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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., April 5, 1912

Part of The Big Sandy news.

- news is.TEisr pages thir week:, - ) J1 r-- , Sco That ANDY' N EWS. Emultlon jslSL ul '" Emulsion renews and nutiliu the strength of Failing Babiea TirmJ Adalti and thtAgiJ Aut invmiam viatn, aut faciam. U Scott'a , Volume AXVH. LOUISA, LAWRENCE Number 81. No Pensions Until August. THE OIL COUNTY, KENTUCKY, APRIL 0, 1012. Deeth of former Louisian. FIELD M. V. CONLEV, NOT DEAD YET. Publisher. Children Burned in Boone Co., W. Va. Columbus C. Botner. a native or Two little children, belonging to .n tils county, died at bis home Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, on Big Clinton, Indiana, March 2nd'of apo Creek In this county, were burnWill Soon Have New Wells, plexy, dying four hours after he was Congressman Fields Says He's Alive, ed to death Monday morning. Ono stricken. He was 70 years of age. of them was a little over two years and He Ought to Know. Tests oi Others. . He is survived by a widow and sevold and the other nearly a year. eral grown children. Mr. Botner The youngest one died In a few was the son of Capt. O. D. Botner, minutes after the accident and the of this city, who Is now in the 94th Olive Hill. Ky., April 2nd 1911. other toward night. The mother hod Just at this writing there is act year of his age. His wife was a Editor Big Sandy News, 'In much news from the oil field laid them cfa a pallet in front of Louisa, Ky. this county, but before this week daughter or the late David Borders, the fire, and went out for a few ot Georges creek, this county. My Dear Sir: closes there should be some Impor minutes. There was a coal oil can I am informed tant information. that it is the in the room and it is supposed that general Impression In some sections HAS LONG ARMS. Aa we go t" press the Burnt House child pourd some on the or Lawrence county that I am dead Are, and the names set them on well on the Venora lease at Bussey. Ben Hatten, a well known young as a result or my recent operation Are. The funeral was held Tuesvllle Is about ready to be shot This Is the well that has made the man of Boyd county, Kentucky who in a Louisville hospital. I should day and the two little ones were beat showing of any of the wells In was In Huntington yesterday, claims be very glad Indeed if the ' NEWS buried in the same coffin. The afIn. to have the longest arms of any would kindly correct same. I am flicted family have the sympathy of Those Its natural condition. terested are very hopeful of the re man in the country. With his arms very much alive and feel more like the eatire community in their sad '.-: sult of this shot. extended Hatten measures 89 Inch- living than I have or many months. bereavment. Danville Progress. The Poteet well on the Garred es from finger tip to finger tip, and I returned to my home on Friday Hughes farm Is down to the Berea he won 850 there yesterday on a of last week and am Improving very FIELDS SEEKS INDORSEMENT. wager that he bad the longest arm rapidly, I expect to be able to resand and will be completed Elk-hoDrilling on the Burgess-Garre- d length. sume my duties at Washington withWashington, March 23. Through, well on the Moffat farm is going With the ends of hie thumbs or in a rew days. his office here, Representative W. you in advance for the J. Fields, along nicely, span Thanking each hand touching Hatten can of the Ninth Kentucky disincheB, and In this respect favor above mentioned, I remain. 2 Sam Spencer will complete the 16 trict, to-dannounced his candl- weli In a short time. he bIro claims to hold the recerd. Yours very truly, . dacy for Reports from the well on W, J. FIELDS. the H Is six feet, two Inches tall welgls' The Congressman expects to be 1 John Prince farm are encouraging, 195 pounds, and Is an athletic giant strong enough to return to WashWayne This is the well that the Herald Dispatch. NOTICE TO TEACHERS. ington in a few days, according to Oil company took over from a his brother, Austin Fields. It was .c company, who fulled The Census Blanks for 1912 have recently reported that W. A, Young, operations. BOB