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Image 6 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 28, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

t C < H S VETERANS OF FIYE After Exposure J to snow or rain a cold comes DIFFERENT WARS t Ten Front Eagle Quill to Be ITstil In Xo One Was Hurt nml the Equip ment WIIM Only Slightly Signing Statehood lilll lly the Ianinged President will cure it in one night it will always prevent a cold if taken on comingin out of the wet- jDr i DTs Pig I j t l a I l n j J 1 noun Mechanics and Farmers Savings 221 Broadway I 1j IEDGAR W WHITTEMORE S FREE REAL Fraternity Building t f a dirty ragnty house or tenant house bvacant Dont pay cheap wall paper but ring 772a Mr measure your rooms and your pocket you prices according to the size of your 1kind r of paper you wa- at McPhersons drug Dr Robert Sory the well known young physician left this morning for Xashvlllc on his Initial trp for tho DIos Chemical Co of St Louis Dr Sory accepted a position with the St Louis concern some little time ago He travels through Tennessee Kentucky and Indiana and will have his headquarters at no partlculat place His work Is what is termed detail work being demonstrations to the medical profession of what tho medicines of his company will do Dr SoryUias been located hero for several years being for a time associated with Dr J T Reddick in his profession but of late has been prac icing alone Ills many friends will regret to learn of his departure but will be pleased to learn that he has secured such a good position The position does not necessitate Dr Sorts retirement from the profes dont let your two prices for Ed Laveau will book and give rooms and the 1 ntPADUCAH MUSIC STORE on Manager ISander Broadwayr I i r i i s sion f H- Will Soon The saw mill STATE GOLDEN time from St Louis to Los AngelesOnly 66 Hours En Route 33 00 I < IIKI LL THE COUCH I I LEE H G P A PAUL S Little Rock is ft Ark T P 1 WEEYERI I a w TO LET Several superior offices on secondand third floors of our building providedwith heat water light electric elevator and modern sanitary arrangements Prices lowest in city for similar offices double offices especially adapted for dentists t American German National Bank t 227 Broadway r x4 M T L4- CURE LUNGS THE ii Ilron Price 60c CONSUMPTION Free APPLY FRIEDMAN A XEW KEILER 4 CO SLIT Low Halo to Louisville the meeting of tho So Some One Took One Belonging to Department of Superintendence Na I T J Love tional Education Association at Lou Irvine tuo Illinois Central railroad Thomas J Love reported to tho company will sell tickets February police that some ono changed suits 24 25 and 2C from Paducah at of clothes with him lust night at the GD5 for the round trip good re Gallagher boarding house at Second turning until March 4 For further and Clark streets Ho gave u des- Information apply to cription of tho clothes and tho police J T DONOVAN Agent II are on tho lookout for the man who Paducah Ky worked the trick Tho suit taken C C WARFIELD T A was practically a new ono and the Union Depot one left in Its place was worn nearly 1 threadbare Subscribe for The NEEDED J J Stmol w w tl r i + q- J j t IIII y J u Building now occupied by F N Gardner Co 126128 South Third street Pos session April fst IIii DZQ t N Nor full Information and descriptive Literature write GEO 1rHBOU < c1- EVERT COMFORT EYERT CONVENIENCE On account of i < via after a suspension of several months Last November the saw mill department was buried and since then tho company has In stalled tine finest machinery It could procure and Is almost ready to start the saw mill again x> Tourist Sleepers FOR RENT alnI I If y IIOieRo I 15th to April 7th Inclusive El Paso or Colorado angstaff mill will resume 8u Babscrlbe for The LIMITEDIt Fastest storeI Start r i a In two weeks Y s 2 7 Pl We Carry the U S I Mail on oar IThe Dont Worry Dont Bother t Both Phones 835 nn I Agencyill ESTATE PRICE LIST I Dont live in 1 I Real Estate SThe 1sars i Bankti ill 1cease II i I 28ln r Loans Wanted Good Collateral 28At 1DDLlnn 1 SKVKUAL IL 1iThe 1late 1 1 nKIAYKI Washington Feb the meeting In Atlanta March 28 and 29 of the National society of the blue and the gray veterans of 1801 and 1SG5 a national rally In this city in the near future of all soldiers and sailors who participated In the Mexican war the war with Spain the campaigns In China and the Philippines together vjth all the sons of veterans will bo considered the plan Including a general review befor the president It Is proposed that the rally shall continue for one arHcmef U0 un deposits t1 r IxcmmI r The fast Ayers > Nos 103 and 104 from Cincinnati to New Orleans and