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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, April 7, 1909

Part of The Breckenridge news

tJU THE BRECKENRIDGENEWS HTI J If I iI cj J n I j ALL THE NEWS THATS FIT TO PRINT I J IN iiYOLo XXXIII t CLOVERPORT KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY MRS FRAIZE Big Crop Means Ruin j ij I 6President Berry 6 y I of Farmers Tobacco is not the only crop On Which Was Carved Most RATED AT A 8 Y1909 H wf 39 E GRAPES from their most ful properties give active and principal Held And healthI 1oyqi1 BaJcinff Powder Afternoon By Teachers Pupilsa ¬ Pate S Four Trees Planted Friday Urges Reduction pay Is that true If so then let us cut down our conIn speaking of her trip south thI Asks Growers of Acreage templated tobacco acreage and pay winter Mrs Fraize said recently to more attention to other cropsNews representative to Heed Warning Florida Is a ofd theh I wish also to sound a word of warn- ¬ land of many colors and beauties a PROF WROE MAKES SnORT TALK rainbow land of green palms red poin settias blue water white beeches and WOULD FORCE PRICES yellow oranges In wandering aroun seeing many relics of the early SpanisHigh quite a r It is economy to use Royal Baking Powder the buyers But if we have only 1 in Florida near the old City Gnesof St little interest was aroused over the oc V5l It saves labor health andmoney moderate sized crop one sucker iis Augustine with two adjoining fragra casion among the pupils and suitable Declares that More Tobacco Can- bound to sell for less money than the meats of the old City wall I found the exercises Where the best food is required no other were held Prof Wroe made broad leaf Green River In the first following unique inscription mark on an appropriate talk in which he said baking powder or leavening agent can take the vas Has Been Purchased place in stemming onesucker it looses an old Indian grnveeAs I read it place or do the work of Royal Baking Powder Than Ever Before 50 per cent as the stem is very large Mrs Fraize contipued I wondered i yard and appreciate Then the uses to which one sucker are this was the native Indian that met the more the wJrks of nature adopted are limited on account of the white man the noble Ponce De LeonThe Freshmen Saphomor Juniorcoarse fiber of ribs There are som e who set foot upon the Florida land s and Senior classes each planted a tree Growers of theI To the Tobacco sections namely the upper Cumber ¬ nearly four hundred years ago when Andrew Ashby Mike Tucker Randall Green Rivtr District land district that grow is to perfection there was supposed to be a magical I Weatherholt sail Wilbur Chapin mem Will you heed a word of warning The soil of the Green River district i s spring of water which gave to these bers of the and let common sense guide you or not adapted to its growthand the other who drank of it the power to wlthI the praise Freshmen class can claim for furnishing the trees The are you willing to act like mad men nndI districts will produce all the market re ¬ stand death and the ravages of time i destroy the work of five years of organI quires The fountain of eternal youth off j ization The people of the Green River dis ¬ course was too wonderful to be true Just what each of you will do indi trict will make a serious mistake if they but there truly is today a spirit o f i years treasures in the vidually all of you will do collectively plant onesucker Our soil produces a tranquility i n the caressing air and ini schoolyard Will you individually plant a big crop superior Green river and we have a de the perpetual verdue ot the orange of tobacco hoping that your neighbors jnand for our type pf tobacco and iit groves flowers and palms The in HARDINSBURG 4 We all think would be foolish for our people to pro scription of which Mrs Fraize mentionplant a small crop pretty much alike so just what you do duce a tobacco the trade does not want ed is herewith published as it appearyou can depend upon your neghbor and that will not sell for as much a s on the Indian tomb e doing also Does any sensible man Green River Occupying the position This very elaborate Pile ° Mrs D R Murray Sunday Miss i think we can maintain the maximum tthat 1 do and wishing to Serve the peo ¬ Is ereckted in memory of TolomatO price of9 fl1 3 in the face of an ple of the Green River district in the A semnole Ingine cheif j Overwhelming surplus such we will best possible way I deem it my duty to Whpse wig warn studs on GreenMr and Mrs Luke Reeves have resurely have if we only carry out the address this