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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 5, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

I L THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS VOLUME 6 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY CANE VALLEY S S CONVENTION onehalt mile heats two best In three 500 The Adair County Sunday 41 Best double team regardless J3t RUSSELL POSTMASTER which met at of sex 750 school Convention BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER JIT Second Office hours week days 700 a m to 930 pm 250 Cane Valley Saturday July 25 Russell Springs Fair Au was one of the most interesting CLASS K COURT DIRECTORY gust and enjoyable meetings ever held 3IODLE KINGS Days 42 The most handsome stallion 7 50 in the county ecUITCOUETThree sessions a year Third Second 250 Rev T C Gebeaur the State Z onday In January third Monday In May and INTERESTING PROGRAM 43 The most handsome mare or Tiiid Monday In September field worker was present and with W V Jones gelding any age 75 Uitcuil Judge 0his enthusiastic lectures on Sun ¬ Commonwealth s Attorney NH WAaron Second 2 Sheriff F W Miller dayschool rk aroused an inter- ¬ CLASS L FIRST DAY TUESDAY Clerk JD Coney Oircuit est which has scarcely before been 44 Fastest plug horse onehalf CLASS A COCHTY OOCBT First Monday in each month mile heats two best in three 5 00 felt in the county 1 Best display ol iomatoesS JudgeT AMurrcll 5 0alb Best jack any age 500 Speeches by Hons J R Hind County Attorney Jai On rnett Jr 2 Best display of sweet potatoes 50 46 Fastest pacer or trotter one R G man and F R Winfrey wood n > rT K liltt 3 Best display of Irish potatoes 50 half mile heats two best in P Cocover Jailer J compliment as everyone in this 4 Best display of cabbage 50 three 2 50 entrance fee to be Aateasor H W llurlou 5 Best half dozen beets section know how well they speak b0addedd to the purse 2 to eater 3 irveyor RT UcCaffree C Best half bu corn raised in School SnptW D Jones 2 to start 1000 and the enthusiastic interest they Coroner C M Russell Russell county in ear 1 00 47 Best horse or mare owned by take in work ot this kind Rev a colored man 500 J P Scruggs the now pastor of CITY COOBT Regnlarcoart second Monday county 1 00 Second 2b cash month 0the Columbia Baptist Church 7J Best halt bu wheat raised in 48 Fastest thoroughbred one JUdeT C Davidson Russell county gave an able talk on the work 1 00 Gordon Montgomry mile heat two best in three 8 Special premium by C Me 5 00 entrance fee to be added which won for him praise prov- ¬ OTFlowers daris and J Q Pbelps dealers to purse 4 to enter and 4 to ing that the Columbia Church in Eagle Brand Fertilizer Es CHURCH DIRECTORY start 2000 made no mistake in calling the to Ky Best boar under 1 yr POST OFFICE DIRECTORY r fr6l liuIll Mr Belkoap the roml nee for Govenor of Kentucky is a suc ¬ cessful business man This is to his credit and if what Is said of him is true he is also a boated aristocrat and this is not to his credit He gives 11Four 1 4Masbal s inn r CLASS M old PRESBYTERIAN 2 50 9 Best sow any age ReV BOKKBTILLB STBBBT 10 Best sow and boar pastor Services second and fourth Sundays 11 Special premium by Logan la each month Sundayschool at9 a m every Wilson Russell Springs Ky Sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday night Best riding boy under 12 years old METHODIST Rev 8 M Mctcalfc UCBKSVIXLB STBBBT pastor Services lint Sunday In each month Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer 250 500 2 49 The finest dressed lady in Rus sell County FRIDAYFOURTH DAY GO ty 50 ¬ 52a gameh ¬ start15 ntover ofTilE S C NEAT OI C S GRADY DENTIST Gand Fastest 0 gHe tid oby ohe jsir j 0 ySci6utificShoeiu r I ¬ tyty1 expectedrg Wlliore Hotel + 4 t > c L I It KY RTH1- 00101N000o11111N010N i t TRY PORTo 26 i e eNN1N daysBardstown + + ++ FULL ROAST daysSomerset WINE BODY and DELICIOUS FLAVOR daysBowling Each 1pound carton contains a sil ¬ versteel tablespoon The tablespoons OwensboroSeptember reputatlonofOLD Henderson Septnmber 296 days lished spring to work are coming home ¬ Ask your grocer JG HILLeR XXIFLEY Mrs H B1 Hendrlckson Oklahoma is here on a visit Mrs Hendrickson left this connty three years ago The boys that went to Illinois last ¬ IMPORTER AND ROASTER Louisville Ky + ct M WISEMAN + SON 0 JEWELERS and OPTICIANS Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stones Special attention given to work and all orders of goods in our line 132 West Market between 1st and 2nd Opoilte Music Hall LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY NEW BUGGIES cropslook improving rapidly Mr G A Keltner and wife left for Oklahoma last Sunday pros ¬ peeling for a home in the wild of the west The panels would ratner see him come back for he has proven to be a citizen of worth to our community but if he is sac cessful in finding a pleasant home in the west and we have to giv him up we wish him a happy successful career through the re ¬ mainder of his life and we truly believe he will prove to be a wor thy citizen and a power wherevehe may reside The same can be of Aunt Nannie his wife It s hard to see them go but life is only a meeting and a separation If we never meet on the limits o earthly life we hope that we wit all meet upon the shores of the happy ones abobe where parting will be no a few good crops but generally about halt and poor quality Dry Jeffers passed through with a county weekLand He will be back next Rexroad is again a resident of aree ¬ propertyboughtOlM Our school begun Monday with D C Mr Ed Atkins was here last week We sell the Fisher and Phoenix selling groceries We also have a nice line C Wilson our constable has re- ¬ Buggies H signed the boys being to rough for of Buckboards If you are going to buy a vehicle this year it will in session nearly every week and they pay you to see us and get prices can hardly dispose of business Let ns before you buall begin a crusade against whisky peddlers and blind tigers and we can yBEARD JACKMAN go to church in peace walkr sherI moret At the State Convention the Repub ¬ lican party came out strongly in con ¬ demnation of assassination and an abuse of the pardoning power This action is commendable but if such a declaration had been by thatparty four years ago and lived up to much trouble would have been avoided in the State and that party would now have a better standing with lawabid ¬ ing and lawenforcing people When Mr Goebel was assassinated in the State House yard by a gang of Republican conspiators and Taylor now a fugitive from justice was handing ouc pardons in advance to men since con- ¬ victed of the cowardly crime there was no protest from Republicans year taking them from the post office and then refusing t pay for them are respectfully referred to the following dispatch which appeared iuJWednosdaya Courier Journal i Henry C Moouey a Knox county farmer took the Vinoeunes Capitol out of the post office regularly but refused to ply for it claiming he had never sub ¬ scribed for the paper Editor wJ t t vo ¬ ¬ es The Republicans through here think Belknap ticket will sweep every ¬ but ill pay The Jett and White trial is now on at Cynthiana The prisoners were conveyed from Frankfort last Thursday r c i ROUTE FOUR BIO Summer Tourist Line MOUNTAINS LAKES FOREST AND SHORE NEW YORK AND BOSTON The Travelers Favorite Isaac Ford a negro accused of Line criminal assault hanged himself Chicago Pullman Sleeping Cars in the jail at Fort Worth Texas Strictly Modern using a rope made of his blanket Indianapolis Peoria and all The SauileyBell contest for the Cir points in Indiana and Michigan cuit Judgeship nomination in the Dan ¬ Unequaled Dining Car Servico ville district was decided by the Dem ¬ Modern Equipment Fast Sched ¬ ocratic State Central Committee iu ules Write for Summer Tourist favor of Bell ¬ book William Tbacker a white man who WARREN J LYNCH W P DEPPE has twice been given a life term in Genl Pass Ticket Agt Asst QF iT A prison for killing John Gordon and CINCINNATI OHIO a SJ GATES General AgentLouisville Cassiua M Clay the sago of Whitehall Madison county is dead at 93 years In his will ho remembered his divorced child wife Dora giving her 