TAYLOR DEAD. Smith, negroes, rrom Mason county complete It. been sent out together with a copy of Morehead. had thought of seeking "The object of the extension to Cal Miracle, who killed a man anil The Hamilton-Robert- s company re of the Boundary lines of each school the Democratic nomination for ConElkhorn City la to gut ln"Uucb with womnn In Bell; county: Ewlng Bow- ported to be about ready to drill a and all changes' have gressman from the Ninth district, and Ohio railway, ling, the Chesapeake who killed a white man and well on its leases, wesj of Bussey-vill- e. been noted on opposite side of Bheet but that Mr. Young's announcement system obtain an aud through tbal Tennessee's Famous Senator Dies from containing the original Boundary. negro woman in Breathitt, county would depend upon the plans of Mr. outlet to the North and quick Iraui-portatl- and John Bowman, a Lebanon negro The Venora company's well No. Each trustee should be'careful to( Fields. proof fruit and farm an Operation 4 la In the Berea sand and the who killed a woman. write a new boundary line for his ducts. drilling should be completed within District al) which will Include "The Clinchfleld runs through the a few hours. changes and eopy It in the trustees CAPT. Win. B. BARTRAM. Blue Ktdge mountains and that secYOUTHFUL MARRIAGES. Senator Robert L. Taylor, of Ten record book so that it will remain tion of the South which has figured Sunday as a permanent record in the Dis nessee, died In Washington THE (iLOHIOUS EASTER. so prominently In the news recently evening, following an operntlon per trict as required by Law-- , and turn by reason of It being the butue of Death Comes to One of Our Oldest This gladdest Sundry of ail the formed last Thursday for gall stonef, lab a copy tor this office. murder Four Yonng Students Matriculate Into the Aliens, of courthouse Remember, that In giving the ages year, will be celebrated at the M. Ho had been three times Governor notoriety. State, Congressman of children In year Census Report, E. Church with all that Is appropri- ot his native Matrimony. . "It controls almost 200.000 acres you must give their ages as they ate. In the morning Dr. Honrord and Senator. of or roal lands lu the vicinity This simple announcement will will be on the first day of July, will preach on Death Robbed or its Elkhorn City, Ky and Dante Va., Capt. William Bartram, one or the Sting. At night be will deliver the carry sorrow to the hearts of thous- not what tbey are at present. For trom which latter place It runs south. Married, Wednesdny, at the real final lecture-sermo- n on Paradise ands. "The Apostle of Sunshine" wis Instance a child born June 25, 1902 oldest and best known citizens of to Spartanburg, 8. C. Cincinnati dence of the bride's mother, this Lost. The special theme will be, known and loved all over the coun should be listed as Ten (10) years Lawrence county, died at. the reEnquirer. city, by the Rev. S. F, Reynolds, After The Fall. In It will be found try as the prince of platform speak old, instead or nine (9), although sidence of his James B. Mlsa Maud Burton, aged 16, to Mr a key to the facts of hlBtory. Get era. He has spoken to millions or at tbe time or taking the Census in Peters, this city, on Sunday last, New York, March 29. The exten Wayne Vinson, aged 18. The bride the key as you may be able to un- people, always winning the plaudits April, it would only be nine years after a long period of ill health. On Route, sion of the '.'Clinchfleld Is the daughter sf William Burton, lock the ages. You are welcome. of the multitudes who beard him. or age. Monday afternooa a brlet religious from Dante, Va, to Elkhorn City. deceased, and the groom la a son or He could sway an audience as pro service waa held at the house hy THE PASTOR. Ky., la to cost about 11.000.000, It Lafayette Vinson, or Glen Hays, W. bably no other American ever moved I have received a letter from the the Rev. Dr. Thomas Hantord, of wag announced Aa the exVa. Immediately after the ceremony for good. His State Agricultural Dept. stating that tbe M. E. Church, after which the QUORUM HUT NO CHAIRMAN. " them, and always tension Is said to be only about 11 newlywetls went to the home of the '..'