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Page 17 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.3 n.3

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

4. Discussion, led by: Prof. Wm .Lee, Principal, Rosenwald School, Madisonville. Friday Afternoon, April 21. 2:30-4:30 1. Methods of Teaching Inter-racial Good Will in High Schools and Colleges, by Mr. Thomas M. Bond. Acting Director, Kentucky Commission in Interracial Cooperation. 2. Discussion, led by: a. Miss Nora Ward, Principal Newport Ele- mentary School, Newport. b. Prof. Paul - GltI-rrie, Principal. Richmond High School. Richmond. S. Methods of Teaching Strong Character Through Athletics in IHigh School and College, by Mr. C. M. Parrish, Assistant Profes- sor of Sociology and Coach, Louisville Municipal College. 4. Discussion, led by: a. Prof. E. T. Buford, Principal, State Street tHigh School, Bowling Green. b. Prof. Roscoe Vaught, Lincoln-Grant IVIgh School, Covington. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Thursday. April 20, 1933 at 2:00 P. M. Room No. 201-Central High School A. M. Emanuel, Chairman Opening Remarks ..... ....... A. M. Emanuel, Chairman Louisville Municipal College T. Topics for discussion: A. Educational Values of Foreign Language Instruction Miss Eva Connor, Leader. CentWal High School V; Problems of Foreign Lanuage Teaching Peculiar to the IHigh School Miss Marguerite Parks, Leader, Central High School t.- V6,cationa1 Opportunities for Foreign Language Students Miss otuise Richardson, Leader, Central Hfigh School D. The Foreie'n tanguaeye Club as a Vitalizing Agent in Language Instruction Mr. H. W. O'Bannon, Leader, Madison Junior High School HT. Types of French Songs for Use in Classroom and Club (with demonstrations) Mr. Carl J. Barbour Central Hicrh School Friday. April 21- 1933. at 2:00 P. M. r. Functions of an Assoeiatiorn rf Foreiovn Language Teachers. Miss Mercedes Rosebery Louisville Girls High School 16

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