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Image 3 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), June 8, 1905

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

p j Y Y 1- TIIUHHDAV IUNK i t tHE H 0 SVNrnul vanI PADUOAH EVENING o Special forFriday i1iI I I I IBBTTBR HEALTH MoUt 11 An h e I Cllvo iVomii AIrCldlitCtlt Will Ilir Ilntcil tin- Pchdlcy president Dr J the lodge Wailer Kvans In tho t ctjcral I board of health will today go of to the court at Louisville hiss rendered u mayor and lubgo him do place a p l arltul decision In tho peonage cases wntchmnuutftlho fool of Clay sired deciding that persons cannot bo con to see that no garbage Is dumpod In ii t 4 = mss Mesas Beginning Friday morning promptly at 9 oclockwe willsell this handsome 8 inch Berry Dish only one to a customers It is really worth 20 cents We will sell this one lot for 9 cents each This is a very hand some pattern Imitation cut glass extra j t a = == t 4- and not 8iii n DircAii 8iUVICK M IN 1tF ISr AUIIVI- a aSuldlerH 1 DcKpllc tho lliinlHlilpx of Km St rcnuons nhtlea Mr and Mm G W Leo havo just received n letter from their BOII I Hr Leo who tens many friends nest In Paducah regarding his service In Ho enlisted twenty the army Months ago and lulu home in active service In Iho Philippine1 Island Ho Is now ut Camp Jossmiin And ho uaya loner dated April JGlh Havo Just arrived In ramp from t n twomontliB tour on tliu Island of till 11 U 1 It Is IieejII its lo say 1 have hail tlmo to write aa wo have bean In tho Held since February tho t ynth nod you t know you cant take any writing material In the Hold I Iii ct It 1 I I nt i rllo wore stationed on tho londa ra rlvor which In about twolvo tulles You see from the vlty of Cnllayog there IB 11111 lighting on Hntniir nod tall continuo I HIIPPOHP the clues of people causing tho illBttirlianee are ParlttJaniH a very danseroiifl clubs of Ipeople hided Wo wore to t 4called Rubber Goods u etzac 7x + I We carry the best nml most complete line In ilia city par goods ace flcxoblc nml ftcsh not old nml hard We guarantee our goods and to suit nil Our sprcialdc8Rubber Cloves Rubber Massage DriihcA Rubber Sponges Russlaq Hot Water Hollies Whirling Fountain SyrlnRrs Pprayi Cruloh Tips Run evcly thing pretending to the tubbcr lute a- 1prices t hrIaE FOURTH ST PIIILIIPINKS PADUCAH KY Ladies or Gents have had nn engagement on tho IClh of last February but after making a hlko of four days with many hard ships we reached Sanjoso whoro the light was to take place and not n Wo cap ParlnJaniB was to bo scan lured ono on tho trail goingout andonly ono but tho trip wifs certainly one to ho remembered and a danger OIIB ono too But luckily tho com patsy sot hack with all UB men I never want to make another hike like tho ono to SanJoKo Wo tRIIII laid lno onIcorll along Col Foster being ono Capt 1Hnrboson another good hikers considering their ago I had good health un the trip I qnjoycd the trip with all f Its hardship DUO STOW r e- and wage 2500 Gold Watch customer or club the W- olle rd o hand or thetornlr largestI ofI I mouldings < a 1 pictures right POWIIRS JASI5 05e 1 f AIUCAH 11 IANKING CO of line fiat re t5 pipe II frernUrHtI1 1 trlRI 1 laving t exee it t was of 0 I flons t or F ratlollalran nwill ftj r H A PETTER SUPPLY CO ds ariatutbltf The nice Increase In our bush t fromand noAAtOND cool11T119 lieItoad I1rtball thoIIIrlllle idcording himF 8On r Ikutw I Tho Pndurali Gun club rommltteo l s preparing for UB Ihurth I of July celebration al Wallace park nml among olhgr things will have shoot Ing latches u contest for tho most popular young lady various athletic rontvfilB and plenty of music and lire works while dancing will be tree lo tliovo who ilesirp to danco Full ile tRill will not bo computed until next week ha I Stlllle I nttornqy general for Ken Hntiorrlbo for bhla Paducah Bookboard Supply Housettthiie > piQuown Hays 1 f by Micky Satisf eachorder n al rlgh I Will nn AiRiiril Illfore Judgo fin h run Toilnj Aigumotu will bo hears by Init od HlntoB Judge Cochran of the Bail ore district pf Kentucky at Mayti vlllo today on tho question of whoth or or not tho United States court shall take Jurisdiction of Iho Caleb Powora case A petition to take the oaso into federal JurUdlctlon was filed nt Georgetown several weeks ago I Alf Powers will or iPjUPtenteil bt Gov Richard Vales of Illinois Judge J1 C Slum of Howling Green H C Howard of Parla and R C