Ii bodyCures Coughs and Gives from New Orleans to Cincinnati over the I O were derailed this morning Strength to the Lungs and in one Instance a serious wreck I was narrowly averted No one was All good druggists wH II 26c 60c and 1 per Bout Injured In the accidents however anti nothing more serious than a de Look for the Den on the Bottle lay resulted The eastbound train No 104 Is BE SURIhYOU GET due into Paducah at 130 oclock from New Orleans At Camp Creek T Uetween Krebs and Doaz Station the engine struck a box car door which had fallen on the track and the train week was derailed It was running at n rapid rate of speed and ran several To Uo Eagle Quill Ton BIG SWINDLE WILL FILED hundred yards on the crossties be Oklahoma City Okla Feb 28 When Charlie Hunter the newly ap fore It was stopped Fortunately pointed clerk of the district court the engine maintained an upright po here was In Washington recently sition and the englneeer Leslie Rob I TO IlEVEALED 1XVESTIOATIOX President Roosevelt promised alias MARY SMITH Alms to ertson stuck bravely to his post and KV SIMMONS HANK OK ili JOSEPH SMITHS make him a present of the pen used stopped the flying train before It was a In signing the statehood bill Today overturned The train was In charge Of Con Mr Hunter had made In tills city a quill pen taken from an eagle caught ductor McCutcheon Engineer Hob The Hulk of tho Estate Is Left to lie Mow Disclosures Art Promised lie It wits In Oklahoma and presented to him ertson and Fireman Sanford fore the Inquiry Comes to nit tIJhilWII In Twenty Years by Senator D P Martin of Wood going at a rate of not less than forty land ward The pen will bo forwarded miles an hour when the obstruction I i to Washington with the request that was hit As soon as tho train left last win anti testament of thoI It be used In signing the statehood the rails the engineer applied tho PeorIa III Feb 28Tho report bill widow of Mrs Mary Smith When the pen Is returned to air reversed the levor and stuck to Capt J R Smith was filed In county of J U Wilton receiver for tho de- Mr Hunter he will present It to the his host until ho succeeded In slop- ping the train The accident delayed court late yesterday afternoon It funct Peoples Sayings bank Qf Masonic consistory at GuthrIe Is dated Febraury 3d and Is wit- which the late Rev Georgo H Sim this train several hours not arriving nessed by Dr Frank Dod and Mr mons was president has been filed until 7 oclock Situ for Lincoln Indiana Fnrtn and makes sensational disclosures Following closely on tho derail f Feb Evansvllle Ind adds 150 a month It shows swats of 258S1917 county commissioners of Spencer ment of train No 104 tbe south own estate to the 100 a which If they were good would pro- county Indiana Instructed the bound flyer No 103 Engineer Deny set aside In Capt Smiths will vide no necessity for the bank being county attorney to bring suit against Conductor McKinney was partially for their son Joseph Smith making In tho hands of the United States the Nancy Hanks memorial assocIa- derailed at Little Cypress caused by Ills Income from the estate 250 a courtThe The trucks of two tion for the possession of tho old a split switch following Items are sid by Lincoln farm at Lincoln City Ind coaches were off t the rails and It re monthMrs Smith devises that the estate the receiver to be worthless and on which the grave of Nancy Hanks quired several hours to replace thorn shall be managed by her son James should be deducted Mocon Cereal Lincoln mother of Abraham Lincoln No 103 arrived at 7 oclock meeting notes of partners Is located P Smith for twentyfive years and stock 28200 The commissioners deed No 104 at Paducah 12182732 hank building 50 then divided between his children The equipment fortunately was ed the farm to the Nancy Hanks Ml her household goods jewelry 000 surplus of Union Brewing Coat Memorial association several years not damaged in either instance ex pany and Jacob Woqlnor notes to ago and such things are bequeathed on condition that the grounds cept the rails at Little Cypress 13r041Gi I her son James P Smith who Is toI secure loan of 15000 would be well cared for It Is which were pretty badly torn up pointed executor of the will without 10 per cent for shrinkage 13 944 The engine pulling the eastbound charged that the grounds are itcg 64 bond tralu was Xo 1020 oneiof the big Ji Jected This leaves the real assets at 44 The will contains a signed state Pacific typo locomotive and was not ment from James P and Joseph 39442 against liabilities of 121 Fatal I toil Jacket t damaged seriously mlth that the provisions are satis 000 saving Geary Okla Feb Tie moat sensational part of tho tho life