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Image 44 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 24 (1952-1953)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

n 40 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY contain over a half million volumes. These libraries receive regularly more than 3,000 titles of periodicals and are a depository for U. S. Government publica- Pam tions. Cmd ‘ Kinkead Hall. This is one of four residence halls for men. __ Laferty Hall. Lafferty Hall houses the oilices, classrooms, and library of gw; the College of Law and the offices of the Kentucky Law ]ournal. p Little Commons. This temporary building is located between the Health of N Building and the Agriculture Building and provides additional cafeteria facilities. ship] Lydia Brown House. This is a residence hall for women. Libr [Ju McDowell House. This is a residence hall for women. McVey Hall. In this building are located the offices of the Dean of the mm — College of Arts and Sciences and offices and classrooms of the departments of English, Mathematics, Radio Arts, and Social Work, the Campus Bookstore, and the University Post Oiiice, the offices of the University Press, and the Kentucky Scie { Municipal League, and the broadcasting studios of Station WBKY. Maxwell Place. Maxwell Place is the home of the President of the Uni- this versity. and Memorial Coliseum. The Coliseum was erected by the State of Kentucky as a memorial to the Kentucky men and women who died in World War Il ln a in the service of their country. This building provides facilities for Physical bly Education, including the swimming pool, complete housing for the Depart- Asst ment of Athletics, and will seat from 12,000 to 15,000 for basketball games, concerts, and lectures. Other facilities include an electronic organ, a sound and 2 reinforcement system, and dressing rooms for visiting artists and visiting teams. Edl Memorial Hall. This building is the University Auditorium. It seats about in e 1,100 persons and is equipped with a pipe organ and carillonic bells. Miller Hall. The Departments of Geology and Modern Foreign Lau- tain guages have office, classroom, and laboratory space in this building. It also can houses the Geology Library and the Stenographic Bureau. ij Mineral Industries Building. This building houses the ollices of the State for D_epartrnent of Mines and Minerals and the oHices of the Kentucky Geological Survey. fm Mining Laboratory. This building houses a complete pilot plant for the mo yi beneficiation of ores by both wet and dry methods. It also contains a chemical laboratory designed for analytical investigations of coals and ores. It is operated Stu by the Department of Metallurgical and Mining Engineering. E1}: Neville Hall. All office, classroom, and laboratory space in Neville Hall is lz, used by the Department of Psychology. Nursery School. The nursery school is operated by the Department ul Home Economics. V Observatory. This is the observatory of the Department of Mathematics `Q and Astronomy. This building also contains the oflice of the Veterans Housing ft Projects. Patterson Hall. This building is a residence hall for women. .

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