10000 In the language of Bill Thorne the Republican candidate for Gov ¬ ernor is the best bred man in the State on his wifes side John A Lee former Lieutenant Goveruorof Missouri cleared the neat sum of 10000 during the legislative session of 1901 accor ¬ ding to statements of Daniel J Kelley the fugitive boodles Let ¬ ters alleged to have been written by Leo to Kolley vvill bs presented at tho trials of tho indicted State Senator at Jeff rabn City next Two strange negroes attempted to assault Misses Bertha Lane and J3ertha Buntan Anderson County girls who left tbelr homos to pick blackberries The suspects were arrested and taken week ijo Shelby ville for solo keeping 1 COLUMBIA KY we will see wast0 newspapers come to their address year after iucourone aDlMacy w 1t ia at DULWORTIT ° August Bobert Dohoney begun his Mr P V Grissom called on our school here Monday with good in ¬ merchants one day last week terest and a large enrollment has Rev J R Woodrum preached here already received some day pupils the third Sunday in the morning and from Metcalfe county where he Rev John Rice in the evening previously taught Mr John Christie and wife of Green A series of meetings began here county visited the family of Frank last week by Revs Watkins and Tucker Sunday The farmers in this section are cut ¬ oll ting their hay and tile crop is reported I was glad to see Bro Payne good with us two days of last week in Miss Mattie Hancock returned home our meeting He preached for us last Sunday from a visit to the family on one occasion and made a very of Ben Murrell Mrs James Wade is very sick at this strong impression on his auditors writing Norman Willis who has been IRVINS STORE says e hePeople who allow oetrack ¬ r E C Finn who is out threshing wheat brought his son 3i Ft0 ¬ daysLiberty hislands toCLASS OTTER Thomas Rodgersof Garrard county was called to the bedside of his little son Lawson hero who is lying very low with typhoid Tbave an Excellent MAD which has been tried in about one hundred cases of hydrophobia and snake bites with good results I can cite you to many of the cases Write orcall on me STONE JA BULWo Go MH ¬ 344 M A DST0N E KENTUCKY FAIRS Klrksvllle July 17 2 days Crab Orchard July 22 4 days Georgetown July 215 days Cynthiana July 29 4 days Guthrie July 29 4 days Danville August 4 4 days Mayisonville August 4 4 days Lexington August 10 6 days Fern Creek August 18 4 days Lawrenceburg August IS 4 days Shepherdsville August 184 days Russell Springs Aug 11 4 days e Columbia Fair Augustus 4 days 0 Maysvllle August 194 days Springfield Fair August 26 four KELTNER Weather conditions are favora ¬ ble for the growing crops and everything is looking lovely NUMBER sU Tuesdayg daylast The convention reorganized an CLASS N Special premium by FL Wil adopted a constitutionbecomin Fastest mule under 14 hands halt mile heats 2 best in 3 5 00sou dealer in Old Hickory and a permanent organization and a meeting Thursday night 13 Fastest plug borse in Russell Tennessee Wagons school part the State organizationbooks and stationary Russell county i mile beats 2 best in 3 5 00 BAPTIST The following officers were elect ¬ Springs Finest turnout every STBKET Bev J P Smug GBEKRSBUBO J thing considered 10 O0ed and committee appointed SIX pastor Services third Sunday In each month 51 The fastest man or boy two R Hindman President R B Sundayschool every Sabbath 9am Prayer 15 Fastest pacer injRussell coun ¬ COO Wilson hundred yards ty owned prior July 1 1903 10 00 meeting Tuesday night Vice President Mrs CLASS o16 Special premium by Lilburn Mary S Biggs Secretary and CHRISTIAN Phelps attorney at law James StVEKPSTAE Treasurer Executive Committee CAJIPBBLLSTILLB Pirn Eld W K Azbill Best stallion mare or geld ¬ Pastor Services Second and Fourth Sundayyears old 5 00 7 ing in each month Sundayschool every Sal 17 Fastest bicycle rider in Rus ¬ bath at 830 air Prayer meeting Wednesday Second 256 sell county 1 mile heats 2 best night 53 Fastest mule onehalf mile In3 500 A unanimous vote of thanks heats two best in three 5 00 LODGES 51 The fastest trotter onemile CLASS C was