on the same side of said street at the private crossing of said Page between the Christian Church and the lot of Jas Garnett And on the Northeast side of Main Jamestown street in front of the property occupied by P V Grissom and in front of the property or blacksmith shop of John Eubank and the crossing of J G Eubank and in front of the blacksmith shop of Sam Eubank and in front of the property occupied by W H Wilson on said street and m front of the property oc cupied by Jim Russell and in front o tho property occupied by Rev Flavius Barger and the property occupied by Sam Eubank where concrete walks and crossings have not been construct edor the 20 pen cent paid Andjoathe soUthw ifr Side of said street at the crossing of Charley Trip lett and at the cr mn Last Wednesday afternoon about 1 oclock Mr Brent Marcum and Miss Effie Smith both of Wayne county arrived in Colnmbia ina buggy They drove to the courthouse door Mr Marc u m alighting He entered the county clerks office procured marriage licenses returned to the buggy and seat- ed himself by the side of Miss Smith Judge N H Moss was notified to appear and say the ceremony which he did in a few wellchosen words The couple immediately left on their return to Wayne county + Bal1f 1flard The open air preaching services con beingsplendidly them grows The service next Sunday will be on the lawn of the Russell home Everybody have the largest stock of shoes in South Central Kentuckybought direct We from manufacturers fall styles Russell Will Clean Now receiving Co 402t GOOD FARM FOR Ladies silk hose 50c mens silk socks 50c at Russell Co 402t Near Campbellsville up Cemetery SALE Kentucky i Owing to the great press in farm work only a few persnos were able to attend the neighborhood gathering at the Union Church Cemetery on last Saturday The work was not completed as palnned So it has been agreed upon to meet again next Saturday August 13 and complete the work in a satisfactory manner Everybody inter- CampbellsviUeKyon 2 good barns 38x50 feet 2 log barns r grainry hog house and all necessary outbuildings 12 acres sown to clover this spring 10 acres of timothy mead- ow 20 acres of timber goodorchard 3room tenant house smoke honse springsT ested with their friends are invited to part in beautifying land lays level This farm is going at Call on or Address the communitys little city of the a bargain dead The work is to begin at 9 a m Frank Bowles RFD2 next Saturday Dinner to be served on Campbellsville Ky grounds Owing to the absence of the Chair- man Rev Z T Williams and the fail Clearance Sale ure of the Program Committee to pro In order to make room for fall goodafter and clean up my stock I have decide to make the following low prices fo for the next 30 days Ladies and mens slippers The LindseyWilson Training School 400 value at 2 9 8will open Monday September 5 Read 350 value at 224 the ad elsewhere in this paper and 325 value at 219 make up your mind to start your child 225 value at i4 8ran the first day 200 at 139 at 100 To Tobacco Growers 135 I 98 at Dress Goods All summer dress following dispatch received last Saturday exp ains itself Lexington Ky Aug 5th 1910 ular price < Jo E Johnson Columbia Ky + Clothing Pool every acre possible and wire or 1500 9 98 write us on the 15th the I total acres 1250H at 848 X at648 pooled in your county 1000 cc c ocietyj The 800 c at 52 Lebus Pres 39 be present and take masss heldr > f 150I reguf 4at sThe r suitsf t 600at 500at Vr 9Clarence 300 Fifteen years experience in the Bug Other goods at right prices Triplet and Frank Sinclair and across Special for Saturday August 13th the street between the Misses Sinclair 2000 yards embroidery and insertinga and GT Herriford and at the cross worth from 5 to 10 cts per yard at 2 ing between the property of Finis Ros cents per yard Not over 50 yards ou know he makes the prices to the enbaum and J A English anyone customer It is better to Y trade that makes his competitors won And on the Southwest side of Wester how he does itMain Greensburg street in front o the property of Mrs Lena Paull and in t Tobacco ProsPectS front of the property of J F Mont Lights On t tlt gomery and in front ofvthe property of i Mr Joe E Johnson vacant lot of Mrs Bettie W Butler made avery en and in front of the property of 1 N Coffey and in front of the property o n J F Patteson and in front of the turned on The proprietors of the plant property of Gordon Montgomery and have put in new machinery and every in front of the property of George F thing connected with the enterprise i Stults county much better than it has ever been The and much interest is now aroused since And on the Northeast side of said plant as our readers understand hs the question has been put before them West Main St alongside the Colu Hotel and the crossing between W arcs cooper A ed in which is it installed