. &. matchless word "pictures, once beard ten bushels of Boone county white body was taken by N. & 'W., train miles In length, this means that the groom's parents. were never forgotten. Those whose seed corn has been ordered ship- to Clifford, the home or the deceas per mile cost will be about' ) 100,000 the The city council met In regular good and The bride Is a very pretty fortune it was to hear "Bob' ped for the boys who enter the corn ed, for interment About a month The enormous expense Is due to the monthly session Tuesday night, all popular girl, and the groom la a Tay'or when be spoke bere'not long growing contest, which will be here ago Capt. Bartram left his home to fact that the character of the counthe members present. Rather a promising young man. in a few days for distribution. go to Catlettsburg, but when he artry through which the road Is 'o singular condition was developed. ago will never forget him I would like for 30 or 10 more rived la Louisa 'he was too sick to This gem from that wonderful co, ba constructed la mountainous. Simi It was intended to consider an or The people of our little village lection or Jewels who that heard boys to send , In their names and continue his journey and went to lar, conditions confronted the build- ware Justly surprised Tuesday whin dinance concerning' the gas ques- It can ever rorget it?: enter the contest. the home of his daughter, where he ing of the original line from Dante. tion, but the six councllmen were they learned that two ef the stuJAY O'DANIEL Supt. "Not long ago I wandered bask remained until his death. The direct Va., to Spartanburg, S. C, with the equally divided regarding It. Mayor boy a dents or the academy-?-th)- e case ot death as given by 'Capt, BorU to the scenes of my boyhood on my result that the cost for some por- factotum-bonnichairman or and the girl a day Burns, who Is ram's physician and relative. Dr. AN EASTER BAZAAR. father's old farm on the bank of the tions of the route through the Blue scholar had taken advantage of the board, was absent, and the L. H. York, was valvular disease of river In the beautiful land or my Ridge Mountains, at a grade of on'y Monday aa a holiday and formulated law requires that a member or the native Tennessee mountains. I stny- aboulTper cent, amouuted, It Is The ladles of the M. E. Church the heart. Capt. Bartram was bora their plans for an elopement, which board shall preside In his absence. ed once more through 'the pathless near the mouth ot Rockcastle cre;k aid, to (100,000 per mile. they put In effect on Monday nlgbt. To elect a chairman pro tern Tues- woods with my rifle oh my shoulder will hold an Easter Bazaar for the in October, 1833, and was therefore, Financial arrangements for the ile of "white goods'" and refresh the Miss day night would give one of Archie Conley, aged 15, and I sat on the old familiar 'logs amid ments at the Brunswick hotel next in the 79th year ot bis age. He Is new work have been completed. Con Estelle Coldlron, aged 16, were the factions a voting majority, so, while struction work la to be started Im- contracting parties, and they carried the members disagreed on the ques the railing leaves or autumn, and Saturday, April 6."Thts is their first survived by a widow, who was his heard the squirrels bark and shake second wife, four children, Mrs. J. mediately after tha engineers have out the scheme on schedule tlme.r tion to be considered they agreed to the branches 'as they jumped from appeal to the public In three years, B. Peters, of Louisa Mrs. Sam Fresh and they reasonably expect banded In their formal report. Th.