tendered to the people of Cane heats two best in three 5 00 18 Special premium by J H MASONIC Valley and vicinity for the sumpt- ¬ entrance fee added 3 to enter Payne proprietor Russell COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A MRegu uous dinner which they spread bo 3 to start 15 CO lar meeting in their hall over bank on Fr fore one of the largest crowds that day night on or before the full moon In eaeCLASS r month ever assembled in their little city Springs and Columbia winner 12 00 55 Handsomest double team W A Coffey WM they W D Jones Secretary regardless of ownership 10 00 and to quote Rev Gebeau WEDNESDAYSECOND DAY 5G Best walktrot horse 7 50 were more than twelve basketsful COLUMBIA OHAFTEB R A M No7 DSecond 250 taken up after the five thousands Friday night alter full moonJ l9 Best buck 1 year old and over 5 00 CLASS Q MUBBEIL n P were fed 20 Best ewe 1 year old and over 2 50 57 W W BBADSUAW SecretFastest trotter or pacer one 21 Best herd 2 ewes and a buck It was a meeting never to be 5 00 mile heats two best in three 1 00 entrance fee CLASS E 20 CO forgotten by those present and we aryVETINERY SUR EON 58 Three best horses or mares as a convention hope that the in ¬ 22 Special premium by James 1 owned by one man Snow proprietor Russell 750 terest aroused may never grow less 59 Fastest pacer or trotter one Springs Roller Mill Best bull and that the next convention may mile heats two best in three calf under G months old 3 00 prove that our work has not been 5 00 entrance to be added 23 Best bull 1 year old and un4 to enter and 4 to 00 in vainThe der 2 2 60 24 Best heifer calf under G mos CLASS B convention requests all old 2 50 60 Best gentleman rider oyer 68 Sundayschools in the county who 25 Special premium by Sam years old 3 00 will contribute any thing for the Wheat dealer in harness and 61 Best lady rider over 65 years promotion of the cause to for ¬ saddle horses Montpelier Ky Fistulo Poll evil splints spavin or old 3 00 ward same the County Secretary Best bull any age 5 00 62 Best gentleman rider whose any surgical work done at fair prices I by August 10 1903 so it may weight is over 200 pounds 3 00 guarantee satisfaction I am fixed reach the State Secretary before Patterson the State meeting take care of Co dealers in general mer OBITUARY I stockS cbandise Jamestown Ky HAW Friday morning Jnly 24190 Best stallion 3 years old and mile from Columbia on about 230 oolock the spirit in Russell county 5 00 CASEY COUNTY MURDER Gol J A Morrison Jamestown 27 Special premium by A D Patteson Cashier Bank of took passage to that undiscovered Editor of News Jamestown Ky Beststallloncountry from whose bourn no trav- ¬ WITH The following is a true account to be ridden and driven 500 eler returns He had been among of the killing which 28 Best mare or gelding any occurred in 00Wus for nearly seventy years His Casey age 7 50 county two weeks ago HOLESALE life work is finished and well Second 2 50 Robert Lee a minister of hem GROCERS and COMMISSION 28 t Special premium by W L ospel and Ellis Woods afar Grady proprietor of the Gra MERCHANTS residents of Casey county near dy ville Stock Farm Grady ville Louisville Kentucky left nothing undone that he could Linnie four miles KpI Best brood mare in Rus Southwest of do he did nothing that we would sell County season to Jordon Liberty had a dispute about some We sorrow but he dot Peacock 1904 worth 15 00 blot out staves that Lee had made near The 29 not need our sorrow He told his lines of thoroughbred 8 their farms Bad words 3 years old and under 4 2 best friends in unmistakable ter m swere exchanged in abundance but In three mile heats entrance that his home henceforth was to they separated without blows fee 85 003 to enter and 3 to be beyond the skies in a land start entrance fee added to The neighbors thought the diffi 1 purse SPECIAL attention given to 20 00 that IB fairer than the one we culity at an end until Woods and Bridge Crown and 30 Special premium by L C Gold Pilling know We all loved him but not his son begun moving the staves Humble dealer in all kinds of work without cause He