letter to you Very truly IThis spot and surroundings turned to Hirdinsburgf after an ab proposed plans that have already been yours Wee chords his memory HENRY S BERRY sence of several weeks in Louisville made for the crop As he was a good hearted cheif Mrs Moredock who has been spend us do not deceive ourselves and Ho would not tuko your Let CURES INDIGESTION Jlag the winter in the South arrived Scalp without you begged him to look for Providence to help us out 6f a last week to visit her daughter Mrs Do So or pade him sum munny bad fix if we with our eyes open get George Evans into one for Providence helps those All Distress From Stomach AndI He always akted more like A Chriethun George Evans who left several days who help themselves Indigestion Vanishes In Five Gentlemanthnn a ago has decided to locate at Lexing any doubt that there is There is not Savage Ingine ton Miss His family are getting Minutes an effort being made for a big crop of Let him RIPMi eady to join him and will probably r tobacco If there is just look at the Fraize and her sister Miss leave for Mississippi the last of thisiitrempty houses in Owensboro the num- ¬ Take vour sour stomachor maybe some mpg tt weekbers of wagon loads of furniture and you call it Indigestion Dyspepsia Gas- ¬ Jennie Varfield both have B F Beard and Mrs Percy M people moving to the country See the ttritis or Catarrh of Stomach it doesnt interesting stories of their winter visitt 1 I Beard who have been spending the hillside and fence rows covered white mattertake your stomach troublmany very entertain See the number of people right with you to your Pharmacist and too They met winter in Florida started homeward canvAs M HOWARD open a oOcent case of Papes lug people and their stay was thorough Monday With stops At Chattanooga coming to town hunting for more can ask him to Possibly there is not a man in Breck itjiter Senatorial timber than Jesse Mv vas Every merchant will tell you that Diapepsin and let you eat one 22grain I ly enjoyable in St Augustine and at Burgin Ky they are expected t enridge count who has been as success- Howard but to get Mr Howard to run to more canvas has been sold than ever Triangule and see if within five minutes Dr Thomas Electric Oil is the best ful In all his undertakings as Jesto M jfor such a lace would be a harder job you in spite of all this tthere is left any trace of your stpmach before Will remedy for that often fatall disease He is one of tthan 10 elect him However the cow were in town Saturday night en route Howard of Glendeane preparation for a tobacco crop and the miseryThe correct name for your trouble i sIIcroup Has been used with success in our best farmers and is an excellent and iltmetit is due him and has been uttered certain consequences of a big crop y his many friends reliable business man In all his adven plant such in the face of what you Food Fermentation food souring th Mr Howard is not a politician nor an tures he has been most unselfish which must know well to be the result It Digestive organs become weak there i s WhStcacre Buffalo N Y Is not yet too late Will you turn back lack of gastric juice your food is only Pave and Jess Walls and Willie VAS clearly shown In his work for the > ffico setker lIe is a Democrat but Miss Gilliland Sings and plant a moderate crop and let us half digested sand you become affected Chambllss left Monday for the West ¬ Breckouridge Fair For the laot two not a partizan lie is jnSc a plain all ern State Normal at Bowling Green years he has beeu one of the Fairs round good citizen a man that every maintain the present prices or will you with loss of appetite pressure and full- ¬ ness after eating vomiting nausemadly rush to certain destruction Rev Cline and Dr Matner are al prime promoters and when he dropped Kxly likes and respects social genial B Y P U meeting Sunday At the You have again honored me to lead aheatburngriping in bowels tenderness night at the Baptist church Miss Zyl ternately preaching each night of his office asa director there was much li htjued honor ibl and full of good in vil1 for his fellows and his community you but I am only human and alt theii the pit of stomach bad taste i n phia Gillilland sang very sweetly this week The weeks services were regret among the citizens of the county constipation pain in limbs Mr Howard never leaves a stone Unofforts of mine and those who have been mouth Ie in energetic enterprizing and pro ¬ Miss Gilliland has a- begun Monday night with Rev Clines Face to Face for the welfare of Giomleane Igressive and always ready and