Klnkcrad and Unliod Slalew District Attorney R In Hill of LoulBvlilo Tho prosecution will bo represented U 1 428 Broadway corI yearIs Broadwayi NAGEL tuber den Mgrsa willup yeara oclofaction To SlIIr j j tSMITH Ur its rnt tod ho eu too j 4 1 a Inep I FRE EI tIn picture IN THE FIELD Ib11c I J1 r N Sonon B Weille I II2II4II6 TOTH IrJcclcniot 1000 up BDr y EHER f TFINTA I structE marE 00 R t cniotbreasted e8tordllI heavy J doubleI single At tho last meeting of the board of health tho hoard condemned Ills plncc8 a dumping ground undi will p j rosecute ovary person caught dump log leash of any Ikind nt this place Tho mayor will also bo requested t o havo a cap placed over the man t I holo In dud pumping statloA which will remedy a nuisance often com plumed of by rialdcnls In that sec flon or tho city Tho Bleach whch I arises from the pumping station IlaI complained of and an nlrtlght much t cap will remedy tho detect President labor I Pendley thinks Tho argument for n writ of babe 1 fr > are having good aIiPauli from as corpus was submitted and the tt Inspections President negroes released on bond nod when sanitary the decision Wan handed down yostor IPendley eluted and thin Inspectors day boy were finally dismissed CilyIare working illllgently and Intend to Attorney A B Richards saved exec p clean up the city A number of IL ys have already been cleaned und lions In tho case and announced that ho would probably appeal tho case toItho chain gang Is being worked on the supremo court of tho UnitedItheze jobs Wo have had llltlo trou 1 States Tho defendants In tho 1100nIbio BO far In our snnlUry work aid ago cases arc not absolved by tho ncI hops wo wlJI tot be tureen to secure afy warrants lion of tho court This docs not Involve tho question I raised In Paducah of working prison 1 KENTUCKY NEWSLETS ors on the streets or In the workhouse to pay lines which Is to como up la- ter In Louisville bolero Judge Ev Marriage In llopkliisvlllc nnH the Hopklnsvlllo Ky Juno leaving J Clay those of Loulsvlllo and Silo CURES OLD KOItliS May Westmoreland Knns a 1902 Ballards Snow 1lnlmonlCoItied at the residence of tho Welch officiating Your Snow Llqlmcnt cured an old Phelps Father and frames Your sore on the sldo of my chin that was Tho hrldo who formerly llvedi In Tox supposed to be n cancer The soro as has been malting her home for was stubborn and would not yield to Bovernl years with her rolatlve Mrs fine 50c free with treatment until 1 tried Snow Llnl Jouctt Henry and Is one of tho most mont which did tho work In shorlII popular girls In Southern Kentucky order My slater Mrs Sophia JCar on Allcnsvlllc Mlffln Co Pa ha College a soro and mistrusts that It Is a can from the Louisville Medical cor Please send her a 50c bottlo Fulton Marriages Alva cc List and G CC O KolbPa William Fulton Ky Juno ducat Ky Felts and Miss Ethel Dawson wore married at Belmont Mo Tho groom IAINKUL INJURY la son of Mr and Mrs 1 O Foils of Broadfoot lias Ankle FultonDr Sir icorno J R Luten and Mrs Lily Ad- Broken hy Jumping From ams wero married at high noon yes n Muggy onlay In Union City Dr Lutcn Is t Mr George Bfoadfoot tho Third I a prominent physician In Fulton and and Elizabeth street grocer had ah father of Dr Iterate Luton Mrs ankle broken last night about 11tl 1 II o clock near Klofonth and Jefferson Adams Is sister of W P Nolcn of by bolng thrown from his Nolan and Mrs D W Hughes street buggy Ho was driving near Tenth this city and Jefferson streets with his wife slat HIUs Little Child when a train of Illinois Control cars Ol sgqw Ky June suddenly came along and ho saw that Sa I Tho rail Warder aged 4 years was Litton ho was In danger of being hit hows was partially across the track b y n cat that Ills feared was afflicted She has boon car but by a sudden pull Mrs Broadfoot with hydrophobia succeeded In turning tho animal put clod to the Pasteur Institute at Chi of limo way but the train lilt tho bug cttgo gy Pnssid Bogus Checks Mrs Broadfoot Jumped and escap Bowling Green 1 Ky Juno 8 W ed Injury hilt Mr Broadfoot was 1 thrown out laid hind an anklo broken M McCarthy who claims to bq from Ur Harry Williamson and wife worn Nashville and who IB charged with also driving nearby and witnessed Ipassing several bad chocks hero last has been brought hack hero the accident going to Mr and Mrs wRroadfoot8 relief Dr Brooks was from Louisville where ho was arrest- Wo received Ho now claims ho Is II lumber called to