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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, February 22, 1899

Part of The Breckenridge news

pwfy- BRECKENRIDGE f ioD V 0 BiMttg - avyrw T7TrflTE Who can have tho interests of the children more at heart Wherever women have filled such positions tlujr bavo done it well question HEWS ml Prtprlitn Editor ry t SIX PAGES JUHHWWtHIHHtlilWW WlW Ml WIIBWHW IIIIIIIIIIIWlWmM Hill WWW HWHIHJWHwWmiHUHl Current Topics X i JiV MRS HATTIB QRINNEU lmmiiiHmiiMmiiiHwHiitinfiitiwmiiniiit 1 itattmriniimiiiwwimimttffwHimiifM Charlton and David Ditto two nice boys especially Uttla David are pupils of tho Normal X t X Many manv since ro thanks to ye Quo ton correspondent for bis boquet I know him and flowers in the form of compliment count t X I have tho Ledger Herald of lost week a Democratic weekly published at Rua selvllle by my young friend Percy Tay- lor who has recently become a benedict I notice he and his bride were tendored a handsomo reception February 3rd by Miss Neoly of Logan College Mist Mary Taylor of this place was among the guests t x X Misses Susie Elder Sue Owens Gar Oraycroft are here nett Livers and to attend the Normal A aood many young men whose names I have not learned X x x X X A gigantic Bilk trust is being discussed after we wont belong to ourselves we will be like tho old woman in Mother Goose Melodies We will fall to recog- nize ourselves Tho Newsboys Band stood while Sousa played Star Spangled Bannor All hon- or to that Porto Rico band Everybody should rise and every mans hat come off when that national air Is given Make it the national hymn of this republic Would an Englishman anywhere not become enthusiastic should be hear Neyer stiilo God Save the Queen patriotism All American citizens despite political belief must applaud the President for I like the Brkckbnhidqe News im- mensely but I fire up at soino of its the unflinching faithfulness with which he has done his duty in the East No editorials about my sex for instance If anything inconsistent happens theres denunciation of the policy of expansion always a woman in it She isnt in or opposition to tho treaty of peace has He is a checked his ideas of duty politics is she statesman a patriot and forces will be X X X Be true to yourself Have a standard withdrawn from the Phillipines when of truth and perfect purity and never de- Congress so orders X X X part from it Gossip and long tongues In the News of last week was Rudyard cannot injure one has such a standard Envr malice jealousy cannot touch Kiplirjgs story of The Burning of the Mr Kipling is in hard Sarah Sands such an one luck over that story He wrote It for a X X X Those beautiful pathetic lines Mr London newspaper and thought he was Goodnight in last issue which you most safe as it had happened forty one years kindly dedicated to me touched a very ago But lo and beboldl tho commander of the vessel is still aliye and has writ tender chord of my natufa and to say that the compliment is highly appreci- ten a letter finding much fault with the ated does not half express my feelings details of the story Anyhow it is good never mind about tho minutfic X X Mtr filair vigor to your Wo hare book on the Halt and Sculp which 70a may obtain IrM upon requeit It tou rto not obtain all the bane flu von expected from the ue of tbo VlKor write the Doctor bdoui u AUUirHi Alfc -- - r I H Laweu ui X X Remember I have a card from several friends in regard to the author of Leaves of Grass One from Miss Tula C Daniel of Har dinsburg who giyes me the author of Blades 0 Grass Walt Whitman wrote Leaves of Grass I have now Bent me a Bhort sketch of Mr Whit man and his mentioned book composed of twelve poems written in the early fifties and published as a thin quarto Tho book was literally condemned by many While as many admired It contains many bold truths and there are things in it that read like an bid Greek play translated into English I thank all my friends We Are In the Meado Messenger last week the Gossiper said one thing for which I want to encore viz That a young CLOTHING X X X or old man who makes uncompliment- ary remarks about a lady is no part of a gentleman and that the practice is low mean and contemptible A youngman who la known to bavo Bpoken disrespect- fully of a girl who Is a lady should be ostracised by eyery other young lady I want every girl