of Miss Nora Morgan factory to them and they will abide froman makes tialvfstons Sea Wnll report is that Simmons and his part life now as safe in that city by them enraged bull R D Hethcrton of EW Mr James P Smith yesterday ner E Lewis Kolloy were heavily Topeka Kan was himself fatally as on the higher uplands Indebted to the bank but there Is Qoodloo who resides on Dutton St qualified as executor gored by the animal The executor Is not to be required nothing to show for what purpose Miss Morgan wore a red jacket In Waco Tex needs no sea wall for money has gone I have used Dr to file anlnventory of the estate and the which attracted the bulls attention safety lie writes The assets of the bank continue to Is to receive 5 per cent of what is already thrown Kings Now Dlscqvery for Consump shrink as the Investigation contin and the animal had handled for his services her Into the air with his horns when tlon the past five years and it keeps The bequest to Joe Smith Is to ues and further sensations are prom Hethcrton came to the rescue He rao well and safe Before that time should he contest In any way Ised A note has been found signed took the bulls attention from the I had a cough which for years had the will of either IIhls father or by Simmons and due the bank for girl who escaped in safety and went been growing worse Now its gone 250000 taken out a few days af La Grippe Cures chronic Coughs mother ter ho became owner of the Institu for help Hethcrton nearly reached Croup Whooping Cough and pro was tion There are other ote3 for a fence when ho slipped and In Self Defense Immediately pounced upon by the vents Pneumonia Pleasant to take large sums some signed by Kelley Major Hamm editor and manager of Phy- Every bottlo guaranteed at MoPher Depositors probably will not ro bull and gored several times sons drug store Price D0cnnd f 100 the Constitutionalist Eminence Ky say recovery Is Impossible sicians when ho was fiercely attacked four calve more than 30 per cent Trial bottle freeyears ago by Plies bought a box of Long Strike lands End of the World Bucklens Arnica Salve of which ho STILL QUITE COOL Terro Haute Ind Feb 28The that robbed E HiWolfe strike at Turner mine begun June The temperature still remains low It cured mo In ten days and la of all usefulness 1901 because the operators Insisted and this morning trio nilnlmum was Quickest healer no trouble since Burns Sores Cuts and Wounds 25c came when he began taking Electric that mule drivers take mules to the one degree lower than yesterday Bitters Ho writes Two years at McPhersons drug store just Tho highest temperature reached ago Kidney trouble caused me great barn after tho days work was settled by the operators building the yesterday afternoon was 35 degrees suffering which I would never have just three degrees higher than trees May Order Court House Tainted barn nearer the mine ing point and this morning the low Some of the members of fiscal survived had I not taken Electric oat reached was 23 above zero Ice court favor ordering the county court Bitters They also cured me of Special Low rites Sure cure for shallow house painted Inside and out this General Debility To all points In Montana Idaho Is forming on the snail spring and will take up the matter all stomach Liver and Kidney com Washington Oregon and flrltlsh Co ponds and bodies of water and small at the regular meeting In April The plaints Blood diseases Headache lumbia February 15th to April 7th boys are again preparing to enjoy job Is a big one and would be very Dizziness and Weakness or bodily 1906 Round Trip Homeseekers tick skating Price 50c Guaranteed by ets on special days Write at once for costly but the building is said to decline badly need It JcPhersons drug store A Mystery Solved to Ira F Information and maps How tO keep oft periodic altacla Schwegel traveling agent Wisconsin I Central Hy 407 Traction Bldgj of biliousness and habitual consti pation was a mystery thqt Dr Kings Cincinnati 0Now Life Pills solved for mo writes John X Pleasant of Magnolia Ind GOES OX IIOAIThe only pills that are guaranteed Dr Holnrt Sory Accepts a Position to give perfect satisfaction to everyOnly 2Cc body or money refunded Wltli n St Louis louse F Ij hill I SUIT FOR THE LINCOLN FAHM children Good for every 4 That you should save some money you may need It some day You can open an account at this bank for 8100 or We pay 4 per cent per annum more t Delightfully pleasantto the taste Good for 1 A REMINDER Before the Accidents Occurred Nar Paducah Early This Morning President PineTarHoney r WERE DERAILED My Pies in Roylew Dr Dells- 0 r TRlWS BOTH FAST y

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