-e- o adjourn without transacting any the Hazel Green Herald. tree to tree. I heard the plaintive public to patronize them liberally.. er and Mrs. Sam Maynard, and WW- routs have been surveyed. The only business. ll song ot the and the Their offerings will be pretty to lam Bartram, all of" Clifford. A question la which Is the best. HER ANNIVERSARY. drumming of a pheasant and the see, nice to wear and good to eat. brother and a siBter also survive. proposed extension of the The Belonged To The Junior Order. Llndsey Bartram, who lives in tha hoot of a wise old owl 'way over In line will Increaae the company'! net Thursday, March 28, was the an west, and Mrs. L. G. Chatfleld, Sleepy Hollow. I henrd the tlnkof earnings, It la estimated, by $1,250,-00- 0 PIONEER WOMAN DEAD. A. Wellinau, whose death wis Ed. niversary of Mrs. J. W. Yates birth hills Catlettsburg, who attended the fullns of bells on the distant and facilitate transportation or recently chronicled In this paper, sweetly mingling 'with the happy interment, over and she celebrated so memorable an was farm products to the North Mils. Chloe Anne Lawson, widow neral and a member of the Junior Order chorus of the song birds In their way. In a moat delightful Capt, Bartram s first wife was a the Chesapeake and Ohio and Loul event' of i)r. George Lawson, died In American United Mechanic. On it Prompted by the native Instruct of Thursday his mother received from evening serenade. Every living crea Williamson last Saturday as the daughter of the late Squire William! vllle and Nashville, with which a Louisa woman. Mrs. Yates preRatclirr. ture seemed to be chanting a'hymn Late In lire he married a will connect. pared a dinner for the occasio- n- the Order, through C. E. Hensley, of praise to its God Just as they result or injuries received by a fall- daughter of Lindsay Sammons. Ha one which will be long remembered 8250 Insurance benefit. Mr. Well- - used to long age; and as'I sat there ot old age. She leaves many re- was a Federal Boldler, earning his KIliLl.N'U NEAR ASHLAND. few days ago, and the lnformlty in had paid into the benefit fund by al' who partook of the delirious title as Captain of Company F., 14th on that eld familiar spot and listen latlvea and descendants, several or Kentucky Infantry. cents. repast She bad Invited all the seventy-riv- e I He was for years ed to the weird, wild harmony, On Tuesday morning Reuben Boll, whom reside In this State. her ministers of the city to be one of the leading timber men ' of was rapt Into a reverie. A vIbIou of manager of the A- - C. & I. Mines at STATE HOARD RAISED US. These excellent Judges of gu"ts. this region. He was a sober. Inthe happy past opened .before' me No. 8, shot and Instantly killed Fred THE GOOD OLD POPLAR. good things of lire declare that citizen, of dustrious, I thought I was a boy again and Jiirrall. Jnrrall and his wife had at the The State Board of Equalization played around the cabins or One, waa truly a superb quiet demeanor, one who will ba the tacked Ball.Jarrall striking him with the feast By legislative enactment the "t'lmem- has raised the assessment (lie old plantation and beard tbe of In the afternoon her fellow greatly missed In the neighborhood a piece of Iron, fracturing his skull. Hp" has been declared the State troe Aid following counties In this section: time darkles laugh and Bing of the' Baptist Ladles where he lived for more than three The parties had fallen' out over .in bers How many people knew that by tu- quarters of a century. Boyd, 15 pet cent of farm ' Ian Is play Society came In a body, and they the riddle 'as tbey used to long lip Is meant the popular? Yet, the account. 5 per cent on town lota; Floyd, too, were the recipients of a grac and ago. Ball waa formerly of this . Reuben poplar, once so plentiful in Eastern per cent on land; Johnson, 3 per baaJ TOOK AN APPEAL.. "Shouldering my rifle I wandered county and la a son of Squire Will- ious hospitality. The hostess Kentucky, is , botanlcally, tha tulip on landB; Lawrence, 5 per cent my way to Dry Ridgo neigh- many . 'venters or the very pleas- cent take one more look at tree. iam Ball, of the on lands and 6 per cent on town ; ant day. In the Police Court last Monday . tho olA homestead on the bank or borhood. lots; Magoffin, 10 per cent on lands. the river. Silence was there. The Judgment was awarded to the plain 10 per cent la lota; Martin, 6 per PIKE COUNTY MAN KILLED. New Manilla! for Preetonsburg, tiffs in the suits against the gas voices ot the happy long ago were FLOYD COUNTY FATALITY. cent on lands, and Morgan, 8 per hushed forever. The company to recover for alleged overe darkof charges for gas furnished Hazel Coleman, of the head during Upon the resignation of Mr. Tom cent on lands. On Friday last while Mr. Morgan ies were sleeping on the hill close ' w.s Blackburn from the OfHee of City Clark, or Floyd county by the Bpot where my father sleeps. Johns creek, was killed Tuesday, the month of February. Mr. J. W. M f Quarts Muxt He Quarts. cutting down a tree It roll upon him Marshal, the City Council met and bucket was gone March 19, being dragged by a run Stewart, representing the gas comThe moes-cover. 