to be merry jolly and have a good time but she need never deviate from a ladys path But if she should be guilty of an Indiscretion the man or woman who seeks to crush her is false to every true instinct of Christian ity Closing Out Our Line of MENS SUITS BOYS Children who are troubled with Worm are pale in the face fretful by spells rest less in Bleep have bluo rings around their eyes bad dreams variable appettto and pick the nose WHITES CREAM VERMIFUGE will kill and expell these parasites Price 25 cents A It Fisher iAT IRVINGTON LOW No Irvington is not dead Mrs Charlotte Herndon spent a few days with her aunt Mrs Annie Hera dn PRIOES yrcT W P w - We were pleased to note Mr and Mrs Heron among others from a distance at church Sunday Mlsc Ida Gardner baa ret qrntd to her home in Union Star after a pleasant vis- it to her brothers family Hugh Ihrdaway and wife from Giifl ton were with ua Sunday We are xlwayB glad to welcome them Mr and Mrs Redman bavo returned from visiting his mother at Glendale Qf course they had a delightful yUlt A crowd of young people bad a pleas ant evening at tho hospitable home of Mrs JLvl Tyler Thursday vtaing Owing to tlii severity of the recant Weather we hay beer cowpejiad tp for- go our regular prayer netting wrvlcea 0 Wednesday evenings Mteea M bt VtMWftf 5aw ft m rtmummikk2z Prices Werb Consider -- Never Offered 0 anywhere before Our Losses J which is your gain When LOIS Any Suit in this assortment at XjOI S448 748 598 S PANTS MS Boys The cream of tho assortment at 948 10 Per THIS SALE Gent 70 WILL LAST and Dis- - ONLY THIRTY count w glorious results Sunday school was interesting and well attended considering the state of weather Mr Coleman our worthy sup- erintendent is one of the most earnest and enthusiastic workers in tho cause and under his care the work is growing better and better all the time Our 1b equal to any in Brecken ridge county I am sure in every thing save in point of numbers Visitors al ways speak words of praise and cheer which is appreciated and strangers com- ing to Irvington will always find a wel come to within the doors of the Metho- dist church Sunday school at 2 oclock p m Come Miss L A McGlothlan requests me to make mention of the very pleasant oc- casion toe members of the B V R O enjoyed on last Saturday p m aa tho guests of Miss Partridge A full attend ance were piesent and the occasion was one of unalloyed pleasure Miss Part- ridge is an inimitable hostess and proved beyond question her superior qualities in that direction She served for re- freshments a most delectable fruit salad and toothsome cake to which all did justice Each and all are loud in their praises of the hostess and Irvington is to be congratulated upon having so bright and cheery a little body as Mus Partridge as one of her students Mr Coleman gave to Ola Smith Kitty McGlothlan and Edwin Jolly each a tiny little barrel from the County Sun day school Union They aro instructed to obtain money for the work of the Union This mpney is used by the Union for the purpose of aiding iu build- ing up Sunday school work in districts unable to do so alone It is a worthy cause and wo hopB you wont forget to drop a panny or more Into these little barrels when opportunity presents It will help the Suuday schuol Union in its noble work and encourage these little ones to work in the Masters cause Of a rrntnlha children of today will make the men and women of today a few years hence ol Educate Your llovrelt With Cnscaroti Candy Cathartic cure conatlpsttoa forever If O O O aildrugglsta refund money iLk DAYS in Brandenburg Saturday night Miss Iva Nickelson and father went to Brandenburg shoppingThursday Geo Board attended church here Sunday and took dinner with Eugene Ash at 15 OFF Lflw -- Ei urrn h THE PAIR Gloverports Leading One Price Store NOTICE On and after TO I will adopt FEBRUARY 25th CUSTOMERS a STRICTLY OASH SYSTEM of doing business It is best for the customers and is best T can afford under this arrangement to sell for me goods cheaper than under the credit system I will assure people that my store hereafter will be the GREAT EST BARGAIN CENTER IN IRVINGTON In the meantime I will GASH Come and see me and w u- v STRICT continue to sell goods cheaply and invite your patronage BUSINESS ASHCRAFT Mrs B F Bewley returned to her homo Sunday Davis Young and A D Ashcraft went to Brandenburg Friday Henry Cowley