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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, August 2, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

States, except in those inflances in which power'if given by the Conjlitution for those purpojes ; And among other ejfential rights liberty of confcieixe and rejlrained of theprejs cannot be cancellidx.abridged or modified by ant authority of the United States. AND IVHEREAS, any imperfections which may ex-iin the Jaid Conjlitution ought rather to be in the mode prescribed therein for obtaining than by a delay with a hope of obtaining previous amendments, to bring the union into danger; Resolved, That is theop.nion of this committee, That the said Conjlitution be ratified But in order to relieve the apprehenftons of those, who may be so J'olicitcusfor amendments. Resolved That it is the opinion of this committee, That fl era-mhj- what-foev- er Timfiifhop of Rodes, in his life of Henry tie Great, Jays thus : " Now b'igan the wonderful year 1588; terrible prodigies arrived throughout Europe ; in France were great earthquakes along and likewij'e in Normandy. The sea was six weeks together dijlurbed "with continual tempefls, which j'eemed to confound both heaven and earth; in the air appeared divers phantajms of sire ; and on January 24, Paris was covered with Jo horrible adarh-nejthat objeBs were scarce visible." In the year 1688, bejides many other remarkable things, the Revolution hapened in England. The year 1788, has begun with events of themofl interefling nature. The AJftican slave trade is likely to receive a deadly blow in Great Britain. The parliaments of France have claimed 5 and will recover, their ancient privileges. The Ruffians e, s, amendments may be deemed necejfaryberecom mended tpthe confiderationof the congress, wlichfball have begun a war, which may end in the dejlru&i-ofirfl affemble under the Jaid Conjlitution, tobe atled vpon according to the mode'prescribed in the fifth articf Turkifb power, and of Mahometan impojlures in religion. The United States have formed, and cle thereof. perhaps by this time) adopted a government, which The firfl resolution being read afecond time, a mo will jecure and perpetuate her liberties, we hope, to tion was made and the quejlion being put to amend the the end cf time. And lajlly, the king of France same by Jubftitutinginlieu cf the Jaid resolution and has not only extended the bleffings of a free toleraits preamble, the following resolution" Resolved, 1'hat previous to the ratification of tion to all religious fetls, in every part of his domithe new Cojlitutim of Government recommended by. nions, but opened the door of power and office to them. Happy aera in human affairs when reaj'on the late Federal Convention, a declaration of rights and reltgion unite their influence in the government ajferting and securing from encroachment the great principles cf civil and religious liberty, and the unaof the different nations of the world ? lienable rights of the people, together with amendments tothemojl exceptionable parts of the said Conjlitution of Government, ought, to be referred by this ExtraSl of 'a letter from a gentleman of information on Convention to the Other Jlates in the American confedethe frontiers of Virginia, to his friend in JNew-Yor- k racy for their confederation." dated igth March, 1788. It'paffed in the negativ- e- Ayes to Noes 88. " 1 have latejy been informed, Ani then the main quejlion being put that the Conproposals have been made to the Kentuckeans by vention do agree with the committee in the said firfl Great Britain, in ordei to induce them to quit our rejolution. confederacy With refpeft tothe.ncwconftitiition It was resolved in the affirmative, ayesg, noes 79. it Will be adopted by Virginia,' sully in therirftiir The jecond resolution being then read a second time, fiance; and some amendments may probably aftef a motion was made and the quejlion being put to wards be propot'ed." the famebyflrikingout the preamble thereto; It was resolved in the affirmative. And