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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, June 28, 1899

Part of The Breckenridge news

Breckenridge 4V 0 no D t- BaUaga Edlton and JUNE WEDNESDAY - News SIX TffToIlw rr Hie at Ike far ar Ilia Continued from First Page tirr4 rata f Editorial Correspondence Convention Hall far at Malt MONET IK ADVANCK I A GREAT H OFFER Farm Journal From Now to December 1903 Nearly Five Year By special arrangement mado with the of the Farm Journal we are enabled to offer that paper to every sub scriber who pays for the Brkckkniuikik NKwsone year ahead for onlvl both papers for the price of ours only our paper one year and the Farm Journal from now to December 100i nearly Ave years The Farm Journal is an old established paper enjoying great popu- larity one of the best and most useful farm papers published ayThia offer should be accepted without del iy publishers Enlarging tils Business A B Oliver of Custer is a hustler He has added to his general blacksmith ing and repair business a lino line of fancy groceries harness and hardware Truths Tersely Told Foleys Kidney Cure is a safe sure remedy for all Kidney and Bladder Dis ease Guaranteed 60c A R Fisher Oloverport E A Witt Hardinsburg Will Board Dead Will 15 Jar d one of the most consistent Christians end moBt earnest church workers in this county died June 20h at his home near Kosetta He had a complication of stomach and bowel troubles Death of firs Preston The many friends of Mrs Lewis Fres ton of Ouster will learn with regret of her death which occurred last Friday She was sill cted with consumption Mrs Preston was twenty live years old and the mother of three children She was a woman of many virtues and will ba missed by all who knew her Mysterious Shooting A mysterious shooting affray occurred at Halls saloon Wednesday afternoon 1 Educate Your linnets Wli Cuacarcta Cnthnrtlc cum constipation forever If CCC fall UrucKlstsrcrund money a011 BIO REVIVAL Great Crowds Gather at Church ery Night Ev- Elder Bsare the Christian minister is conducting daily and nightly revival services at the old Presbyterian church He has a strong personality and a pow- erful voice and is doing splendid work He is most original in his methods and pays especial stress to having good sing ing Mr says P Kelchaiu of Pike City Cal During my brothers late sick neB8 from ecintic rheumatism Chamber lains Pain Balm was the only remedy that gave him any relief Many others have t stified to tno prompt relief from pain which this liniment affords For sale by A It Fisher Cloverport j 11 A Shelluian StephenBport Merchants to Observe the Fourth Elsewhere in this issue of the Nkws appears a signed agreement by the mer chants of this town to close their respect ive places of business on July 4th All who may need anything for this special day should make arrangements the preceeding day The merchants are to be commended for this act It shows loyally and patriotism as this grand and glorious day is observed all oyer the nation It is a day of mingling together visit ing old homesteads and renewing old acquaintances For relief and comfort in Asthma BALLARDS HOKEHOUND SYRUP has no equal Price 25 and CO cents A R Fisher Business In The County Court The citlisna of Cliftou Mills havo I- - th lh I1 Yob the fifth day 1 pe- Haw AJwart Bought tiieo I I YEARS lOll I Why let your neighbors know it And why give them a chance to guess you arc even five or ten years more Better give them good reasons for guessing toe other way It is vct easy for nothing tells of age so quickly as gray nair Ayers Shows a steady and healthy increase in our business which goes to that the good people of Breckenridge and neighboring counties are preciating our efforts to give them all the Newest Brightest and Goods at the Lowest Prices ever named in this locality LADIES HOSE JM Vigor is a youth renewer It hides the age under a luxuriant growth of hair the color of youth it never fans to restore color to gray hair It will stop the nair from coming out also It feeds the hair bulbs Thin halrbccomes thick hair ana snort nair becomes long hair It cleanses the scalp re- moves all dandruff and prevents its formation We have a book on the Hair which we will gladly send you If you do not obtain all the bene flu you