filled his appointment g PERCENT be convinced loo 200 3- - Any Suit in this assortment at Any Suit in this assortment at 1 t We Never Bro Leitchfield left us Sunday after- which is all the time ho had left in the Ho will army before being retired draw his pay during suspension How about MileB I dont like him anyhow He caused Eagan to become very angry in the heat of passion most of us will give yent to very expressive language which in cooler moments we would retract I want to Mllee ousted too I am one who resents the slightest injus X X X X X X tice and am not one of those goody Beauty of face and beauty of figure are Oh Mr Editor what made you tell goody Individuals who think the Lord great gifts but neither Is to be compared me there would be no womans depart- expects us to be angel a without wfng to beauty of disposition An obliging ment at the Paris exposition Of course X X X accommodating self sacrificing girl is it cannot be thesuccess it should be and In the Akron Ohio Beacon of Janu always above par Gifted mentally gift- then I shall not lend my presence I ed physically either falls short when had expected to propose to the editors ary 11 is a very interesting account of the Sophomore Ash ton speaking conttst in compared to spiritual gifts and correspondents of the Nbwb to make which our handsome popular BrandenX X X up a truet all consolidate capital and burg girl Miss Maude Herndon who has Shall we have men or women or shall star as a body at the gay French capi- been in Akron three years won second we bavo both upon the School Board tal Now my castles have tumbled and honore with the accompanying priza oi This is a subject much agitated lately Ill turn my attentions to the St Louis twenty dollars Maudes subject was a Mothers are already beariug many duties exposition of 1803 cutting from one of Richard Harding X X X bravely but a very important one is us- Davis stories Her First Appearance ing their voices in this school board Yes Eagan is suspended for bIx years Maude is a bright intellectual young lady of great ambition and her old A friends here are rejoicing over her suc- cess AWAAAiAAAA SucIuEbw noon to go home and begin his protracted meeting He will be assisted by Bro Rushing whom many of us remember pleasantly in the first revival we had in the Irvington Methodist church and BIgham the big Hardinaburg Bro preacher With such a force Branden burgsbouldbe completely revolutionized and we are hoping to hear of grand and m we make up our mind to get rid of a Jarge stock of winter goods to niake room for spring go0dg This is certainly a Slash that should move every Suit we have in thehouse j for suclj goods at Overton Blandford looking his usual handsome self was with us Sunday and I heard one young lady say she was so clad Overton came back to Irvington I asked why Because said Bhe he has had a Bliavo which I can tell you he needed beard is not do becoming to him as lo his distinguished father A hint to tho wlso Overton water quenches fire It cleanses the scalp also and prevents the formation of It feeds and nour- dandruff ishes the bulbs of the hair making them produce a luxu- It stops the riant growth hair from falling out and gives a fine soft finish to the hair as well X OUR LAST SLASH weather hair tic color of youth It never falls It is Just as sure as that heat melts snow or that rill bring back X X X What does your mirror say Docs it tell you of some little streaks of cravP Are You Do vour friends of olcascd the same age show this losl ol power aisof Just remember that crav hair never becomes darker without help while dark hair rapidly becomes gray wnen once the change begins X X Something must be decidedly wrong it after years and years of companion- X X X Let ua all do some missionary work at ship and identity with a people one can home I was asked tho other day il the leave or prepare- - to leave without a re We gret or affirm I have no regrets Philippine islands were in tho Atlantic all by our own conduct make or mar or anywhere near Cuba No one but our own selves pathway tXX glad to wee that Mr Thomas J condemn or approve If friends fall us I am Jolly of Bewloyvillo reports the fruit if we are left desolate or are neglected peach and early apple buds about four examine our course and see who is at fault flfthu alive This insures a good crcp X the weather permit the services will be resumed