then the main quejlion being put that the Com WfHereas the General AfTembly have vention do agree with the committee in the second directed, that fit'iy icres of land lyJfohition so amended ; was resolved in the affirmative. ing oil toe It rivei, near Harrods Onmoti6n Ordeed, That a committee" be appointlanding, in the county of Mercer, the ed to prepare and report a form of ratification purfu property of mr. Walter Beall, should be ant to the sir fl resolution ; and that his Excellency veiled in trustees, and established a town Governor Randolph Air Nicholas, Mr, Madison, Mr Marjball, and Mr. Corbin, compose the said by ihe name of Warwick. The trustees ot the said town will therefore meet on C mmittee. ; On motion, Orde e 1, That a confine! be appointthe land, on wedneftiay the sirfl: day of ed to prepare and report such amendments as ball O&ober next, in order to lay off the be deemed neceffarytn be recommended, puru-a,n- t to law, and on lotts and streets-accordin- g to the Jecond resolution ; and that the Honorable-Georgtlie faturday folio vVing, they purpose to Wvthc, Mr. Harrison, Mr Mathews, Mr. Henry, His Excellency Governor Randolph, Mr. sell the lotts to the highest bidders, on George Mijnn, Mr N'cbolas, Mr Grayfon, Mr, six months credit, the purchasers giving Madison, Mr. Tylr. Mr J.ohn Mar frail, Mr. bond with approved security. The pubMunroe, Mr Ronald. Mr Btand. Mr Meriwether lic may be 'allured that the situation of Smith the Honorable Paul Carrington, Mr. Lines, this town is healthy, abounds with excelHopkins, the Huuorable John Biair, and Mr. Mr Simms, compose the said comviittee. lent ipnngs, and convenient roads may be His Excellency Governor Randolph reported, had on either side, the river. from the committee appointed, according to order, a form of ratification, which was read and agreed the Convention in the words following. pro-bab- ly ' - " . -- to-b- June 1.7. in the year 1475 pro, The grea( Regiomontanus phefied thus- " llHien fifteen hundred yean and ejghty-eigh- t From our Redeemer's birth fball'be expired. Then comes the time which flail mankind affright, The time of danger, not by them desired : For in that year fuppoe the world change not, K:igdoms, and Hates, & crUres thenfbnll change; Iffea and land remain, H (hall not be forgot, That men fbould sear those "evils new and flrange."' ' I", that remarkable year Poland had three kings usurping the title, while the fourth was yet unburi-e- d ; Maximilian the emperof was taken prifoni'r. his. army overthrown , and many thourands of men. women and children taken prisoners by the Tartars. Sw:tia was all ci sire w'th tumults, and lofl certain places ofijlrength to the Mufcov'te The Mufco- yite- himself ran mad. Frederick II sing of Den mc-'died England obtained a glorious v'Bory 0 ver the Spanifb Armada; the Spaniards lofl near, go (hips, and and about 10 coc men. In France the barricado of Paris; the sight of the King frun thence; the (laughter of the Duke of Guise. and his Ito'her the Cnrdihal of Lorrain ; the death of the Query's moth'r. and the overthrow which the King-o1 Nnvarre gave to Duke Mercury, with the ? of the prince of Conde are part of the fubjett of that year's calamities. LANK or-tw- manner.-agreabletobot- nt S MAY BE HAD AT THIS OFFICF, Viz. DEEDS, SUBPOENAS, REPLEVI and Com. INDENAPPRENTICE'S mon BONDS, TURES &c &C. ' 3$ REWARD., Roke out of Bairds town jail the 7th Intl. a neeroe fellow named Isaac. ha d is small and ,pale coloured, has lost the toes off one of his. feet, is very talkative plausible, and irifinuatingr he was lately .the property of col. Johpt Campbell of Jefferson county, and formerly belonged, to capt. H. Pawling of Lincoln, who f .Id him to lawyer Browrj of this place, he is well acquainted in the neighbourhood ; Whoever apprehend and secures him io that the fublcnbefl gets him, shall receive the above reward, hook-nole- T hereby forewarn all perlonsfrom taking an atiignrrfent of a Bond, given by me Lexington, for the 6o.,.dated the twelfth day of May C irrof 1788, aie said John Hughes has obtained the aforesaid Bond by unlawful . tp.Johrw-H,.ighrs,.