expected from the use of the Vigor write the doctor about it Frobably there Is some dlOlcultr wun your Kenenu STliem wnica nay be easily removed Address Dr J C Ayer Lowell Maaa BEWLEYVILLE Mrs Dave Henry has been very sick for sometime Miss Celeste Beavin visited Mrs John Nevitt last week Mrs Pate Mrs D O Johnsons mother is her guest Edwin Jolly is spending this week with Hurbert Cain Miss Hallie Moorman of Glendeane is a guest of Miss Lena Dury Our representatives at Miss Danforths lecture were highly gratified KDCain of Parkland is here for a pleasant stay in his old home Miss Florence Cain visited relatives at Irvington several days last week Miss Mary Paul was visiting at Irving ton G us ton and Stony Point last week Wm Cain attended Quarterly meeting at Howells Hardin county Saturday and Sunday Mr and Mrs Z T Stith attended the funeral of Mr Ben Olarkson at Big Spring Monday 20th Mrs Thos Ditto and children of Louisville are visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity Mrs Sam Pate of Hardinsburg came Saturday to stay awhile with her parents Mr and Mrs M P Payne Rev Leitchfield and Bro James Lewis will speak at Webster July 13th and at Walnut Grove July 14th at 8 oclock p m on temperance Mrs William Hardaway and children of Meadow Lawn havo been among numerous friends in Breckenridge county for a couplo of weeks Mrs Mary Orendorf and Miss Ger- trude Growler of New Albany will be in this community this week to visit relatives Mrs Barbara Coll and son and daugh ter left for their homo in Missouri Thurs- day evening We regret their short slay and look forward to a return of the visit Quite a number from this vicinity at tended the entertainment given by Mr We con Orabbns school at Irvington sider the exercises a complete success and congratulate the teachers and pupils that they weio enabled to execute such excellent work Goldkn Rod wlta yon wheUkar yen eonliaua te llretta removes the desire or tobacco wlia HrwM SBBBsH at nsrvaes distress es peisDMovni ssaesr aj imo M r bum peruse mStM Mere lost manheod Wiaa rITII erel T eJMDcasvwrM jT 1 arai S m m H i0-- Tta esAOrroa ssVwl- -win your owa di urclsl wae Beeek Tlllwlkk VtllnAliAIltlrnaralitantlv nu bOIei UfQillr enroll IbaieiMM aerutaed to ears er wa refund uoasr h uses sMeiree aea sea saaaw i vaunfa Ladios and Gouts For Fast 5c black 8c For Boam less fast hoBO IPf y 11 m Mil Vl 10c p I Miss Maude Adkisson made a flying Politics Is getting at such a pitch around here that men are seen ground any old place mallng speeches Mfr T E Connlff after coming in off the band car the other evening was standing out Every Day m Every Mon j trip to Brandenburg on business last week The Misses Pulllam of Louisyille are visiting their father Judge Pulllam of this place Mrs T E Ditto and children of Louis- ville are visiting Mrs Dittos father Mr John Coq Misses Minnie and Lulu Bland after having Bpent a weeks visit with Miss Florence Anderson of this place re turned home list Saturday Master Erabry Wrather who has been attending school in Chicago for the past ten months arrived here Sunday night accompanied by his cousin Nannie Fu sey of that city Mr Wm Brown who is Warden at the Frankfort penitentiary returned to his duties there this week Will has been on a visit to bis family near here for several days Will is a jolly good natured fellow Mr Levi Hobbs of near Big Spring deliyered a bunch of fattened hogs at tho depot the other day and five of his hogs were dead when he took thorn out of his wagon It was during the ex- treme hot days Mr Alex Montgomery of near Big Spring made a detour down through this and adjoining neighborhoods last week in the sheep interest Alex is as clever and as liberal a stock buyer as ever struck this brush Frank Miller who works on the L H St L caught a young coon up at Horse Shoe Bend between here and Ekron and has it as a pet but he says all coons dont look alike to him by any means for he can tell his any where he BLOOD CURE SENT FREE sees it A Cure for Blood and Skin Diseases Ede The friends and relatives of Mr Ben ma Pimples Scrofula Blood Poison Olarksons family sincerely sympathize Cancer Etc with each and every one of them in tho If you have tried aaraaparllUi patent modi lota of husband and father Mr Clark cinct unit doctored and still have