jMisses Blanche Jolly and Florence Cain from Bewloyvllle braved tho mud and came over Sunday to attend Quartor ly Meeting service Did any of you over have a girl who was woith riding four miles through bottomless roads to boo on a Sunday afternoon Surely such heroism de serves to go on record The Womans Foreign Missionary Society will moot with Mrs Orabbe Sat unlay 2 oclock p m The members aro all requested to meet promptly ViStors will be heartily welcome not only by Kirs Crabbe but by overy membor of society The Ladies Aid did not meet aa an- nounced owing tho tho extreme cold The next meeting will bo tho regular ap pointment and with Mrs Bate Herndon Subject Patience The wish is express ed that oach try to bring an interesting article or reading on tho above Every- one cordially invited Quarterly Meeting services at the church Saturday and Sunday Notwith standing tho roada are in a terrible con dition and the streeta of our town at present worse we had a yery good at tendance and somo good sermons from Bro Overton Bro Overton Is a power for good in any community and in any is vomti I seo In the Ledger Herald that the Hun Gus W lllchardsou has canvassed Huasellvllle in the Interest of his candi- dacy for State Treasurer Two opponents are in the field from the eastern part of tho State Mr Richardson thinks ids chances fine FEB 22 1860 WEDNESDAY r mmwm X TTO Tr BRWN iRVror - ky craft Eugene Ashcraft spent a pleasant night with Charlie and Geo Board Thursday night Henry Dugan and wife J R Willett Sunday and wife was their parents meut at Hand Hill Saturday and cui igi mi put and usd to ua and U ym He delivered two exceleht sermons llva East of tna Jtockr Mountain wa will Saturday and Sunday aantl thl was calle A S AahcraU of Indiana byfrclsMO O D auiueciiQftxamuuHuni Toucan LBUD Itairvur raiiilit depot awl irybu4al it Claycomb and OnduQ of Web Mtssra loiUL TO Mk Prfct ihaVwif ivn ster was the guest of Miss Maggie and to oee hia brother Llge who baa had t Hitiruot Wkdw THJmrtCIAL BFflft PHICE 15500 Ona ir iahtMot with orden T Dollar pi l raUroau tn pevere attack oi pneumonia BUILT IM a UR OWN FAOTORV IN CHIOAC6 Nannie Cowley Sunday en honor from tho bnt iaterUlhionr can bar Whllili TO cur JTroa Buvrr Oatala -Ihnw IVm llniMt 0 kZ Miaa Kate Ollpen la very ruucU Juterr -uj Bro Duvall filled his regular appoint- r t th wriavt JBXBTBH vMHTnwin ai mt ttrtioo una hiimrvthi rlSi1iSfty M -ar X p eated in the mail Any one wishing to SUQBIE8 ilnrr daali 5 7ato lOisl X A mm w iJL nwOi 00 AND know more about the matter will Just unnOMI ivu oi in oat mm 39gfl nTaiu iumk tiut en aa bviit W krau uj tum aurr 8URREY8 ask P M Ashcraft vuruwaHnDmiuingind lurr vltonfMtna ortnaJaUtn u tola ox ulUoff THAI W Cla mrri uiwiiki ua u We are glad Indeed to report that oui ISO UCIUlUg ut ClVTOXIM HUCriCTLlLa riuirir UT1 children is not Ellpha Ashcraft is wme better at this Kvary Buiay W Maka Is Guaranteed Five Vear and Trsay Wll out suth Very se writing and hope that in a few days ho Ordinary Faotory Rlaw rious ordeal to TKt MATHHAl AM UtM m HI ABM SHtli wlllbnabje tobpu the woman who aiU taat to ttacrdlaar oeat mm ta t fa prepared Ashcraft closed hfo school at 0A Sandy Hill Fb10tb This ia the filth term be baa taught here Ho gave fbe VAT TOr M i11 i Mua pupils a nice trtat wblob they all en HVUWV- - wvyHni T wuaiipiaiM wwn WWKKn nn HH1IWHMU that wonderful- irr joyed of tmmuhm m oorMa Tindru w an wllUniHiNMaur DUlwa M4WMITHIiWi aaaB4toaaTMUaaaurMMr Unaorr tuuulM taaaiTKai IIMI The Infant son of Mr and Mrs Dick IRt moot be faith died Feb 10tl and buried ia Bmith fully used rtur r Study Hill cemetery The bereaved jotr the period n ot pregnancy parwU bavo the sympathy of tho tire there wilt be llttlo rriornlutr wellness or neryoutie8i tho critical hour wll be re-llleved of much pain and labor will be fauuwMrSQbrrmRLvf X RfecupcratUii will be rapid and the dcoyery of Ow Wftftt1 tmtSttUmmmtmmMmMnii brief all aftrtdHgra will Jn avpldta 9pn rfNW veoXt camwmmt an hashhm Coiteh Cure nlaWteni wwe grtesAWats- Tninui twbod fcv aoagbit- - ooBaroiatlnrs Noi BOOK OK TH tUlJCCr tlNU 0 ivk TftMJtfvmufmATwtaAttastt VftW V jw t SEND OWE DOLLAR it vl Be Prepared aaam n -- -r- W goRf T W UimiaMu Pi rjTJiaTrj TySTJn -- - HKSSkttTttvttiKttgV 5S2fxKiSl et - i JUe mrfjSSF ij i r t -- 4Wlfcr9lmfc f W rWf sj vttlI BMIOA0LU J

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