his ofllco and attended tho ed and PlTCHou Tho bogus Injured man who will probably be null front Alabama i which wo can Ham o Interesting prices checks ho passed wore on tho Anlorl laid up for several weeks can National hank nt Nashville It iiu lily biro AcviiinpllhluMl a Kent LonlBVlllo Juno tho root lilt by Ktray Shut 1y orlho glrla high school building nt K Glasgow Juno 8HarryaFifth and Hill streets faring tho K ofTompkiiBVlllo was hit by a- by Powell OWens of this county 1s cliuifitHl wlthjiondlng threat Ffth Htreot sldo appeared In largo stray shot and very painfully wounllD white figures thq claws number d was sitting on tho porch IIIe ning lettorstn Ownnn In which hello Ho T he II > 11 rOB ran be seen tram u cllshi s homo when a shot was heard soma manded of Owens to place BO 1111 tnnco and havo caused much coot dlptnnca away Tho hall hit him In u certain place or ho would kill nil whq operated upon j copal Thn trick was turnoil by IhQIIIhp skip of Iho face going through of his slack Owens placed the money t The young man has been members of the class which graduate jhla jaw and lodging In the other In u tin chub out neat failed to call at tunas and regrets tho nttempt ho cd who lure known aa tho Naughty Bldo Nothing has boen learned us torlor It OnicorB wero ready to nab nittdo to iloHtroy himself and ex Tho building had lust been who did the ull Fvo pressea tho hopo that ho will rccov and the girls determined to or No cause tuna been assigned till a feat novor before attempt Hew cr Coniwny Chartered the act Lunatic KulrldPn ed by hiGh school Btuiloiiln Ky Cloverport Hopklnsvlllo ly11111t1 SArU Juno I loR ot Incorporation wero plated for- Thompson who lived near town e Hopklnsvlllo Howorago company committed suicide hyshootlng tutu city council passed nn ordlnauoe I lima heart Thompspn typhoid with n capital stork of f 50000 Tho self through lust ovonlnu at 7 oclock of Incorporate nro R 0 Hard wick had been confined n limp asylum nt hover Il Ortl Jones stroot Thr xlillil Lexington but was brought homo eil as thp penalty for vlolatlnn of as West C 16 Petrlo 0 a Jack I was tho daughter of Mr Bamuol I10fltII and W R Harned nml the pur lately This morning ho escaped the ordinance un omployo nt the railroad shops ff10iiI pose of the company la thin putting In from Ue tautly with a ehotsuu cud remains were thin nflnrnonn Bhlppod at once of an upto dale poworago killed A widow survives BiipcilntciuljiiR Work litt himself Xnunil to SpringAHld Tenn tar interment system for the ally under the iron- him Councilman J 1 P Mccarty cl s recently tecurod Iona lo Mound Cltytu g pqfll I Bullet Went Through Until work being done on R lt Means To Think Well Hankniptcy I lloulliiK OifcnLancaster ICy June SEIIJah the property of tbe Uollea npwllnff Green Ky Juno Uanlwlck 18 yours of ago eau of I Gay Timi evil Cpko Co He will Jenkins a leading grocer hits iII James Ianwck of Buckeye tiar- main in Mound CUy until his work ell a Pftltlpn In nnnkruptcy with II ounly shot himself lliroueli the ue 11111 hell nbllKle of overJJiQuO oath assets of- A 1 that vicinity vuIVs i andfAe suit tJ 1 41N L tJWe is a distinctive Wt NJThis9 cents HE t Berry Dish Only tl ifnr ln Nothing neater or dres sier than a blue serge It r lined and worked In lien of bond Tho Herald says Merry Cook nun Bob Prlco color ud were released on writs of habeas corpus Issued by Judge Walter Evans yesterday hadl Tho two negroes boon sentenced to hard labor In tho workhouso In default of bond re quired by the city police court Undo the constitutional provision abolishing peonage I N Vcttor workhouse keeper and the city of I Louisville wore Indicted In tho red oral court for keeping them atshard I Icr pa 100 tin IlinipliiK Hlntlon olio Hole hey Cniil Worked When Get A Blue Serge Twopiece uUt Ultlldl JUIKJIJ IliVANH ItlJNIHIHH A I1 It1M TIAIi UHCIHlON AT IOUI8VILM It1lIullhc f 0 I I PEONAGE OASES t info I 1 I M h ahootlngho h ftCorn Healthy Brains ARP MADE NY GRAPENUTS dGoul fIr 1 8L fS500 CliarpnH With Shoot ng K Mayeavllle I y June SrPollce man Harry Prt arrested Pan 0 yeses eliarged with 1181t aged n sail I f the teat tQ slla yulle Pars too Rty 1 QIIYfrOUll18 t anltpllRt6 b weeks- FI1I1rtoll SItldy SUCCESSA a 4uadlali l N Klock Pwawi- l t uq UI otoflli- Jy till AlU1l UI WaE atrcgularmc ers wqaiclntl terry Icctoral l lItmdcIIJe hroncllitlskell ll severe chronls 1J II

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