old pertutent sou was loved by all who knew him for orei pUnplea diatretilng ctuplionaol the akin arma or lejji itching tarnation Irritating akin he had an oyer kind word for every one troublci eciema acrofula ulceri contagioua blood besides being one of tho most energetic polaon aver aorat mercurial rheumatism catarrh colli Uce covered with little urea cancer or any and best buslnes men our county has blood taint then give II II II atrial became II U II U mail for Jutt auch Botanic lllood Hal ever had carta and It curea to Hay cured thole atubborn Mr Owen who Is traveling in the in blood dlteaiet that other milder n adiclnea fail even to benefit Allabovenatned troublea are evidence terest of the Louisville tobacco trade of bad ditaaied blood lo the body and II II II curea becauw it force all the polion or Impurity or spent the night with R J Patteson last blood humora out of the bodybonea and entire ayt He has been on the Louisville tem To remove all doubt ol IU power to cure we week offer to lendloany auffcreraaamplebottleof II II Breaks for several years anil can tell U absolutely free II II II i an old well tried remedy hence we know that It cuiea oatay cored maay amusing Incidents that have hap for the people cured by II II II year ago are well pened there He relates many a joke to day and free from all blood Itapurltlca that Mr Andy Graham perpetrated on Cancer Bleeding Eating Sores Cancer ol Note lip fare ear or neck externU the ire queuters of that nlace or Internal cincer bleeding eating aoreaara all cured by II II 11 the moat powerful blood purl tier made All druggliu tell II II I 1 are bottle Write for trial boltle and at aamper pie a bott a of II II II will be tent by return mail all charge j prepaid Addrni BIOOU UAIM CO ji j Mitchell St Atlanta Ga Deacribe your aymptointaad free pereonal medical adrke will be UrTV in his front yard making the hottest kind of a speech and seeing no ono present but his family who were playing croquet in the side yard I asked him whom he was Bpeaking to and he said he saw mo coming up the road and thought he Who loosened and let down this Jaw would just get started good by the time Oh At altera Iordt and Ilulera In all lands I arrived well I gave him an audience How will you ever straighten up thik shape for a few minutes and then told him The query will at least be partially that I couldnt stand on his platform un- answered when club work widens wo- less Bill Goebel was our nominee so it mans sphere and her influence for the IsjuBtthat way Tom Goebel and his good and the pure in language and in election law cant carry this state see life makes itself felt throughout the length and breadth of the land The Farm Journal is choke full of A Fortnightly Mkmber gumption and has the largest circulation of any farm paper in the world It is Bumarks Iron Nerve good everywhere We offer it for a short Was the result of his Bplendid health time as a prizi to advance paying sub- Iudomitable will and tremendous energy scribers to the BrtECKKNKinaE Nkws a are not found where Stomach Liver year ahead and the Farm Journal for the Kidneys and Bowels are out of order If balance ol 1809 and all of 1000 1001 1002 you want these qualities and the succes8 and 1003 nearly five years all for the they bring use Dr Kings New Life price of our paper alone Pills They devolope every power of Any Old Sore brain and body Only 25c at Short fc Uaynes drug store Cut Bruise or Sprain quickly healed with Banner Salve the greatest healing remedy in the world A It Fisher GUSTON Cloverport E A Witt Hardinsburg titioned the County Court to make a vot ing place at that point Tho matter was brought up last Monday but was not de cided Charles Radeuheiraer A J ltye B A Parks and E M Norton were present urgiug the Court to make the change r everal yuurs ago Clifton Mills was the voting place being so for many years Afur tuu uiulnct waa changed and the town of Irvloglon established the poll was changed to Webster Now that there ia a voting place at Irvington the Clifton Mills people think that their place would be more convenient and central for the whole district than Web- ster A petition was filed in the County Court last Monday signed by the nquls ite number of voters asking for a vote on local option In the Bewleyville Irving