wining will be for naught sleeplessness belching of gas bIlIouschosen to assist me very rich voice and some time ago Mrs sermon at the M E Church South turned if you do not act rationally and cut ness sick headache nervousness dizzi- ¬ L T Reid was attracted by its rare Thursday Friday and Saturday nights where he has been operator for the Dean to do his part in matters of public or ness and many other similar symptoms- quality down the contemplated crop Mrs Reid at once became the services will be held inthe M E Tie Company and an active member ofIprivate interests If your appetite is fickle and nothing interested in theyoung liras talent and Church Howard the firm of Moorman ¬ I tell you frankly that no organiza The News wishes there were more The Fiscal Court met yesterday to Were the county to he surveyed from tion can live in the ace of thecontemtttempts you or you belch gas or if you for three months has been giving her such men at Jesse Howard Mis-sMarriage Licenses W A Evans corner to cornir there could be fund no plated crop and the surplus Surplus feel bloated after eating or your food some careful vocal trainipg i lies like a lump of lead in your stomach sGilltlands friends wish n her much sue Miriam Embry Jas H Morris Oma that great bugaboo of low prices who is to carry it The buyers will jf they you can make up your mind that at the cess and anticipate a bright future for Kennedy Park Divans Maggie F A BRIDE SPRAINS STEAL A M RCII Sipes Ira Simmons Cora Chambllss can get the price low enough Certain- bottom of all this there is but one cause her in the musical world fermentation of undigested j Misses Judith and Carrio Walls en ¬ ly our lan of selling is an admirable HER ANKLES Prove to yourself after your next Easter Services at one but the plan that five had f n the be ¬ tered M DriskdUs school in Harned Charles Robertson i laic Methodist Church And Plugs meal that your stomach is as good as s Monday ginning of organization was an Ot3Q a m Sunday School any that there is nothing really wrong Dixie Bailey Prominent Young l popula one for it made us carry Ourt While rhanging frim one tia Sheriff Milt EastcrsermOn and Communion t several days Miller has been sick f a bride wrtvnfe 11 own surplus of least a part of us had Stop this fermentation and begin eating another a few sat s mPeople Elope To Evansviile what you want without fear of discom ¬ x baiily Sin vafeNjia Miry Franklin Pears delightMiss od her ankle verv ntir we could not todayf to f Epwortll League < rvlce 846 p m fully entertained on the evening of get people to pledge to a plan other than ort or misery To Tie Their Hearts Eastcrsongservice at 730 pm Almost instant relies is waiting for April 1st for full pay oh delivery The sentiment oo o you It is merely a matter of how soon Chapman Moorman was in Stephens swelling rapidly One of her feUow for 10000 hills less tobacco and a pro Methodists Last Sunday night Charles Robert ¬ passengers brought tier a ho Off port Sunday to visit Mr and Mrs R fitable price is overwhelming in the you take a little Dlapep fin Get on the honor roll Hare your A Shellman They will shortly move son of Glemleane arid Misj Dixie Sloans Liniment Tile LiniuuitrtstqjJv Green River district The little farmer offering in the hands of your pastor by to Hardinsburg occupying Mr Moor Bailey of Vanzant arrived here ard lied the pain at oner and took down hw Robbed tljree Times back on the hills may not be as smart spent a few hours with Mr and Mrs next Sunday night Tile little envel- fauns house on every proposition as his brother the swelling and the next dos her Keith Just before the west- ankle was almost as > tronf as over ope sent you axplaltis itself Mrs B ZirckeU of Louisville has W EL Board of Lakeland is with Procter farmer On the rich level lands but He bound passenger train No 115was Mr L Rowland Hi hopof Seranlon has tasted more keenly theeffect of been in this city visiting several days his father Judge Milton Board who duq of Pound a Week thej let the cat out of the bas Pa Mr and Mrs Zirckell and family for- ¬ j not so well the Tihof this present low prices and is smart enough to know is and made known their secret to Mr t merly lived in Cldverport and have r I tvas leap iag till building mouth as that a big crop by everybody will also eleven oclock they loft for f ho enjoy dher Erlends bore mean a small price to were at Lexingrton on poll Kolth At at noon for lunch I slipped and fell Evansviile where they wore united in spraining my wrist I visit The ZirckoWa are quite popular not thores something wrong