- IP rs. tf JOHN SMITH. Lexington, August 1: 1788 - poi-fan- Ken-tuck- e, THE FOLLOWING that which follows here, publilhed in our lad. PHILADELPHIA, enly requcft the savour of the public, to attend ' to the circumdances, as they leafly (land till fuller investigated by a Juiy. - -- In April. 1788. 1 purChafed of Peter Keifer a traf of land in Weftmoreland county, ftateof Pehnfylvania, for which I paid him, hd obtained a conveyance in the mode prescribed by law of that ftatc. In odtober following, I sold said traft, to a certain John M'Dowcll, and gave him a conveyance obligatory on me my Hens, Xc Some time aster a certain Matthew Grimes laid r(Tn(T: . - claim tr. iluu a biutiii 11s null, uuu luuii I'l'iibfluulJ llJ UCi son living th.ereon. Rather than enter into a litigious law-suiIre ferred it tq the board of property Philadelphia, on their decifiop, Grimes obtained a patent. Finding che land lost, I fatisflied M'DoweIlcon menced suit against John: Smith, (now of Lexington,)! upon his return from captivity, being then Married to his present wise, the widow of Peter Keiler, and adminiflrator ontheeftate. His biother Jacob Cattleman entered his bail, in some ihort time aster Smith lest the parts, Caftleman finding the iuit at iiTue, aster taking every other prolong it, refuelled of me to (lay turthcr proceedings, urging the difagreable neceflity of his property been sold as bail, praying time to send a bail piece against Smith. In some time aster finding I was coming to and and intended for Lxington, he wroto by me to Smith in a preremptory manner, requeuing him to settle with me on the bed terms he could, that he might notfuffcr. 1 produced the letter to Smith', who prcfented it tome aster reading, tequefting that Iwouldcail in a day & settle the matter, which I did in a friendly parties as follows. ijmith was to pay me 80, Twentv of which was partcafli and part ill property, of which two likely cows and calves were tobe part, the' cows and calves I never leceived, some pait of thccafli I have received, and the pajt property wh'ch was to be at cash price, I find in his chaigc, six per gallon for vinegar, and other tuning , fliilljngs things in proportion, making his brags that ho could discharge the debt without any inconvenience, as he intended to keep such trifling article? for that purpose. So far was I from any fraud, that I never toolj his bond for the performance ot the 20, gavp him a discharge against himlelf as Adminiflrator on Kelfcts cftate,' and his bail; also a lelinquifh-meof my right, title or intercft, to or from said trafl, is ever recoveied by the heirs of said Peter Keifer deceased. I conceived every thing amicably settled, and much in savour of Smith, when to my unfpeaka-bl- e mortification, I find his advertisement as ie cited. Thefc are rafts that I can prove in Lexingtoa ,wuti very little inconvenience. How Juhn Smith will defend his fraudulent ac, "cufation, he may look to; as my charafterand credic is ihchieffjofmy dppendance, 1 jfhall as soon as pofliblc tfHffig it to the tcft, I remain the public', JOHN HUGHES. 'very humble servant. August i. 17S8 TVTHEREAS a certain fohn Smith, ofthetown W of Lexington, hasputiipfundry advertisement' to caution any person from taking an alignment on a bond of his due in May 1789. for thefum of and has been imprudent enough to certify that said bond was fruadulently obtained from him by a certain John Hughes of Lexington. I do not wifii to expatiate on the cruelty of attempting to blast the charaflcr of a ftrangcr but newly arrived in the parts, referring that to proper time where it will appear in its proper light. ;5o. THO. BARBEE. Danville, July 30 1788. 4913 Notice is hereby given to the members of ths Lexington Society for improvement in knowledge, that by a Resolve of said Sofciety, of the i2th I " their Jlated meetings fball in suture, be on the th V Saturday in every month, at two o'clock- in the afi ternoon.

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