ton aud Webster voting precincts Tho election will be held on the 20th day of August The application of J E Ohapin and Son for distillery llcentto was rejected on account of insufficient notice Bun Tuesday Junk 27th of this convention the utter incapacity and the abject servility of the chairman Redwine to Uoebelisin became apparent When tho convention was called to order at 10 oclock it was noticed that the hall was packed with policemen There were fully 160 present and quite a number of detectives and firemen in plain clothes were in the hall This enraged tho delegates and John Ilhea made a motion that tho hall be cleared of the police Redwine thought that when the police wero ejected tho delegates would throw him out of tho window and elect a now chairman and he refused to entertain the motion The creature of the convention then became greater than the sovereign body The delegates howled at him to call a vote oi the motioD He said the motion was out of order and ordered the clerk to call the roll of counties on the nomi nations for Governor The delegates paid no attention to this They drowned the secretarys voice with cries cat calls and with tho They sang My blare of tin horns Country Tis of Thee Therell be a Hot Time and Old Kentucky Home Several witty fellows improvised songs and one went as follows Redwine Redwine Pve been thinking What a glorious thing it would be If you were transported Far beyond the Northern sea The delegites haye no respect for the They liugh and jier at hiin chair When he confers with anyone on the What stagd the delegates howl out When he takes does Goebel Bay lunch they charge that Goeb 1 pay a for it In fact they charge that every act of his life ia controlled by Gojbel This is the first time in histoiy when policemon passed on the credentials of delegates to a Democratic convention Yesterday morning Emmett Orr tried to get into tho ball The policemen tried to put him out A struggle ensued and while it was going on Chairman Redwine turned as white as a ghost and ran to the rear of the stage The dele- gates yelled Coward Pals wine I Red swine at the retreating chair- man Orr finally got in aud as a result of being roughly handled by tho police he has retained a lawyer and will sue the policeman for 10000 Goebelism is master of the situation through the chairman who is Goebels creature The parly has been turned oyer to Haldeman and Weaver The Courier Journal is the illljial organ of what was once tho Democratic parly but now exists as such in name only Goebel opuuly boasts that he will get the nomi- nation or make it bard sledding for the man that does He has become greater than the cause The mans insatiate ambition knows no bounds His followers are mostly made up of political pimps who believe that any low trick is right They all say that if Goebel gets the nomination aud every voter in the State votes against him he will still win as he willrount himself in The fruitless delay in nominating the Governor Is wearing out the minor can- didates Their headquarteis are no longer the scenes of festivity and good cheer They are deserted and free beer free whiskey and free clears are a matter of history They have become a tradition Later in tho day the secretary began to call the roll on the nomination for gov ernor lie was several times howled down but he persisted in the call Men who were unauthorized to voto did so The Hardin men refused to vote The Coutier Sournal with character- istic unfairness and disregard for the truth said this morning that the noises made in the hall came from LAN em- ployees and Wiialleultee They wero made by the outraged Stone aud Hardin men who realizsd they had elected a chairman who waa the puppet of his ir aster Tite Stone and Hardin men would like tor the convention to adjourn and for the question of the gubernatorial nomi- nation to go back to the people Today a dark horse is being spoken of and the name of John Young Brown is on the lips of those who favor tho nomi nation of a man who has kept tree from the btoih of the convention One thing is certain ttiis convention has developed a brainy politician in the person ol Juno W Gayle candidate for auditor He is a warm hearted impulsive generous young fellow with the brain ability and executlveness that makes a fine