with its returned in the business You On your rich level farms do marriage Monday morning at nine afternoon and at four oclock could notiiin Louisville especially among the digestion Give it HcGhe as Bab tlcal have to depend on tobacco but can Mrs Zirckohs aid they had Elixir andit will begingafntng a j theives t Mon oclockThey returned to this tity on the not hold a pencil in my hand compete with the great Westiri the beenrobbedthree limes and each tUne once Cures stomaoh and bowel day for MarUnsvllle Indiana where turned home at five Qclock and pur¬ growing of wheatcorn hogs l several valuables and quite a little troubles aids digestion strops fretful- ire goes hi fprt her Search of health afternoon train and were entertained chased a bottle of Sloans Liniment Keith home until Tuesday morn ¬ ness godd for teething babiesi gain in money and used it five or six times before I Rev Weller of Nelson county filled at the can get a modest living out of a patch ing when they left for their home at went to bed and the next day I was 50 cents Price 25aud Baptist pulpit here Sunday No the of tobacco but if h6 had to compete I 7 ALDXANDER BOYD DEAD The bride and groom Sold by A R Fisher able to go to vdrlc and use my hand one has ycff been called to fill the Glendane of the handsomest with the West in the growing of wheat i rigs as usual I thought sure drove one I vacancy caused by the resignation of I would be corn and other crops ha would soon be in Breckenridge county and Mr Rob-¬ laid up and as we are busy I teas very Pleasantly Entertained i r Alexander Boyd a former resident of Rev English driven to ertson said he had been offered two his city died at the homo of his dauArthur Beard anal Vic t Robertson hundred dollars several times for his much worried I cheerfully record t The little farmer in not asking that ghter Mrs G W Rial of Owensboro Mr and Mrs Roscoe Severs of thisi were in Louisville last week attendmend Sloans Liniment to all persons She big farmer quit entirely growing last Saturday His scalar was duo to city entertained at horseMr who may injure themselves In any dinner last Sunday ing Hudsons horse sale tobacco but he is begging his more i r infirmities of old age and Mrs Robertson are popular wayevening Mr H P Dehnis of Rich- ¬ I fortinatp brother to limit his crop and young people and are members of Mr Boyd was a native of Georgia mond Va constructing engineer of Id Rather Die hector do his share of keeping down Ube crops and 70 years old prominent families He was a member of LAYING STEEL than have my foot cut off said M L that the price will remain profitable the Methodist church and the Knightsof Princeville Ill but youll Mechanic P D Plank was Master Bingham DIES IN OWENSBORO The surviving members of engineer and Mr Looking over the prices of farm crops of Honor over at Mitchell Saturday looking over John D Babbage die tram gangrene which had eaten a the family are H C Boyd of New Henry McCubblns died in Owensboro the work of laying steel on t1eMadl of American Typo Founders Co way eighlof his toes if you dont York Mrs Chas P Babbage of Lou ¬ Jr Ohio Saturday April 5of kidney trouble He sonville road at that point He says The dinner was Djrs G W Rial and Frank Cincinnati main good because there is no extraor isville Qwensbqro delightfully served in courses and theI wife and two children Boyd leaves His everything is progressing nicely and aIts cures of Eczema Fever Sores brother a dinary effort to ov rplant any crop but l His remains were taken to Jefterson McCubbins of Union Star bout three miles of steel have been putIsaac oils Burns and Pile aftound the world v ville Monday for burial Went down to attend his funeral cents at Severs Drug store down r+i ing in regard to the growing of the one sucker typo of tobacco In 1908 the de- ¬ DOWN mand for tobacco was such that there was little objection for onesucker b tof mnkf < f A6soJratelyPrrre i y V r C Appropriate Exercises Interesting Inscription that will v ARBOR DAY CELE Found An Indian Tomb In Florida ij X ijf1 APRIL ¬ 1 c A SUCCESSFUL CITIZEN andf I i J i I 4will ¬ sDrs daughterMiss I t 1 BowlingGreen I ¬ I 1 ¬ ¬ 1 v 1 rs 1 thene Saturdayt 1 Le 1 1 1 JESSE III ¬ Sundayin daysin I I ¬ J < > I I I I i I ¬ I i i I I u 1 u 7 1 I 1 j 1 foodi > i > 1nI 1 at lla c11it 1o io l scuetitnCfor 4 i ¬ te J 1 j I 1 t4 Dfoormanf YOUnpjnqyouehtto evelybodyr saysOn j- heret 1 1 A 1 11and I Ire starvationt i- JohnMcCue exception Easterjt1ow > f roc tobacco usedBucklens sr e 11 n u of b r5 tI n Yi > J

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