4 Inflicting Injuries which caused his elected Mr. Jake Clarke. from the well. The old home where away horse. He died Tuesday night pany, took an appeal, and says ho This Is a, hard office to fill here, doath a short time afterwards. He Growers or strawberries and like I was born was silent and deserted, at 10 o'clock, an was burled Thurs-- j will, if necessary, carry the cases to the Supreme Court of the United We hope every citizen fruits are Interested In the outcome As I peered through the dusty win day. was alone' when the accident occur- especially. Statss. red and when discovered J he was will Join, In and help our officers df an order Issued by tho pure rood dow pane and looked upon' the desoPAID IN FULL. dead. Mr. Clark lived about a mile bring about a respectable state in department of 'the State Board of late hearthstone that once glowed CHEAPER FARE TO CINCINNATI. from Harold, a station on the C, & the conduct of the tnoughtless.Some Health that boxes must contain the with the light of love and happi The depositors In the mte Ba ik O., and on Mud creek, about a mile people, think that if they are not dis full measure represented ky tho ness. I thought my mother came SB years turbing somebody er If they are not size 'of' them.' According to The C. & O. Is selling round trip above Its mouthy Ifc was tub or- back across tbe flood of vanished ot Wilfard have been paid in full. ' This was the State bank that fail tickets from Louisa, to Clnclnnail old and left a wife and j sever ii acting out of the ordinary they will der a quart mnst be a quart, or years and sane there again tbe ' reo--i sold according to the quanfty grown children. Mr. Clark was a not receive their jjortlon of under sweet old songs she used to sing ed about a year sago at Wlllard, for 87.00. The fare one way :, ognltlon. Monitor. 84.20. , .; j Carter county. In the happy long ago." that. vefcran of the Civil War. No pensions will be paid to Con- federate soldiers or widows of soldiers until August. Under the law granting pensions to the old soltun it claims Will diers their on by for pensions court Extension to Elkhorn the county be passed of the county In which the appliMade. cant lire and then must , be apboard at proved by the pension Frankfort. This board la composed of the The Clinchlield Hoad Has Arranged to Governor, the Auditor and the Secretary of State. The application Finance the Project and Work blanks, which must be filled out by the applicants for pensions, will be Will Start Soon. Stone sent out by Commissioner Claims will be paid after Tuesday. this year in February, May, Aug"Directors ef the Carolina Clinch-fiel- d ust and November. toand Ohio Railway will meet morrow iu the office of Mark W. April Minn Dentil for Seven. Potter, president of the road, to consider arrangements In connection Seven men are condemned to die with the financing of the extension In the Eddy vllle penitentiary In of the line from Dante, Va.. to April, and a double electrocution Is ; City. Ky. set for April 19. MTho amount of money required Wlllard' Richardson; who killed It likely tu be relatively large. It Is James Vlolett In Carlisle county, s aid, because) of the mountainous few weeks ago, and James Ellis who through character of the country killed Squire Beatty and Constable to be pushed. which the extension Heath In a courtroom at UnrnsUi. The banking firm of Blulr & Co.. It Ky., are the condemned for that ! working out the U understood. date.' or the proposed financial details Others are Charles and James k . v . A) i ii. f X i Cj - T" - J rrjfl'i.jvir ;A 'fc'J . - Y k f7J"-"lMI r' "'Vv : - Chief." General T- :

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