politician John B Thompson gets the credit of much of the work that is done by Gayh The stampede that was started for On A proof of the growing sentiment in favor of WomanflClubo was evidenced in the fairly representative crowd that assembled in Iryington college on Fri day July 23rd to listen to the lecture oa Spanish Art dollvered by MIbs pan forth True the masculine element was conspicuous by absence rather than by representation but when one takes in to consideration that this is tho season of harvest and tho section occupied by a people having a remote analogy to ProfMirkhams Man with a hoe this seeming derolictlon is easily accounted for It was a modern version of Venl vldi vici for Miss DaD forth came saw and captured her audience A woman of grave dignifl id bearing and wonderful magnetic personality she held her list eners spell bound even bfnre tho sub- ject matter of her lecture was fully tlucl dated The subJectSpanlsh Art was chosen as in a line with the course pursued by tho Fortnightly Club for tho current year Her handling of tho subject showed deep research as she delved back into the distant ages to show the influence wielded by Celt Phoenician Therian Roman and Moor in molding Spanish Art Velasquey and Murillo were given prominent places as true ar- tists and some idea of the beauty and granduer of their works were shown in tho really fine illustrations depicting same of their greatest paintings But Spanish Art was not all of her lecture She had been a delegate to the Federation of Womens Clubs recent ly held in Frankfort and her talks on Clubs and Club work was listened to with rapt attention She gave a glowing account of the no ble work being done by the Federa- tion and tho desire evidenced by the ladies to uplift those heathens not fir from our doors She spoke of the really good mission ary work that the various clubs wero trying to accomplish in the mountain districts by teaching in a kindly cbris tian way the domestic and culinary arts to those isolated people With Miss M T Elder in Donahoes Magazine sho believes that The man with the hoe so terribly paiuted in Prof Markhams poem is not a misnomer but a startling nineteenth century reali- ty and 1 Ether and Charles Hall had hot words and Ether had been heard to threaten Charles Halls it A pistol shot was heard afterward The two men were tried before Police Judge Skillmau Charles Hall was dismissed Ether Hall was fined one dollar and cost o The case will come befoie the Grand Jury 10025c nils Dan fort Its Lecture 28 IRflJ PAGES CAUU3 OF THANKS f 10 eeiU 0UITDAUIE9 catrgtd tk rat PriprUtri Hardin Saturday and which forced that candidate back into the raco was the work of Juno Gaylo EG POLITICIANS IN THE SADDCE uLfi black hoso NECKWEAR 5c Black or Tai For full regular made fast black hoso Ladies While Kid and Black Ribbon For Tan or Black drop Btitch regular mado im- WVg Im- ported Black Cotton high spliced Hoso regular made heels and toes For Meni Gray or Blue mixed also Fas JJc Black or Tan Seamless Sox patterns t For Cryfilal Brand Blacl or Tan Sox high splicci heols and toes Kr IU QCrr For imported full regula mado fast black tan o f3 plaid box NEWEST FADS For Ladies Fino - Cotton Sox Ladies lielt Buckles and Neck Clasps o Soxl For Fas- in all stylos and shapes Largo variety ported hoso 25c Mens Good valuo THE FAIR OLOVERPORTS LEADING ONE PRICE HOUSE Handsome premiums to purchasers of 10 12 and to see them and demand coupons 15 Ask STORE WILL BE CLOSED OV JULY 4 TH HARDINSBURG need dental work of any kind can have port is the guest of Mr and Mrs W II the assurance of his work giving satis Sargent faction Mre Hines and family Rockport Ky Reports from near Kirk are to tho wero visiting relatives here last week effect that the tobacco crop in that sec Mrs Leo Mongomery and babv weu tion is pretty short Joe Potts Ely and to Owensboro Sunday to visit her pai Matt Mattingly James Durham and oth ents prs who are big tobacco growerB will Mrs Lou Martin joins her husband t not have anything like a full crop this Irvington where he has taken a posltioi season as Pharmacist W H Bell who has been living at Mrs Martha Miller after spendin Alexis IU about a year has recently several weeks with her daughter Mr secured a position in the public schools Polk Gilmore left