was a man an timber Horse Shoe Bottom irOFFiCE over Russell the husband father friend Ky Best mule colt Murrells Store Columbia Kappear ed 5 CO shrunk at no time from following and quickly 31 Best saddle horse any age 10 00 shot both of the his ideals In peace and in w 32 Plug horse race t mile heats e 2 best In 3 500 he was ever ready with his life ax to a 33 Best lady rider CO 5 s fortuneThe fatal wound in the cheek of the CLASS II funeral services took pin ce ld FOX RACE Saturday and was conducted hound keeps the Masonic Fraternity of which half crazed by I am ready to do Black Smith ¬ 34 Fastest best inthat 50cts the 2 the shock and t 3 ent ing of any kind from horse eh to be added to purse 5 00 organization he had been a valua- ¬ fear of another attack finally ble member for a number of years ng to the repairing of the finest 35 Fastest mule in Russell coun reached his home Immediately More than fifty of his brethren mile heats 2 best in 350 vehioles will make a special id 5 00 took part in the services T of shooing horses with diseas eaTHURSDAYTHIRD en procession was grand An inspir ¬ DAY hours An opening nearly three hoofs and guarantee satisfaction ation from the noble active l CLASS I set My shop is located back of live ry3G of him to whom they paid th Special premium by G A oar us Give Robertson ask Barbee last respects seemed to possess were Kimble dealer in Gents Fur ¬ scattered several feet around nishing goods and fresh grove the brethren As ho was a neigh ¬ Lee gave me your himself up and is in Ja ries Russell Springs Ky Best workJ bor and brother to all allcot Ito horse colt 5 00 to pay COFFEY u last tribute and the la 37 Best stallion 4 years old and ty crowd that was ever ID James- ¬ over 7 5oeat as the cause of his strange actions ¬ town on a like occasion attend 38 Best marc or gelding 2 years J Sicrcy said to be old or over 5 00 ed his funeral Iif all he was Second 250 man thelike we seldom land weof the smallest women in tha world 39 Special premium by Coffey always need and the force of his died at her home in Bayonne N M WILMORE Prop Bros dealers in fancy horses character we must love Those last week She was 31 inches tall Gradyville Kentucky and mules Columbia Ky who mourn for him can solace weighed fifty pounds and was fat ty Best brood mare in Russell Co Season to their jack Monarch is no better place to stop themselves in his character his years old The hot weather caused THERE at the aboved named hotel her fatal illness 1904 worth G 00 A FRIEND life Good sample rooms and a firstclasp u CLASS J AtGutbrle JamrS Bibb white was table Rates very reasonable Feed 40 Fastest pony under fourteen James McNeil Whistler the Atner shot and killed by Clyde Davis color l can artist died listweakla London stable attached ed blind to be measured by the CLASS lA 12 pearsfie ar 5 00 employment to threehundred menThe Danville Advocate prints the in- ¬ formation which it says it received from a reliable source that Mr Bel knap refuses to speak to any of his em- ¬ ployees when he meets them on the street and that he makes it a condi ¬ tion of their employment that they do not speak to him This seems al ¬ most incredible It this is true Mr Belknap deserves the contempt of every laboring man in the State with- ¬ out regard to party predilections brother lint that the Sunday school and Church have secured him an able helper and leador in every good work will prove fever a blessing to the entire communi- ¬ Mr intage Special premiam by F W 5 1903 npublJ judires List AUGUST r J Ky THOUSANDS SAVED BY DR a KINGS NEW DISCOVERY positively ¬ Colds Bronchitis Asthma Pneu ¬ monia Hay Fever Pleurisy La Grippe Hoarseness Sore Throat CoughEvery Cure No Pay Price Trial bottle free- 50cl FARM FOR SALE sell the farm of the late W J Atkins situated 21 miles west of Columbia containing 210 acres Tbe quality of the land Is good It being limestone About CO acres In fine timber Gooddwelllng barns and out building Under good fence and plen ¬ ty of living water GKO AATKIXS Admr I will Columbia lip ri 4t J

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