More r property of was badly needed and deficien John W Flowers and in front of the having been supplied that we confidenly property occupied by Dr C M Rus believe that firstclass service will no sell and in front of the property occu be rendered People who are not tak- ever confronted the movement pied by Will Smith and in front of the ing lights should at once have their property or lot upon which George dwelling and business houses wired A new line of Rugs 9 by 12 feet J4i Flowers is erecting a residence and in front of the property occupied by N H 50 to 1959 Matting rugs 9x12 feet Farm For Sale Moss and in front of the property occu 300 at Russell Co 402t dfThet lastt ofs toW KyHe exclusivelyqualifiesBob ty TThe nighf BurleyTobacco yearcy yearw of ailohd ygpatene divided satOroe as I have a blacksmith shop at Ozark farm at Montpelier for rent Come and see d this county It contains about 190 acr well improved good dwelling all ne on a m Mrs A D Patteson who accidental furnished by the town Atty and ac- essary outbuildings well watered ex cellent orchard about 20 acres of fi companied by a bond in the sum 100 conditioned to build said walk one business in lancet used last Wednesday and since the property occupied by Lee Grisso specificaItions wellI d be ad work bid for and to complete dam two My son Olie Dixon has left home farms within twenty days if declared the to Good church without my consent He is sixteen est and best bidder if weather condi Neighborhood unexcelled and school near years old I warn any one who hires tions do not prevent Will sell at a bargain and can give him V H C Dixon mw handsndCoffeyso meta warnsit v l0 if lg Ie 1 1t tijifoi ktrt j t7a r 1 a 3 I t 4 h < I > r l t 1 ultfrombui itatr itiQ <1 t ItLaohat > to iJ 0 S want pe JV ais itkl4lI l I than oUV7 h1 C a1 i A C othcr 4 t D 1 i at Cravensri > < u X40S Jing i tipt t 4 l- t4 + tfix ti f i f 5 to wlHectlef I ledgeL otr tot lntxlinc r J IMr f t- MrJ Tandy Ellis of Lexington y tees after the Board has been called who is a scholarly gentleman and a order which shall be opened by him in The institute was a success The lec public readerjof note entertained the presence of the Board After the com- tures were very entertaining one each institute with two or three selections pletion of said work and acceptan h last Friday morning thereof the contractor will begiyena s h The work on Mr Hugh Richardsons lien upon said property fronting the prove very helpful Profs Alexander r residence which is being erected on a nt Fogies are people who stand in the is a freak of nature at the Dickey and Craig are all men of lea rnlot closeto his livery isj rpgressing to ing and know how home of Mr J T Goodman this place to impart ditem pay for said work very nicelyHe hopes toebe able to sell your property through the Real E A few weeks ago Mrs Goodmans fat h get in it in a few weeks MrV Shaw is Board of Trustees tate man He is a lawyer who can ex Aug 2 1810 contractor Quite a number of physicians were Jl G Eubank Clerk Attest A few fine straw has to close out the 1 pI f one foot has three hoofs and in wa 2t The South rnKAmosem nt Company were p rs n Reduced prteea frail jars at k wing three distinct tracks are made only to the profession but also he In all up to date count ie real estate lIZ Ct Half ha land taJr > 402t transfers are made through Agent L Campbell delivered hi lec layity R land from 3ora rry1Jifij etc It will ibe wroth Jeinc J The pbple of Adair county are catch ture EnthulliSlJbeforea largg cLiaa ufaddiDc rah out kirinc the rMi SW tbxB Buanan K i 1dtrE tIE 2t e at J lHIItowp last Thursday Bar in mind that Werhle g noted J Oil Mi leek tti the title said sit m aeatre brafi band of louiville fnW1uWR Bore Me e a1a C George O igal foriri lga ftro m the A jlijfIIcttC 9r pt1lfe eCtMIe aJr t1rJr10krireitlP 1 fHr A IThere r b1 j i> tf < 1910 < anY herFandlk legalform i i7 Murraht fronte knownm Reynoldsc occuAiecg reportedn conductja I i 10 He varioussections II AUGUST Notice SResolved 1 WEDNESDAY KENTUCKY Ihe Adair County Teachers Institut- Tecognizingjn t unt4- The Institute Mr Sam C Selby who was born and reared in Russell county a son of the late Green B Selby and who left the parental roof thirty Years ago last Wednesday is back on a visit arriving on the thirtieth anniversary of his departure Jn talking with The News man he said lam back to visit my Mother sisters and brother and dont fail to capitalize Mother as in all comPosition the most important words should begin with a capital j am pleased to return to my old home meet and mingle with those I love and whom I have not seen for so many rait the following as the resolutions of 11 r 1 i COUNTY f < inlmstJt r t T 11 After Thirty Years o flt l c Resolutions of Adair County Teach ers Institute V 4 > < ti f lI t 1 7

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