last Monday for he of that place at a fine salary He has home also been selected to read the DeclaraDr G L Morrel pastor of tho fin tion of Independence at a big public Baptist church of Owensboro will le gathering there on the Fourth of July ture at the college hall on Saturda Phillip Weatherford and wife of night July 1st 8ubjjtt Cranks Ad Louisville were here a few days last mission 10 and 15 cts All are invite week the guests of Mr and Mrs Taylor Fordsville is on the boom in the ij Beard Mrs Weather ford was formerly of new buildings W J Jones n of this city Miss Annie Pulllam residence is mar completion also B Arthur and Hannah Mrs Beards two Wallaces livery stable But my oh 3 children returned with them to Louisthe sidewalks in part of the town ville to remain a week terlfic The camp meeting has not blown over A party composed of Mr and V Five hundred preachers and laymen Groves and daughter Mies Fani more or less have inquired about the and Mrs O Smith Miss Jessie Its Well Hardinsburg camp meeting Messrs Harry Stum Auther SmS brethern its a go if we have to furnish Claude Wilson leit Saturday for a pleat the stuff to mako it go This old town ure trio to Cincinnati They will bi and the wicked world for ten miles joined by Lou Johnson Tuesday around needs another shaking up MisaLulia Daniel Mrs Oxen Cun Little Mary Emma Baker gave a birth- ningham and another lady whoea name Quite day party on Saturday afternoon we do not romtmber of Hardinsburg a delightful time was spent Mary Em accompanied by Mis Sa lie RichardBQr ma is quite a popular little girl and the or Union Star stoppod at this ph party was quite a success Delightful Tuursdny ulghl on their way to Grei refreshments were served to the little ville to party Her party consisted of Delia meeting attend the Annual Mission They gave quite an inter Tula D Babbage Carrie Klncheloe ing talk on missionary work at the Bigham Lillian Beard and Mary Frank K church lin Beard Keep it in Your Home And when the bowels fail tp act proj On Saturday evening Mr and Mrs Marvin Beard entertained the Silver iy take a dose of Lyons LaxaJ Cross Circle Quite a delightful time bYRUP It acts gently but tffdctual was enjoyed by overy one The house the kidneys liver and bowels will W was beautifully decorated in roses The your system in good working order an host and hostess are two of Hardins make your complexion clear burgs most popular young people and BIG SPRING certainly entertain in a most elegant way Each member of the circle conMiss Edna Dowell is visiting relative tributed something toward making the evening a success in Louisville America Circle Reading Mrs M H Born to the wife of Fred Etdlin on tb Beard 23rd a daughter Instrumental Solo Miss Beard B 8 Clarkson Jr went to Orvr Quartette Charming Fellow Mrs R eprings Saturday N Miller Misses Mary Board Mr Dick ClarkBon of Elizabethan Mrs L Smith and Alice Baker was nere Monday to attend his brotl Reading Mrs Withers itinera Instrumental Solo Mrs M D Beard Vocal Duet Then Turn thy Thoughts A typographical error made it to Music Soft Mrs R N Miller ueorgie uusel instead of Miss G and Mary Board tinsel who had just left here Reading Judith DeJarnetto Miss Virginia McElwee of nil Instrumental Duet Mrs T H Withers Bocks Mo is here visiting her and Mrs M D Beard Mrs James Y Olarkson Reading Miss Judith DeJarnetto and Miss Eflle Cully of Prof Fowler has returned to Custer Mrs James Logan is visiting at Troy Ind Herbert Beard lost a fino mule last week Mrs Robert McGuffio is visiting at Buras They cleaned up the liquor business in Ouster mighty slick Rev J W Bigham went up to look in upon the convention B F Beard Co began Invoicing their otock last week Dr A M Kincbeloe is having a cistern dug at his home The newsboy j had a big run last week for the evening papers Mrs Sam Fate has cone to Bewleyville to visit her fathers family L P Chick of Louisville is the guest of Frank Mercer for a few days You cant hold your job very long with Winebrinner and do nothing Prof Milton Coke would not object to a good position in the B N College We have 500 Backs for sacking grain to Bell yety cheap Kcllpsa Grocery Co If you cals dont keep out of the water at the lake you will take cold you will Mrs Judge Board and daughter Miss Irene spent a day at Harned last woek visiting Miss Ella Robertson of Glendeane was hero Monday the guest of Mlsa Eva Hensley Mrs BM Jolly came down Sunday from Irvington and spent tho day with Mrs Hensley Fresh roasted peanuts from the Boss toaster every hour in the day at the Eclipse Grocery Misses Margaret and Evelyn Beard have just returned from a two weeks visit to Louisville Norman Hensley went to Fordsville last week to work a few days in the rail- road telegraph office Prof J H Logan and family left for Troy Ind where they will bo absent two or threo weeks Mrs Blake who has been ill with con- sumption for some months died at her home at Garfield last Saturday Go down to the lake any time you will and you can always ilad a crowd The lake is a ereat public resort Richard May of this place went up to the Convention the first he ever at tended in his long life as a Democrat Mr EHuy and Florence Cottrell came up Sunday evening from Cloverport and were the guests of Miss Alice Baker Col Bill George the house contractor was here ono day last week trying to se cure the contract to build tho Catholic church Young Butler ol West View accom- panied by Dr J T Baker went to Louisville last week to consult a physi cian for htart trouble Jailer Gus Shellman returned Sunday evening from Louisville He is slowly recovering from the operation performed on him for appendicitis I Mrs Marvin Beard After the program delightful refresh Those present ments were Berved were Mesdames M II Beard T H Withers R N Millor M D Beard Misses Allien and Minnie Murray Llda Mercer Mary Board Alice Baker Mary Smith Bessie Beard Messrs M H Beard M D Beard T H Withers Chick J P Haswell Jr Herbert Beard Frank Mr Lewis the railroad agent from Mercer Jones Mercer and Claude Mer Stophtnsport came over last Monday cor night to attend the Masonlo lodge and Volcanic Eruption returned Tuesday on his wheel Are grand but8kin Eruptions rob life Dr T D Renfrew will visit Hardins Bucklens Arnica Salvo cures burg July 3 lie will remain nearly a of joy week If your teeth need attention it them also Old Running and Fever Sores Ulcers Boils Felons will be to your interest to consnlt him Corns Burns Scalds Miss Tula Daniel Miss Mary LaSlour Warts Outs Bruises Best Pile and Mrs Owen Cunningham went to Chapped Hands Chilblains Drives out Pains and Greenville Ky last Thursday to attend cure on earth a meeting of the Womans Missionary Aches Only 25 cts a box Cure guar anteed Sold by Short k Haynes Drug- Society gists Misses Ella Hook Neta and Ada Beard Emma Bigham and Eva Hensley FORDSVILLE were the young ladies who attended the commencement exercises at Irvington Miss Leila Camp of Henderson is the last week guest of Miss Anna Potty Revs Litchfield of Brandenburg and Mr Loyd wife and children are visit J W Lewis of Irvington will address the people at Webster July 13 and at ing hliielatlves here Jasper Reynolds is reparing another Walnut flrovo the 14th on the subject one of his houses for rent oi temperance at 8 p m Dr T D Renfrow resident dentist of Mr and Mrs John Broderick anent this city will make his usual visit to Bevoral days in Louisville hit week Hwdlnsburg July 3 Those who may MLu Georgia McOabblw Stephens- Louisville been here visiting her cousin Mk uoran returned home Monday Mrs Eula Graham and little ter Louise of Murray Ky are hi lung uer motner Mrs Archllles man Mrs Geo Olarkson and daughh ut v Connor of EIzabethto spending a few weeks with Mr uiarkson Dr 8trother was called laat to Grayson Springs to the bedaldaa 8 Olarkson Sr who had gone th auout a week ago for his health A gloom of sadness was cast over aud community last Sunday when news oi the death of B 8 Olar received Irom Usayson Bprlugs had gone the week before I munlty has lest one of its be- and the family a kind fatno wile a true and loving huabaa tend our sincere sympathy reavedfamil Dout Tubacco Silt an J Smoke j ro quit tobacco oaally and torn -- j nulla 2 full of lir w T vwMm4 vinura -- r troof teed All Yr nJ drngUu80oorll DookUt and i wuwuj vo Wait tmiMco cl 4ui fre Addr ortitw xe Proved BwmUcJaI The general rain that dreicbed thli section flatnrilav afternoon of nuit money value to our farmer provJ highly beneficial to growing ieiefx d make the proepeUfQre bright Jj It 4

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